How to restart or turn off your BlackBerry 10 phone

BlackBerry 10 Restart
By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2013 11:13 am EST

That little button on top of your BlackBery 10 phone does more than just put it into standby. If you ever want to turn off your device (buy, why?) or restart it for any reason - that same button is your ticket. While it's great to simply press down to put your device to sleep or wake it up, it also has the super powers to reboot your device or completely power it down. Keep reading to see just how easy it is. 

How to Reboot Your BlackBerry 10 Phone

To reboot your BlackBerry 10 device, press and hold on the Power/Standy-by button, then tap the Restart icon on the bottom

BlackBerry 10 Restart

How to Turn Off Your BlackBerry 10 Phone

If you want to completely power down your BlackBerry 10 phone, you can do that too. Simply press and hold the Power/Stand-by button until the device counts down and powers off. To turn it on, press the Power/Standy-by button again.  

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How to restart or turn off your BlackBerry 10 phone


BB7 is not 5 mins. The PlayBook is the one that had slow boot times. The video that was posted I believe shows reboot times to be a little over a minute.

I had 24 apps installed. My boot time was easily 10 minutes (at least). I removed about 22 of them yesterday since I'm giving my 9900 to a friend and picking up the Z10 tomorrow :) It now boots in about 3 minutes.

Unfortunately it doesn't work when your phone has frozen up completely which mine did 3 times over the weekend. I thought we'd left the days of battery pulling behind. I found the whole experience so demoralising my Z10 is now on eBay. Based on this effort RIM/BlackBerry are doomed.

post the eBay link! (not as a challenge; so that us less-fortunate folks can buy, if the price is right...)

Buy why? (see what I did there?)

So you really saying u expected so much in your elitist ways that not only reason you not willing to wait for a software update nor willing to take it back into the store to explain a problem and get one switched out? No one puts baby in the corner! I thought I valued my time!!! When I had the itoy 3g I took it in 5 times withing the first two weeks because I didn't like what it did. But that's just me...

Given the fact that there are other devices available that accomplish more without the accompanying problems I encountered then no, I'm not willing to wait for a software update.

I call bs, the phone just came out why would you put it on eBay instead of taking it back and getting your money back? If your going to lie at least think the lie out first before making yourself look like a fool.

You're the fool. Check the price they're going for on eBay. I made a nice profit on it, in fact I wish I'd bought more. It's actually difficult to take a phone back when you have an intermittent fault you can't necessarily demonstrate in store.

I tried the demo unit and put it through the works and installed/uninstalled apps and none of what you lied about happened. I ran ALL of the apps at once and nothing like that happened.

I find it hilarious that you can't handle negative reports. These things cost a fair chunk of money and I was merely commenting on problems I'd encountered. Presumably anyone who doesn't gush with praise is a troll then?

My Bold 9900 takes around 3-4 mins, sometimes six. My Torch 2 used to take 6 mins sometimes 13 mins. Playbook takes 3 mins.

Sick of this, Z10 I am hearing reports of a 1 min and some, hope that doesn't increase with OS updates.

My 9810 takes for-ev-er to restart. Very frustrating indeed.
No less then 6 minutes... Sometimes it has taken upwards of 15...
I like the 1 min 8 seconds shown for the Z10 to restart!

I hate that crack with so much reminds me of my storm one......Oh God! didnt see this coming.Its a nuisance after a while.

for that person i read on pinstack, put your eyes on this and buy a new pair of glasses before you say Z10 don´t have power button.

I power down my Z10, and plug it in for recharging. If any emails or texts or calls come in - it accepts them and is powered up again. How can avoid this? How can I keep it powered down while recharging?