How to reorder accounts in the Hub on OS 10.2.1

By Alicia Erlich on 12 Mar 2014 09:15 pm EDT

The Hub is the most important component of BlackBerry 10 as it is the central place for managing all of your accounts and communication needs. One of the ways in which it accomplishes this is organizing your accounts, albeit in a certain order in the Hub sidebar and Compact Sidebar, so you can simply swipe and access each of them or for when you just want a peek at your notifications. 

As of now, these accounts are placed in a certain order in the sidebar by default such as Notifications and BBM being at the top followed by SMS, Email Accounts, Social Networking, and Voicemail and PIN messages being last. Email accounts are placed in alphabetical order by account name, and if no account name exists (i.e. Displays Aol, Gmail, etc.) it sorts first by account name, and then by email address. However, I'm sure there are those of you out there who would welcome the ability to change the order based on your preferences and which ones you access most.

To make life easier, there is a way to rearrange accounts in the Hub without resorting to renaming each account or adding a numeral as was done in the past.

All that is required is following these quick steps:

  • Go into the Hub by swiping up from the bottom and to the right of the screen
  • Tap the overflow/more icon (three dots) on the bottom right and select Settings
  • Tap Hub Management 
  • At the bottom of the screen tap on Rearrange
  • To change the order, press and hold on an account and drag it the desired location
  • Repeat this for all accounts you wish to rearrange
  • To Undo any changes made tap on the Reset Order button on the bottom (This feature works at any point in time and can be revisted later after all your modifications are done)
  • Tap Done at the bottom when all changes have been made
  • Tap the Back button twice to return to the Hub

Once your modifications are saved, all of your accounts will now appear in the Hub sidebar when you swipe to the right in the order you chose. Not only does this help get things done quicker but is a nice feature to take advantage of if you have multiple email accounts.

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Awesome, thanks for the info. Think I knew this but has forgotten

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Thanks! Always wished I could do that!

Z10 Black.


I just tried to do this on my Verizon Q10 and Z30, but for some reason my OS is still not updated t0 10.2.1. So weird.



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All of these articles need to have at the end of the title, "Except those in the US".

Prem WatsApp

It has the required version number in the title ;-)

Some lucky ones on Verizon were the first US users to get it, until they pulled it!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Thanks for the reminder that we can do this, Alicia - very helpful.

Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2, :-)


So much better, thanks!

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Alex Kam

Thanks for this helpful tip.

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canadian nick

Thanks for the great tips lately

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Gary Stortz

Thanks, these tips show the little details of bb10 and reinforce how well designed it is.

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Dave Bourque

People don't read patch notes so they?



Nice, I had no idea.

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I already knew about this feature, but yea I live that they incorporated this into 10.2.1 :)

posted with my BlackBerry Z30

Prem WatsApp

Especially important in the Q10, because of limited vertical space. The important stuff needs to be on top.

Thanks for the hint.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

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* on the

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


OS 10.2 1 is da bomb...period...out

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Thank You for the tip, please keep them coming.

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Off topic here, has anyone read the article in Zdnet, with the heading Black berry's QNX : Why it's valuable to Apple, Google, auto industry

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Thank you.

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BlackBerry 10 is SO good. LoL, just keeps getting better. Z30 rocks the hizouse.

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QNX is responsible for running a lot of the planets stuff. Behind the scenes. It helps run the Internet. It's what Cisco's IOS (Internetworking operating system) uses as a microkernel. CCNA training was the bomb.

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The ultimate setup: PS Vita, PS4, and a Z30. Sweet way to stay connected as well as game hard over 4G LTE. Works like a charm.

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I still haven't found a comparable device to the one I'm using to contact Snake Pliskin in my profile picture.

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I need to reorganize my contacts
All 600 duplicated 5 times

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Thanks! Didn't even know I could do that!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


Now if we could reorder the file manager that would be awesome. I don't know what it is but all of a sudden, my one drive being underneath my computers is REALLY annoying me.

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I still can't get my software update.

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This is so awesome! Unless you're in the US...


Lol...isn't that the truth...actually, got the official update today (but on my Z10 which I no longer use) have the Z30 now which is still waiting on the update, and I'm considering switching back just to check out and familiarize myself with the new features! bit I don't want to stop using the Z30.

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Thank you for nothing, I tried doing it but can't. These tips suck.

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Eno Karapici

Thank you for your info. Its was there but nobody knew it.

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Thank you! Very useful

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Now if only they would make it possible to not just move but remove an account from the hub. Sometimes you'd like to keep the linkedIn, Facebook etc. apps but not have them clustering your hub.


That feature is already there, just go into your hub tap settings and then hub management.


Thank you for the information...


Be aware of removing account!!!
HUB will erase the account and any other information, but... if you go to the "notification" and try to set a notification you will see all the accounts even the ereased.

I went Berry once and i'll go Berry for ever!


I like that you can change the colour for each account too.

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Very informative content all around. I think I just increased my BB efficiency rating! Thank you, Alicia.


Thanks! I just used it. I knew there was a way..

Halifax Guy

Thank you for the insight.

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Thanks! Never thought about reordering the hub but now that I did it, the hub flows even better for me.

Christopher Klass

Any notice on when 10.2 will be available to AT&T users in the United States?

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Thanks. Simple but useful "how to do".

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Thanks for the tip. Now my Hub is super efficient.

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JP Yow

Sigh. How to use the volume buttons is next I assume.

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Does this only work with the latest update to the OS? Cos I've still got 10.1.2019, and it won't let me update it

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Thank you -- great tip

Alexa Arabejo

This was soooo helpful! How awesome! :)

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Wow this was something i wanted, but figured that bb10 was still young and probably didn't have that functionality and never bothered looking for it,so this was a very pleasant surprise! Worked like a charm! Thanks Crack!

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Very useful!

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Wow - I had no idea.... this is great!

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Hmmm... how come nobody notice something different on the picture...
That handset does not look like Z30, Z10, and not even 9860/50! Is that another development set? Or... something new?