How to run almost any Android 2.3.3 app on BlackBerry 10 [Mac Guide]

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2013 09:05 am EDT

If you're a Mac user and felt slighted that you couldn't take advantage of the ability to run Android 2.3.3 apps on your BlackBerry - this one's for you. While the original method for converting and running Android 2.3.3 apps was really just for those using Windows, forums member rotmistr has come to the rescue for Mac users with a very easy to follow guide of Xsacha's method originally posted here.

We know that BlackBerry 10.2 will be brining an updated Android player with support for Android 4.2. But in the meantime there is a workaround to get some Android 2.3.3 apps running for now.

If you know your way around a Mac and can user Terminal then you shouldn't have any issues converting and signing any Android apps you may want to try out. 

How to convert and run Android 2.3.3 apps using a Mac

  1. Register here
  2. Get two e-mails from Blackberry and download two .CSJ files
  3. Download this DMG
  4. Open downloaded DMG. Copy "Debugtoken request" folder somewhere (Desktop or your home folders are ok)
  5. Drag two .CSJ files from e-mails into "Debugtoken request" folder
  6. Open Terminal, type cd, drag "Debugtoken request" folder into it and press ENTER (make notice to have space after "cd" command)
  7. Type: sh and press ENTER
  8. Put in your developers password which you should invent and remember for later use when prompted
  9. Put in your developer pin which you've created while registering on the web page in the step 1 when prompted
  10. Put in your device PIN when prompted (in lower case)
  11. You should get the file on your Desktop. Drag it to the "Drag here" folder in the downloaded DMG and copy Apk2Bar Converter app somewhere.
  12. Sideload your debugtoken to your device.
  13. Run Apk2bar Converter and drag an .apk file onto application window.
  14. Sideload converted .bar file onto your device.

That's all there is to it. Providing you follow the above steps you should be up and running with no issues. Keep in mind you'll have to seek out the APK files you want to convert on your own and after you convert then, they'll be tied to your device PIN and will only run on your device. 

For more help and discussion, hit up the original forums thread below.

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How to run almost any Android 2.3.3 app on BlackBerry 10 [Mac Guide]


Adam- Harvey AND Wheeler are pitching today for the Mets! Look for some talk on Channels about it later today.

"Some" apps? Adam being naive lol

More like 80% of apps. I basically have like 90% of the apps I downloaded on my Galaxy SIII on my Z10. The best of both worlds!

Posted via CB10

I got the same error "the password must b atleast 6 characters"
Tried also to delete the Blackberry files in ~/Library/Research in Motion

Does anyone know if this conversion works with Android app that require access to the camera functions. I've been looking Google Goggles ( not the eye glasses but image search).


first of all the doesnot copy in dragdebugtoken here folder,, n secondly when ever i drag any .apk file onto apk2bar the conversion does not takes place.... plz help...

Sir, you cannot convert apps unless your debug token is in place
How exactly is are you not being able to drag your debug token to the specified folder?

Posted via CB10

I am experiencing the same problem, the cant be slided into the "placedebugtoken here" folder.

When I double click on "placedebugtoken here" folder it doesn't open like a regular folder, it displays an error saying No alias, fix alias, choose app to run....

Please help

I want to switch to BlackBerry so bad, but what holds me back is the lack of native apps. I don't want to do any side loading.

its not complicated,, but m stuck,,, i hav the debug token... but m nt able to convert the apk file... i want subway surfers n temple run on my bb z10 through this process,, n secondly m not able drag the debug token to dragdebugtoken here folder...

I'm running a on my Q10. 10.2 comes with 4.2.2 android runtime so I can get any android app I want.

Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Snapchat, Shazam, Netflix, Google Maps, Fitbit, My Fitness Pal, Angry Birds, Temple Run 2 are all the apps I have downloaded so far using this method but on a Windows computer.

They all work the same or better then on android phones since with this way it is using the native android code. No bugs, slowness or glitches so far. Even the android version of Skype is working better.

Good Job!! Thanks xsacha!!

Posted via CB10

Khehl... May I ask where you got a Viber APK file that you were able to convert and sideload successfully? thanks!

Hello, im experiencing a problem

i cant get to drag the to the dragdebugtoken here folder.

How did you get through this step?

Farouk, as we told you in the forums, based on the questions you keep asking you may be better off doing a bit more research about the topic in general before you attempt this. The Android sideloading sub-forum is filled with helpful threads and discussion topics that will pretty much answer most if not all of the questions you've asked thus far.

To answer your question here, you can use a program like Bluestacks, which is basically an Android simulator for the PC to download apk files to your machine. Do a search for "bluestacks" in the Android Sideloading sub-forum to find one of many threads that goes through the process in detail.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for bringing this tutorial for Mac users to light, Adam, though I think you should add a disclaimer that although simple and straightforward, sideloading can come with its challenges to users that may be unfamiliar/uninformed about the topic and/or performing these types of tasks on their lap/desktop machines. In the forums there are a several posts from users that suggest that they may be better off waiting for a video tutorial or for xsacha to further simplify the process for Mac users as he did for Windows.

Posted via CB10

Having the same problem as Bikram Kochar. Sideloaded apps before, successfully sideloaded my debug token, but I'm unable to convert my apk's to bar's. What am I doing wrong here?

Well then that's great, my apologies. I can't speak for everyone but I have absolutely no problem assisting you, though I'll tell you now that most people here will not respond if you keep spamming questions. I don't have a Mac so I can't troubleshoot here, but I will say that sometimes the instructions can be confusing/unclear the first/second/third read-through so see if you can go through them again to find out whether you've missed something.

Posted via CB10

1crackberriz - r u fasing any problem while dragging the debug token to dragdebugtokenhere debug token n dragdebugtoken folder jus overlapps...

Posted via CB10

I tried several times but still doesn't work. At this point I'll wait the latest leak updated with 4.2.2 runtime libraries

Ran through the instructions, this worked for me. Once I acquired my debugtoken, I opened the dmg and dragged the token onto the shortcut. Then dragged the .apk directly into the converter still in the opened dmg.
Seems to work better than copying the content into your own folder.

With this method would kao kao talk work? I know as of right now it's not working.

Thank youu

Posted via CB10

I am not able to run the apk converter app nor able to drag the .apk into it, till that everything was fine. Please help

After I do the terminal it doesn't create a debug token. Bar. Do we open the normal terminal or a terminal that is in the file we downloaded

Posted via CB10

I seem to be getting an error. "Error: Failed to decrypt keystore, invalid store password or store password not supplied." When trying to repeat the whole process I get a message saying that I'm already registered with RDK. Any help? I got two emails saying that I was registered on the network as well.

I get everything running, but when I try to convert an apk file I get this error message:

Apk2Bar version 1.6.0
Research In Motion Ltd ? 2012 All rights reserved.
[ERROR] Invalid argument: /Users/macbook/Downloads/Android
[ERROR] Invalid argument: apk/1Weather_2.0.5.apk

Can you help?


I do fine until step 13. I drag my apk file on top of the open application, I look at details and something happens, but I can't find where the bar file is created. Any thoughts?

im seriously stuck with this, ive tried starting again but i get the same errors and the wont work. when im using terminal it says this to me "CSK file already exists. Use -cskdelete to delete first." how do i solve this ???

me too. Does anyone know how to get around this? i successfully registered, but no file appeared on my desktop on my Mac

Did the same and now Rdio works on my Z10. Only thing I don't understand is why I have to sideload the onto my device, and it seems to expire in September, what happens then, will the sideloaded apps like Rdio stop working?

I need help!
I've done this before and was successful. But I just updated my OS to so my sideloaded Viber was wiped, hence this re-sideloading... Tried to sideload the converted BAR file but the App Manager says that my debugtoken has expired. So I went back to this forum...
I'm doing fine until the part where you're in the Terminal (I'm using a MacBook) and at the step #8 (Put in your developers password which you should invent and remember for later use when prompted), it says "CSK file already exists. Use -cskdelete to delete first"...
What do I do?
I need my Viber back :(

i did everything correctly and i got the in my desktop but i couldn't drag it to the folder :S can anyone help me please?

hi everybody,

im so terribly confused... you have to help me!
first of all: i recieved just one file as a token. its called "bbidtoken.csk"

i though: doesnt matter if there are one or two files so i copied it like the two .csj into that "debug token request" folder.

now i get an error as following:
Error: Unable to open CSJ file: *RDK*.csj

what is going wrong?

Hey Q10Monk! How did you get it working? I only have the bbidtoken.csk as well. Please help me on this! Cheers!

I can't seem to get the Tokens...I've filled out the form and it always brings me to the BB ID section. Enter my BB ID and nothing happens. Help?

I have got myself a Z10 and really enjoying it. I have been sideloading BlackBerry apps with no problem but struggling with Android apps. I have used the link to the BlackbBerry site and which has downloaded a file bbidtoken.csk but don't seem to be able to get copies of the .csj files mentioned above.

Can anyone help?

Im having some issues, I thought i had successfully done everything til create your storepass, entered the delveloper pin, although im not exactly sure if that part was correct. Then my Device pin, But I keep getting
Error: Not Yet Registered to request Debug tokens
I have both of the CSJ Files in debugtoken request folder, although they arent in a specific folder in it.

Is there something im missing from the directions?