How to get your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to read BBM messages to you

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By James Richardson on 26 Feb 2014 05:59 am EST

We've had voice services built into BlackBerry 10 since day one, although they are quite limited in comparison to the likes of other mobile platforms. In fact, using voice services when I'm in the car is something I very rarely do as for emails and SMS I use a third party app - SafeDrive

However, if you do get a BBM whist you are driving and you don't want to take your eyes of the road, your BlackBerry can read out the message for you and even allow you to reply - all by voice to text. Most Bluetooth headsets will allow for a 'long hold' of the main button to activate the voice services on BlackBerry 10 - so it can all be done legally. 

Here's how:

  • When you receive a BBM hold down the central media key to activate the voice services and say "Read last BBM message". 
  • The message will be read out and you will then be asked if you wish to reply.
  • Simply say "Reply" and you'll be prompted to speak your message. 
  • Once done the BlackBerry will ask if you wish to send the BBM or edit it. 

The same rules actually apply for emails and SMS, however it only works for unread messages. If you have no new messages and ask the BlackBerry to read the last one it will tell you that you have no unread messages. On a personal note I'd like to see this changed, so the BlackBerry can still read out a BBM even if you've already viewed it. Maybe in the future. 

Getting acquainted with using voice to text on BlackBerry 10 does take some getting used to, but for those times when you need to be looking at the road ahead and not at your phone it sure comes in handy. 




Nifty :).

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Yeah it would be if I didn't have to allow my voice print to be sent to rim for it.


You're saying that because capturing your "voice print" will compromise your security or allow someone to build a robotic clone of you?

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The former. I don't see why they need it / why I can't have an option to send it or not to. Also I have to give them information about my contacts etc. For me it's to much data I am giving away without enough assurances about how my data is used and who uses it.


As far as I understand things, for contacts the Voice Command uses a local Nuance module.
Whereas for all the rest, the processing power requires to use distant Nuance servers.

If you recall, VAD existed even in OS5, with nothing sent to Nuance servers. It worked without data.

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That would be Nuance where you voice goes actually.


Voice to Z30:
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Central media key?

Since 2010 


Where do I find the central media key? I lost mine

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The small key between the volume up and down rocker

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I didn't know this!

Loving My SexyBack Z10!


Wow, I did not know that.

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Only for BBM messages?

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Halifax Guy

Did you read the article?

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No sms and email (unread)

But this is very neat , thanks didn't know this

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Been there since day one. Crap, now you tell.... thanks. i have been waiting for this for a while, tried to use the read on screan triple tap top button, but this should be much better.

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I found this by accident a whole ago, (sorry for not sharing). It is great for shirt messages but frustrating for those with long privacy signatures!
Personally, I still felt pretty frustrated with the voice control. Sometimes it works well, but a lot of the time it is way off. Would love to see it improved.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!


Damn auto correct. Short not shirt. At least it added the r.

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Colin Wu

The reply function is ok for short messages or in a quiet environment, but longer messages tend to have more "typos" and the edit function throws away your reply requires you to start from the beginning. I'd like to see a "edit with keyboard " option.

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If you want to edit with the keyboard, all you have to do is tap in the text field.


I didn't know this!!!

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I've had my Z10 since day one and thought I knew everything. Guess not!!! Thanks.

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I am Dutch, and BlackBerry doesn't handle my accent very well, to say the least :(

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If you have your mobile connected to the hands free system in the car, if there is any, and there is a voicemail speed dialing button (as is in many cars) you could program the button to call the number 999555123

This is the built in number to start the voice recognition system in the phone.

If you then press the speed dial button the voice recognition system will start and you can interact with BBM and other functions in the mobile via the hands free system.

I think this works as good as pressing the button on the headset :0)


I've tried this. It seems not to work on aftermarket radios like the pioneer avic x930bt. Or I'm doing something wrong idk.

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Thanks. Just added this number to my contact list. I will just call that name from my truck's voice command.

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Did not know this. Cool.

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nono naziv

Mohon di tambah soal bahasa, (voice

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nono naziv

Please add questions in the language, (voice

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They need to add a "Next message..." prompt you can say when using voice control.

I love using "Ready my last message..." and it picks up whatever came in last and starts reading.


Didn't even realize BBM had this feature. Very nice to know. Thanks.


Thank you for the very important tip! it very useful to know this

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What if I have Say It installed?

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Doesn't work for me. Every time I tell it to read my last BBM, it reads me my last email. I tried three times, speaking as clearly as humanly possible. Honestly, I find BB10 voice features unusable.

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Convenient now that Canada is raising the "distracted" fine to $280 very soon.!/content/1.2550396


Distracted driving fines are a provincial jurisdiction. The fines are going up in Ontario, not Canada. When will people in Ontario realize that what happens there isn't necessarily universal across Canada?

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When the states stop thinking they speak American and that Canada is another state. When Quebec stops thinking they are better than everyone else. And when BC stops thinking they live on their own. Good enough answer for you? It was a mistake. DBAD!

jojo beaconsfield

Thanks James,most people like myself don't even use or know about this phones capabilities.


Thanks James. I didn't know this. Not sure if I missed it when I first got the phone, but good to know. I have BB voice control added to my car all ready. I knew I could send a message, but not read incoming ones.


This is a feature that I've used and loved. However, once I updated to 10.2.1 the read back part stopped working. From what I've seen in the forums, I'm not the only one. It's been very frustrating. But I still love my Z30 anyway.

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Great suggestions!

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Tried it no luck it asks wo u want to send a bbm message to

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Brings up my last email, but dogs read it????? Anyone else???


I use the voice features pretty extensively, but find that the R's and D's ( reads and delivery ) do not work when using voice ( on the recipients side ).


For me, don't mix texting and driving. Period. All sounds nice, but any distraction can be dangerous. Are any of the tools to a point where they don't distract? Not for me.

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Pilot Prop

I didn't know this was possible... awesome

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Hey James

How do you get the BlackBerry icon on your BBM display name?
I would appreciate if anyone can answer this


Just copy the  symbol then paste it into the name field.

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Still running 10.1 & doesn't work for SMS, email or BBM as article states. Bummer...

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Maybe I was doing something wrong, but when I had voice control on my Z30 set to Full Voice Recognition, it drove me nuts. The simplest task of saying "call" became an exercise in "What effin part of YES do you not understand?". Since turning voice control to Voice Dialing Only, voice dialing is quick, efficient and typically correct. I've also lost that desire to chuck it out the window on the 401.


Thanks! Finally. But Why didn't some mentioned this earlier. That way I didn't need to buy third party app that only does partial functions.

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Work perfectly on my Z10 going to start using it a lot now very helpful

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Sandeep Jain1

Awesome!!! i did not know this :)


This is f.king cool.

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Wow....this will come in handy.

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If I say "read last BBM message" the voice control gets "read lost bb and message" and starts reading the last email message!! The help function in the voice control says to use "read bbm message" i.e. don't need "last". That seems to work every time for me.


I've had a BB10 device since the beginning and have not known this! This is amazing. I've tried to use the voice command before, but commands felt too robotic and never experimented further. Awesome post! Learn something new everyday!

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This currently relies too much on a good network connection. It needs better off network functionality.

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Good to know...

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In car I use (and ask for) BBM voice notes ... wonderful with my QNX powered hand free infotainment system !


Thanks for this, CB! I didn't even know I had this option on my Z10!!

You live n learn. :)

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...I can even use it with my Jabra hands free system! :)

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Sooo didn't know this....will try it out!

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Why can't they come up with a headset activation that doesn't require you to touch the device? It's the biggest buzzkill.


Nice will use it

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I would like the ability to record ethnic names in order for voice services to be able to select the correct contract

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Nice feature, however the native voice dictation is nothing short of terrible for my z10. I typically end up giving up in frustration. This is one area they need to work on.

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What if it doesn't read it out?

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I'm guessing you need 10.2.1 update because when i do it the phone asks me if i want to search the web for "read last bbm message". still waiting on Tmobile update bummer...

Costas Stavrou

I tried to use that feature on my BlackBerry Z10 with 10.1 OS and it didn't work! Does it work only with the 10.2.1?

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Ms Lady P

Very handy! I would agree... I've forgotten about the Voice control feature.

Ms. Lady P


What the heck is the "central media key"!?

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OK, found the central media key... it does Not read the message... out loud!

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This actually works better than Siri!

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Paul Callahan

Nice! This has gotta be hand for long haul road trips..

Posted from my Q10 (TMobile) Running OS as of 2.14.2014!


This is the best tip I've read so far! Love it! Thanks!


I love this feature. Especially whilst driving. Saves a lot of time.

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