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Screen Capture
By James Richardson on 24 Feb 2014 10:25 am EST

For the majority of BlackBerry 10 users you will more than likely think that this post is stating the obvious so forgive us on this occasion. However, for new users to Team BlackBerry, knowing how to take a screenshot is a big deal, as it's a feature most of us use at some point or another. 

If you dive into BlackBerry World you'll find a selection of screen capture applications, but don't waste your hard earned cash there as the ability to perform a screen shot is baked into BlackBerry 10 and has been since day one. 

And it couldn't be easier. All you need to do is follow these in depth instructions: 

  • Press the up and down volume keys at the same time

Okay, the in depth bit was my sense of humor, but as you can see it's a piece of cake to do. As you press the two hardware buttons (and this applies to all BlackBerry 10 devices) you will see a box pop up on your display telling you that the screen capture has been performed - a nice touch, instead of just a clicking sound like on some other operating systems. 

When you need to access your screenshots just jump into your photo gallery and there they'll be - simple. 

This one certainly isn't rocket science, but for you BlackBerry 10 newbies it's a must have. Once again, an example of BlackBerry 10 making life simple for its users. We like that. 


jojo beaconsfield

Very important screen shots,love it!!!


Piece of cake and VERY useful.

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Posted via CB10 with my BB z30

Observation Junkie

Awesome, didn't even know this

Thanks James.

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

Prem WatsApp

Ouch! OJ...

Never even happened to hear that shutter sound when you accidentally pressed both key when fiddling with the buttons, and wondered what was that?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Prem WatsApp

Grateful for your admission, OJ. You're not exactly a noob, so that helps to show how useful these refreshers can be.

All those complaining about refreshers "stating the obvious", new users and old users discovering useful features they missed can't be a bad thing. Just hold your breath, it's an edu thing. Users WILL be thankful.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

jojo beaconsfield

@Prem...actually I use the camera a lot and never noticed it either,I want it back when I want to hear I took a shot,less fiddling


Haven't out always been able to do this since 10.0?

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Yep and on the PlayBook as well.

...we are all connected...


You should have called first but now you can't.

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jojo beaconsfield

Thanks James I like all your new articles on how to work things out on the new phones,keep them coming,

RP Singh

When I first needed to know how to do this last year around this time, I found the answer in the fora!

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


Could you explain it again, I found the instructions hard to follow ;)

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Very easy

Posted via CB10


still waiting for the update

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Just remember...if your work space is unlocked, the screen shot will be saved there automatically. If you want it saved to your personal space, you must lock your work space before you take the screen shot.

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Is there a way to lock the work space aside from waiting for it to lock?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Yep, swipe down, and click the icon instead of the text to switch to Work/Personal. The briefcase icon will change to locked.


Sweet, thanks! Luvin my Z10!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


This should be put in the article. I'm new to BlackBerry and couldn't figure out where my screen shot went until reading this comment...


Yes, this article needs to explain how and why the screen shot feature works differently if the phone is on BES10 and the Work Space is unlocked. When the Work Space is unlocked screen shots will always save to the Camera folder in the Work Space, when it's locked they will always save to the Camera folder in the Personal Space.

All too often CrackBerry with its consumer focus ignores the extra functionality and differences brought to BlackBerry phones by being on BES servers, mainly because most of the main writers have so little experience of it that they frankly just don't know.

CrackBerry was born out of the consumer explosion of BlackBerry phones that happened in the mid to late 2000's so that's historically their focus and knowledge area. That's going to cause these increasingly important 'Enterprise' aspects and differences to be overlooked while the number of BlackBerry phones in the hands of consumers decreases leaving BlackBerry phones mostly in the hands of Enterprise users again like the early 2000's.

I hope that's why CrackBerry have brought back Craig (it is Craig isn't it?) from the early days to write about BlackBerry phones from the BES point of view like the old days. The consumer aspects of BlackBerry phones are not the only reason people turn to CrackBerry articles and the forums for help and that situation will only increase if BlackBerry's consumer market share continues to shrink.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1


Where it comes in really handy is in photo cropping.

I will take a picture then pinch to zoom in. Then take a screen shot of the zoomed in photo. I use this screen shot to 'share' it with twitter/facebook/BBM etc.


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The shutter sound is gone in 10.2.1!

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

@Nate650...I tried looking and can't find how to turn it back on,weird


Turn up your notifications sound

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

@spikesolie...Mine's at max and still can't hear the shutter


People actually want the shutter sound?

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Handy.. so easy, essential feature

Posted via CB10


Where are the volume keys? :o!

Posted Via CB10 Running On Z10STL100-2 Using OS Version

Lillian A

And I waste 3$ for Screen Snap App:(


How can I save it to my memory card though?

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You have to manually move it

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That sucks!

Posted via CB10


Isn't it also the same key combo to reset the Z10? Why it never worked for me? Z10STL100-1/

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Can the clicking sound be added? , and if so how?


I'm MongezaurioBerry

jojo beaconsfield

@emmuniz1...good one,I like to have that option

jojo beaconsfield

@emm..just had a thought ,...there must be an app for that, $$$


Thank you CB team. Very useful information ;)



Best example of a well-done article.

I had to make a Screenshot last week. But I wans't sure which buttons to push. I hardly remember to push the "Down" + "Middle button".

Since I wans't sure, nor didn't I wanted to boot up Google for that, I skipped the action.

But now I know how easy to make a quick screenshot!

Thanks Crackberry

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Woww i've been able to do this since I first powered my Q10 running 10.0 u guys should really increase the quality of ur posts it's very embarrassing.

Posted via CB10


Embarrassing? Certainly not. These articles are perfect for new adopters and are here to help those who have made the move from other platforms. Crackberry is all about community and these types of articles help the community.

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For users of BB10 this is stating the obvious........but for new BlackBerry users........
Reading but not understanding is embarrassing not the post

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Thank you for the refresher. Knowing how to take a screenshot is always useful info to have on tap!


Frustrating as hell that you can't send/share from that point, but have to back out, go to pics or camera, open & share. Huge convenience step was missed. IMHO

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Awesome info... thanks

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Pete The Penguin

We'll be told how to turn the BlackBerry Q10 on next...

Why are CrackBerry dumbing down and treating their readers as thick?


Stop your complaining.......this post was directed to the new users.
If you know then is a reminder or it does not apply to you, even though you may think that every post should somehow be for your own personal information.

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You just gently rub her Q-spot to turn her on.

Seriously, so many things we long time BB users take for granted, but these reminders are good for us as well as the new users out there that have not figured everything out for themselves yet.


Just like the PlayBook; thank you.


How to put dark theme in CB10 app!!! ?

Posted via CB10 - Q5


This is a very good post, I remember searching for this post a few weeks back, when I wanted to show someone how something works on this phone. Thankfully I found the answer in the forums somewhere, but an article like this should be easier to find.

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Great stuff, thanks!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


A lot of use BB users have figured this out, but there are many who may not have known about this handy feature. Thanks for the tips James, a few of them are new to me & I'm sure to many other users as well. Keep 'em coming.


I've always wondered why you can't just long press the screen... would be so much more in line with being "gesture" based??... the awkward 2 handed method of pressing the volume control is ill conceived , really.

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I don't use two hands, just my right index and middle finger with my thumb on the left side of the phone.

 Z10STL100-3/ on ATT 



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Now if we could only choose where it saves to!

 Z10STL100-3/ on ATT 


Stating the obvious yet again I see.....

Posted via CB10

Bjorn Coetsee

When screen is captured and it displays message that it's being saved, make it possible to click directly on that message so it opens the screenshot?

Posted via CB10


Ah so thats how its done! Thanks, very helpful.

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Dude seriously, did you seriously type 9000 words about taking a Screenshot?

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Seriously, did you really count the words? :D

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thank you - I'd forgotten how to do that


Hahaha we knew that.

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Though the built in screenshot only allows you to save it to the device's

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I knew this before even was a wet dream. I'll so fricking smart. Lmao

BB rules let's see the rotten apple do that or that titanic of a plastic phone do this. NOT!!!


This function is available from 10.0. However, it is not in the owner's manual so can't really blame the users for not knowing. Actually, come to think of it, I don't even know if the Z10 came with one cuz I've never use it. Hehehe.

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.


Go ahead make a new article with the same content about how to take screen shot on 10.3 now.
That, and how to use word substitution, how to use camera, etc.

Posted via CB10


Thanks! Im new to blackberry and im loving it


I'm afraid that's where the simple ends, but y is the screenshot locked away in the camera app and u have to dig for it instead of the screenshot staying onscreen for u to share it right away or store it later...dats productivity!

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/


If bb ever implement that feature, I hope it will be optional. Sometimes I like to take several screen shot before sending it to friends. But yeah, stay on screen so we can directly share to others will be great.

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Beautiful!!! Didn't know this! Thanks!!!

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Thanks. Just tried and too easy!

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Didn't now that thanks, how would anyone have known that?

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Why can I crop a regular photo but not a screenshot?

nadzreen firdaus

Thanks for teach me... it's very important... muahhh

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