How to play Scramble With Friends on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Scramble With Friends BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 15 Jun 2012 04:15 pm EDT

Download and Install Scramble With Friends on the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Want to play Scramble With Friends on your BlackBerry PlayBook? If you have a few minutes to spare and a bit of tech knowledge, you can do just that. With just a few steps you can install Scramble With Friends on your BlackBerry PlayBook and you'll boggling for hours on end. Just head into the CrackBerry forums and pick up the latest Scramble With Friends BAR file, then keep reading to get it up and running on your PlayBook!

Scramble With Friends for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Loading from a Windows PC

  1. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment suited for your PC
  2. Download and install the DDPB installer - Link
  3. Download any .BAR / .ZIP files already converted - Link
  4. On your PlayBook, turn on Develpment Mode from Settings > Security (remember your password!)
  5. Connect your BlackBerry PlayBook to your PC
  6. Open DDPB Installer that you just downloaded
  7. Enter your the IP address of your PlayBook (found by tapping the Development Mode icon in your status bar) or click "Scan". Enter the password you chose, then click "Connect".
  8. Click the "Add" button and browse for the BAR file you want to install. You can find a list of available BAR files here.
  9. Click "Install".
  10. When the process is complete the application will be installed on your PlayBook.

View the full Windows PC tutorial

Loading from a Mac

  1. Make sure you Mac OS is up to date and then download the Playbook_Tools here.
  2. Unzip the files into your /user/ directory (The directory typically shows as your username - mine is "/adamzeis/". You can put them wherever you want, it's just easier this way).
  3. Move the files from the Playbook_Tools\lib\ folder to the Playbook_Tools directory.
  4. Put your BlackBerry PlayBook into Development Mode by going to Settings > Security Settings and note the IP address of your PlayBook. You'll also be required to enter a password here if you don't have one already. Don't forget your password!!
  5. Find the .bar file for the app you want to install (check our growing list in the forums). After downloading, move the .bar file into the Playbook_Tools directory
  6. Open the Terminal application on your Mac (found under Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Your Terminal screen will show something along the lines of: new-host-2:~ adamzeis$
  7. Type cd playbook_tools and press Enter. Terminal should now read something like: new-host-2:playbook_tools adamzeis$
  8. Type the following into Terminal: java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device PLAYBOOK_IP -password PB_PASSWORD Be sure to add in your PlayBook IP address, password and the name of the .bar file.
  9. Terminal will do it's magic and when it's done, your app will be ready to roll on your PlayBook

View the full Mac tutorial

Get Help and Discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums

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Reader comments

How to play Scramble With Friends on the BlackBerry PlayBook


I would love to take advantage of this, alas, I am not tech savy. Is there anyone in the GTA or in the kitchener region that would be willing to help me with this at all?

Team Blackberry 4 Life.

It's super easy. Follow the steps and you will be fine, I have faith in you!

I play this game with my girlfriend on our PlayBooks all the time.

Wow didn't know my converted app would get to the front page. Lol. Thanks CrackBerry, glad you enjoyed it! It was fun watching those alerts on my inbox that someone has downloaded this. I know this won't last, and a new version would come up. But it was indeed a great experience, the learning process of converting android apps. Thanks again! Have fun playing! Cheers!

Don't mess with raptors.

As a developer myself, I am wondering about whether the original developer knows about this and why not ask them to submit it to Appworld? The next step seems like a 2 second process. What gives?

I got my free developer keys in a few hours, signed my app and submitted it shortly after, and it was posted in Appworld a few days later. Can we not support a more "legal" approach to make all the non-tech savvy people enjoy this game by petitioning the developer to spend 5 minutes to sign and submit this thing?

Probably not, but there is no reason why the developer can't spend a few minutes to submit it! Heck, they could make tons of money even if there are in-game ads, just from the extra click-through traffic. It is worth it for a developer to submit it, plus they could also make a pay version. Let's go developers, submit it!

it works ok if you want to play random people, but when you want to play with Facebook friends the app freezes and needs to be closed.