How to save a contact to your SIM phone book

Copy Contact to SIM card
By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2012 12:27 pm EDT

If you're like me and switch devices a lot, you may find yourself losing contacts in your address book from time to time. This doesn't happen as much as it used to thanks to the many sync options on BlackBerry however. If you want to be sure you carry your contacts along when you switch devices, simply save them to your SIM card and they'll always be with you. Unfortunately there is no decent way to copy all of your contacts over to your SIM at once, so you'll have to do it one by one for each contact. The process is super easy and will only take you a few clicks, so keep reading and see how to make it happen!

How to save a contact to your SIM card

Keep in mind that older CDMA devices that don't use a SIM card won't be able to do any of this.

  • To copy a contact to your SIM card, first find the contact in your address book.
  • Press the Menu key, then select View
  • Highlight the phone number you want to add your to SIM phone book, then press the Menu key and choose Copy to SIM Phone Book.
  • Fill out the info on the next screen. Feel free to change/edit the name or add another number or email address. You can choose to have the contact hidden so you'll need a password to view it as well. 
  • When you're all done, press the Menu key again and choose Save.
  • Repeat for any other contacts.

That's it! Your contacts are now safe and sound on your SIM card. Just remember that if you for some reason switch SIMs, your contacts will stay with the old one. Thankfully, copying contacts back from your SIM to your address book is much easier as it lets you copy them all at once.

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Reader comments

How to save a contact to your SIM phone book


I try to keep copies of my most important contacts on the SIM in case I suddenly need to switch from my 9900 to a lesser phone, but it is hard to keep track of what has already been copied and what has not. Good tip 'tho.

another cool thing to do for swithcing devices alot is BBprotect one of the greatest apps on my device automatically makes backup of cals contacts tasks memos and yea its just amazing. once you switch install protect say restore and restore all info.

Yeah, I lately turned from my 9900 to my old 9700 for a couple of days. Didn't have some of the more recent phone numbers.. but I totally forgot about that beautiful BlackBerry Protect!!!! I didn't even need my phone numbers on a sim card! Unless I'd have to use a non-BlackBerry phone.. which would be under the most extreme circumstances ;)


And here is the sucky thing. Only one e-mail address/phone number per contact.

If you have multiple numbers for somebody, it results in multiple SIM contacts. Merging them later is a pain too.

I really suggest using a) blackberry protect or BIS, or b) Sync to your desktop, or c) sync then export the contacts to a spreadsheet.

Got it… I am unfamiliar with SIM card being a Verizon user.

I sync via BIS, back up thru BB Protect, and backup via Desktop Manager very often. So I am good to go on that end. Just thought I’d try the SIM card route as well but I’ll stay away from that.

I maybe wrong, but my understanding is SIM will only store the name and phone number of contact, no other info. Better than nothing,

I sync to the desktop regularly, so my SIM card is now used just to connect to the TMobile network.

Wishing and hoping that BB10 is released SOON...

I always seem to have an issue with BBM contacts on my phone if I switch phones. If I go from my 9900 back to my 9780 - I list the contacts, but cannot send them messages. Although the BB Protect does seem to pull all the other data over, anyone else have this issue?

I never knew what a SIM card was good for being on VZW, I though I could be doing some spy shit and switch cards to hide my number or get out of radar when the spooks started following me.

You can use Advanced OS and LED to copy all of your contacts to your SD card or your SIM, in one go.