How to remove unwanted BlackBerry Bridge applications from your PlayBook

By Zach Gilbert on 2 Mar 2012 12:47 pm EST

So you've upgraded your BlackBerry PlayBook to OS 2.0. You might be, however, encountering some unwanted BlackBerry Bridge apps. We'll show you how to keep what you love and get rid of what you don't. 

You are loving the new native Messages, Contacts and Calendar as well as the new BlackBerry Remote feature that lets you control your tablet from the couch. Now that you've been on the new tablet OS, you might be starting to find some of the included bridge features to be redundant. For example, why do I need to get two notifications on on the PlayBook via Bridge and the other via the native email app about the same email? Well, not to fear -- we've got a solution that may just help you out and manage those unwanted notifications.

In the latest version of the BlackBerry Bridge app that can be found in BlackBerry App World, RIM has included a few much welcomed additions. The second biggest improvement has been the ability to select exactly what applications are delivered to your PlayBook via Bridge. For me, I tend to only have BBM connected because I've found all the other apps like email and contacts to be redundant as they are stored natively on my PlayBook. So, if you're like me and hate having double notifications check out the video  to get a walk through of how to select which apps you want from your BlackBerry on your PlayBook.

As always, you can find more information and participate in the discussion by hitting up the PlayBook forums. 

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How to remove unwanted BlackBerry Bridge applications from your PlayBook


Hi @The Consigliere,

Ty from RIM here. This is a pretty handy tip. If you’re looking for even more information about making the most of the BlackBerry Bridge app, check out this recent post on our Inside BlackBerry Help Blog: It provides some basics on getting started with the app, but also offers some great tips.


Ty, RIM Social Media Team

Nice find!!! Hit the menu key while you have BB Remote open and you'll find some nice options in there too.

Just make sure Bluetooth is on for you to access these Bridge options (does not need to pair to the PB though, just as long as BT is on)

Until RIM fixes desktop and ability to sync PB with Outlook I think it would be premature for me to remove bridged apps. Seems like a big gap that needs fixing.

Agree. Not including the ability to Sync with Outlook is a major faux pas! Hope they fix this sooner rather than later.

I had made a folder with my work tools. Docs to go, memopad, File folder broweser was in there too!! But my son deleted the folder. I can find any of those icons. Are they deleted? How can I get back Documents to go, memopad, Playbook File Browser folder ( I don't remember what else I had in this folder :-( whaaa!!! Please help!!!

have you tried going to App World on your PB and in your "MyWorld" under 'Uninstalled' locating the Apps that you/your son has accidently deleted?

Hope this helps.

PS: I actually tried deleting some of the default apps that came with the PB (ie: Docs to Go), and I don't see the the trashcan icon. So I don't think your apps were deleted, they must have just been grouped together somewhere else. Did you check the second panel? Or within all your other folders created??

Yes I went to app world under my apps. They are not in my current app list. They are not in my uninnstallled app list.

The file browser folder is also missing.

I am stuck. Ii figured maybe I need to reinstall the OS again?

My question is how can you get your phone calendar to sync with the PB calendar? But If I can not do that then I will have to keep the bridge icon

Figuring out how to turn of Bridge Messages was the first thing I did with 2.0. Those double notifications were brutal! :-)

Can you tell me why when I delete the BlackBerry bridge folder on the playbook every time I turn my playbook on and off again the deleted folder reappears on my main screen???? It's becoming very annoying :(

I can only tell it happens to me as well but I can't tell you why as I have zero knowledge in writing code.

Posted this on the forums on day 1 of the release. Two dings, one email was so annoying, Alex from RIM tweeted me the solution. It works for me.

Brilliant!!! I love keeping things clean...and the fact that the folder disappeared once you moved the BBM icon to the dock is amazing. Cannot believe i didn't think of that before!! awesome bud!

Wouldn't doing this prevent you from viewing those apps on the PlayBook when you're not on a Wi-Fi network? For example, if I'm away from the Wi-Fi network and I receive an email on my phone that I want to view on the PlayBook, I wouldn't be able to view the new messages on the PlayBook.

I believe the native email app on the PlayBook can still leverage your phone's cellular service through bluetooth to receive incoming emails and whatnot. All this tip does is remove the mirrored messages app from your phone, so that you're only seeing one notification versus two.

I contemplated doing this myself, but there's still one important issue to address: checking/reading emails through the native messages app does not update your phone's message app, so you'll still see the notification (and blinking light) on your phone. This is nothing new to the PlayBook as the same thing happened if you checked your email through web-based service (i.e. visiting, but I was hoping that RIM had come up with a solution. Guess I'll still have to wait...