CrackBerry Asks: How often do you use NFC on your BlackBerry?

By Adam Zeis on 13 Nov 2012 04:27 pm EST
 NFC BlackBerry

I'm a big fan of NFC on my BlackBerry Bold 9900. I used it quite often for various tasks and it really does come in handy. Being able to just tap my device on a tag and have it perform a function is pretty awesome when you think about it. Knowing that I'll be able to continue using NFC on my BlackBerry 10 device as well makes me love it that much more.

For me, it's a bunch of NFC tags stuck all over the place or my BlackBerry Music Gateway, but for others it may be tags around the office, unlocking a door, transfering files or plenty of other uses. What we want to know is just how often do you use NFC? Are you a daily user like I am? Do you use it a few times a week? Not at all? Pick the choice that best fits you in the poll above, then leave a comment letting us know how you use NFC on your BlackBerry. 

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CrackBerry Asks: How often do you use NFC on your BlackBerry?



This was going to be in my Music Gateway contest video - pairing my Bold 9790 to the gateway...

now if i can only figure out how i am going to use NFC on my PlayBook once RIM decides to enable it?

I actually never cared for it much until lately. Now, I'm all over it. Even swapping my Torch 9810 for a Bold 9790 so that I can get using it. Much like Adam, I've got NFC tags around the place making it easier to do things. I love it even to the point that I will be working on an NFC app!

I would really love for banks in the UK to start using it. I no longer want to be carrying all my bank cards around.

During their marketing for BB10, RIM should emphasize on the fact that they have NFC on their phones and others dont! This can be really helpful for them, I mean there is plenty ot things that can and will be done with NFC, and I cant wait for BB10 ao I can have that!

Well, I WOULD use NFC if any of my friends had a BlackBerry. It seems like such a great concept. Maybe this is when BB10 comes in...

used it twice. once to transfer a song to another 9900, and once to add a BBM contact.
it's "neat", but not a big deal. I should look into the tags, though.

Besides my music gateway, which once paired using the nfc technology, and doesn't require future pairing options using nfc, I don't use the nfc technology that much. I tried sending pictures to my buddies galaxy s3 using nfc but that failed. I blamed his s3 as he was getting error messages and my 9930 was waiting on his s3 to figure out what was going on. Pretty cool Canada has payment options for nfc. Thought that feature would have happened a long time ago. Think RIM will advertise this at all with BB10?

Not even sure HOW I would use it tbh. When/if TD comes out with something I can use to make purchases with NFC I will use it.

Just a guy.

i use NFC at least twice a day during the week to change my sound profiles. i've got a tag on my desk, one in the car, one on my bedside table and many more unwritten ones waiting to be put to use.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Please, more details! That is exactly what I want to do.
My theory is one tag at work to switch my Z10 to silent, and another in my car to switch it back to 'normal'. Is this possible?

Can they be set up as a toggle? If I touch the tag it will set the sound profile to either 'silent' - if on 'normal' - or 'normal' if on 'silent'.

Please let me know. Thanks.

I use it with my colleagues to transfer Pics and Files (@xdoublejx it works flawlessly between BB9900 so it can really be S3 fault). Also it is neat when you use it to request BBM connections. Soon I will use it on the BlackBerry Music Gateway. It should arrive tomorrow :)

I've used it to send an app list from App World to my gfs phone and to pair my BB music gateway. Need to play with some tags though.

I think it would be a good idea for RIM to include a few blank tags and some basic instructions with their new phones so people can play around and get the hang of things... get the ball rolling!

I agree. Wasn't really into it before so not having it on the Torch wasn't too bad but after a while I really wished it did have NFC, I love the model.

I have it with my 9900 but I don't use it.
When I finally get my Viper Smart Start module put in my truck, I'll get a tag and use it to 'tap start' it in the morning. (minus 30 and leather do not make good bed fellows)

Then with 'The 10' I'll do the same.

If my bank (RBC.....hint hint guys...GET ON IT!!!) jumps on the NFC band wagon soon enough then I'll use it every day as I don't carry cash and that damn chip takes WAY TO FRACKIN LONG.

I haven't been able to use it... Due to extended battery covers not having it. Lol

Maybe I'll disect another OEM battery cover and have that put on the extended backing for NFC use. Then again, I screwed up the FOB access thing for the lobby a few times, causing a lockout. :D

I have a feeling that it is broke on my Verizon 9930. I believe that I purchased the correct tags and I have Shortcutme and its nfc app. But I get no reaction to tapping.

I'm not sure if it might be the antenna in the battery cover or something else. And I'm not sure if Verizon actually supports it - if I called them to question whether my bb is broken.

Anyone have a test besides the tags? Might a Verizon (or AT&T or ....) shop have some tags for testing? Other ways of testing?

I have a bunch of tags and programmed them with the shortcuts app. But it would be nice to have a list of shortcut macros that people have created. I know there is a forum thread on this, but the thread is quite small. A wiki page would be nice to add your own creative macro code so others can use it.

I have a bb9900, CIBC Visa and still no CIBC suretap app.

The CIBC site has announced it but says "soon it will become available", not "now CIBC users bla bla".

I'm waiting CIBC..

In the USA - the major carriers AT&T and Verizon, along with smaller T-mobile recently joined together to start an NFC Wallet program called "Isis". Currently there are a small amount of phones (all Android though different manufacturers) and it's only available right now in 2 markets so it's really a test to start to get folks attention.

This is something I feel BB/RIM should be in on day one. I know the concentration for RIM is on the BB10 phones but the 9900 on AT&T and the 9930 on Verizon as the current BB flag carriers should really be identified with a program like this no?

Considering whats involved here - the BB phones and their high level of security seem well suited to a program like this and it's disappointing to see Android have the high ground for the moment.

AGREED! I just said that in my post (you said it first further down. BB should have been the FIRST company in on this considering the 99XXs. I say C.O.N.spiracy!

I'd love to use NFC, I think the capability is cool. But seeing as there aren't a lot available free options around to do so, I don't (except for sharing files occasionally)

Need another option for "I'd love to use NFC, but RIM let my carrier disable it!" T-Mobile bold 9900, and NFC still not available even though my kids 9360's got it with 7.1 update. I hope that RIM doesn't give carriers this much power with BB10!

It's actually T-mobile the ones who blocked it and they don’t have a release date according to the customer service. RIM really should not allow carries to make these decisions over their technology, especially when BB believers are expecting it.

Id love to be able to use NFC more in the world than just for tags at home/office/vehicle. For example, the Exxon SpeedPass was my first experience with NFC and it was Uber convenient! Maybe theyll be the first oil company to accept it via phones...they already have the setup!

Also, i really hate the way Samsung is getting all the kudos for having NFC first in a phone. I saw a commercial in the movie theater that came on just before the previews started showing how the SGS3 worx for swapping numbers and images and the whole theater lit up with "WOW" I tried to tell people that BBs have had that for almost two years now, but its kinda hard to do when no one else has one. And by the looks of above posts, trying to sync with a SGS3 with my phone would have had trouble doing so anyway.

I NEED RIM to really go GUERRILLA MARKETING with the new BB10s. PROMOTE EVERYWHERE!!! Movies, skyscraper promos, catchy commercials (like the new iPods commercials, very slick!) magazine ads, radio, skywriters, sponsor a racing team, put some high profile celebs on the exclusive "platinum edition/Porsche designed for BlackBerry" list for the new phones if they ramp it up (all the Kardashians, Jay-Ye-Beyonce, JBeib, heck...The ENTIRE Crackberry Squad!!)... just GO FOR BROKE with advertising!!! I mean really, WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO LOSE???? Everyone is waiting to see what will happen with RIM and the THROW ALL OF YOUR MARKETING $$$ AND MUSCLE AT IT!!! Right now its DO or DIE...and BlackBerry People DO!

I haven't been able to wrap my mind around the uses for NFC - however I will make an effort read up about it I think as I do have NFC on my 9900.

I would use it if Tmobile enables it on my Tmobile branded 9900.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

Curse you T-Mobile. I would love to use NFC Shortcuts, and never mind all the fancy payment stuff.

I'd use it more if NFC were more useful in the US. I share a picture with my wife occasionally, but I'd love to hook my payment info to it for use at checkouts in stores! Looking into Tags to change settings on my Z10 for when I leave home, get in the car, etc.