How to open the BlackBerry Z30 battery door

BlackBerry Z30 bottom
By Simon Sage on 26 Oct 2013 07:38 am EDT

One thing I mentioned in my review is that the battery door on the BlackBerry Z30 is particularly snug. Kevin's finally got his mitts on one, and he bumped into the same problem of popping the door off. As simple as the problem might be, we want to make sure we're helping out every new Z30 owner as much as possible. 

The only real starting point for opening the rear of the BlackBerry Z30 is the opening at the bottom. The instinct is to pry like crazy from there, but I haven't had great results that way. Instead, slide your nail to the left or right once in that opening; it should wedge between the silver frame and the glass fiber weave door. Keep running your nail through that groove, and the battery door should open up easily. I find it's easier going to the right side towards the volume keys, but going to the left will pop up the SIM and SD card cover soon enough, which give you something to work with. 

Yeah, it's a simple problem, but spending five minutes wrestling with a new phone just to get the SIM in can easily sour someone's experience with their new phone - let's try and help 'em out, eh? 

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How to open the BlackBerry Z30 battery door


This battery door is the worst design on earth. Why. BlackBerry designed such battery door for Z10 which does not have removable battery? Z30 can be many mm thinner if no such door, and save lots of cost of the extra mechanical parts, and the sim card uSD card can be on the side.

Here is why such bad design still gets approval at BlackBerry. It is because a mechanical SVP at BlackBerry has his patent on this carbon fiber door. By approval this garbage for Z30, he can get patent fee to his pocket plus his self satisfaction. On the other hand, all these carbon fiber doors are made in Germany only. This SVP and Thorston are German. And their relatives and family are in Germany. No wonder.

Such corrupted company, how could BlackBerry funs expect better design and products? Even after Fairfax buy BB, these guys will stay (maybe not Thorston who will ust cash out his fifty five million). You will see more garbage products out of BB. I am telling you the truth. When such corruption, politics and dirty money infect a high tech company, innovation is not the goal anymore. As BlackBerry funs, you heart will break. Let's see.

Posted via CB10 with Q10.

BTW: the BOM cost of this door is about $20 each piece, yes, $20 for this unnecessary part, just for filling someone's pocket. Also, this adds not only an extra layer of mechanical parts, it adds extra thickness, and the indirect cost is much more than $20.

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Wow, lots of accusations. Where is the evidence to back up these claims?

Or is if a 'somebody who knows somebody told me' situation.....

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Chill the hell out.

First off, it's not a "battery" door anyway, since the Z30 has a fixed battery. This hatch is not designed to be removed on a daily basis.

Second, the material DOES have a distinct look and feel that adds value to the handset and the brand.

Maybe most importantly, the Z30 is designed to take alternate backs, like the Flip Case uses. I'll take a fastening system that favors security over ease of removal in this case, thanks.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30

Well if you love your Z10 you will fall head over heels in love with the Z30 it's the best BlackBerry ever

Totally agree. My Z10 is one year old, working great and not looking to change it any time soon. Most people need to follow the fashion while I personally don't care. It makes excellent photos, I listen music, fits in any pocket, and does a splendid job.

-_- really? "Oh no I don't know how to open a battery door uhhh better check out CrackBerry" i mean srsly who DOESN'T know how to do this.

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Simon is just trying to help out all the new Apple converts since they have not had the pleasure of opening a battery door.

They are only used to pushing buttons...

(don't worry a removable battery door will come on iPhone 6 and they will line up in the streets for it)


Really? A removable door for the iPhone! What an incredible innovation. Definitely lining up for that one.

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It will be called the iPhone 6b... (b as in better, back, beautiful. Etc)

Just as they lined up for the new 5c with the new and improved plastic case in your choice of color... they will line up for the new and improved removable battery door with the non removable battery.

Don't forget to leave your hard earned money behind as you walk out the door with the samething you already own and have... but with a 6 and a b in the name.

The new iPhone 6b it's beautiful...


I am actually glad this is a problem. I would hate to have it constantly pop off later on down the road. I went into a Telus store and played with one. What a solid built phone. Great quality and great in the hands. I couldn't get the back cover off in the store for obvious reasons and that was one thing I was wondering about. So thank you on the review. Keep it up!

It is so snug I was going to use a screwdriver ;)

Good tip... I find going to the right the most effective too

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Thanks. The next step is to figure out how to get to the actual battery. Its probably just me but when I see a non removable battery I get a little paranoid. These days you have reason to be.

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There was a forum post a few weeks ago showing a picture of the back cover with two 'stress marks' along the middle cross section because they tried to just pry it open from the bottom instead of easing it as described above. So... Be careful!!!

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Once again, Crackberry is there with a solution BEFORE most people get the phone.
It's little reasons like this that I like this site.

Keep up the great work! :)

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THX Simon! Any idea where I can pick up additional/spare battery doors? Opening up the battery door through force, causes the little plastic hooks to break - so your post is most valuable!

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The thing that caught my attention about this article was the title "battery door".

I thought it didn't have a removable battery.

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That's how I open mine when I want to interchange the covers. Thanks for the tip for those are having problems.

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This would have been helpful to know when I bought my z30. It was a bitch to open!

Thanks for sharing though.

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CrackBerry strikes again with immensely useful information. I thought the battery was immovable, so puzzled why its a battery door?

Not removable is likely what you meant to say, since the battery can easily be moved.

Sarcasm should be approached with great care, lest chinks are found in one's own armor.

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OMG. Opening the door is the easiest thing in the world. Now what happens if you don't have nails. Tough luck, crackberry offered no love to you :D

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Being a Z30 owner, I agree that the snug back cover can a wee bit of a pain but good to know once I get my SIM and my SD card in that they will stay there. :) One thing to note is that both slots are spring action and located in the side so I guess a snug back cover is needed. I've had to reopen once to get my SIM put back snuggly in its slot.

Posted using CB10 with my Z30 :)

I think we should call it the back cover. Through trial and error I got to this method that works fine.

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I have an even easier and faster method. Drop the phone on the ground, the cover will pop right off. Hey I said easier and faster. I never said it was a better and safer way. If you damage your phone that's entirely on you! Don't come crawling back crying.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Great, thanks.
:attempts thread hijack:
Removing that Q10 back cover is like WHOA! Anyone else having this problem?

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The battery door of the Z10 is also not the best battery door that BlackBerry has put out. I prefer one with a latch like the one of the 8900.

Post via CB Z10

I admit, this door is pretty snug. This article is more of a tip at an easier way to open it, than "how to open". And I don't mind that.

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I'm having problems with my Q10 battery door which makes me leaving my spare battery in the shelf :(

The Q10 is different. You just push it down with both thumbs, it should come off easily. Same as the 9800/9810.

Thanks Simon,
They did it at the store when they loaded the Sim and Media cards initially.
I didn't have a reason to open it up, but actually was trying the other day, just for something to do, and I didn't want to force it so I didn't. Always appreciate the little tips and tricks to make the experience better.

Why didn't he mentioned that guy on the forums that cracked his door while leveraging only from where you open it only instead of nailing his way around.

You are now in my Bingo Book

...and I thought we have here a video how it looks if you remove the few screws from the back. Would it be possible to provide? :)

Looks that if I do gather enough scratch somehow to get a Z30, I'll u to either buy it at full price from Telus or Rogers, unlock the damn thing and then take it to Fido...this really sucks ass!

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Opening the Q10 is super simple. Just hold the phone with both hands, screen facing down, power button towards your chest. Use both thumbs to push down on the batter cover. Comes off very easily. Same as the 9800.

This should have been a zero gap construction phone. No reason for it not to have been. Would have been a very nice plus, especially considering the price.

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Totally unrelated but I'm desperate. Z30 running 10.2 has dumped my BlackBerry id & it's greyed out, I cannot edit the field. Hence I can't buy/download any apps from BlackBerry world. Can anyone help..

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I am having a hell of a time trying to get the back off from the leather flip case on my Z30...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

An even Easyer way:

Just slide your nail under the mute button on the side of the Z30.
Slide up and down and the Battery Cover comes off easily.
This is much easyer then sliding your nail left and right at the bottom.