How to play video, music, and images from your BlackBerry 10 device on TV over DLNA

BlackBerry 10 using DLNA with a TV
By Simon Sage on 11 Feb 2013 06:03 pm EST

DLNA is a brand new feature for BlackBerry 10 users, and a welcome addition for those that want to watch videos stored on their BlackBerry Z10 on the big screen TV. DLNA allows users to connect to all sorts of smart home gadgets that are certified and using the same Wi-Fi network. The content shared spans to images and music, in addition to video. The process of setting up DLNA is really straightforward.

Swipe down from the top of the home screen, make sure Wi-Fi is on and connected, and tap the Settings icon. Scroll down to Media Sharing, and make sure Share Music, Share Pictures, and Share Videos are all turned on. From there, tap the Devices button to see which DLNA-capable devices are currently on your network. Some of them will be named and easy to identify and check off as authorized to access content. Others will only have cryptic I.P. addresses, which will require a bit of trial and error to access. 

BlackBerry 10 DLNA

Once you're all set up, most media can be shunted to other home devices by way of the Play To option in the menu system. It will take a second or two to kick in, but once playing, you can adjust the volume, pause, and play the video from your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 10 DLNA

There are a few caveats to DLNA that you'll want to keep in mind. For one, this isn't a standard for screen sharing, only certain media types. Even for the videos and music that can be shared wirelessly from the BlackBerry Z10 to external devices, you don't have full playback control beyond pause, play, stop and volume.

That said, there are still situations where you might actually prefer to be getting your content out to the big screen over HDMI-out. Many devices, including TVs and gaming consoles, will recognize the BlackBerry 10 device as a media server, so you can always peruse your media collection that way instead of using the on-device user interface if you prefer. 

How to play video, music, and images from your BlackBerry 10 device on TV over DLNA

  • Swipe down from the top of the home screen
  • Tap Settings
  • Scroll down to and tap Media Sharing
  • Flip switches for Share Music, Share Pictures, and Share Videos to "On"
  • Tap the Devices button at the bottom
  • Check boxes or the devices you want to share to
  • Open a multimedia application of your choice
  • Tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right
  • Tap the Play on button
  • Pick which device to play media to 

So that's DLNA on BlackBerry 10. Among other things, it's a great way to share pictures you've snapped on your phone with friends through the TV. Also just as a side note, if you happen to have a Sonos home audio system, the BlackBerry 10 media player can stream music to it as well as we found out while at CrackBerry HQ in Toronto.

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How to play video, music, and images from your BlackBerry 10 device on TV over DLNA


seriously if you guys are gonna do a video for the world please do a better job at it, your video took 4x the time it takes for my Xbox360 to DLNA stream and i never see buffering, it just looks better that way else someone is gonna see it and scoff at the Z10 :(

Agreed - just watched and that's a bad demo... guess that's what happens when Simon leaves CB and works from home.

We've had great success with the DLNA here. Not sure what was up in Simon's apartment back home. Bla1ze is doing up a better demo to go with this post. Stay tuned.

How do you get dlna to work with your 360. I can see it but cannot access any music. I'm on a 9900 but it is still dlna

I use my 360 and my Z10. From my Z10 its just like the blog post. Click play on and it will show the Z10. Simple as that and I agree, there no lag at all. Instant even with high quality video.

To go in reverse you press the start or main button on the controller that gets you into the "xbox guide" go over to media/mobile device. Your phone should be on that list and you can browse all your content.

Most Likely not.

It would have to be a smart tv with wifi

you could just stream to a wdtv or one of those similar devices or to your gaming console etc

wow, awesome...watching a movie now! Love this! LG TV sees the Z10 as a connected device. You select the files to play from the list. The quality is excellent...better than cable.

Yup, just enabled the media server option of your PS3 and all set.

But unlike the XBox, unfortunately, you can't use "Play On". On the PS3, you're limited to browse your device and play locally on the PS3.

I've always wondered about this: is This DLNA feature bandwidth consuming? As it does go through the Router, but its still local though... is it not?

I saw that too...Hey Simon, can you please explain "Wi-Wi" to us over here in America? Apparently we don't get that (Sucks to be American sometimes :p )

Thanks for the reply Bla1ze, DLNA is an awesome feature and that was my only worry, that it'll consume bandwidth data from the householder but you cleared it up! :)

My Bold 9900 could do it to my PS3 as well, but it was slow and choppy, not worth using. Haven't tried with my Z10 yet, hope it's snappier! I suppose it's dependent on the quality of your wifi network though, and mine is admittedly not great to my living room!

Can it only stream from apps that have "Play On" built in? So for example is there anyway to get the Songza app to stream to a PS3? I don't see that option so I'm guessing no?

It plays your media files (mp3, jpeg, png, mp4). If you want to stream audio apps use Sonos or bluetooth speakers. There is also really no need to "stream" certain apps because those apps should already be on most smart TVs and blu rays.

Is it correct that videos bought from BBW can't be played through DLNA because of the DRM? or am I just doing it wrong?

I think it's just a functionality gap. Videos bought through BBW can pipe out to the TV over HDMI out just fine. If it was a DRM issue, they would have blocked that. 

Too bad the Z10 isn't a renderer as well which would allow you to access content on your home network and play it on the phone. That would have made it perfect.

Agreed - far more interested in this feature. Anyone figure out how to do this yet (without additional server-side software)? Kalemsoft on the PB works well... hopefully they have a BB10 update coming soon.

Why would you want to play media on on your home network on your tiny phone speakers and screen? Seems very counter to the main purpose of this. If you want to save or play content on your phone to view while out and about (or for some reason, at home) then there are plenty other ways to do that. DLNA is not the main function of that though and really makes no sense to want it to do that.

Just think about all those NAS users with several gigabytes (or terabytes ) of pictures, music and videos that can't be easily accessed from their BB10 nor from the PlayBook...

Just think about all those NAS users with several gigabytes (or terabytes ) of pictures, music and videos that can't be easily accessed from their BB10 nor from the PlayBook...

Why do I think you are one of those tech guys up at Waterloo who try to figure out what customers want and what makes sense and doesn't but just clueless.

Look at the comment below from BA Baracus. Perhaps this will help you understand what I meant when I very CLEARLY said "plenty other ways" and improve your level of understanding and vocabulary at the same time. Talk about clueless eh? Pathetic.

+1 ever since I read DLNA might be coming to BB10 I was hoping for DLNA client. I mean it's great to have DLNA server, but without the client something is just missing :(

You CAN use the Z10 to play movies over the network. Just sideload the program "ES file explorer". It's awesome. You can add any device that's on your network (ie. media devices, WDTV, computers, laptops, anything that's DNLA compliant) on your network and select files and play them on your phone. I use it to stream stuff from my NAS to my Z10 (like Dora the explorer for my daughter on occasion). This also works well on your playbook. I highly recommend it.

Also, if you have a WD Live NAS, then sideload the WD2GO app on your z10 and playbook and you can access all of your movies, pictures, files, etc. from anywhere over wifi and cellular networks. If you have a decent upload speed, HD movies stream flawlessly to your device outside of the network. This is great as you don't have to carry any videos with you when travelling.

I tried this and it was pretty good the first time, then it didn't work after... not sure why. I will play around with it and hopefully I get it going again. Speaking of things that I can't figure out... how do you put comments through the CB app?
Anyway, I'm glad that dlna is now available, I will use it a lot.

Comments are coming to the CB app after we launch our site redesign. The APIs for commenting are built into the new site. Will be there next week!

will it work (in the future) with the playbook? So that I can hook up my PB to my TV and use my future Z10 to stream?

I really appreciate DLNA and would like to see this coming to Playbook ASAP!

I agree with others that it would also be nice to:

- CONSUME content from DLNA servers on the phone (Don't only think of video, think of music!)
- BROWSE & PLAYTO: Use your BB z10 or Playbook to browse a media collection and play stuff on other renderers (Audio systems/TVs) -> This makes B a full DLNA remote controll!

@Simon, Kevin: I have made a small concept how (local/remote) media could be integrated into native BB10 media apps. It would be nice if you could forward this idea somehow to BB :-) (Idea here:

It would be amazing if we could get the z10 to do this. Bluetooth keyboard/mouse, DLNA/HDMI to the TV, sit back and use your blackberry to watch media from your home media server.

If this would happen I could see this device destroying the market. Right now there are plenty of boxes out there that play from home media servers but most of them don't offer all the features I'm looking for...with BBs browser and things to come I can see it supporting everything I want :)

Tested this feature out with the BB10 and its awesome.....but what was more amazing was, while streaming video from BB10 to TV wirelessly...I was also BBM videoing......the multitask on BB10 is hands down the best

Worked without issue on Sony and LG. Video, Pictures, and Audio streaming working perfectly. 1080p video, is not great, 720p was perfect. No news or alternatives for the PlayBook yet?

I have a question, I have just setup my lg soundbar for DLNA playback it sees my two computers and my Z10 but if I try to click on it it says error. On my Z10 I try to ad the soundbar but it shows no devices. Could someone help me?

Hi! I have tried to play pictures and videos on my Laptop but its no use and I was wondering if there was like a glitch or something because of the OS version of my z10 .. I made sure the device was DLNA compatible and that we where both connected to the same Network, also that Share Music, Share Pictures, and Share Videos are all turned on but nothing.. And the weird part is that it shows on ¨Devices an IP address ..Svomeone has a clue? .. Thanks!

Folks. I can see my pictures and listen to music on my TV from my Z10. However when I click the movies I bought from BlackBerry World they don't play. Any idea why my pictures and music Play fine ,but my movies don't? Thanks folks.

Does anybody knows if it is possible to stream music from BlackBerry z10 to Bose Soundtouch system? It doesn't work for me


I have BlackBerry Q10. The DLNA works fine for me but I want to stream Music and Videos from YouTube to my TV via DLNA without using Youtube app on the TV, is that possible and how?

Thank you in advance.