CrackBerry Habits: How often do you check your BlackBerry?

By Adam Zeis on 24 Aug 2012 12:47 pm EDT
 BlackBerry Notifications  

We get it, you're an addict. How much is too much though? I find myself checking my BlackBerry pretty much any time I get bored ... or have down time ... or think about it ... or ... well yeah. At times I wish I could disconnect and not want need to check my phone, but that's another challenge for another time. Some days I'll only pick up my phone when I have an LED or audible alert, other days I constantly pick it up, hit a button to put the screen on and check whatever I can - FacebookTwitter, email - in whatever time I have. I don't know why I do, but I do. I hope to find something new that wasn't on there when I checked it five minutes earlier.

What we want to know is how often you check your device. Do you wait for an alert? Just keep it in your hand and check whenever you're free? Pick the option in the poll above that best fits you, then let us know in the comments why what you do works.  

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CrackBerry Habits: How often do you check your BlackBerry?


where's the "constantly" option?

(maybe that's why my battery life sucks -- the screen never goes off because i check it so often!)

I sometimes look at just to see if it is on or didn't do a reset or just bored and want something in my hands. Its crazy how often I check my Berry, but when I'm working sometimes I wish it would just shut, but I will NEVER turn it off, just can't bring myself to it. Maybe the necessary reset but off, H3[[ naw
Just my $.02

Um, I'm on the mobile site more than "just a few times throughout the day." I'd have to say that means my BlackBerry usage is borderline ocd.

Notifications for the win. Why waste your time constantly checking your BB? Let your BB do its job, and tell you when you have something to check!

LOL - this relates to the whole reason there is a "CrackBerry" !

We are ALL addicted to our CrackBerry (s) , just some of us are beyond rehab! ( I remember CBK's post recently about ...ys vs ...ies, so that is my way to pluralize)

Doesn't RIM use 'ys'? I believe that's always what I've read on their website, although most others use 'ies', which makes sense in English grammar 'rules'. (Are there rules in English grammar? Sometimes I wonder.)

I check it when it blinks. I check it when I think it blinks. I check it when my eye assigns it a phantom blink.

Basically my eyes tell my brain it's always blinking so it's basically in my hand every moment that I'm not asleep, except for those occasions when I actually fall asleep with it in my hand.

lol Adam good to know we share the same thought pattern some days im looking only for my LED notificaiton others i cant seem to put it down and there are times im bored so i just cling to it and look for some of the games i have.

BB ALL THE WAY AND BlackBerry By Choice

...the beauty of a don't have to check it all the time...that's what the notifications/LED are for...mine sits on my desk and when I hear/see it...then I go have a look...but that doesn't mean other times im not using the hell out of it...

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Only when I get a notification - unless I'm doing something important, then I set it to calls only (and sometimes even full silent untill appointment is done).

You can expect me to be glued to the device for a while then, though... ^^


You can put it down? How, I can't seem to accomplish that where's the post on how to put down your BB!

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

I'm always looking out/waiting for my LED. Bebuzz is perfect for my phone checking problem and definitely adds to my BB addiction all together. It makes checking so discreet and effortless. I just leave my phone in eye sight 24/7 and I can check all day long.
Anyone else have a blue and white light for Facebook messages?

All the time. Even when I'm sitting in class during high school I get anxious when I don't check it. Not necessarily the most responsible thing to do, but I can't resist. All my friends who use iPhones or Androids yell at me for it lol.
BlackBerry Bold 9900 and PlayBook 64GB by choice.

My phone is usually within arms reach at all times. I'll glance over...make sure it's closeby. For comfort. BeBuzz helps with making sure I'm not staring at my phone 24 hrs a day. But I will pick it up periodically when there is no notification just to feel the phone in my hands. I love my crackberry.

i have converted a post it note holder into a crackberry holder and with the service led on i can tell when i need to pick it up to do something on it so i guess always.