How to set the alarm on your BlackBerry 10 phone

BlackBerry 10 Alarm
By Adam Zeis on 11 Feb 2013 03:33 pm EST

As a BlackBerry user I love the extra features I get by having my device on me all the time. One of my favorite uses is as an alarm clock. I plug my device in when I go to bed and it sits on my nightstand, acting as my alarm clock. I don't have a regular alarm clock so using my BlackBerry for this purpose is awesome.

Whether you're at home or on the road, you can also use the alarm on your BlackBerry 10 phone to get you up and at em in the morning. Setting the alarm clock is easily done in just a few seconds, but is different depending if your clock is setup in digital or analog mode. Keep reading and we'll look at how to set the alarm on your BlackBerry 10 phone.

  • Open the Clock app
  • Make sure the alarm toggle is set to On

BlackBerry 10 Alarm Clock

  • In Analog mode, press and hold on the dot outside the clock face and drag to your desired alarm time 

In Digital mode and for more options, tap the alarm time on the bottom left.

In this menu you can change your alarm settings including alarm time, recurrence, alarm tone and snooze duration.

BlackBerry 10 Alarm Clock  BlackBerry 10 Alarm Clock

  • To change the alarm time tap on the time and drag to the desired hour and minute.
  • To change what days the alarm will sound, tap Recurrence and choose what days you want the alarm to sound or tap the Daily toggle.
  • To change the tone that will sound, tap alarm tone then choose a tone or select Add Music to add a tone/song from your device. 
  • To change the snooze time, tap Snooze and choose from one of the available settings. 

Alarm set! Sweet dreams!  

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Reader comments

How to set the alarm on your BlackBerry 10 phone


no not yet... hoping to have that feature in the future, but previous BBOS's didn't have multiple alarms either

Not the same. Alarm sound profiles are usually designed to grab you attention, reminder sound profiles are usually less intrusive

In previous BBOS's you could add multiple alarms by going into Calendar > Menu > New Alarm. You had the option of having recurrences of None > Daily > Weekly > Monthly > Yearly.

On the PlayBook you can set multiple alarms but it takes a bit to do it. Just open the Clock, swipe down from the top and click on "New Clock". You can set this "new clock" to whatever timezone you want, including your home timezone, and then add an alarm to it by tapping the face of the clock and then tapping "Alarm". In order for this new alarm to be active, you would have to open the clock app and set it as your home clock, but for people looking to have a weekend alarm and work/week alarm, this setup can work.

Seeing as BB10 and PB OS 2.1 are both built on QNX, I don't see why this function can't be brought over in a future update, or even just implement a proper multiple alarm setup.

I love the fact that you can set what days the alarm goes off on... I have mine set for Mon-Fri... but for those that do shift work, they can program whatever days they need the alarm for.

You havent mentioned bedside mode that turns the clock that lovely shade of red. Shame that all the previous options are not there yet. :(

Bu they're set times, 5 min, 10min etc right? Personally I want to be able to program my snooze time to 7min

How do you turn the alarm off from within the clock app? I have been simply closing the app and it snoozes and then resumes again after 5 minutes.

My alarm failed this morning. The alarm "went off" indicated by a window popping open but it was silent (and notifications were on). Tried several tests and it kept doing the same thing. I restarted the device and it *seems* to be working now.

If you set an alarm using calendar notifications like you could in the previous os's and you put it in bedside mode. The alarm wont sound. You need to use the alarm function itself which is annoying

One feature that used to be in 7.1 that for some reason has been removed was the ability to set an alarm in the calendar on a recurring schedule. I work a 4 on 4 off schedule and could set each of the four alarms to occur every 8 days and never had to set the alarm again.


The alarm doesn't work in headphone mode. Is there an option to force the alarm to sound through the phone speakers?

I like to listen to music at night with headphones on, but that kills the alarm. On my 9800 the alarm would sound through the phone speakers with or without use of headphones.

I can choose to wake up on time but can't fall asleep listening to music through my headphones! Or I can enjoy my music and go to work late!!

does the alarm work with the phone off, as it does on older blackberry devices? please, someone test this for me

It does not for me, but I heard a rumour that it can. I would like a definite confirmation. Annoying that I can't get it too. I don't like having to leave it on overnight. Another pre BB10 thing I WANT BACK.

I definitely like the old alarm better. Going to try the alarm on my playbook tonight. The one on my phone just isn't working for me.

NEED MULTIPLE ALARM CAPABILITY. This is one of the TOP FIVE things I loved about BBOS. And of those five, FOUR aren't in BB10.


I agree, NEED multiple alarms with the choosing a date options. I have a Q10 and a passport and I am starting toi think they are useless