How to quickly access Device Monitor with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

Device Monitor
By James Richardson on 27 Feb 2014 05:07 am EST

The Device Monitor which is built into BlackBerry 10 is a valid source of information when it comes to viewing how your BlackBerry is performing. With instant access to Battery Performance, CPU, Memory and Storage - seeing what apps are using up the most space or battery can be just a swipe and a tap away. 

The easiest and quickest way to access the Device Monitor is to add it to your Quick Settings which you'll see when you pull down from the top bezel on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The beauty here is that what you have in your Quick Settings is totally customizable - not only with what you see, but also you have the ability to rearrange there order - meaning the things you use most can be where you find them easiest to tap. 

Here's how to get Device Monitor into your Quick Settings:

  • Select settings (pull down from top bezel)
  • Open Quick Settings
  • Tick Device Monitor 
  • You're then good to go

So as you can see, once again, BlackBerry 10 is perfect at allowing us to perform tasks in the shortest time possible. I suspect that's why most of us are BlackBerry users after all. 


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How to quickly access Device Monitor with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1


You'd be surprised how many people who switch over to BB have a difficult time with little things like this

Posted via CB10

Having just finally updated from 10.1, I think the Device Monitor is one of the best improvements to the OS! It now occupies a coveted spot on my Quick Settings menu.

My Q10, SQN100-2, running :-)

Is this also on the Q10?

New BlackBerry user here and there is no 'quick settings' in my settings tab. I have updated to the latest software release What am I missing? :(

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I think the quick setting menu was added on 10.2.1. See if you find an upgrade.

Posted on a Blackberry Q5

The device monitor is a great addition to an already great OS. Giving users great insight and control over the performance of their device.

Posted on a Blackberry Q5

Jojo, you can add as many as you like, if you're happy to do a side swipe.

Another awesome feature if you feel the need for MOAR !

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

@Prem...Thanks, I loaded up just to see and love the side swipe eventually I can see many more functions available to fill the second page,this phone is amazing ,always new stuff to learn.

I have Location, Wifi and Mobile Hotspot. Absolute must-have.

Flight Mode, NFC, Alarm and Rotation Lock: I don't use them too often, they can be placed on the secondary screen (side swipe, works both directions)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

@Prem... Thanks again,I noticed when I filled my plate and added everything the Location was set at on ,I turned it off I wonder if that was draining my battery,I don't use hotspots often and don't need the location on all the time,if I ever need it I will just turn it On manually,right?

Different use case.

That's why customizable stuff is great.

My Z10 is on an unlimited data plan and powers a mobile hotspot in my home. Or on the road in tandem with the PlayBook. My wife uses it for BBM Video to my daily driver, a black Q10.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

If you use your phone with BB Maps, as a TomTom or NavMan substitute, you want to have Location in the Quick Settings.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Ok, thanks, saying no updates so will have to wait I guess, thanks for the help :)

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I would recommend updating to 10.2.1 using Sachesi. It's easy for do and you'll love the update.

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British / UK English settings.

Or other Commonwealth or formerly British associated country settings. Australia in my case.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Thanks again CB, didn't know you could do that! This is why your the number one app on my phone.

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Me tooooooo,

A lot of articles are now being written by Cb for the serps and not the user, I'm still waiting for the one about "How-to turn your phone on" or "How-to clean the display" or "How-to plug the charger into the phone"

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

But there are new users like automic who haven't seen all the previous posts - it's not like the carriers will have shown them anything, most of them know nothing about Blackberry 10 handsets!

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Went to Best Buy here in the US last year to get a Verizon Z10, which the mobile rep had shown me a few weeks earlier. I was then informed (by the SAME rep) that Best Buy no longer carried it. Even my local Verizon store didn't have it! I purchased mine from Walmart online (at a great price!) and haven't looked back. I've learned a ton of stuff from CB over the years for all of the BlackBerrys I've owned. I count on CB to teach me shortcuts I may not have noticed, or tricks to make me more productive. Please don't disparage those of us who might need a little extra help. I'm not a noob, but I'm not a tech geek, either! Thanks CB!

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+1 Even though I've had my Z10 since it first came out I'm always learning new tips about the new software upgrades - that's the main reason I use CB.

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Ignore the naysayers - I appreciate articles like this. It reminded me that I had not yet customized the pull down menu.

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And even if one had then a good reminder to go back and add something that is now more relevant to your usage.
Added thus and the monitor showed Facebook was running which I never use. Nix that sucker.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Exactly. These tips are just that. Tips. Take them or leave them. I enjoy the series. Most of them I already know.

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I was only just tinkering with the Device Monitor last night for the first time - but I'm only two weeks into having the Z10 anyways. Nice to see an easy to read monitor like this.

Ignore the critics, James. Your tips are helpful for new people and reminders for others. Those that don't need it don't have to read it.

Exactly. Great job James.

I guess according to some, there's no point in writing tips and tricks because all BlackBerry user's have the phone already and there are no new users to the BB10 OS.

Come on guys...think outside the box! NOT Everyone knows and hopefully there ARE new users to the BBOS. By touting that you know this since whenever....makes you sound like you need to say this is old news to make you out to be superstars!!! NOT!

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On the iPhone, the question would sound like that :

Is there an app for that?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Keep the tips coming. I usually discover most on my own by playing around with my phone, I mean by being productive on my phone, but thanks to CrackBerry I've discovered many more.

There are a lot of users that are just updating to
Not everyone has had a Z10/BB10 from day 1 nor run the newest leaked OS so now it is new to a lot of people.

Old stuff for some/New to others

Haven't found a way to customize it to show CPU or memory usage instead of battery, which can already be seen by a Peek swipe up.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Perfect??? I cant even clear my data/cache. I have to reinstall my apps again and again. Is that what you call perfect crackberry?? (still loving my q10 though)

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Appreciate the tips, but let’s be honest: not too many noobs converting to BB10 nowadays. Most of us CB readers are diehard BB fans. My suggestion: how about an “advanced” (or maybe “mid-level” :-) “Tip-of-the-Day” that even long-time BB users may not be aware of (like the four downward diagonal swipes to reset the Hub that Kevin showed us back in the day; pressing the Alt key on the Q10.2.1 and using your finger on the screen to highlight text; pressing Alt + Del to “cut” highlighted text; explaining obscure Settings toggles and what they do; etc.). Maybe alternate a Basic and an Advanced tip each day. But I appreciate all the hard work of the whole CB team. I believe most of you have full-time jobs as well, yet you always post some very informative and useful posts.

Quick setting should have an option for mobile data management... sometimes people who may be on limited data plan wants to disable their data usage from time to time without disabling their cellular service. Currently, one could do that via settings....

Ha ha. Hands up. Guilty. I had not noticed this--though, I vaguely remember it being mentioned. Perhaps I thought it was an app. I've only has my handset since September, that's all!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system