How to put Android apps onto your BlackBerry 10 phone (Windows Guide)

Sideloading Android apps onto your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10 from a Windows computer is easy with this CrackBerry guide!

BlackBerry Z10 running Android apps
By Simon Sage on 1 Feb 2013 03:24 pm EST

BlackBerry 10 is finally here! Personally, I've been pretty impressed with the app selection available already, but for those that just can't stand to wait for their favorite Android apps to make the sensible leap to BB10, we've got some instructions on how to cram them onto your phone on your own. 

This is done through a repackaging process similar to what BlackBerry has been offering developers directly for some time. Those that have tried doing this on the BlackBerry PlayBook will already be familiar with the tools and workflow.

If you're not a fan of this method, you can always fire up Google Chrome and sideload to your device as well.

Though developers and the more technically minded can do this with signing keys and original .APKs, this guide is for the more casual tinkerer, and will help you get Android apps onto your BlackBerry Z10 or other BB10 device. It has very little technical jargon and only requires that you have a Windows or Mac internet-connected computer, a BlackBerry 10 device, a USB cable, and some patience. The instructions in this tutorial are for a Windows-based computers. If you're on a Mac, please visit our Mac guide to sideloading Android apps onto BlackBerry 10.

Alright, let's get into it.

Getting Started

This tutorial uses the DDPB installer - however you can also try vnBB10 which is a more recent utility for BB10 and Playbook

Assuming you read some of the prerequisites for this guide, you should now have the latest version of BlackBerry 10 installed, up and running. You're going to need to download some stuff to your computer before being able to load in Android apps:

  • Download and install the Java Runtime Environment suited for your PC. - Link
  • Download and install the DDPB installer - Link
  • Download any .BAR / .ZIP files already converted - Link

Preparing Your BlackBerry 10 phone

First, you need to set up your BlackBerry 10 device for developer interactions, otherwise known as Developer Mode. In order to gain access to these settings, you can go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode.

Once Development Mode has been tapped and you enter into the settings for it -- you will need to enable it. Just tap the on / off button where you will be presented with a screen either asking you enter your password or if you do not currently have one set, it will ask you to create one. Remember this password, it is important. Now you can continue on with the rest of the process 

Installing Android Apps

With that out of the way, you can now move on to connecting your BlackBerry Z10, Q10 or other BlackBerry 10 device to your computer. When connecting it, if you have BlackBerry Link installed, it may pop up and start running (you can just close it). You can also dismiss the window on your BlackBerry 10 device letting you know you've connected to your PC.

Next up, you're going to want to open up the DDPB PC program you downloaded and installed previously. Once up and running, put in your BlackBerry's IP address where it says "IP Development Mode" (or click Scan). It will be the same for your password which you previously assigned or created on the device when enabling Development Mode. 

From there you can begin installing the previously converted files you downloaded. Clicking on the "Add" button will bring up the DDPB file picker window. Simply browse to where you stored your downloaded .BAR files and add them to the list. Once added, you can then go ahead and put a check mark in each you wish to install. When done, you can click on install and watch the magic happen.

If you see this screen, good work! Now take a look at your BlackBerry 10 device. You should find all the apps you checked off now sitting in your icon tray. If not, check your USB connection, password, and IP address. You can always check out the CrackBerry Forums for more trouble shooting steps and see what has or has not worked for others. 

Enjoy Android Apps on your BlackBerry 10 Device!

If you installed some cool apps on your BlackBerry Z10 or other BlackBerry 10 device, go check them out and share your experiences with others. If you installed a cool launcher, then by all means, fire it up; you may end up with your BlackBerry looking like it is running Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich. Either way, have fun with it but most importantly remember it is a developer build. Things may not work right at all points of time.

Need More Help? Get it in the CrackBerry Forums

If you're stuck on any of this are looking to discover the best Android apps to sideload onto your BlackBerry Z10 phone, be sure to jump into our Android Apps Sideloading forum. The CrackBerry community will get you hooked up! 

[Note: Even though we wrote up and did the pictures for this guide -- it could not have been done without the many folks in the BlackBerry PlayBook Apps and Games Forum. Without the collective efforts of the CrackBerry community, we'd stll be wondering how to install Android apps. So, kudos goes out to all of you who have helped!]

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How to put Android apps onto your BlackBerry 10 phone (Windows Guide)


That was pretty straight forward, and I like how I can run an android launcher lol. Other sites make it seem as if android apps don't run good but from what I've seen that's not the case.

I side loaded on my Playbook, some were ok, most ran like crap. I did it mainly because there weren't a lot of apps last year but with 70K, I think I will not bother anymore. I am convinced some of them can screw up the OS.

^^^yup!!!^^^ sideloading = ruining a perfectly good device,,, imo,,, security breaches, running after closed, junk left after deletion, laggy,,, yuk...

thanks bud, this is an amazing site, i just download all the apps on it lol, i will load them all in my sexy white Z10 this tuesday and get and choose after witch ones work perfect on it, delete anything that does (its common and normal with bar files) you've been really helpful with this link, thanks again

I'm curious, won't BlackBerry be sued by the developers of these Android apps since BlackBerry enables these apps to run on a different platform without their permission?

No because BlackBerry does not provide the apps, just the ability to run those formats. That is not illegal since the formats are not owned by Android, they just use them.

Is it going to be possible to port Google Maps and Google Voice? I believe these are native apps on Android, so it might be a bit different. Given how bad BlackBerry Maps, is, and the likelihood of Google developing for BlackBerry being about 0, these are two big ones.

I put both on my Playbook, they never worked right. As far as BlackBerry's always been awesome for me when I travel. Navigated San Fran and NY without any issues.

C'mon Wind! I dont wanna wait till late February/march :( I laughed a bit at this video because I though BlackBerry announced a while ago that they will eventually stop the support for android apps on the playbook, yet it has carried over all the way to BB10. Also, how well does the android launcher work? Could you use most APK's with it properly? And is it more stable on the Z10 then the playbook?

The Android runtime is part of what keeps them alive. It's the same runtime as in the PB, not more or less stable. The launchers work pretty good, you can run most of the .apks that support the SDK from Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), but you need to convert and sideload them first.

Wow, this is way easier than I thought. Awesome! Now I can put apps that aren't ready yet on my z10...whenever I finally get one lol.

This is a good way to get apps but this Android option should not be the long term approach for BB10. It should be just a short-term stop gap for the lack of apps.

Will the Chrome extension "PlayBook App Manager" still work to sideload android apps onto the device or do I really have to do it this way? Has anyone tried to use this technique to sideload apps onto the Z10?

So far I know can't run google API powered android apps. But I might be wrong.
For maps, just enable the browser desktop mode on (settings/security) ... and jump to google maps website (tested ok w/ my DevAlpha).

This doesn't alter the OS on your phone or anything else. It just installs programs that aren't available in appworld.

In other words, no it shouldn't void your warranty.

Unless I'm getting confused, I've always done this wirelessly on my PB. Why is there a USB cable involved in this BB10 method?

I used this fine with playbook in past, however it wont find my Z10, says error: Please ensure that your device is securely connected to your computer. Try again its plugged in fine, as blackberry desktop software tells me i cant run it yet because they stupidly dont support blackberry 10 device...

And if I manually place IP says failed to unreachable.

Thanks Simon for the tutorial.. It looks easier than I thought it would be. I can't wait to get my Z10 here in the US Once I get my Z I may load some of the Android apps onto it. Thanks also to my fellow CB fans for their additional tips here and in the forums!

Thanks Simon for the tutorial.. It looks easier than I thought it would be. I can't wait to get my Z10 here in the US Once I get my Z I may load some of the Android apps onto it. Thanks also to my fellow CB fans for their additional tips here and in the forums!

Same as PlayBook. But you can also use PlayBook App Manager extension for Chrome browser and a wifi conection. Works great, fast and easy.

As I said on the Mac side I will ask the question here though I did get the answer on the PlayBook forum and it seemed to back this up.

The moment you sideload a .bar file you did not convert yourself on your own computer, you devalue your device's security to that of an Android phone as you have no idea what the converted file actually contains.

My understanding is that any BES Admin who has knowledge of this would disengage the abiltiy to do this prior to deployment of the phones for just this reason?


I will never side load an app because of this. Pretty much someone can post a converted bar file of say instagram having added code for a key logger application to run without you knowing, and then when you install it on your phone, it runs the key logger in the background, which records all your username and passwords, then sends them wirelessly to a server where the information can be used to F u up lol. stay safe and just download from backberry world, or risk your security, your choice!

^^^yup x2!!!^^^ lots of ppl have brought up the causes of memory leaks because this too,,, when they look into it, it's always android crap running in the background...

I'll stick to what's on blaackberry world unless I can't find anything that I want. Thanks for the great guide! :)

I keep getting " Please ensure that your device is securely connected to your computer." Everything is connected. Someone please help!

HELP! So when I click on the link for Java Runtime Enviromental, I get to the Java page. How do I know what to donload? There are all kinds of options there. Im running XP on one computer and Windows 7 on another one.

i need help im trying to put the password after the ip address and it gives me erroe and i have the same password as the development mode password why isnt it working i dont know i just need that step and ill be able to download the apps sooo frustrating

lmao why does your BB10 look like it's running android OS? why don't you just dump that pos and get the galaxy s4? 8 core processing power, dual core is so 2010

I'm excited to get a Z10, so I thought I'd see how you go about sideloading (as I don't have a playbook and haven't done it before). I got stuck on the 3 getting started steps: 1)Download and install the Java Runtime Environment suited for your PC -- Question which JAVA?? 32 bit?? 64 bit? I have PC running Windows 7 2)Download and install the DDPB installer. -- Question: what?? when I opened link somehow the download symbol button didn't intall DDPB installer but rather a "Conduit.web search" that took me hours to clear out. Can you add a screen shot of what you supposed to select to get the DDPB installer. and 3) Download any .BAR / .ZIP files already converted -- what?? clicked link and it gives me an excel type file. What are you supposed to do from there? Appreciate help as I've never sideloaded before and want to be able to easily with I got a Z10. Thanks in advance for help and suggestions

hay guys whatsapp dosnt work properly in z10 i cannot create a message nor i can find a contact list is ther any option for that plz reply

Very helpful, thanks crackberry. Did need to reboot after installing the java before continuing otherwise recieved error messages. works great

Hey guys ... my installation went well ...except I'm having problem with the GPS navigation. It doesn't work. Is anyone else having the same issue? Thanks

I have a Blackberry Z10 and I downloaded the DDPB on my PC. And the java as well. I enabled the Development Mode on my blackberry Z10 and I tried to connect it with the DDPB but for some reason is not connected and appears the error message "Error: Cannot connect: Connection to refused. You may have to reboot the target."

I get the exact same error.

"Java is not recognized as an internal or external command"

I have tried 3 versions of JAVA. Including the one recommended by the guy that developed DDPB. Is it safe to assume this is broken?

So what happens when you get "Error: Cannot connect: Connection to refused. You may have to reboot the target." I've re-booted both the phone AND the computer and still get the same error message.

I have done all the required steps but when i connect my Z10 to the computer, it says "Please ensure that your device is securely connected to your computer. Please try again". I also manually entered the IP address and the correct password but it not connecting at all, im pretty sure that the device is connected because i can access it through the My Computer, does anybody have any idea what is going wrong with it? Thank you everyone.

I believe I have everything together, the proper java download and installed, DDPB downloaded and installed, development mode on my Z10 is on. But, When i goto connect the two ( DDPB and the Z10) DDPB says 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command. Anyone have some advice?

Hi brothers! Is a god web for me now, i'm the new guy from Venezuela. Nice to meet you all.
My pc don't recognize Z10, i had to uninstall the Blackberry Link and re install again to get the device manager drivers to my phone, then my pc recognize the z10 but it shows me a message that said "No connect with proxy", i tried to connect to mi z10 using a playbook app manager and deelopment mode, it doesn't work either.

that's mean that even i can not upgrade my OS from to .648

To those who complain about DDPB having a virus, etc.. Or if it does not work for you:
According to berry review article number /2013/03/14/new-to-sideloading-let-us-help-you-out/
You do not need DDPB. Just Chrome and App Manager.

I can't get my BBz10 to connect to the playbook. It keeps telling me: "connection refused. You may have to reboot the target." I have rebooted both my laptop and my phone and still nothing. Any help?


Is it possible to change the Development Mode password?

Where can I find the .bar app file? I don't able to download from I want an ING Bank app to sideload onZ10...


Does anyone know if Navionics- a fishing/mapping android app. can be sideloaded?? My best friend is an avid fisherman and he owns the Bold 9900 and the Playbook and says he will leave BB in future for one APP.- I couldn't believe he said that -- but I guess he loves fishing more than he loves BB. I'm hoping theres a solution. Thanks

For everyone who was getting the error with Java Run-time, after countless installs and troubleshooting I installed Java 6 Update 25, it works. I'm running Windows 8, 64 bit and none of the 64 bit installs worked I guess 32 IS the magic number...haha.

When is BlackBerry finally going to drop its OS and go with Android? They could tweak the platform to make it secure, then they would have a device that would sell!

How do you get Android? Buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and use it with your Playbook like I do. Face it guys Blackberry is never gonna get full Android so this is a perfect solution. Sideloading just ruins your Playbook.

it is not working. it keeps on stupidly looking for the java run time envirnment which i already installed

i am not getting the "connection refused. You may have to reboot the target."" error..... does this app even work

I had lots of trouble using DDPB, would always say connection refused. With the hint from heading4tomorrow I could download the chrome plugin to load them via the browser. Worked like a charm.

Ok, so I'm ready to sideload. Where do I get the APK/BAR files? I have PC and I don't do Chrome. where can I DL just the files?

Warning, the development password will become your screen lock password. Absolutely terrified me when my phone went to sleep and then when tried waking it up it needed as password, even though I did not set one. Phew, not a problem after though.

Ive been trying for hours just to connect my phone to ddpb and keep receiving an error message that the connection was refused and to try again. the Chrome extension gave me the problem :( Please any guidance would be appreciated.

thanks for the guide!..but,
1-installed, used for awhile, notified to upgrade to 4.5 but then my phone just black out and became hot!.
2-deleted and reloaded the app, it works quite well for awhile then keeps saying " we chat app not responding'
what should i do? please help

I'm having a hard time understanding where the "previously converted files" come from when talking about adding the files to you phone. I've already downloaded the DDPB installer. where do I get these apps from?

When I attempt to login I am giving the error message that I need to update Instagram in the Play Store to log in. How can I get pass this?

I get a Microsoft .NET Framework error
“Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.
The path is not of a legal form.”
Can anyone help?

Update works SLIGHTLY better. Scrolling is a little more smooth and a few new filters are nice I guess. Since updating my device software to os 10.1 yesterday the "updated" keyboard makes it pretty much impossible to post comments. When I'm writing a photo comment the space bar doesn't work and joins all words together. Getting really sick of all these port in apps and having to sideload apps just to have a phone that functions the way I want. The lack of native apps has me considering selling my z10.

I am getting an error message when I click connect on DDPB "error: host name may not be null" ???? can someone help???

Hey Guys,

can someone please help. I am using Chrome extension to install apps to my Z10 device. The installation is going fine, however I am not able to tap/click on anything once the app is launched. It simply freezes. Nothing happens after the app is launched. Is anyone else facing this issue? This is a killer and I am not sure why this is happening while everyone else is able to install them fine.

I am stuck at the ip ddpb part after clicking connect I receive a message that says error cannot connect refused. Reboot the target i've tried everything but nothing works help me please.

same thing is happening to me! i tried the side loading way after because i have google chrome but it still didn't work for me.

Tried downloading the Java Runtime on my PC and on MAC and when i go to the website it does not allow. It basically goes to a screen saying it can not find that page anymore. How can i get Java Run Time installed if thats the case?

Okay so i just bought the BBQ10 yesterday (i used to have an Iphone) and the only thing i miss is the emoji app. I've tried both ways shown on this website and neither of them worked. I only have windows 5 so could that be the problem? in both ways shown it said it was an issue with internet connection so i don't think the issue is with my phone. help please!

everytime i try to connect my q10 to DDPB software, the message like this " C:\Users\Desktop\BarDeploy.Jar " always appears. Please help me. thanks

hello everybody! i have some problem when i click connect button on ddpb installer, it's say ! error: peer not authenticated ! what does it mean? Please help me! how should i do? pleaseeeeeeee

Kudos to all who put this info out there! Not being very computer savvy, even i could do this. Now it did take me a little while since some of the computer lingo in the instructions may as well have been swahili. But that is my lack of knowledge and i still prevailed! Keep up the good work!

Sorry, this is probably a very stupid question, but where do you actually get the apps from once you've been through this process?

thats it does anyone out there in crackberry land can send me a signed working debug token. i am fed up with this not working. i have followed the instructions to the tee. device token is installed on my phone but were it says valid it shows up as signature is not valid....... author and expiration shows no information available. i tried everything Please help

I used the Chrome extension method, and it worked *perfectly*! Thank you!!
I'm a die-hard Android user (I know...) and I've been helping my mom get set up on her new Q10, and from my interactions with the device I'm honestly really impressed. She digs it and I've been playing with the device thinking "man... this is seriously sweet."
This is great for me personally, as I'm holding onto my QWERTY Android device until the bitter end... with no new QWERTY Android devices on the horizon, and the ease of loading Android apps onto BB10... will be considering probably the next iteration of the Q10 when it comes time for me to finally upgrade.

did all the steps..the applications are on my Q10. when i try to loggin to any of them they will crash and do not open. any help?

did all the steps and the applications are now on my q10 device but i couldnt use them. when i try to enter they will crash..any advise?

can anybody help me with the first part : downloading and save the apps on my pc from google chrome and google play?
I've got the last part connecting my pc with z10 but in both cases I don't have any apps to download

I succeed to install LINE to my Z10, but it cant run on my Blackberry Z10.. what's wrong ? Anyone please help me.. :(

okay...doesn't this however corrupt the software of the device(phone)? i recently had to reload my Z10 so i am assuming its this process. i might be wrong.

the ddpb download doesn't work, any suggestions on how to actually get sideloading to work on my bbz10.. I love my blackberry but I am really fed up after a year of never being able to download and app I want, I cant remember the last time I downloaded an app because of the poor selection of compatibility
Please help lovely

hai im having a problem with connecting the phone to DDPB. when i try to connect this comes up 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, what should i do ?

Is it possible for me (bear in mind I'm a bit thick!) to install an app to track my Z10 from my PC??

Hi....!! I would like to ask that which are the fileformats that are suported by bb10????Like for android its .apk ,for bb10 , what's it??

How can I side load Netflix to BB Z10 with OS 10.3.1? I had the previous OS and Netflix worked perfectly. Now is does not open at all. It is very frustrating. I've been using BB for over 10 years and I still love the phone, but with other phones (brands) having access to apps like Netflix, Hulu, etc... the opportunity of side loading to the BB Z10 was satisfactory. Any help provided with this matter will be greatly appreciated.