How to request high quality images over BBM on BlackBerry 10

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By Michelle Haag on 16 Feb 2013 04:49 pm EST

BlackBerry Messenger is a great way to instantly keep in touch with people. Being able to send pictures via BBM is one of my favorite features, as you can quickly share what you're looking at without missing a beat. BlackBerry compresses images sent through BBM, which is nice if you're watching your data usage, but what about when you want a higher quality image? Luckily, there is an option to request a high quality image. The release of BlackBerry 10 saw a bit of change to the process, so check out the following tutorial to see just how it's done.


Receiving HQ pictures via BBM
  • Picture is received through BBM. This initial picture is a low quality version.
  • Long press on the image and the contextual menu opens on the right with options for Save Image, Set As, Request High Quality, and Share. Choosing Request High Quality sends a message back to the sender asking them to send you the image. 

Receiving HQ pictures via BBM

  • If the sender chooses to send you the High Quality image, you will see a progress bar with the status of the transfer, and then a confirmation when you've received it.
  • Be sure to tap or long press the image again to save it to your device.

Receiving HQ pictures via BBM

Here you can see an example of the difference in the quality of images. On the left is the low resolution image originally sent via BBM, and on the right is the high resolution.

Have any favorite tricks or tips you want to share? Be sure to drop a comment below or in the forums.

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How to request high quality images over BBM on BlackBerry 10


love this feature to save on data and speed. Get so many pictures and only a few that I need to be of high quality. It's great to see it has followed over to BB10 as well.

Imagine if Bla1ze used that gingerbread pic as an example again..... This woulda turned out alot different hahahahaha

I know I shouldn't be asking this here, but I just really want to know something: What is the data usage for bbm video on os10? I really want to get me and my gf a z10, and I know that BIS is not necessary anymore with bb, so how much data would a 5min bb video use?

We are sending / receiving a lot of BBM pictures (screen mockups, design layouts, etc) and requesting high resolution every time is a pain. What I've been trying to find out is find a setting to force full resolution EVERY SINGLE time without the receiver having manually request it. Is this possible at all?