How to preview movies and music tracks in BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 29 Nov 2012 10:30 am EST

With this morning's BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update, BlackBerry World (aka BlackBerry App World) now lets you preview both music tracks and movies, Unfortunately there is still no option to purchase them at all (hopefully that isn't too far off) but you can watch movie trailers all day long for now. BlackBerry World will not only house apps and games for BlackBerry 10, but also music and movies (hence the "World" title). Everything will be tied back to one BlackBerry ID so there will be no more separate app and movie/music stores. Very cool.

To preview media in BlackBerry World - just find a movie you want to check out, tap on it then hit the Preview button in the bottom bar. Your prevew will play and that's that. Same goes for music tracks - find what you like, tap the track and it will play a short preview. I was pretty pumped to discover the previews today and have been playing around watching various movie trailers all morning. The picture on the Dev Alpha is pretty awesome and it just makes me want MORE BlackBerry 10!!

Check out the video above for a quick demo, then let us know what you think in the comments! 

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How to preview movies and music tracks in BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10


This was actually available in the previous update, i watched trailers a lot through app world.

Curious to note though is that since last night's update I can no longer access music or video since i'm not in a supported country, which of course sucks :(

Who says Apple owns the best multi-media device? Wow! This will be huge for the BlackBerry brand. This device will make the iPhone 5 look old and lame. Looks like RIM doesn't want the #3 spot in smartphones. They want #1.

Very fast & smooth -- note there was no buffering delay when playing movie previews! It's also a slick new UI with a rock solid powerhouse OS underneath. Consumer-ready & enterprise-ready too.

Android is a different challenge for RIM; however, being able to run some Android apps really helps RIM's App World -- I mean BlackBerry World. With Android, RIM will have to show their strengths: security, reliability, hardware engineering, quality of service, BES integration, etc.

Hey, removing the "App" from their store name really helps brand it as a BlackBerry product. Now you've got to say BlackBerry World, rather than just saying App World.

BB10 just needs apps to really kick the doors down.

Looks very nice, very fluid and no lag what so every. I love seeing previews of BB10 software...CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Wow looks fluid - I am very impressed.

Is everyone liking the new icons though? I'm still not 100% there ..

Unfortunately at this point in time, nothing beats the Apple iPod for music syncing and playing. With that said, there are still a lot of issues with the iPod and so I am PRAYING BB10 will bring a music experience that will let me shed this POS Apple device... I'm looking forward to the day I can take this iPod to an Apple store and smash the crap out of it!

Honestly, i'm going to have to disagree with the "nothing beats the Apple iPod for music syncing and playing" statement...

I have more new music on my BB Torch then my iPhone 4S and the simple reason is I have to connect it to my itunes and individually select songs (assuming there are some in there I don't want in my iPhone) to put in. On my BB I can connect it to any computer and just put groups of songs into my music folder... done. Much easier and more convenient.

I hate. I repeat... HATE having to be tied to a software program in order to load music/videos/pictures on my Torch. Drag and drop works perfectly and takes far less time.


I prefer my Sony Walkman over an iPod any day. I can't stand the low quality sounds of the iPod - my opinion, of course.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Hey, I drag and drop music on my Torch all the time. Don't have to use the Desktop Media Sync software. Just mount the device & flash on the desktop and copy away!

False. My Zune was amazing. No one had it though since poor marketing. Heard a rumor of a new one coming out in 2013 though(not sure of the point though since phones can easily do everything now)

yeah i would say music/video syncing on apple products actually sucks compared to others due to the limitation of being forced to use itunes. i hate itunes (it bricked 2 of my 2nd gen 20GB ipods), it and the subsequent horrible customer service experiences are two of the main reasons i don't buy apple products. like others have said, the freedom of using windows explorer is far better and more flexible. i even prefer using windows media player to sync my standalone sony mp3 player.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Apple hit the nail on the head when they first released the iPod over 10 years ago, but they haven't really updated their syncing techniques since then. If I don't have iTunes installed on my computer, my iDevice is almost useless when it comes to music. Their syncing is brutal and almost always screws something up when I try to do a big sync with a lot of changes. I prefer the good old drag-and-drop method so much more than the iTunes sync method. In fact, I'm sure if you asked 100 people that actually know the difference between the 2 different methods, a large majority would chose drag-and-drop.

Maybe you can argue that "nothing beats the Apple iPod for music playing" but that can't be further from the truth when it comes to "syncing".

It shouldn't automatically switch to landscape orientation. If I'm looking to just preview, I might see the first 5 seconds and remember "oh yeah, that movie looked stupid" and want to get out immediately; forced orientation changes make that more difficult because the back arrow is in a different place to get out of the preview(bottom left landscape) than it is to get out of the movie synopsis/rent/purchase window(bottom left portrait). The software shouldn't force you to rotate the device.

Maybe they could have a 2nd back button for those that just tilt the phone and don't change their hand location, but movies are landscape. Almost any video on a mobile device automatically plays in landscape mode. Otherwise it's a huge waste of space and the video would either be distorted or way too small.

I hope since purchases are tied to BlackBerry ID this would mean apps, games, and media can sync between smartphone and PlayBook devices. If not, at least media.

App World on PlayBook is built on Adobe AIR. Don't like it either! So is Calendar and Contacts. Core BB10 apps should not be built using AIR.

They should allow portrait view. I mean you are only watching a small clip of the movie, so having to keep changing the orientation to landscape is going get annoying.

You'll watch one clip, then you flip the phone to landscape for a few seconds, you realize you dont like it then you go to back to portrait to go through the list of movies, then you flip back to landscape for a few seconds, you realize you don't like it, then you flip back to portrait and select another sample and so on.

All I'm saying is, it won't hurt to simply have the portrait view.

Or you put the AppWorld itself into landscape mode.

BTW: Adam, you have installed K-9 Mail. Is it fully functional? I mean, does it support PGP? This would be awesome!

Thanks for your fast reply! I'm missing the option to use PGP on the BlackBerries. It's time for a new phone I guess. I think it will be some time after 01/30/2013... ;)

I just really want them to start requiring developers to to include a change log when updating an app. I hate when I have an update notification but there is no change log with the update. Thats a VERY important bit of information that MUST be required from here on out!

Also, I hope that apps that you have already downloaded/purchased do not show up on the "suggested app" sections. I hate when I already have the top 10 apps and I go to see whats hot and I already have them all.

I dont like the SO MUCH GLARE SCREEN :S !! i have a bb9900 and i wish that screen looks like an iphone at least

I'm surprised there's a "Back" button on each screen. Wasn't the entire point of flow that you could simply swipe sideways to move between panes? Or is flow only between applications and within an application you have to use "Back" buttons?

I don't mind using a back button. It's better than quitting an app just to back out and then finding you have to start it again.

Why doesn't your browser have back and forward buttons? You wouldn't be able to flip back and forth between pages, it's a necessity.