This is how BlackBerry is starting to win over the media

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By Chris Umiastowski on 2 May 2012 01:54 pm EDT

Today at BlackBerry World, RIM arranged a meeting between Thorsten Heins and all of the members of the press who are attending the show. This meeting marked a significant shift in the company's communication strategy.

Under the previous co-CEO structure, the media really never had much of a chance to engage with the top leadership of RIM. Sure, the larger outlets were granted the occasional interview. But there were never CEO addresses to an entire panel of media.

Thorsten hit the ball out of the park today. He said all the right things, and he made people in the room like him and RIM. The importance of this can't be understated. With all of the media bashing that has been happening, even people who don't use smartphones have started to adopt the belief that RIM is dying. The only way to stop this is to have the media actually like your company and want to write nicer stuff.

Thorsten took the stage today and acknowledged the challenges facing RIM, creating a good agreement frame to warm up the audience. But the structure of what came next was brilliantly crafted. He simply had a conversation with everyone and opened up his thought process regarding the changes that he needed to make inside of RIM.

He came off as being sincere, focused, and direct. He talked about RIM having too much fat on its hips through all of the management layers. He told us how RIM grew up as a company managed by consensus. You can't scale that style of management into a $20 billion company, and it was killing RIM's ability to get stuff done.

Once he built up respect from the audience he meticulously knocked down so much of the inaccurate reporting that has been going on. He also did this without insulting anyone. Two big topics he set the record straight on were: 1) RIM isn't abandoning physical keyboards. There will be physical keyboards on future BlackBerry 10 devices. 2) Thorsten never said RIM was going to get out of the consumer market. He said they'd partner with other companies. Gaming partners was a good example, since he acknowledged RIM isn't a gaming company. But their engine definitely supports gaming.

Over the last decade I've had plenty of exposure to the top executives at RIM. I've had many meetings with Mike and Jim when I worked as a financial analyst. But all of my friends in the media never had the same experience. At least not the new media companies including CrackBerry. Now that RIM needs more positive media attention, RIM's CEO is bringing his A-game.

I ran into Thorsten in the hallway early this afternoon. I told him what I thought of his performance. Partly, I just wanted to shake his hand and show some support. But I also wanted to communicate with him just how important I felt it was for him to keep doing stuff like this. I chat with a lot of journalists and many of them have been highly critical of RIM. Without exception, every single journalist that i spoke to left the meeting saying really nice things about his presentation. He is a completely genuine individual.

Let me wrap up by saying that RIM needs two things to recover in the market. They need great products, and BlackBerry 10 is the engine to deliver this requirement. But they also need good press. They need to stop being kicked in the teeth while they're down. They need to heal so they can get back up again and fight. Thorsten convinced me, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he's the right guy to accomplish this at RIM.

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This is how BlackBerry is starting to win over the media


"The only way to stop this is to have the media actually like your company and want to write nicer stuff. "

While I agree - nice stuff doesnt generate page hits. One need look no further than the boy clown report.

Yeah, in general blogs always need a whipping boy... People don't respond much to level-headedness.

Mr Geller is advised by Mr Wozniak.

Small wonder he's anti-RIM. He's being paid to be so.

Mr. Gellar is friends with most of the Crackberry management team. Be careful what you say because they have defended him time and time again on Crackberry when his stupidity shines through.

Hate on BGR all you want, but remember Geller started his blog because he was a Blackberry fan. He is not a cheerleader like Kevin. I believe that he says nice things when RIM deserves it (see his Bold 9900 review), but the problem is that RIM has seldom deserved rave reviews in the past 5-6 years.

The media is human garbage. Trash. They are the reason for the separation of different cultures, and the reason behind world wars. They will be the reason for the destruction of this planet.

The rant Geller wrote yesterday on BooGeR (I prefer to put the vowels back in) looked like something written in anger and with a level head should have not been posted. It was so bad I considered the possibility that his accounts had been hacked.

I have heard that there is an investment by Wozniak or one of his companies. This would explain the heavy slant to Apple stuff. But then again, if Apple rumors generate clicks then they would keep posting them.

They have found that bashing RIM generates clicks too. Unfortunately, some of the things written were false and defamatory, possibly to the point that BooGeR could be sued for slander.

Blogs are gaining credibility in the media. Look at the rumors BooGeR has posted that the mainstream media has reported. This shows that, even though these posts (not articles) are not entirely journalistic, they are considered journalism and the "real" journalists will reprint them and call them to talk about their "expert" knowledge.

I can't recall what it was but I do remember that something BooGeR posted a few months back that was proved false had caused RIM's stock to fall. Things like this can make a blog liable for the damage that was caused even if it is just opinion from an opinion blog.

The thing that bothers me most about iBooGeR is the amount of resources my computer needs to read it. It takes 200 MB of memory to open the page.

+1 That article was far from journalism. They've been critical of RIM in the past and gave credit where the credit was due, specifically on the PlayBook review. But that article really changed my opinion of BGR - I've simply lost all respect for Geller and I refuse to read anything by him now. Lose your credibility as a blogger/journalist and good-luck gaining back the public's trust.

I hope you are right in your performance assessment. You are right that this media relations change is vital to RIM success.

Win over the media? I guess you're not in the forums where the fanboys posted a bunch of stuff wondering why the media is still writing negative things. They will win the media over and users when they deliver a product that is worthy. Otherwise, nothing has changed yet. They are still getting killed by the tech media. Not that I agree with it, but just saying.

Exactly my point. The author is acting like something great as turned around in RIM's favor in 24hrs. It hasn't. Still the same.

Exactly my point. The author is acting like something great as turned around in RIM's favor in 24hrs. It hasn't. Still the same.

You're free to disagree.  And if you aren't here, it's like redecorating a room and voicing an opinion on the shade of wallpaper without seeing it.

If you look at share prices -- down 5 percent today to $12 and change -- then you might suppose that the media would have to find something pretty remarkable to turn their view around. Which they won't, because RIM's performance has been and currently is just awful.

And announcing that they'll be something marginally cool six months from now means, basically, that they'll sell nothing for the next six months.

Not that they have anything to sell. They announce, but they never deliver on time.

If they want to turn the company around, they need to fix their structural difficulties. The chief product brought out under new management is the frigging Playbook keyboard -- and you can't buy one, in the third month after its putative release.

If new management wants the media to write something different about the company, they want the media to stop telling the truth. Or management can fix the company -- and there is no evidence they've chosen the latter.


But its basic facts that the media even get wrong. Look at the post that crackberry did on the new york times. They blatantly lie or take things out of context to have the story go with their narrative!!!...and those are things that need to be stopped. Particularly from "authority" news sources.

Yup, exactly.  The media is propagating flat-out-wrong info much of the time and Thorsten has a clearly differentiated way of handling this versus Jim and Mike.  THAT is the big change some of the earlier repliers to this post are missing.

It's not a light switch.  It's not a change that will create a digital result.  It's more like a match that has been lit, and will slowly ignite a fire.

The whole market was down, oil, financial institutions..largely due to lower than expected US performance on earnings. Lots of sellers today...hence stock declines. I wouldn't check New York Times to validate what I'm saying. We now know how well their fact checkers and writers do their job.

Your comments about historical performance and on time delivery is probably more accurate. However the whole point about the new leadership is all about change ahead with BB10 and the renewed focus on defining their market and developing a device to suit that market.

RIM doesn't have the fan and developer base of Apple, so if you're criticizing them for not selling anything between now and then, and for using the approach that they chose to enhance that base, would sitting on their hands be better?

If you have ever been involved in any significant change management initiative, you'll realize it takes time for the impact to be felt in the most crucial segments. Give the new leadership time to gain traction, then make a reassessment. So see what happens to BB10 after it's been released and feel free to come back here and spew more "I told you so".

Misery loves company so you'll have lots of friends joining you if your ill sentiments towards RIM unfolds as you predicted.

Otherwise, many folks including me, will support RIM in their latest efforts to learn from their mistakes. If they stumble with BB10, then I'm sure all the negative comments will probably be well deserved.

They're taking the time now to do what they can to make sure that doesn't happen. So kudos to them for not making delivery promises they can't the old boys did. Cheers.

The keyboards i ordered arrived on time and i am using them now. I cant be that lucky. Sounds like your apple is rotting from the inside out. Also the market was down everywhere, and the market acts like a herd of sheep, bleating and running in a group from one haystack to another. My portfolio has had its ups and downs, but thats the way it goes. By the way, dont know if you understand, but rim makes profits, sure not like before, but they are still a profitable company. Even the mighty GM and GE were destroyed not too long ago, but they are back now. What makes you such an authority on all things financial?

Great article... I literally just finished writing my own blog post about the media, RIM and the negative perception that exists. Great timing! #HeneyBlog

That's one small step for RIM, one giant leap for.. dang, that's already been used! Good job on the media coverage...Buy RIM stock now!

Tell this to the idiots over at BGR. They are a major player in negative press and I am glad RIM denied them BB10 Dev units

If it is true that RIM denied BGR a BB10 Dev unit, then BGR deserves it. They don't have anything nice to say about RIM. BGR especially Jonathan Geller is spreading bad publicity about RIM. If you checked his tweeter yesterday, you should see all the foul languages around it. People even a true Apple fan lost respect to this clown. His writings tell you all about his true personality.

Interesting Article. Very insightful. I can't believe you just 'bumped' into Heinz in the hallway. I would have assumed he'd be ushered around with an entire retinue of people.

I bought $300 in RIM stock two days ago and I'm willing to lose if it comes down to it. However, I feel they have a very strong chance of bouncing back, and I too agree, that BB10 is the way to go.

Regarding media coverage, it's quite obvious that the communication between the company and the press is essential to having positive reviews written. It's not just about good products, but about good PR and good Marketing.

He just has one (very good) security guy with him.  Super nice guy though.  He knows me, so when I go to shake Thorston's hand he's not gonna tackle me to the floor :)

Good to hear because everything I read in mainstream media and (non-crackberry) web-sites is always negative. It then gets regurgitated by everyone I meet that sees my Torch 9810 and PlayBook.

But Thor will not be the one delivering the message in the future will he? Will that not be the role of the new Chief Marketing Officer?

I hope he makes a home run pick for that position! Whomever gets the job won't have much time before the Blackberry 10 rolls out (hopefully).

Now, if they can just stop being implicated in Anit-Apple flash mobs... You're getting it together, RIM, don't let it fall apart already.

My 200 shares bought last week at $13.22 looked like a bargain last week. These frigging idiot bloggers have cost me money the past two days!! Sure wish they would read and listen properly!! Im amazed they can tie their own shoelaces

you are not going to see any tangible growth in your stock until BB10 is released. So never mind what the stock price is righ now. The market is stupid, and the bears have taken it over. RIM with just the sum of its parts including its patents is worth over $25 p.s.
so be patient, RIM shareholders will be rewarded.

Depending, of course, on any debt they take on. Such as the cost of developing a great Playbook keyboard, but then not bothering to make more than a few of them. If they did that with cash on hand, double shame on them. But it's an asset loss either way.


If it makes you feel any better, I have 300 shares with an average purchase price in the mid-$15 range.

I'm absolutely confident I'll wind up with a decent profit.

I feel your pain ... but we have to accept responsibility for our own trades.  You can't pass the blame.  You have to suck it up.  It hurts to lose.  I'm there too.  I doubled my position last year at BBW (in the mid $40s?)  My losses are my own fault.  

There is no such thing as a free market. Traders try to generate asymmetric information, and the ordinary investor is not privy to what they're telling one another over their company BES. At the moment the world markets are generally jittery over PIIGS, so it is easy to talk down any particular company. If you think it will recover later in the year, the more you can talk it down now, the greater the potential profit. Buy at 15 sell at 35 good, buy at 12 sell at 35 even better.

Now let's see if the warm and fuzzies taken away from the meet and great translates into positive press. I have seen all too often writers have their stories changed by editors to not resemble the original article. Or I have seen writers listen to a speaker but hear something completely different.

Time will tell......

Although some of crackberry's articles are opinion based, I must say that the majority of the articles on crackberry are indeed presented in a well thought manner giving us up to the date NEWS. With that being said, I will NEVER NEVER EVER view an article from again. Their recent reporting of the BBWC was not only inaccurate but very closed minded and to be complete honest it was just down right ignorant. BOYCOTT LONG LIVE CRACKBERRY and RIM.

I just printed out that article 10 times!
Yes, stores are closed here now and we were fresh out of toilet paper...

I think the last laptop is a PC one. Looks like Windows on the screen... At least the Bold is prominent -- and a good sign that those Mac users have a BB :)

It would be nice to see RIM mount a successful comeback. Seeing a company that had as big of a market share and an impact on technology and culture just wither away is painful and embarrassing. Back in the early to mid '90s, nobody was on Apple's side in the media, and it was a problem that had been self-created.

I think we're seeing the same thing with RIM. In the past they didn't try to win the media over, but now that their position is desperate they are working with anybody and everybody to spread the good news and try to get favorable press. The problem is that they don't have concrete products to show, just items under development. After years of wrong-headedly denying the the threats of iOS, Android and touch-screen keyboards it's only now that RIM is trying to get back in the race and follow the prevailing currents. But it's hard to be so far pack in the race and still try to remain relevant without having a great product to show off and put in the market. I know that their line is that new products are coming this year, but that's the same thing Palm said about the original webOS devices and it proved to be too long of a gap between announcement and availability.

More than anything else, if RIM wants to win back customers and get supportive press they need to be great at their execution - planning, delivering, supporting and promoting - if they want to win back the consumers and get favorable media attention. It also will be important to have great products that consumers will want. If you want another comparison, just look at Quark. They dominated the publishing industry for years and were the go-to product for any publication, big or small. But they didn't handle their success well, innovation was sporadic and their delivery on promises and software were horrible. Now Adobe has won that war and Quark has been bought by a private equity firm.

Any conference is a big smokescreen of presentations to dazzle and impress people. It's what happens after the conference is over that determines the success. As Apple has proven what's more important is what happens before the show -- meticulous planning, delivery and execution - that helps ensure that your product rollout is successful and fruitful.

I don't if RIM can deliver on their promises, but I surely hope that they do. They really delivered a great mobile experience for people who wanted to stay connected, but along the way, RIM failed to stay connected to not only what people wanted, but what they would want in the future, too.

I agree with you entirely. I would append that RIM also lost sight of its market. The company's success had much to do with the security of its system, which is why it was deemed acceptable to a lot of organizations that wanted to communicate without making that communication public.

But then came the Playbook. What? No native email? Problem was, it was difficult to provide native email and maintain legendary BlackBerry security. The best way was via the Bridge (which we still use), simply because it stored nothing on the tablet itself. Which dealt in nice plain-text communication -- gov't and the enterprise don't need emoticons.

And there came the notion that the market was different than the one that brung RIM to the dance. The company created a small but loud following of drooling fanbois but not the sales that must of necessity follow. Business clients started to think that RIM didn't much care about them and started to look for other ways of handling communications. RIM responded by announcing all kinds of things and delivering them only long after others had blown past them.

It is stone moronic for them to announce how great the BB10 things will be, half a year out, because that kills their market for six months. Unless they are sitting on a huge and undisclosed pile of cash, that's not six months they can afford to lose.

And of course, they're still all screwed up on delivering promised and supposedly already released products of use to, yes, the enterprise.

So while I agree with you, I don't see much hope of it coming to pass.


OMG! You are such a crybaby about that keyboard! You bring it up in every post. Get another one. Lots of options on Amazon. Or order one from Canada. This is just an accessory for a small market, and not central to RIM success or survival. You are reading way too much into that delivery issue.

If RIM cannot even meet its delivery date for "just an accessory for a small market" then why should anyone believe them on the big stuff?

Currently, there is no reason to suppose that RIM is other than Palm warmed over. Well, except that Palm delivered its keyboards.


Didnt apple and samsug just announce new phones??? No firm dates on those, so by using your logic, they should be flat too??

Well, if Thorsten can be civil with the media types he's a better man then I am, because most of the time I want to be kicking them after I read their articles. It definitely would be a breath of fresh air to read a positive story about RIM in the media and maybe with Mr. Heins around, I might get that chance.

Hmmm. Not a single thing positive to report, its not that. What it is that unless the apple media is praising everytime someone pees without getting their hands wet over an apple product, they can't seem to deem anything else worth reporting. Take the apple balls out of your mouth and realize that there has been a massive snowjob about how superior apple is. I have several imacs and can tell you they are good, but far from perfect.

(some sequences shortened).

Yes, the relationship with media could be a big one for RIM, no matter how good their future product is. I just exchange some meials with Gerett Louse from the New York Post that wrote a piece in today's edition about the BB World. The large font subtitle read "Prototype phone with no call capabilities" and was in part very mis-informing.

Overall I am very ptimistic and cannot wait until I can finally upgrade from my Curve 9330....

Way too many uneducated fools saying RIM is behind and what not because the media IS inplanting it into their small brains. RIM is NOT far behind at all. shows specs of every phone! Educate yourself RIM bashers!

All of this reminds me of the Microsoft sourced FUD when Linux was in its infancy.

It's really important for RIM to continuously tell the press in clear terms what is actually going on, to advertise and press the message.

I arrived at work this morning and my boss said "hey did you hear that BlackBerry is ditching the physical keyboard?". She heard it on CBC which probably just regurgitated what they read from some ill-informed tech writer.

It's an uphill battle for RIM, but if they get some kickass marketing people staying on message they will be at least in better shape than they are in now.

Looking at the picture above, the press are all using macs. So RIM should make it a point to not leave mac users behind as well, and that might please their mac customer base, some of which obviously consists of the press, as seen above.

The problemo is right in your photo. Looks at all the macs on display. The media has been sucked into macs. As a long time mac user, I can tell you Mac performe significantly worse than windows 7 machines - significantly. Yet people including team crackberry persist in using them "because they look cool" (on that: wake up, when everyone has one it isn't cool).

This is especially bad in the US where the media views evertying as a game (including war) who's winning, who's losing?? It's pathetic.

+1. That's what I was trying to say earlier.

Nevertheless, I do think Apple makes great products. I just don't think that needs to promote Apple any further than they already get with MacBooks in the headline pic.

Sorry have to disagree. As someone who purchased just about every product made by Apple, do they make good products? They don't sorry, they just don't.

They do advertise very well I'll grant you that.

Macbook air = crap overheating product
Macbook pro = over priced and too heavy
iPad = apps hang, ya they hang, annoying as hell, and too heavy (new ipad even heavier!)
iPhone = poor reception, doesn't work as a phone
mobile me = crap product never synced

No company makes perfect products, but Apple gets a pass on their crap product way more than they deserve.

I don't get it. "The room is full of Mcas. Period, Deal with it."

The point is people are just buying them cause they are in. Not because they are any better. In fact, since they do practically the same thing for 50% more money, I would say they are worse.

Hey Chris Macs are about 5% of the computer market, deal with it. I'm saying there is strong bias toward macs in the media, and I'm right, deal with it!

It's amazing how difficult this has been for RIM. It seems the Media is making every effort to make people believe that RIM is done because of constant screw ups.

I watched the whole keynote and got really excited. I saw the flow of the cascades and loved it. The keyboard seems to be very well done and the predictive typing seems to be very well thought. The camera app looks amazing. AND we haven't really seen anything yet. No BBM10, no music player, browser, video player, etc. So there's still more to come.

But, the point of the post is, after the keynote I read gizmodo's take on it. They acted like assholes saying that there's nothing new there, and what seems to be well done and work must be battery drainers, another author in another site was actually complaining that the keyboard on this alpha device was very very slow. It's amazing how they need to find something negative to say about anything, be it small or big that RIM says or does.

Yea...and after the poll gizmodo ran today on whether anyone gives a damn about rim i hit the unsubscribe has been good since :)

It could be that they're saying this because RIM *is* done because of constant screwups.

You were, you say, all excited about the nifty new things you saw yesterday. Where can you buy one today? Why would any of what was presented yesterday cause *anyone* to go out and buy a current RIM product?

One of RIM's leading problems -- there are several -- is that they're long on talk and short on action. *That's* why the press takes everything RIM says with a grain of salt. Plans mean nothing unless they're accompanied by prompt delivery on those plans.

Have you ever seen an Apple announcement of what they plan to be releasing six months from now?


You are all over this board today. Apple isn't putting together a whole new operating system. They already have 500,000 apps. Imagine if RIM hid eerything until a week before it was ready. Then there would be no apps. That would be a great strategy. The only problem I have with the media's coverage is that for RIM, they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Do they need to deliver, yes. And they will. They haven't announced a new device yet, so I don't know how they aren't delivering. Their last devices, 9900 in particular, delivered a serious upgrade for BlackBerry users. That was last year.

If anything, the media has unreasonable expectations. Like this whole project they are working on, developing a brand new os, is supposed to happen over night. Did Apple do it over night? Did google? It's not like they can release an OS on par with iOS 1.0. They would get creamed. They have to develop a new OS and bring it to current day level.

You, sir, understand me.

I never said I got exited because of what they have today. But it's obvious that RIM is listening and paying attention to what we, consumers, want.

Did you see those things at the keynote (camera, flow with multitasking, widgets, virtual keyboard)?? How can someone tell me that RIM isn't working on giving us what we want?? They are making sure we get a totally new experience (for us bb users).

Like you said, if RIM does or doesnt do something they get bashed. If they do big stuff or little stuff they get bashed. If they change or don't change? they get bashed. That was the point of my past comment.

Makes you wonder how they pulled off tbe original iPhone, iPad, and so on, doesn't it. They didn't announce any of it until they had it in hand. So, really, your argument supports the notion that RIM ought to give up, be parted out by some raider, and call it a day.


The original iPhone was announced five months before it was available. Now you're not even getting history right.

The original iPhone was also very poor and only succeeded because of good marketing. If RIM, HP or Nokia had released it, all the reports would have been of style over substance. The 4S is pretty good, but for people like me the screen is too small, the virtual keyboard too small and hard to type on, and it is quite simply far too expensive for what it is.

Not to mention the iPhone came into the game riding the coat tails of the iPod, which already had the ecosystem....

Rims next big attack needs to be developing a full touch media device, that first device for tweens/teens before the phone/mobile market even matters. Apple still has the hooks on the next generation of mobile consumers because of the iPod and lack of any competition in its market.

Thorsten is a very compelling spokesperson. Similar to Steve Jobs. Unfortunately for Apple, Steve Jobs has passed away. I would say that it was Jobs singular vision that brought Apple back from the brink. Mr. Heins can do the same thing with RIM. I would suggest making him the spokesman like "Dave" from Wendy's. It is funny though how Apple has become like the "Big Brother" from their 1986 commercial. RIM was smart phone before smart phone was cool.

Actually, it was Steve Jobs coming out and announcing products that were on sale right now, not some plans for six months from now (which, in RIMspeak means "at least six months from now, if then").


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that sees that Apple has become the "IBM ahem Big Brother" in their 1984 superbowl commercial. Perhaps RIM should do a challenge council parody of that commercial with Steve Jobs on screen spouting "we shall go thermonuclear ... and prevail"

The scenerio here is like Match Play in Golf, Rim is down three with 5 holes to go.
In my opinion it will come down to pricing of the BB10 series. If they price like they initially did with the Playbook to try and compete with competion they have an uphill battle. I feel Rim set a precedent with Playbook as a discount option and the only way Rim will win back any market share is to underprice the ever changing competition.Can it be done? Specs of a product are one thing but price like cash is King

I think the first option will be to discount the OS7 phones before discounting the OS10 phones. It is not clear yet, but I think the OS7 phones will still be current even after the OS10 phones come out, with the OS10 phones being the premium option.

I think they have to be ready for this. They need to acknowledge that acquiring market share has to come first, so they do need to be able to sell their new devices at a loss first, and make people buy their devices at a very competitive price.

Or in addition work with the carriers and provide a cost effective upgrade path for those who may be locked into contracts that want to get the BB10 and stay with their carrier. For some who purchased the OS7 devises before the word came out about the BB10 phones....

In regards to the picture in the post, I would guess the mainstream salaried media have a choice of laptops, but have to take the phone options corporate gives them, most likely a BlackBerry. This company BlackBerry may also be causing some of the media bias as a lot of the media may still be on the older OS5 and OS6 phones. When they compare these phones to either their personal or friends iPhone, Android, the BlackBerry seems like the antique it is if they still have an old BlackBerry.

Anybody else notice that a good percentage of the time when they show a BlackBerry in the media during a segment about RIM, it is an old 9000?

"This company BlackBerry may also be causing some of the media bias as a lot of the media may still be on the older OS5 and OS6 phones."

You got it in one. One of my clients has devices still running OS4. And of course they don't want to upgrade to say 9900 because BB10 is coming.

RIM shot themselves in the foot by pre-announcing BB10 so early that corporations don't want to get caught supporting redundant devices. Many have large investments in BB4-7 software.

That's why the previous management had to go at RIM. Just plain careless.

You don't get the corporate world, do you? Corporates hate sudden product announcements. They want clear product timelines and proper upgrade plans. It isn't like the consumer market; IT departments don't go "ooh ooh want it now", they go "Oh shit how long do we have before we have to support this?"

thor knows where the company needs to go and I believe he will take it there. As a regular visitor of cnet I read plenty trash about RIM but most of it is by people who have A.never used a blackberry or B.have no clue what they are talking about. I've used other devices but my berry is what keeps me happy and I find many of the things people praise apple and android for to be rather mundane. BB10 looks really promising and if the media doesn't want to recognize that then its their own fault.

These are just the authors pipe dreams . Nothing has changed , the tech sites are now writing the same negative reviews as before. RIM must first deliver a phone to the market that will sell, not just preduce nice videos that the fan boys applaude. By the way, the stock of RIM was down significantly ( 5%) today and closed at $ 12.80 ! It seems that the market is not bying the "Thorsten Heins show" either !

The market will start buying the "Thorsten Heins Show" when BB10 comes out. The problem with the market is this: it is not logical, it is emotional. The market doesn't listen to reason, it listens to emotion. When we have plenty of oil stockpiled, but a potential problem occurs in the middle east, oil prices jump. Nothing has really occurred, just the rumor or possibility of an occurance. That is emotional.

If Thorsten can continue to have laser focus in his communication and be open like today and immediately address misconceptions in press, then gradually and surely the press will change. As RIM delivers on what it prevue's, then the press and stock market will change.

It really is a step at a time. You are dealing with highly opinionated writers and analysts. I for one do believe that RIM will turn it around.

Yeah people stop bashing Blackberry,I will go to a basic phone if Blackberry goes out of business which I don't think is anytime soon.Put Netflix on the Playbook,Torch and Storm devices and see how far up the stock goes up.The Torch is a great phone,I just got the 9810 a week ago and bridged it to my Playbook,setup my Blackberry ID,BBM,email and Blackberry email,setup my facebook and twitter accounts,and got most of the apps that was $77 normally.Put that app that users can download android apps on the latest smartphones the Torch and Bold then sales might up up a LOT.

The media was right to certain degree. Other than key board and camera nothing much happened the first day. I am a die hard fan of Blackberry for 12 years. But the investors looking for the date and specifics regardless it was a Dev phone. If the CEO had the drop dead date for BB10 release the stock wouldn't have lost almost 2.00 in two days. Rim has to come out with dates and new contracts. Even netflix, skype and native calender, contacts in playbook will help the stock. I can keep on going but just like others waiting for bb10.


You guys are ding some nice work at the conference. If you get another chance to speak with Thorsten, let him know that the biggest and issue facing RIMM is that they don't have any advocates in the carrier stores. I live in an affluent area on the north Shore the of Chicago and at the local ATT store they have not seen a BlackBerry sales representative in months.

On top of that the representatives in ATT stores and VZ stores would rather tell you about why RIMM is going BK then tell you about why they are good devices.

Part of why Playbook never took off is because people had nothing like an APPLE store experience to try the product "hands on". I could not find one that worked correctly at a Staples or Best Buy or any store which carried them.

Why would you buy one?

Please pass along.


" He talked about RIM having too much fat on its hips through all of the management layers. He told us how RIM grew up as a company managed by consensus. You can't scale that style of management into a $20 billion company, and it was killing RIM's ability to get stuff done."

HOME RUN T!!!!! Well said.

And there is why we are all so use to hearing "delay, delay, delay!!!"

We are back in the game!

This is what a CEO does! If the company is able to turnaround and shapeup from a market perspective, this guys will have earned all of the money they throw at him.

This was a good read. Is there any way someone could post a video to the CEO's meeting with the media? I'd like to know what questions were asked specifically.

I dont mind it when the media/bloggers justifiably call out RIM when they screw up, but I do object to the inaccuracies that get perpetuated when one writer sounds off with incorrect info, or when others decide to spread FUD.Plus at some point, the -too-little-too-late line gets old. I'm really flabbergasted at the vitriole hurled at RIM by commenters on every tech blog.

RIM is an strong Canadian company that invented the smartphone. They will always be on the cutting edge of technology. The other guy will make the iVacuum. "We've finally cracked the vacuum"

RIM is an strong Canadian company that invented the smartphone. They will always be on the cutting edge of technology. The other guy will make the iVacuum. "We've finally cracked the vacuum"

I remember when OS 5 came out for the BOLD 9000. That OS messed up more 9000's than you can imagine. Take out the SD card, format it, double wipe, use jlcmdr, use this, use that, ah bafungol! How the heck can the average user figure all that out? Its irrelevant to my 64 year old mom and my younger sister who just wants to email browse and text. I saw that, and I'm just a dumb truck driver. Why didn't the "fat around the hips" of RIM see it? Why didn't one of those co-CEO's see it and react? How comes it that the biggest, best and (at one time) only smartphone manufacturer, get to the point of being stifled for, what are people saying...6 months to the release? It is going to be more than that. Even if BB10 releases in 6 months (october), I can't see how its going to be a massive difference.
Here is what I see. The Motorola Admiral, on Sprint, and running android with direct connect. The Droid Pro was close, but this Motorola Admiral has the exact keyboard of a BB style, and very very close to the BB 9000/99xx. What will the next iteration of Motorola be? You can bet it will be whatever us BB fans are begging for (a big phone with a phys kb). And Motorola, or any other company without "hip fat" will deliver it lightning fast.

''Typed with no mistakes, on my BB 9930''

It's ridiculous that ppl on here really claim that bb10 which looks recognizably unique won't compete with iOS or android when it's released. Have you seen iOS 6.? No. And i'm pretty sure it'll look just like iOS 1-5 with one or two new features. What did 5 bring that made it vastly different than 4.? A notification bar.? Based on THEIR execution they won't make any major changes here either. It's easy to push out something with no hiccups or leaks when you barely change anything. RIM is COMPLETELY changing up their OS and adding real world useful and cool looking features yet it's not enough to at least give em some optimism.?...get outta here

Thanks Chris. You may be are rooting inside, but your observations and presentation are objective -- so much appreciated!.