How to purchase movies and TV shows from BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10

Purchasing Movies and TV Shows On BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 2 Feb 2013 02:58 pm EST

With the release of BlackBerry 10, folks who pick up a BlackBerry 10 device get to witness the integration of the BlackBerry ecosystem. For a while there, there was no way to purchase content for your BlackBerry smartphones aside from applications. That changed a lot with the BlackBerry PlayBook where you could rent or purchase movies and TV Shows from the Video Store but it was never fully integrated as it should have been. Now, with the release of BlackBerry 10, you can grab all of that content directly from BlackBerry World.

Getting Started

BlackBerry 10 Set Up

In order to get up and running with movies and TV shows on BlackBerry 10, you'll first need to create yourself a BlackBerry ID account, assuming you don't already have one. For the most part, everyone should already have this set up unless you skipped it during the initial device set up.

To initiate this process should you need to, simply tap on the BlackBerry World icon and follow the on-screen instructions from there. You'll be setting up your email, screen name, password and any payment details you may wish to provide be it PayPal, Credit Cards or even carrier billing where supported.

Selecting Content

BlackBerry World

When you load up BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10 you'll find the menu on the left. From there you can move on down to the 'Video' section and start browsing the available content. In here, you'll find the headlined content front and center but if you're looking for something in particular, you can tap on the search feature or break it all down via specific genres.

Preview Content

Once you find something you're considering purchasing, you're able to view all the relevant information that goes along with it. Synopsis, Run time, Rating, Price, Actors and more can all be found in the details. In addition to that, with movies you can also preview the trailer before renting or purchasing them. From here, you can also share the link with others in the instance you want to get their opinions on it or let them know it's available for download.


Purchasing Content 

Purchasing Content

With your movie or TV shows now picked out, buying them or renting them is a breeze thanks to BlackBerry ID. Just tap on the buy or rent button, confirm the purchase, and you're off to the races. The content will begin to download to your device memory or SD card and once completed will be available for viewing. There are a few notables about renting or buying content through BlackBerry World though that you'll want to keep in mind.

  • Rentals last for 30 days. You must watch them within that time or they will no longer be available.
  • With rentals, once you begin watching them you then have 48 hours to complete them. if you do not complete them in that time, you will need to rent them again in order to finish watching the content.
  • Purchases can be transferred to up to five other compatible devices. ie: BlackBerry PlayBook.

Overall, the experience of purchasing and renting movies and TV shows on BlackBerry 10 is pretty decent and simple. The integration is great to see and while not all the content you want will be there, it's great to have the option should you ever wish to use it.

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    How to purchase movies and TV shows from BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10


    yeah. Unfortunately each country has different rules around copyrights etc. Makes things hard. But I'm sure that given time they will be able expand, especially if this really takes off in USA.

    What do you mean by the movie can be transferred? Once transferred it no longer works on the original device? Or can you watch it on both devices?

    Does the movie download to the sd card? 16gb on the phone itself doesn't give a lot of space.

    Does it stream or download then play?

    Hdmi to a tv? Can you use bridge from a os7 device as a remote?

    If you read the article, it says SD card or device memory.
    HDMI will work. Bridge can also be used, I believe.
    Transfering will allow it to be viewed on ALL FIVE devices. It WILL NOT stop working on the current one if transferred.

    I have only purchased 2 movies on my Z10. I cannot figure out how to download to my Playbook. what does "transfer" actually mean? Do you know how to move it to the Playbook?

    what happens to the content you have already purchased on your PB? Will you be able to still access it once the PB starts using BB World for Movies ect. instead of the Video Store?

    How does streaming to the TV work via hdmi? Does it just share the screen or can you just push the multimedia content?

    Either should be fine for the Z10 in landscape, but the Q10 resolution is not ideal for a TV. Hopefully it will be able to push the content in a more TV friendly aspect ratio.

    HDMI will work. Screensharing? Might lag it a bit on the receiving end, or might not work during a movie playback.

    My house committed our digital content to iTunes several months ago. As someone who pays for all my content, rare I know, I dint want it divided. ITunes offered the best flexibility for me, purchased apple TV and away I went.

    Only time I will use this store is perhaps renting a movie while traveling. I will be glad to have it at that time.

    This is a good and valid question. I'm a foreign language movie enthusiast, so about subtitles?

    Glad to see a solid movie and TV show selection. I can see renting off my Z10 and streaming to my plasma.

    Go Blackberry!

    bla1ze what about a password each time you purchase like the apple itunes store? my kids have playbooks and right now I they dont have paypal details as they could buy anything ... I was hoping that bb10 would fix this issue and ask for a password for each purchase

    Are the movies SD or HD?
    There doesn't seem to be format information in the video details.
    If 1080p HD, which frame rates?
    Is this information available somewhere?

    I think BB should hurry up for building their own cloud ecosystem like apple, google and microsoft had done.

    its time for Blackberry to offer gift cards. My whole family stayed loyal to bb. Two playbooks we are getting two new z10s and we have a bold and a curve. but the one thing i here all the time is why cant i buy you a gift card for apps and movies. you signed a big deal with Visa get them to do it. it would be good for both companies.

    They can be downloaded to your computer, but cannot be played from it. Videos downloaded from BBW to BB10 devices can be used on up to five BB10 devices and can be transferred to a Playbook but cannot be played directly from the Playbook and vice versa due to some DRM issue. Not sure why this is given that the video source is ROVI on both devices. Frustrating! I downloaded several movies with the recent promotions hoping that I could transfer to Playbook but I keep getting a DRM error notice. Anyone know a way around this?