How often do you update your BlackBerry OS?

By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2012 02:43 pm EDT
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This morning I was having issues with my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and it got me thinking that I may want to try a different OS version. There are various official versions as well as some solid leaks, so I looked around to find which I thought was best for me. I try not to update my OS too often since it's such a hassle, so when I do, I want to make sure I pick a good OS before I get going. My pursuit got me to thinking a bit and I wondered just how often does everyone else update their OS (on your phone, not your PlayBook)? I know some of you are "official only" types, while others jump on every release that hits the web. So we want to hear from you -- Pick the option in the poll above that best fits you, then leave a comment below with why you choose to do what you do when it comes to updating your device OS. Don't forget to check out our BlackBerry OS superpage for all the latest official and leaked OS versions for your device!

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How often do you update your BlackBerry OS?


Really wish my carrier would update more often. 9810/ has a huge mem leak and abnormal battery drain. It shouldn't take months for an official release! I just don't like messing with leaks.

Amen to that — same issues here. Unfortunately, the carriers don't give a crap about their BlackBerry customers any more.

I guess I would say "All The Time", but new OSs for my 9780 are few and far between, so I guess when available.... Will do....

However, I don't mess with hybrids at all. Only the latest leaked or official from any carrier for me.

Waiting for BB10.

Within nanoseconds of a release, actually.
The worst experience was downloading before a flight and then bricking my phone over the Pacific with a bad upgrade.

But I never learn...

Anytime there's a new OSBB hybrid...I install. Every couple of weeks. Sometimes I'll try some other hybrid just to try it out, but have found OSBB to be the best. :)

When I had my Storm, I updated to the leaks because there were noticeable differences. With my Bold 9780 and now Bold 9900, there just aren't enough changes to be worth the effort of updating other than official ones.

I upgrade about a week or two after the leak OS is released. I am selfish so I wait for others to post any major issues on forums before I go for it.

It's a pain on my Bold 9700 as the only way to get Japanese input to work was to install the Japanese desktop software and install the Asian OS; for some reason the Rogers Asian install doesn't work. Now it is tough to upgrade but it does all I want so that's OK.

quick question: is it better to update our phone from the computer or doing through the wireless update on your phone? Is there a different? Do we still lose a bunch of memory even when we updated it from our computer?

Normally I would said that I wait for a official release from my carrier.
But since 7.1 is not available for now from my provider, I'm seriously thinking trying a leaked or a official from a another carrier.

You must be a Rogers Wireless customer.

Plus, Rogers discontinued the Scorch 9860 - So definitely not getting 7.1

Rogers Bold 9900 7.1 is most likely not also...

Yea - Scorch, it's not supposed to be Torch Touch, and isn't Storm 3...

So... Scorch! ;)

(actually wouldn't have been a bad name either). :)

Rogers didn't discontinue it, it's still in the toronto eaton centre's store as the other rogers stores too!

I see the new o.s's on crackberry it it never says what it's for, what it improves or fixes or what's new. All I see is a 7 or a 6 or a 5 followed by some new numbers and the people who update thank the author of the blog post for providing the new os but don't elaborate on why it's better and then others complain their phone got bricked. If you went to the trouble of making an update the least you can do is tell me why I should go to the trouble of putting it on my phone.

Yeah, unfortunately, there is little to do for that except wait a week, and then start reading the related forum discussions backwards (ie. From the last page first to the first page last. At least thats what i do.

I only update with official Verizon updates because of my fear of bricking my phone. I am not very techy so would be worried about "screwing" it up with other OS's.

For those of you waiting for 7.1 from AT&T, don't think it's ever gonna happen. They'll never support wireless hotspots or tethering.

Although I'm fully capable of doing the updates to "leaked" OS builds or official builds from other carriers, the fact that a carrier might only update once over the lifetime of a BB is ridiculous. I await the day that RIM/Blackberry starts pushing their own update to devices like Apple or Microsoft.

One OS = All devices updated

I've never tried any hybrids, but for the 9900 is working fine so far. Of course, my provider is still stuck on, so jumping to leaks was the best thing to do.

I update whenever there is something new in the OS, be it official, leaked or hybrid.

It's one of the reasons I like BlackBerry so much ... I can treat my phone as a personal computer when it comes to changing the software -- no jailbreaking, no rooting. In the IT world, it's similar to re-imaging for a fresh, clean start.

Ahhhhh, the joy!

I am a bit spooked by the chance for instability with the leaks, so I await my carrier's (ATT) update, then download from rroy so I have full bridge functionality.

Since i have my 9780, i used to update every time i get news about a new "official" realese, cause my Carrier is stuck with OS6 .534, so i get another carrier OS, not a lot problem, just the same with the 9780.

Live Long and Prosper!

I love to try out leaked OS's, however, since I have a 9800 I haven't seen either an official or leaked OS in so long I've almost forgotten what they look like! I'm not hating on the OS7 gang but they sure seem to be having all of the fun lately. Meanwhile, OS6 appears to be long lost and completely forgotten!

U are 200% right, and now, with OS7.1, and the development of BB10, i'm pretty sure, OS6 devices will be forgotten at all

Live Long and Prosper!

Whenever there is a new OS, I try to read what others have said about it first to see what bugs or updates there are. Personally, I Am ready for a new Leak for 9900.

OS Updates are a real big Problem of BlackBerrys!
They need to change the Way how to. Old OS´s are often a Problem for not good working BlackBerrys.
I only update officially OS´s, but from every Carrier. If i stuck to my Carriers OS... :D pls not... :-)

I only update if there is no more chance to avoid it. Normally I would update as soon as there is a new official, but:

.) the installation process is very cumbersome.
.) it never works to migrate ALL apps
.) it never works to migrate ALL settings etc.
.) I'm on Gmail which is even more trouble: leaving the account ON before migrating causes double entries on both the phone AND the server. There is no workable migration process for Gmail users.
.) as phonebook images don't get synched with the server, I will have to manually add images to hundreds of phonebook records, over and over again, after every single upgrade.
.) etc.

RIM need to improve here. Even on the Nokia Symbian (!) platform, the upgrade process works much better and is much more automated. Shame.

Updating an OS, be it Carrier Official, Leaked, Official from another carrier, etc. makes absolutely no difference. This is one of the most common misconceptions people have. from any carrier or leaked source will be the same OS. Some optional garbage apps the carrier throws in could be different but it is entirely up to you if they get installed.

If (Available from T-Mobile at the moment) is available and you wait 6 months for your carrier to use the word "official" to describe it,,... Than it is you who has chosen to waste 6 months and endure the problems associated with the older OS.

People who succumb to irrational fears are usually the ones who moan the most about problems with their phones.

Another HUGE mistake people LOVE to make is loading a fresh OS and them letting BBDM "restore everything" because they are too damn lazy to manually set the phone back up. This causes so many problems and complaints its hard to imagine so many people continue to do it. Some messages, calendar events, alarms then fine. Restoring app permissions and all that data generated by a DIFFERENT OS IS DUMB.

If your using an OS7 device and are using 7.0.0.XXX and not the latest 7.1 OS available for your device than I would have your head examined. And if it doesn't work, the phone and the firmware are not to blame.

Live with constant problems caused by immature firmware or shortcuts during the install process, or spend the time to set up your device properly and enjoy it everyday.

Its up to you.

SideBar: I bought my 9900 the day AT&T released it. I have installed every possible update ever since and I only had a problem with one. It was a 7.0.0XXX release that had a bum radio file and reception on Cellular and WiFi was very poor. Aside from that one issue they have all had improvements, some minor, and some major. .284 is really nice.

Thanks for the info on updating the OS from a different provider. Just please teach us how to install the new OS

Go to my profile and dig through my likes/posts, you will discover I have repeated instructions many times. I really wish Crackberry would update their 101 section, its been out of date for so long now its pathetic.

Note: The T-Mobile OS works great but it WILL install BOTH vendor.xml files even if you have deleted the first file installed with any new or updated BBDM install.

I download the official OS updates as soon as they come out. Thank god I'm getting a OS 7 device otherwise I might never get another update if I got an older BB. Going to update to 7.1 as soon as I get my BB. Hope RIM learns its lesson and starts pushing its own OS updates through to its devices rather than relying on the carriers.

I update within hours of any new leak... back up emails, sms, contacts and ringer profiles, security wipe the rest, wipe the OS and then install from scratch... of course also shrinking the heck out of the OS with BBH Tool and some extra by myself (removing Smart Tags and some others)

The Bell and Telus .267 files are exactly the same.

The original leak .267 has fewer java files.

I havent checked any further than that...

Once upon a time I updated to almost every leak or alternate carrier build that was newer unless I read about some serious issues with the build. But these days I have no time or patience for that. I've run nothing but official on my last 3 devices and don't see that chaanging unless there is a huge bug that I know is fixed or a new feature that I really want in the new version. Thus far that hadn't happens yet.

^^^^^This^^^^^ On my older BB's I was much quicker to download a leaked OS. (T-Mobile is extremely slow about releasing official updates). Now, unless my present OS is horrible, or there is a must have feature in the new version,I stick with the current version and wait for the official OS. Even after that, I'll sit and wait until the first few days of use get posted in the forums. It's just more hassle than I want to go through unless the payoff is worth it.

Needs an option such as "I update only until my phone is stable" lol... That's how it works more me and after much reading trial/error mine seem to be about the best it's going to get (, does what I want with decent battery life now and doesn't restart on a hourly/daily basis. Unless something spectacular comes along can't see myself upgrading again anytime soon.

Well I'm with AT&T and on a 9900 I wish they would release a 7.1 already. I stick to officals. But with my 9700 I had a leaked OS after an offical update misshap. Then ran leaks from that point on. But I hear it's a little differnet to install a leak on the 9900 then is was on the 9700 so I haven't bothered yet. But if. 7.1 on At&t keeps taking ita time I may being going to the leaked version of them. I have them all downloaded just in case.

I update very often with official versions only! It's timely but I try to make the time. I normally play around with the versions to c which is more stable as well as read d forums for feedback. I realize no podcast app is out for 7.1! Well I can't get it on my phone! I also found 7.0xx540 to b most stable but I wanted 7.1, so sad to say I hav to sacrifice d podcast app to have 7.1! 9900/

How do I activate my blackberry I'd so it can enable me 2 use my blackberry appsworld?I've tried evrythng but nothing seem 2b working