Quick Tip: How to set chat bubble colors in BlackBerry Messenger 6.1

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2011 12:18 pm EST

BlackBerry Messenger Bubble Colors

BlackBerry Messenger 6.1 was released in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and brings with it some very cool new features -- one of which is the ability to change the chat bubble color for contacts. This is a pretty simple was to make your conversations a bit more fun and individual. Use specific colors for contacts, or the same for groups of contacts (I have green for my family and blue for my cyber friends). All in all a great new tool that is easy to setup, keep reading to find out how.

How to set chat bubble colors in BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger Bubble Colors

In BBM, highlight the contact in your list for which you'd like to set a color

BlackBerry Messenger Bubble Colors

Press the Menu key, then choose View Contact Profile

BlackBerry Messenger Bubble Colors

Next to Bubble Color, click the dropdown menu

BlackBerry Messenger Bubble Colors

Choose the color you would like for the contact and save


Color Me Bad!

That's it! Now you can go nuts setting any of the available colors for your BBM contacts and spice up your conversations.

Please note this feature is only available in BBM 6.1. If you are running an older version you will not see this feature.



now this is something i didn't know !! SWEET!


saw it this morning already changed all me important contacts

the brother

wasn't this in a beta version of BBM 5 like 2 yrs ago?!?! LoL


"Let me know where YOU'RE at" lol.

Adam Zeis

Sorry. Chose not to use proper grammar while fighting tunnel traffic. I'll do more betterer next time. ;)


Takes way too much time to do them individually when you have 174 contacts. I wish there was also an option to do the same color for all your contacts all at once :/


So tell them that, it is a beta.. they are asking for feedback. If everyone is as lazy as you then it will become a majority request. :P


I'm pretty sure you only talk to a handful of your 174 contacts. Do it for the people you care about and keep it moving


@Datta72 - Naw more than half of that actually. Sometimes it feels like this is a second job lol

@Blaze1 - yeah haha I forgot about the feedback link in beta zone. I'll get on that :P


174 contacts what would that take 10 minutes?lol all you have to do is click on the persons profile and pick a color, that's it your done.


I wish I could change the color of my bubbles as well as my contacs bubbles.

the brother

BBM 6.1, i'm over you. NEXT!


Can they or someone make this for regular text messages?


i'm using it.. and loving the change in visual....


I'm liking the improvements, quite cool to see so many additions at once.


I have 1 BBM contact . I should be able to breeze through this!


"All in all a great new tool ........"

Really? Changing colors, really? That RIM decides to lower their standards, doesn't mean we should.


Did I miss something?? What's wrong with changing colors? I'm confused...


im locked out of bbm trying to upgrade to the new 6.1= thanks a lot rim....


Pretty cool. Being able to change SMS text message bubble color per contact would be more useful. Since most people who do not use a BB for Enterprise only have a handful of BBM contacts. Most people are on iPhones or Android devices..fewer and fewer people still on BB, so texting gets used a lot more than BBM at least in my case.

Still, glad RIM did it. Hopefully in the next version, we can get colors other than pastel.. haha