How to set up accounts on your BlackBerry 10 device

Need help setting up accounts on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10? We're here to help!

How to set up accounts on your BlackBerry 10 device
By Adam Zeis on 5 Feb 2013 08:47 am EST

One of the first things you'll be doing when you fire up your new BlackBerry 10 device is setting up your accounts. BlackBerry 10 has integrated email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Evernote accounts, all of which are easy to set up from the settings page. Evernote, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are really straight forward, but email accounts can be tweaked a few ways depending on your setup and service. Keep reading and we'll look at how to get accounts up and running on your BlackBerry 10 device.


BlackBerry 10 Account Set Up

To get started, head to the account setup by going to Settings > Accounts. You can also get here directly from the Hub providing you haven't already added accounts to your device. In the account setup screen you'll see any accounts already on the device. To add an account, tap the Add Account icon on the bottom menu. 

Available Accounts On BlackBerry 10

Here you will have a list of accounts you can set up. Again, any services that are already set up will not show. So if you already added your Facebook account you won't see the option to add it. The only option that allows multiple accounts is email, calendar and contacts. Twitter, Facebook and Evernote only offer one account.



Setting up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Evernote acounts is pretty simple. Tap the service you wish to add, then enter your login information.

Toggle any settings that you wish to enable and select done. The account will then be added to your device. There is no requirement to set them all up, you can just pick the services you want and then move on. Again, take note that you can only add one account for each of these services.


Email Set Up

For basic email setup, choose Email, Calendar and Contacts. On the next screen, enter your email address. Next, enter the account password. On the next screen, you can choose to name the account and also toggle sync for email, calendar and contacts. Click Done.

Your selected services will populate and you will now see them in the BlackBerry Hub. It's important to note, the settings you see in here will depend upon your email provider. If you're not seeing the stuff that you're looking for or you require more advanced options, you'll want to move on to the advanced email set up process.


Advanced Setup

You can also use the advanced setup option to add accounts. Using this method for Gmail or Google Apps for example allows you to set up and email address using Exchange Activesync as opposed to IMAP. You also have direct options for Yahoo!, Hotmail, IMAP and POP accounts should you have issues using the basic setup.

  • To set up an account using the advanced method, go to Settings > Accounts > Advanced

Tap the account type you want to set up. You can choose popular email services, a work account, Exchange ActiveSync and CalDAV / CardDAV for adding calendar and contacts not attached to an email address on the device.

Using advanced setup for Exchange Activesync on your Gmail for example, you will get better sync options than setting up using the basic method. Instead of IMAP and a 15 minute or more sync interval, this setup seems to sync faster, especially when using a Google Apps account. You can also set the sync interval from 15 minutes up to 24 hours (or manual). You can also choose how far back to display messages (up to 30 days). 

You can also use Exchange ActiveSync in the advanced method to add additional calendars or contacts without adding a new email address. 

CalDAV and CardDAV we'll dive into into later, but these let you set up separate calendar and contacts on your device as well. So if you have multiple calendars lile I do, CalDAV comes in handy as you don't have to add another email account to your device and can just grab the calendar instead.  


With these steps you should be able to get up and running with your accounts on your BlackBerry 10 device. BlackBerry has made setting up account pretty straight forward while still giving the options to advanced users for a more custom setup. We'll have plenty more on this and more advanced settings to come, so be sure to check back. As always, you can get more help in the CrackBerry forums as well. 

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How to set up accounts on your BlackBerry 10 device


Too bad about only a single Twitter account. But the old BBOS Twitter app started that way too, so hopefully it'll be updated eventually.

I'd love to learn more about calDAV. I need at least 2 calendars. a post about it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Currently have 7 exchange accounts and 2 gmails (work as a consultant)
Z10 Rocks!

Too bad we can have only one Twitter...

T-Minus 2 hours 35 minutes till the Rogers Plus store by me opens......I'll be there greeting the staff as they arrive!!
Then I'll referring to this page and a few more like it ALL DAY LONG!!

Thanks CB, you guys are going to be referrenced a ton today!!

I called the Rogers store yesterday and someone there told me that "They will call when my phones are ready". The phones were delivered sice last Thursday based on the UPS tracking info I received from Rogers. This is absolute garbage from these so called Rogers agents.

Thanks for the tip , hopefully i could get my hands on the Z10 soon, Have been waiting a long time for this to drop, can someone please tell me where i could pick up the Z10 off contract ? I live in Dominica which is located in the Caribbean , I normally get my phones from the united states but it launches there till march , I have relatives in Canada but they're not fans of BB so they won't really search for me, anyone who knows where i could get my hands on one let me know, Thanks

I wish I had a ZEE10 so that I could setup accounts. Thanx for the post but please re-post it at the end of March.

Anything about XMPP/Jabber account integration? What about Gtalk etc (which is based on XMPP). Do you need an app for this? Does this app integrate the service in the hub etc, or is it really just a standalone app? I like BBM but still use XMPP service quite a lot as it is really open. I have nothing against additional apps if these integrate the communication services in the hub like email/bbm/addressbook.

The best example for this is my Nokia N9 where all accounts are centrally managed and integrate well iton the system. Examples:


If not, this would be a real showstopper for me!

I have two questions.

1. Is there S/MIME support in email (exchange)?
2. Is it possible to sync tasks and notes from an exchange account as well?


With BB10 the exchange sync with my work email is amazing. It pulls all emails, calendar entries, contacts, memos and even tasks through from my outlook to my BB10 phone.

The only annoying thing is that with OS7 it was possible to set up individual alerts/notifications for each email account. So I could have my personal emails make a sound and vibrate whereas my work email would remain silent and only make the blackberry light blink.

With BB10 that is no longer possible. You can only set up one rule for all email accounts. Which when you are at work and are checking your work email on the desktop is rather annoying as my blackberry keeps making a sound and vibrate. I can’t silence it at work as I would then not know about personal emails arriving. Also it means that I have to have the same sound/alert for all accounts so you never know if it’s a private or work email.

Come on Blackberry! Let’s bring individual alerts/notifications back!

+1 on that. That is part of what made blackberry unique. Maybe in the next update Blackberry? I think if enough crackberry users ask for it they will implement it.

True, it definitely was unique to BlackBerry. Iphone couldn't do that (might do now, no idea - I stay away from the ShApple).

Lets start a petition to get our individual email account notifications back!

Eek! I hope there's a way to do individual alerts. That was one of the killer features of BB for me in the past!

Can someone else confirm its NOT there? I am really hoping mikeyb here has just not found it yet...

So unlike with my BB 9900 where there are like 4 email accounts already setup with my BIS, this one requires us to setup accounts on it just like the PlayBook? What I mean is that when I login with my BB-ID, will those 4 emails pop up on the device (like they would on older BB7 models)?

How to sync calendar/contacts/notes from a stand-alone Outlook account. The e-mail works OK because that comes from my provider. The other things are local. With BB Desktop it was obvious - I don't see the same setup in BB Link. Anyone figured this out yet?

You can also choose how far back to display messages (up to 30 days)."

Why only 30 days?? On the iphone with exchange I have all my email..

And when will us get ldap?

I have my work account setup to access through the outlook web URL, because I'm using BIS no BES service. I'll have this option on BB10?

Two questions:

1) Can I use the same blackberry Id from my 9700 and playbook?
2) I used to have the option to either delete an email from phone only or completely on my 9700/OS6. How do I set it up like that in BB10? It seems that when I delete something, the email gets deleted. Do I just turn off sync?


Can anyone tell me what the "find friends" option does? I notice in the screen shot it shows it as being on but for the life of me I can't figure out what it might do?

I just received my Z10 Today from Verizon, I am really DISAPPOINTED with that, the first this I wanted to do of course was settig my work mail accout, just to discover that the device has a BIG issue with this kind of accounts (Network Solutions), the SMPT just won't work, IT IS a Z10 problem and not the network or the internet provider, my former Old Blackberry works just fine with the configuration I was setting up on the Z10, and guess what, no support from Blackberry, Verizon told me to just change it for a Samsung or Iphone since it has no solution. I really want to CRY!!!! Whatsapp is NOT SUPPORTED for my device (a message from the App World), somehow I knew that this device was trouble....RIP Blackberry Z10, at least for me.

Got a question. When I get email on my phone and I want to delete it from my phone. it also deletes it off the server. is there a way to change that like there was on my older bb phones? I use pop3 email.

thanks guys

Has anyone else been having a problem with Google Accounts? I have my company email run through Gmail but when I try to add it to my new Q10 it doesn't allow me to sync contacts or calendar. It's not @gmail but @websitename so not sure if I have to take extra steps to have it recognized as a gmail account.

Anyone ran into this problem? After upgrading to 10.1 leak on Z10, my Exchange email account no longer works. I delete the account, reconfigure and still not working. I downgraded to 10.0 and its working.

I am currently having an issue with connecting a hotmail account to my Q10. I had it connected before with no issues, then I added a 2-step authenticator to my hotmail account. This disconnected my hotmail from my blackberry, and when trying to add in the account, would not give me an option to add in the authenticator code, but would simply say incorrect information. SO, i removed the authenticator from my hotmail and can now sign in to it without the code from a computer, or my browser, but when trying to sync the account it always says incorrect password now. I have already tried changing my password, it still will not let me connect.

Hi, thanks for the tips,
But with my existing accounts on linked in and hotmail i could sign inn in my bb z10 but not for my yahoo and facebook it shws some message like your login information is in correct or changed..
can you help me set up my fb account?

Hi dear
But with my existing accounts on facebook i could sign in. shows some message like your login information is in correct or changed..update your login information and try again.
would you help me set up my fb account?
i have z10 with version

Hi I uninstalled facebook app in my blackberry Q5 and reinstalled it bt I am not getting facebook app sign in n my accounts.. I don't have the facebook icon in BB hub also.. help me in solving this please..

Thank you so much! Mine quit working about 6 weeks ago after I downloaded the latest Blackberry software. Mine was for my work email with I already had the settings but didn't know about the advanced settings method. You saved me going to the AT&T store and/or a tech fee. You rock!