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How to quickly add a note to BlackBerry Remember with OS 10.2.1

Note Remember
By James Richardson on 11 Mar 2014 04:26 pm EDT

We've previously covered how quick and easy it is to update your Facebook status or send a tweet with BlackBerry 10 and the same applies for saving a note to the BlackBerry Remember application. 

You don't need to open the app to do this - it's all done very cleverly from the superb search options we have built into BlackBerry 10.

For us folk that like to be productive and get things done with the shortest amount of effort this is one of the places where BlackBerry 10 really shines. 

To quickly add a note to the Remember app simply follow these steps: 

  • Hardware Keyboard users - Just type the word 'note' followed by the spacebar and the words you wish to save.
  • All-touch users will need to first press the search icon at the base of the display and then type the above.
  • Once you are happy with the text you have written just hit the save tab and the note will be imported to the Remember app.

The same applies for adding a task to Remember - just follow the above steps but type the word 'task' instead or 'note'. It doesn't get much easier than that. Once again - another example of how fast and fluid the whole BlackBerry 10 experience can be. 



You can do this for tasks also.

Posted via CB10


Can it do anything else apart from Twit, FB, tasks and notes?


definitely works with twitter as well

Posted via CB10


It's also working for e-mail, textmassages and to make calls.

Posted via CB10


It's also working with facebook. Just type "facebook new status" and "new status" will be posted on your facebook wall.


works with ANY extended search app

but I didn't know this little "note" trick... i was trying "remember..." lol


It cab do everything : filter out all apps, contacts, calendar, remember, text, locations searched in maps...anything beginning with that letter or the item itself by name;

type in anything to search on the Internet then hit the engine you want to use below to search like Google or Bing--this also works for extended searches like Super Tube or Wikipedia among others if you have those apps, and it will retrieve what you're searching for in Supertube and Wikipedia.

It basically searches the entire phone for anything that might be related to what you typed in the search bar.

Posted via CB10

Daniel Montanaro

Cool, didn't know this. But I wonder if you can also dictate which folder in your remember the note goes into?

Posted via CB10


I believe it automatically saves to the unfiled entries folder

shakeSpeare01 goes into Unfiled folder by default.

I guess the idea is whatever other entries you have would have already been filed into their own folder, and this is to quickly "Remember " things or notes for later.

Posted via CB10

Bacon Munchers

A major problem though, is that after it files to the 'unfiled folder', you can't move it to a synced folder, or any other folder.

This is a big deal to me. BlackBerry really needs to work on proper integration with this and the calendar app; especially from the HUB.


Totally agree. They either need to support moving to a synced folder or to be able to set a folder where these entries get filed initially (a different 'unfiled entries' folder so to speak)



Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Love that cameo for the N4BB app on that screenshot.
Just funny.
I always get a sense that Kevin hates them, or maybe it's just my imagination lol.

Posted via CB10


Awesome! Thanks!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Krzysztof Patyna

Thanks! Is there a way to choose the specific folder?

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


Same question. It becomes unfiled and I would like to save both notes and tasks to my Exchange account. Possible?


Unfiled is the default but since you are already there then press the drop-down and select your Exchange Tasks folder.

Posted via CB10


Pardon me if I'm missing this, but can Remember create a "list" where items can be individually crossed off when completely? I'm thinking something like Google Keep which, unfortunately, has not loaded for me on 10.2.1.


It can if you swipe down from top and switch to entries view. Now when you add tasks they will be there and you can check them off .

You can switch back and forth between entries view and folders view with the button on the bottom left that says entries.

Posted via CB10


Although not directly related to your question, the app "Lazy Lists" does pretty much that in a nutshell. I think there might be some integration with Calendar, but I usually disable extra stuff like that.


Perfect. That's the functionality worth paying for :) thanks


Until it can sync properly with the Microsoft Office suite, specifically Notes, then it's still not as good as what we had with the legacy OS. Its missing a key function for the Enterprise.


If you're in an Enterprise that is synchronising email between Microsoft Outlook and a smartphone over a USB cable then you are not actually in an Enterprise at all. Or you got into a Hot Tub Time Machine and travelled back to the 1990's.

Enterprises use Enterprise grade email servers supporting ActiveSync such as Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino. Both of those are supported on BlackBerry 10 phones using plain ActiveSync and also when managed by BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10).

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1


So a second step is required to file in the folder I need it in instead of the option that is available when use "share" to Remember? I must be missing something. Help us out James.

Posted via CB from "Z" best


And I guess you can't correct a typo while typing your note or task. Wow.

Posted via CB from "Z" best


Sure you can edit it, at least on 10.2. Why do you think you cannot?

Posted via CB10


If you need to save it in another folder other than default, then after typing "note" click "add note" below and you have full control
Wonderful and powerful

Posted via CB10


Thanks for this, always great to learn a new "trick".


I didn't know you could do this! Great tip!


I typed "the above" as mentioned in the instructions. doesn't work. I will stick with my SwiftNotes app, it rocks.


Seems to work for everyone else, me included. Are you sure your not doing something wrong?

Buy a bb, get a droid for free


Was unaware of this!
Only the other day I was thinking if we could have this in quick settings! Thank you

Posted via CB10


Hold in the voice key, or press and hold on the mic on the keyboard while in search and speak "note...." "call..." tweet..." "task..." text.."


When you type "note" in search, it brings up the remember app and displays all the folders you have. You can then select which one to enter your note.

Posted via CB10


not for me it doesn't.. not unless you click on remember app of course...

but if you're going to open the app, you could just- go into the app, or type "reme..." for remember...

this is talking about quick entry without having to enter Remember


Thank you!

Since 2010 


Didn't know it, glad I know it now, gonna use it all the time.

SQN100-2 /


Just started using the search button... amazing

Posted via CB10

canadian nick

Thanks that's a nice tip

Posted via CB10


It would be better if search actually included the predictable text option when using the keyboard on touch screen phones. There are other rare instances as well where the feature is oddly absent.

Posted via CB10


So bad we can't choose the directory.
And so bad that we can't MOVE the note created by this way, in an Evernote folder.

Posted via Q10 on CB10


Great. What else can we do quickly using "search" button. Seems like the search app is A highway in BlackBerry 10!

Posted via CB10


Many functions. Email, text, BBM, alarm, Google, map, etc. All that I've tested so far. You just gave to determine if it's faster to go into the app directly. In many cases, search is faster.


It appears the search screen will work on any (native) app on the device. Type the action and search offers the option for the app that performs the act/task.

Colin Wu

Except I haven't figured out how to set an alarm, for example, with this. I type "alarm" and it shows me the clock; but if I type anything else after that the clock app disappears. Looks like you have to actually go into the app to set the alarm.

Posted via CB10


For alarms, I find nothing faster than the native voice control: "set alarm for Friday at 2PM", or "set alarm for 40 minutes " (voice control will prompt you to confirm the actual time of the alarm). But yeah, with "search" you have multiple options for the alarm function (likewise for email if you have multiple accounts).


it doesn't quite work on every native app, but more specifically any app listed in extended search... foursquare, bing, spotcast, even whine.... in addition to the ones u listed for call, text, etc of course...

Euler Hamilton

Thanks, great tip. I use Remember a lot and this is a fantastic thing to know.
As good as it is, sadly have to agree about Remember not being as on the old phones due to the loss of Outlook syncing.

Posted via CB10


Thanks again James, nice tip.


Did not know that about notes, very cool! Thanks James

Posted via CB10


Yes thx!

Posted via CB10


Hmmm ... I have continued to play around with this a little during breaks. I suspect there is a lot more to "Search" than I am using, and would love an authoritative article on what it can do. I also think this could be really great with some tweaking. It needs to properly sync with Outlook (hello? Does BB hate Outlook or something?!?). We need predictive text and the ability to edit as we write tasks and notes as well as a way to properly file in Remember or Evernote. It could be very powerful.


Great tip, thanks!

Sent from my Z 30


Just wish Remember was as customized as Outlook is for tasks. It needs to support GTD or MYN.

Posted via CB10


Need a start date in remember so to hide until ready to start based on the date. MYN

Posted via CB10


Nice, thans! Didn't know that one. My BB still surprises me...

Posted via CB10


I use Remember a bit and this is one tip that'll be used frequently. Thank you.

On my Chosen One... ZedTen


I use my Remember folders so I open the app it still requires two steps


I like to use it with voice to text. Just type " note" AND then hold down the period to get the microphone. Slick.

Posted via CB10


Great one...really handy

Posted via CB10


Nice didnt know about it. Thanks

Posted via CB10


Thanks for posting this - actually went in there for the remember functionality and found so many more uses for the search. It's a lot like alfred on the mac (but for blackberry)


Didn't know this shortcut. Another reason why BlackBerry is so efficient.

Posted via CB10


The Universal search is such an awesome yet underrated feature.

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I don't have all my folders come up after I type notes?

Posted via CB10


If it weren't for CrackBerry, it would take so long for me to figure these things out (by accident) by myself. Thanks!

Posted with my Z10 via CB10


Great tip. Thanks!!

Posted via Z10.


I have an Idea if u guys are reading the comments, we can pull up the keyboard on the home screen using 2 fingers, so if we type something why can't it directly search? . BlackBerry should make that possible in the next update

Posted via CB10


Blackberry 10 rocks,

Just wish that the general public knew that.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving


Unfortunately, it doesn't give me that option. Instead it gives me list of history stuff.

Posted via CB10


Maybe ask our favorite BB10 hater to make some more videos :)

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81


In Remember everything goes to the unfiled entries folder unless I start it in my tasks folder(which is synced with my exchange account) and I can move it from one to another which makes use this search bar and voice for creating tasks for me to be practically useless. I have the pull down when I open the task but the only option is the unfiled entries folder. Is there a way to get other options in this pill down? Thanks

Posted via CB10


Hate all this new things that u guys can do on 10.2 versions. I droll everytime I find a new post about this new version. So sad here in US we are STILL STUCK on 10.1 (ugh! ) somebody shoot me...

"Initiated from my Q10 "

Rohan Sadula

It would be good if BlackBerry could add auto predict to search. Specially to quick codes like tasks, twitter, Facebook and notes

Posted via Ro's Z30

Bacon Munchers

Search is possibly the biggest, most unheard of thing on BB10. I use it to search for ANY Word from an email, or what-have-you that you need to find in an instant. Everything you typed in the past is there!

My iPhone didn't do that, and I can't find this ability on my Android either.

Amir Patel

When the hell is the update coming out? It Been months god dammit. All they keep doing is stalling. Can they fucking release it for tmobile already! It's not that hard

Posted via CB10


Does anybody pay attention to science?
Every time you say or write "Don't Forget", your brain hears Don't Don't Don't
It also hears Forget Forget Forget.

On the other hand, if you say or write "Remember", guess what!


I used to think the remember app was good but now I never use it. Of course I'm on AT&T 10.1 :(


It doesn't work for me either on Z10. The "Add a Note" options comes up, with a box below to type, but I can't make the cursor appear in the box. No amount of tapping on the box or the word "Note" works.


That is awesome. Thanks, James Richardson!

Abdol Hakim

For the Z10, you have to enter the search app. Is it the same thing as open remember app? So I think it is the same!

Posted via CB10

Abdol Hakim

Btw, how to change the black theme for search app. It is so cool.

Posted via CB10

Angus MacKay

"Save" tab anyone? Where is that thing? on a z30...

Posted via CB10


It's too bad there wasn't a way for BlackBerry to get all of these features public. I've had my Z10 over a year and I'm still learning. I meet so many people who have no idea what these phones can do even after having them for a while

Posted via CB10


We recently published Shortcuts app ( that also leverages Extended Search feature to speed up frequent tasks. From example, you can compose email with pre-configured recipients list and body just by entering 1-2 letters of your choice at Search box.


I LOVE THIS!!! Thanks CB!!! Awesome!

Posted via CB10


Great tip, thank you!

New to Blackberry, don't know how I ever lived without it.


These shortcuts are something dope! Thank you for the useful info.

Posted via CB10


When will the update for my z10 come

Model no - STL100-3
Carrier - at&t
Current version -

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I really love this app. I think that it is the best thing! I use it to store my work schedules, tasks, to do lists. #BlackBerry rules.

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