How to quickly lock your BlackBerry 10 phone when using a device password

By Adam Zeis on 22 May 2013 10:39 am EDT

If you use a password on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10 (as you should) you may have noticed that there doesn't appear to be a way to quickly lock the device. Of course you can set the timeout to just a minute and your phone will lock on its own, but what if you want to lock it immediately?

On older BlackBerry devices, if you had a password enabled, a Password Lock icon would appear on your homescreen. Selecting it quickly locked your device no matter how long you had your lock timeout set for.

I was a bit bummed when I noticed that there was no such icon on BlackBerry 10. The option is still there however - just in a different place. 

To instantly lock your device when using a password:

  • Hold down the top button on your Z10 or Q10. You'll see the power down screen with a row of icons along the bottom.
  • Tap the Lock icon and your device will go to sleep and activate your password lock. 

This comes in handy if you need to lock your device immediately for any reason as you won't have to worry about the password kicking in after the specified timeout. Give it a try! And if you haven't yet set a password for your BlackBerry 10 device you certainly should.

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Reader comments

How to quickly lock your BlackBerry 10 phone when using a device password


Should be on the lock screen....shouldn't have to press and hold to then get the option to instantly lock the phone lol just my 5 cents.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Maybe they'll add the option in the future. But I do like the way it is now. I just turn off my password lock entirely because it's a hassle for any phone to unlock. That one swipe up to unlock the phone is perfect. I don't mind it unlocking after 15 minutes or so that means I'm usually away from my phone.

I think holding down the button on the top of the phone for a couple of seconds is more convenient than shutting off the screen, then turning it back on again to access the lock screen.

I use the leather pouch most of the time, I rarely even see the lock screen unless it's been sitting long enough for my password to kick in.

That's for bringing that to my attention. I had wondered if it was possible.

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Not worth adding a Device Password because to unlocking the phone is a joke.
How hard would it be to add a second lock option, like a number pad?

Posted via CB10

I use a pin code on mine with no problem. The numbers come up on the keyboard at the lock screen. I think the device password is fine. Some ppl prefer a number pass code some like a number code. I think the password lock works just fine.

Posted via CB10

Yes, i use numerical too. Just have to remember to turn alt off before i execute or Search/Type'N'Go opens (on Q10).
Setting a password is one of the 1st things i do, even when it's annoying to enter it over and over again.

I would still like to see a link icon along with a power off icon. It'd make life easier.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 on Rogers

I wish there was a way to lock the device instantly without having the timed lockout set. I don't normally lock my phone but every once in a while, I'd like to just hit a button and lock it right then and there - on the fly.

Nice tip... Didnt spot this in 10.0.x is this new to 10.1?

I made a BBM Channel discussing my experiences of life in architecture so far. Come say hi!

One more reason why they need to give us our shortcuts back asap. One key should do it, not a long press and a tap.

Sent from a Q10 with a crappy OLED screen

from the Home Screen on my 9930, I can press the "K" button to instantly lock my phone (great keyboard shortcut!) ... is this shortcut available on the Q10?

No, or not to my knowledge, the moment i touch any letter,symbol or keep pressing it, the search opens cause Q10 has instant actions. Home screen (any key) = Search/Type'N'Go

Not everyone is as smart as you seem to be, raj. Or maybe, just maybe, some of us don't have our Q10s yet, and reading articles like this are helpful so we're up to speed with what our future phones will do and therefore won't have to risk upsetting you further by clogging the forums with posts asking about this exact topic....


Grow up, what is this reddit? Some people like myself didn't know this feature. The attitude on some people these days in these forums on Crackberry is just something else. This site is to educate and help others in the Crackberry community. Excuse us Mr. Know it all. You really need to get a life!

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10

It's not available for Work mode in BB Balance and it should be. IT policy has my Z10 set so a password is required for work but not for personal.

I don't have the lock icon in the middle, just the two on either side. I wonder why not. I'm on Perhaps I need to change a setting?


Problem us there's no simple way of unlocking the z10. The keyboard is not conducive to a quick unlock on the go. keys are too close. A simple numeric keypad is the better way to go

Posted via CB10

Just tap the button and don't hold it down. It will lock and go to sleep mode right away.

Posted via CB10

The rotation lock in the drop-down menu on the Z10 (which is the same as on the PlayBook, 4 those that have 1, as well as sum Android phones&tablets), is 2 prevent the screen from rotating between portait&landscape modes when u turn the device on its side(s) (or uprite, if u activ8d the lock in landscape mode).

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I understand wanting options, patterns, etc, or even "the way it was on xxxx phone" but are you people serious? There is no simple way to unlock a BB10 phone? Pass code lock needed? It's there and it's EZ EZ EZ. When I lock my phone, as described by Adam (I timed it, it takes this long: <snap>) and I want to unlock it, I "simply" key in my phrase or numeric pass code and voila, my phone is unlocked. What could be simpler?

I think what every1's talking about is that u 1st have 2 wake the device (Z10 or Q10), then swipe up 2 get the screen where u enter ur password, &then enter the password itself&hit enter 2 unlock their device, which is indeed slow&cumbersome (expecially on the Z10), &that it wood b nice 2 have the option of a PIN or pattern lock 2 choose from (although I can understand companies setting their IT protocols so the 'work' profile on a BB10 device only allows a password 4 security reasons).

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why can't I set a password without locking my phone? In some cases, if you have a password ppl can't lock you out of your own phone. this can easily be done on my Z10, where I don't have a password set because I don't want my phone locked everytime it times out

This lock/unlock system needs to be improved.

I don't want my phone auto-locking at all. But in order to have it lock at all, you need a device password which requires auto-locking. I don't want it locked when I'm sitting at home, but I do want the option to lock it immediately when I'm out where it's much more likely to get stolen.


Also code and gesture lock support is becoming a must these days

Not to mention face recognition unlock support would be nice

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Do you have a device password set? I'm guessing you do not. :)
Look in Settings > Security and Privacy > Device Password

There should be an option to immediately lock your phone by pressing the power button. My company won't go BB10 at moment in part because they consider this a security issue.

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It's probably a good idea 2 have a password set up on any device u mite own; having owned numerous BB's, Android devices, &a Windows7 phone, the pattern lock&PIN options r nice 2 have along w/a password, though definitely not as secure.

I don't kno if it's the same everywhere, but laws could easily allow local law enforcement 2 confisc8 sum1's phone&immedi8ly start go'n thru everything on it (contacts, notes, calendar events&personal info, etc.) w/out the owner's permission or consent if they don't have a password setup on it 2 prevent such measures (this could b done in any situation by police or others, such as a simple traffic stop).

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I do have 2 say tho, I miss having the 'lock' key, like on that of previous BB models (it's not on the Q10, nor was it on my Bold 9900); if I remember correctly, u simply had 2 press&hold the 'alt' key, which had a small 'padlock' symbol loc8d above it. This was a gr8 feature as it was quik&simple 2 activ8 the lock feature if u had a password set. I'm sure it could easily b written in2 a future OS/software upd8 w/out it affecting the instant search feature.

*sumthing else I miss that was on every other iteration of BlackBerry prior 2 the launch of BB10 is the auto on/off feature, which could also b used in conjunction w/the alarm; I liked being able 2 set my phone 2 turn on&off a a set time each day (as well as vary that time on the wkend), &if I set my alarm, have it wake my device prior 2 that set time if I so chose (again, I'm sure this is a simple code that code b written in a future OS/software upd8). I realize I could simply put my device in2 'airplane mode', then activ8 'bedside mode' w/in the clock app, but I always found that tedious (especially because I had 2 do the reverse when my alarm went off, versus it already being done 1nce the alarm woke my phone), &my phone also always charged a lot quiker whenever it was completely powered off vs charging while still on.

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I was personally bummed that the world's most secure mobile device followed a trend to have a delay (30 seconds or more) before locking a device.

What I'd the point for a LOCK button if it's just to sleep the screen only? The screen is THE most essential part of the smartphone - save for the input - as its the output. You cannot operate the device (beyond accessibility controls enabled) if the output is OFF! So why allow it to stay unlocked while OFF if you have a password?! Really stupid thinking. I hope BlackBerry returns to their previous security with the lock/sleep button prior to BB6.

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Thanks Adam,

Could you maybe tell me how to quickly lock my blackberry bold 9700. When I press the top left corner it turns of the screen however it is not locked. Because when I press it again it unlocks and I don't have to use my security code. The security code still first comes on after a minute.

Can anybody help me please.

I have used the iPhone since the early days and have been a loyal user ever since. I recently decided a change was in order and after falling in love with the Blackberry 10 software - I got the z10.

Just have to say, discovering your site has made the transition much easier and provides plenty of helpful tricks and app suggestions etc. Just felt I had to say thank you :)

Posted via CB10

I've done this before but since you mentioned it I will be making it a routine going forward!

Posted via CB10 - Channel Pin C00016D81

I have a problem!i don't understand how to "show what am listening to"my contact on my blackberry Q10?please would need a help on that...tanks

Posted via CB10

Any help have verizon and love the phone but resets about 15 times a day. Called blackberry they have a new update but might be a month until the u.s gets it. Tryed the security wipe but no love f****** annoying

Posted via CB10

i love my Q10 unlock code i use a "certian" swipe on the keys that my fingers are used to that is hard to get but for me it is INSTANT!

But i feel like it needs work in the Z10 which I also have and there needs to be an option for never unlock when at home. Maybe some gestures and face recognition would be nice.

Thanks for the quick tip! I'll be sure to do that once I do get my q10 and be locking it once i'm done using it.
Posted via my Compaq Evo D310V.

Great feature - but a pity that you can't disable the autolock and use this feature :(
I.e. set a password, set lock time to NEVER (which doesn't exist) and then have the option to lock it explicitly.

I use a BB curve 9220. There is another way to quickly password lock your phone. by default pressing Alt + Enter key gives u an option to change the language. U can go to options - language and change the shortcut to Shift + Space. After doing this u can use Alt + enter to password lock your phone. Dont know whether it works on the BB10 devices, but works on the BB OS5,6 and 7 devices.