How my brother broke three BlackBerry Z10s (and how I'd like to see BlackBerry fix it in upcoming models)

Metal shavings are near instant death to a smartphone's earpiece speakerphone. Even heavy duty cases don't always help. A from-factory waterproof design may just be the solution...

Metal Shavings Leave Behind a Pile of Dead Z10 Earpiece Speakers
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Mar 2014 08:14 pm EDT

I have now nicknamed my older brother Mark the 'phone wrecker'. He dropped by my place earlier in the week to give me a hand installing a TRX mounting bracket on the ceiling in my condo (in true younger brother fashion, I watched while he did all the work), and along with his tools he brought with him the three broken BlackBerry Z10s pictured above.

Each of his Z10s suffered the same fate — a busted earpiece speaker. In other words, if you're on a phone call and put the Z10 to your ear, all that comes out for sound is some hissing static noise or nothing.

When his first Z10 suffered this fate, I didn't ponder on it too much. Maybe it was just a one off. At that point searching around CrackBerry's BlackBerry help forums, I didn't come across anybody experiencing the same issue. No reason to panic, right?

As a BlackBerry fan and wanting to see the company do well (A.K.A... sell more phones!), he picked up another Z10. He lasted a few more months with it, and then *poof*... same issue.

At this point I was beginning to get a little concerned about a hardware reliability problem, but we both thought maybe environmental use was to blame more than the phone itself. 

Mark is the smart one in the family. He's a mechanical engineer, and is the VP of engineering at a company which designs and manufacturers composite parts for industrial uses (automotive, agriculture, energy, etc.). While he's often in his office behind a computer, he's also making frequent trips out onto the floor... where there can be lots of dust and grime floating around. 

He almost always uses a case of some sort on his phone. Typically from Seidio or Case-Mate, and occasionally from OtterBox. With his previous BlackBerry Bolds and Torches, he never ran into this earpiece-blowing issue.

For his third Z10, he beefed up his case to an OtterBox Defender. Basically, the most case protection you can get for a Z10. Still not 100% sure what it was that was breaking the earpiece on his Z10 given that his previous BlackBerry models didn't suffer this same fate, I at least thought the Defender case would be the solution here. Which it was, for a few months, until yet again his Z10's earpiece speaker blew out. 

Now three busted Z10 speakers into it, I began searching again to try and figure out what the culprit was. I came across this thread in our forums from another Z10 owner who's speakers also got destroyed:

My speakers blew out. First, the earpiece, could still use the speaker. Then the speaker. I'm a sprinkler fitter. My friend who has an iPhone said it happened to him. Metal shavings get in the phone, touch the magnet and it blows.

Talking to my bro on it, we're pretty sure this is the cause of his three broken Z10 speakers (he's not so hands-on in the dust all the time that this was an obvious reason). Perhaps there's something in the design of the Z10 that makes it easier for metal shavings / dust particles to make their way into the earpiece and wreak havoc. I mean, even with OtterBox protection, it was only a function of time. 

Now knowing that this is likely the problem and looking for a long-term solution, I'm thinking what Mark actually needs is a waterproof smartphone. I mean, if you can keep water out of the phone, I'd assume that same protection should keep metal particles out of the earpiece, at least more effectively than a non-waterproof device.

The upcoming Galaxy S5 is waterproof straight from Samsung, as is the already-available Galaxy S4 Active which is specifically designed for more rough and tumble use. Sony also has its Xperia Z phones, which are waterproof. 

Phil Nickinson from Android Central tests out the Galaxy S4 Active under water

Ultimately, my brother wants to stay a BlackBerry user, but at this point he's considering making a switch to either the S4 Active or the Galaxy S5. In this case it has nothing to do about OS or apps or software, but it comes back down to durability and reliability.

To that end of wanting him to remain a BlackBerry user, you can now put Waterproof BlackBerry onto the list of things I'd like to see BlackBerry to work on for the next hero phone release.

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Until then, Mark ordered three replacements earpieces so he's going to do some surgery on his Z10s and get them running again. In the meantime while he's waiting on the parts to arrive, I borrowed him my BlackBerry Z30 to try. Compared to the Z10, he's loving the BIG screen and BIG battery life.

Anybody else out there experienced similar issues with their BlackBerry? And how many of you would like to see your next BlackBerry be waterproof from factory?

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How my brother broke three BlackBerry Z10s (and how I'd like to see BlackBerry fix it in upcoming models)



So basically you want BlackBerry to build an unbreakable phone? I'm sure we'd like to see the same.

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Nooooo.. a waterproof one, just as Samsung and Sony are proving to be capable of doing.

Going to tradeshows like CES, it seems there are third party companies that offer the "waterproofing" service to OEM manufacturers. So I don't even think you need to "develop" the technology in house. Just need to decide you want to to do it.

Also, the fact that Z10 seems to be more susceptible to this issue than to other BBs before it (as he's owned a bunch and used in the same environment) is a little concerning, don't you think?

PS. Read the post before you comment. That's why I wrote it. For you to READ it.

I did read it but felt like waterproof was a bit of a standard going forward and would like BlackBerry to make it also shock proof, dust proof, and just make a phone that could withstand the everyday use of people who have manual labor jobs.

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I'm a wrecker driver, and my Z10 spends most of its time in my front jeans pocket or in the center console of the wrecker, naked w/no case. Going on (nearly) a year now with no issues...barely even a scratch! I hear Kevin's durability complaint w/his brother's phones and it definitely seems legit, but also seems to be a special case scenario vs. what most people's phones endure.

...I agree with you on that...I'm an industrial mechanic, and I've used a Z10, Q10, and now my Z30 in all different it dusty, damp, greasy, caustic, and all of the above you name it...they have all been there..also dropped, sat on..banged around my tool bag, bounced around my truck..etc...etc...I think that there is something in his environment that is unique that is affecting the phone...

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Yeah, I guess it will become a standard feature on all high end devices going forward. If not for 2014 surely for 2015.

What a coincidence I broke my Z30 this instance ill bring it in repairs tomorrow I'm using my Q10 currently I giving my Z10 by the way!

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Correct. Sadly the two terms will be used interchangeably, and wrongfully so as "proof" has more weighting, and give these other phones far too much credit. A waterproof phone doesn't exist, folks. The Sony and the Samsung certainly aren't.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

Yes exactly, water resistant means it can handle being rained on. Water proof means you can scuba with it. Spendy. Shop dive watches and compare the price to water resistant ones. Still, my vote is for the next BlackBerry to be water resistant.

Agreed. Those phones are "Water Resistant" Not Water proof. This means they protect against splashes ect. but don't go swimming with them.

My friend has a Xperia Z and it can go 1 m underwater with no problem. So yes waterproof for 1 m min.
Would also like a BlackBerry that could do that.

Oddly enough, this just happened to my sister's phone and I was baffled as to why it happened. Gratefully I had insurance and only had to ask for a replacement but it's good to know why so now I can tell her not to do.
Still, I'd love a waterproof phone mainly because I'm in the pool a lot as part of my cardio routine.

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I posted a thread here about a construction grade BlackBerry phone. This article hits it where I tired to take my post!


Construction grade phone would be a great differentiator. While they're at it, make it work with heavy callousses or work gloves.

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Yes, Kevin my speaker is crap. I can hardly hear phone calls and often have to ask people to repeat themselves. I searched the forums for people with the same issue and came up empty.

I thought it was a software issue so I wipes and reloaded with no love.

What is the part number for the speakers he bought and where can I get them.



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I did read it and I'm puzzled how do you borrow him the Z30? Wouldn't it be proper to say you you loaned him the Z30? ;)

Posted via CB10

Seems to be a trend to use "borrow" both ways now.

Happens in other languages too. Just like the German "borgen" = borrow, only one way, as far as I know

Leihen / ausleihen (loan) seems to have gone the same way, you can apparently use it both ways... no idea

We have a lot of German tourists here in North Queensland....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The Galaxy S5 still has a removable battery right? But not the Sony waterproof phones.

If you do put the recommendation forward please include removable battery with the recommendation.

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The Samsung S4 Active is not totally waterproof even down to the depth they say it is, unless the design has been improved upon. My youngest daughter has one, and as an experiment because she was going lobster diving with my sister-in-law and her husband and wanted to take pictures under water, she put it under water in a bowl for about 5 seconds. When she took it out the notification that an earpiece was plugged in was on when nothing was plugged into it. That eventually turned off after a couple of days, but that port is not protected like the other ports are, there is no rubber plug for it. Plus,Samsung does not warranty the phone against water damage as outlined in the warranty statement in the PDF owner's manual, (I don't know if I can legally copy and paste what the warranty states), but basically it says that the warranty doesn't cover various forms of water damage. Since Samsung doesn't warranty them against water damage, AT&T had their hands tied and was also not warrantying them. AT&T eventually started replacing them on a one time only basis under the warranty period. Admittedly the latest information I found was from six months ago, but unless Samsung has changed the warranty for the S4 Active, it still states water AND dust damage is not covered. If damage from dust is also not covered, would that include metallic powder getting in and ruining the speaker too?

First off --- to the OP. I would gladly buy and fix up all 3 broken devices from you.

To this response - no he just wants a speaker better suited for manufacturing and keeping debris out.

At the same time - if he is really serious about this, they could add a foam cover for the ear piece and speaker. Additionally if the unit is dissected they could easily verify the exact cause. And likely be able to replace the internal speaker with another from digikey that is less likely to be impacted...

Some options of he wants to stay bbry - albeit a little extreme. But sometimes that's what you need. It's easier to fix what you know and keep the same than rolling the dice with another device.

Posted via CB from my LE

Hello, how would you go about adding a foam cover ? I don't believe there is a problem with the earpiece going out but that it is just lower. I experience my speaker being low on a phone call with it on speakerphone. When I listen to music, it is loud but phone calls aren't as loud. What could I also do to fix that issue or rather increase the volume on it. -i know how to turn the volume up so that's not what I mean-

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'Durability and Reliability' well said.

Going forward, I don't think this would be a simple fad, with phones getting ever expensive, this feature of water/scratch proofing would become a considerable and important matter when buying them. I know it would be for me, since I detest bulky cases with too deep a passion haha

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For the record, I broke NO phones this weekend. Though, I have seem to have misplaced the battery for my P'9982 somewhere, which is TICKING me off royally.

It would certainly seem that way. Not that I'm entirely in the clear there either, seems any new device I get I manage to drop within the first few hours of ownership.

I do agree though, BlackBerry should consider an 'industrial' version. They don't need to go all CAT on them but some dustproofing and waterproofing goes a long way.

At least it's not like the old days any more though, so many of my old BB's had dust on the screen after a while.

Temporary fix:Krusell Sealabox Waterproof Case for BlackBerry Z10 / Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S II Global?

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Hmm, seems like a lot of development and extra cost per phone to fix something that very, very few people experience. While in principle it's not a bad idea, I'd rather see BlackBerry use their resources a bit better during these tough times!

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That's like saying, well Foxconn is building them anyway, might as well put in 8GB of RAM, a 50MP camera, 64GB storage, and make it out of titanium. In the end, it's still going to either cost BlackBerry a ton or it'll make the phones cost triple to the consumer! :P

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Lol. I was addressing the part of your first comment where you said you'd want them to use their resources to focus on other things. I agreed, and deferred the solution to not-BlackBerry's resources.

I didn't talk about the economics of putting everything into a BB imaginable. But yes, in this case, since Foxconn is the hardware partner, I don't think it would be too big a strain / distraction on BB resources.

It may also be a way for OEM's to add value in the current commodity basedhardware business. With the refocus on enterprise it might bode well as businesses will want to protect their assets. Only issue is that in the past we have seen BlackBerry models last so long that they have lost their relevance versus other available models. Hopefully BlackBerry has learned from the past. I for one think a 'waterproof ' phone is a great idea.

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I thought it was stated Foxconn would be producing the cheaper BlackBerry phones such as the Z3. And the higher end phones like the Q20 would be produced by BlackBerry still. ('_' ?)

Posted via telegraph

One thing is building and the other is designing. My understanding is that Foxconn will design and build the low and probably medium cost phones and that BlackBerry will continue designing high cost phones, specially the ones for corporate users and governments.

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I am also a victim of a broken speaker on my Z10. I work with metals all day as a Fire Sprinkler fitter and this may be the reason why mine is broken too. As a result I use my blue tooth and speaker phone when privacy is not an issue. I do hope they make a military grade or a rough house type phone in the near future since it's not only white collar peeps by phones.

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I'd say it would only be difficult if they wanted to keep the waterresistant phone as repairable as previous blackberrys have been ( which is one thing I love about bb's, you can make them last forever!). It would just mean no more screws with a sealed unit, and like that repairablity is targeted to businesses that want to reduce cost, this waterresistant phone would be consumer focused. Very doable!

We would all love a waterproof phone, than we could watch porn in the shower! Lol... all joking aside, a waterproof phone is ideal.

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Luckily for you Kevin, your brother was not using an iPhone with a Typo cover. Wonder how many would he need to replace? :p

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I've been wanting BlackBerry to make a waterproof phone for a long time now. I'm also a sprinkler fitter and have ruined more than one phone from water exposure.

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I think water-resistant is more accurate, not water-proof. And I agree it is needed as an extra way to make the phones more durable.

Posted with my  Q10.

I think it's a great idea, I have cleaned dust out of the speakers on my Z30 and remember reading somewhere in the forums here that someone had blown their speakers out. Might be on to something here.


Never blow, always suck.

The problem with blowing is that you will push the debris further into the device. Unfortunately, you can develop more pressure by blowing, but it still the wrong thing to do.

Spend some quality time with your vacuum.

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Sorry, what I meant by someone said they blew their speakers out, meant they were no longer working.


With phones, that's some good advice.

With computers, I'd rather go the blow route, I think even the CompTIA manual tells you to blow, if I remember that right. Small parts might get sucked in and lost,...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I work hands on in the composite industry with quite a lot of dust at times and my Z10 in my back pocket without a case and it gets dusty...have had it for a year and no problems. I doubt the dust is the issue

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I bought my father a BlackBerry Z10 about 5 months ago, and bought him an otter box immediately after. He is the proprietor of an extremely high volume auto service, and as you can expect, similar to your brother he comes into contact with metal shavings, liquids, chemicals, magnets, etc. No issues so far, but after reading this; at least I'll know the potential cause if his poops out too!

Thanks for the article!

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I program and operate both a CNC plasma cutter and CNC mill. The plasma especially creates an enormous amount of fine metallic dust.

My naked Z30 suffers an occasional buzzing speaker, but I've been able to "suck" out the debris every time. Perhaps the Z10 is more susceptible to this type of failure, and an upgrade to the Z30 is in order. :)

I've been saying this all along, I busted 3 ear speakers as well, I work at a fab shop and we work with metal so tiny metal shavings get inside and the speaker don't last more than a few weeks. Luckily the z10 is easy to take apart so I opened it and put a thin piece of cloth inside and it's been working well for a few months. My torch 9810 had the same problem but those were a nightmare to fix. I think it's a design flaw since my old pearl and curve phones never broke as well as some nokia phones I've used at the same job.

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My dad also is a welder, and busted his 9810 in the same way, I replaced the entire thing only to have the trackpad stop working,, I got him a q5, and currently and playing with it because they are in mexico (doesn't know I bought it yet) I might be switching to a q10 or q5 myself I think.

I will make sure I dust it every couple of weeks.

Well, for my the Z10 is Waterproof!
My Wife accidentally put in in the Laundry Machine, it was turned on and was ALL the laundry cicle (the long one). After a one day in rice, and a half day in a humity recolector, is working flawless!
For that reason I´m a fan of BB, they make almost indestructible phones!

Including that alkaline aggressive detergent, and with the battery still in there?

Did you flush it out or rinse it? I know, I couldn't resist giving it an isoprop alcohol douche after that. (not sure whether I should use that d-word on this site at all, lol)

Tell us more... or let us know if if dies prematurely...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Hmm ya definitely the dust and metal fragments. Be careful though as even "waterproof" phones can and will have problems. Dust and metal particles are a lot smaller than water. I know it seems like water can go in more places than dust but it's the opposite. Also... I want to say thank you for being a loyal Blackberry user. I love my Q10 and hope the future BlackBerry phones will have something for ya ;) take care!

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Indeed. The thing with speakers is that it's just an electromagnet, which means it attracts metal, especially small particles. Making it water-resistant wouldn't do a thing. You need at the very least an IP65 rating if you want to be dust-proof, which 'also' includes some water resistance. IP67 would even be better.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Kevin, what's your take on the build quality and reliability of the Z30? Do you think it is potentially prone to similar issues, or is that where the money really went?

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I used to own a Torch 9810 that also blew the speaker. As for the Z10, the volume is quite low when I'm on the phone with someone, but otherwise a decent phone (except I'm on my 3rd one. RLOD). Despite this, it's lasted me since October.

Posted via my weapon of choice, Z10 running

Thanks for confirming my ongoing argument that younger brothers suck, and invariably stand around and watch us old guys do all the work.

That would be outstanding! I work construction and my Q10 is my 5th different BlackBerry. I've managed to have damaged speakers on all of them through the years. I'm on my replacement Q10 right now and it's still hanging in there, but it is a frustrating concern to have. Being outside a lot and in unfriendly environments for phones, a super durable BlackBerry would be great! My Blackberries have held up better than any other phone I used, except for the pesky speaker issue, still usable though, everyone just had a Donald Duck sound to their voice.

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No problem at all on any BlackBerry 10 devices that I have actually I slipped and fell on ice in December whilst on the phone, the device went one way and I went the other. Thought that the phone was destroyed, nope not the case only problem a tiny dent on the bottom. Maybe your brothers problem is ear wax;-) seriously speaking my devices get.hours of use and I haven't ever had an audio problem.

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I used to work around metal shavings alot and the machine shop and one day I found an enormous chain of metal particles on the grill of my earpiece speaker on my bold 9900. maybe they should just revert back to using that type of filter.

I've been through 2 speakers and no clue how they gonna out. They work but the volume is so low I have to use speaker phone to hear. BlackBerry warranty first one and I have the 2nd now. I'm going to install the part myself I guess.

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Yeah they don't need to make it water resistant or anything, they just need to design the phone well and use quality materials, like I said my old pearl 8100 never broke and I used it at the same workplace for years. My manager uses an iphone 4 which he's had for almost 3 years now and the other day I asked him if I could make a call since I forgot my phone, the speaker quality was loud and clear on medium volume. My z10 broke 3 times, my q10 is on its 5th month and I have to raise the volume all the way up just so I can hear the other person. And don't get me started on the double typing issue.

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Guess my work is too refined and my life style too sedantary because I have never experienced this issue with any phone and so far and my Z10 literally doesn’t have a scratch (6 months of normal use with no case). I would guess the average of us case would be the same, or else many many more people would experience this issue. That makes me wonder how much the average user would have to theoretically subsidise a handset which was made more durable than the average required. (Presumably just in the first few years that this was a 'new' feature on BlackBerry handsets; after that it would become commoditized like everything else.)

But what I'm saying is that money or price increase shouldn't be an issue as my 70 dollar nokia x-2 feature phone never had this problem. I've heard people with samsung and htc phones having this same issue but the price of the handset is no indicator of whether or not you will have this problem, it's just the way the phone is designed. It doesn't matter how much your phone costs.

I work in a mechanical engineering works, and have blown either the ear-speaker or the speaker on just about every phone I've ever owned due to metal ingress, and that includes my curve and my torch. My current z10 has also had a blown ear-speaker, but this one was due to being on a call, outside and getting caught in a torrential rain storm! I quickly replaced the Ear speaker and I'm still loving my z10. waterproof would be nice, but I think it'd be a hard task to keep metal dust particles out, especially as the speaker magnet attracts it!

Posted via CB10

I'm a press brake operator in a sheet metal fabrication shop, and this has been my experience with every BlackBerry I've owned since my first BlackBerry. (Storm 9530) While the speakers were never "unusable", it sucks when they crackle. It seemed some times they would crackle worse than others.

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Water resistance metal making contact across circuits and causing a short are similar, but still not the same physical problem. They just need to note this and address with a better piece of hardware protection there.

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You actually don't want a waterproof phone, but a dust proof. If you've ever wondered what ip67 means, the first number is dust, the second water. You can be waterproof, but still suffer dust problems. For example, ip58 is completely waterproof, but not completely dust proof. Water rating of 7 means 1m for 30 mins. Off the top of my head, i can't remember the dust rating.

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My earpiece stopped working last week, don't know what caused it. Going to see if it's still has warranty perhaps get the z30 if I have no other option.

Posted via CB10

Having serviced thousands of portable radios over the years, I can tell you that if metal particles are the issue that waterproof won't help. Use a soft brush or magnetized tool to remove the particles carefully. The speakers are likely not damaged but do have an internal permanent magnet which attracts metal. The diaphragm likely can't move due to the magnetic pull of the metal particles against it. Once the metal particles are gone speaker can work again.

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Worked in a cement plant for a number of years. Cement dust gets where the sun don't shine - where the sun has never shone. It will pass through a sieve that can hold water. ONLY waterproof electronic devices would survive. BlackBerry life expectancy was measured in months.

But metal fines are completely different. The high power speaker magnets pull the fines toward themselves. The only solution is an impermeable membrane between the magnet and the environment.

A lower cost solution for the problem is a piece of tape over the earphone and a bluetooth earphone.

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I've replaced two earpieces on my z10 in the year i have owned it, never had to do it before on any other phone

Posted via CB10

With all do respect, I feel there is something else going on here? In all reality, this does not make sense. I know a ton of people with the Z10's and I've not once heard of this. You both need to investigate further clues into why this is happening. Seriously, this is beyond strange and I'm surprised you would write an article without more back history of his usage of the phone. Nothing personal of course, just saying.. ......

Powered by BlackBerry

This happens with all cell phone speakers where I work with daily exposure to metal grinding dust. Even the speakers on the radios go bad over time. The only speakers that have lasted at the shop I work appear to be circa 1975! LOL...this is a known issue..

Posted via CB10

How do you order new ear piece speakers. I keep getting metal shavings in my phones (I've even found them behind my battery door on my torch) my z10 lasted 6 months before the speaker went. Thank god for blue tooth.

Posted via CB10

I have experienced the same issue as your brother. Prior to owning a Z10, I used the Pearl, Curve8530, Bold9900. Used the Z10 since launch in Canada, worked fine up until August '13. It went down hill pretty fast from there, until October '13 when I could no longer hear from the earpiece. From August to October I regularly cleaned out the earpiece using a strong rare earth magnet. It was amazing to see the ferrous material come out from the grill cover of the earpiece.

I turned the Z10 over to the original retailer for a Z30 as soon as it launched. I had a Device Protection Plan so I bypassed BlackBerry's stellar warranty process. Upon un-boxing in the store I took great interest in how the speakers are covered. I did notice covers over the rear speakers,but none on the front.
Since November, no issues. I also have used a magnet to remove the fine ferrous material as part of my weekly case removal and cleaning.

I work in a heavy industrial setting with lots of cast iron dust in the air as well as other ferrous metals. One cool thing I have noticed is the phone works well in a strong electro magnetic field.
As far as cases are concerned, I haven't found one that keeps the "dust" out.

Posted via CB10

@vstromryan...I like what you said about the magnet and thought all along that if you placed a magnet around the area of concern it would attract the metal before getting into the device,but I am not sure how it would effect the phone .I would love to see a waterproof BB

Waterproof Blackberry would be great, although I'm not sure that it would correct the metal shavings getting into the ear piece. My cousin wrecked a Motorola while working on an industrial shop floor in the same way. He believes that putting it into a zip lock bag when he was on the floor would've probably prevented the problem.

Posted via CB10

And nobody noticed "who's" which should be "whose"??

Kevin, a stop gap idea occurred to me: try putting a small piece of Chemex brand coffee-filter paper just under the speaker grille. It's made to keep very fine coffee dust & particles out of hand-brewed coffee. It also leaves no lint, nor does it disintegrate. Assuming many posters here are correct to separate "dustproof" from "waterproof", this might protect the speaker innards until BBRY comes up with something for the industrial environment.

(No, I don't work for Chemex, but I've been using their filters for my morning coffee for decades. If they can keep out the dust from my espresso-ground beans, they should be able to handle metal dust.)

Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2, :-)

Waterproof.....definitely a plus for a great device. It's time for BlackBerry to incorporate that feature in their devices not only for the convenience of the user but to keep pace with the competition. Good point!

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Funny enough on check the popular section you will see I'm on top and I suggested the same idea weeks ago and it has a good amount of votes please check it out and vote up so that we can make this happen

Posted via CB10

My Z10 worked fine, but having read about this experience I wonder if the soft backing had anything to do with it? Particularly if the phones were used in a dusty environment.

If yes, soft-backing is something for BlackBerry to consider eliminating all together. The Z30 is sealed very well, enough so to be convincing the company could build a lasting waterproof device.

If the competition is building waterproofs, then BlackBerry needs to be prepared to do the same.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

I also work in a metal shop and both of my z10 have the same problem your brother has! The weird thing is it works fine some times and other times u get that same static noise! But who talks on the phone anyways 

Posted via CB10

LOL! I don't talk much on my crackling speaker issues temporarily cleared up when I had to do a security wipe on my Z10. I have no explanation for this, but it was normal for about a month after the reset. And like you said, some times the crackling was worse than others...

Posted via CB10

You know what I agree. I feel like if every otha phone company is stepping up doing bigger & better things, why can't BlackBerry?? Its a little feew things I miss from BlackBerry. Like tha blinking LED light that use to stay blinking all day haha. I felt high-tech with that light. Seriously ahaha. What if Blackberry had a Siri? What if you could change tha color of tha keyboard backlight to any of tha 6 basic colors??? Whta if Blackberry made a unbreakable screen?? I drive with my phone in my lap. Sometimes when I get out tha car I foorget it's there than all of a sudden....BOOM!!! I cracked my screen. Even though that's my fault but still......who wouldn't want to see Blackberry do something so random? These things I would like to see happen, if possible. Also, more music and business apps.

Posted via CB10

Phil Nickinson eh??? Lmao. Someone's gonna pay for that picture I'm sure ;)

Posted via CB10

They(BlackBerry) should just make an industrial case for their devices.

Using the model Z30 for example:

Otterbox like soft inner liner
Hard exterior
Goretex membrane over speaker and mic ports
Clear touch screen protector
The Goretex over the speaker and mic port is a must. Will allow sound transmission as well as keep water out,but allow the internals to breathe.

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I've noticed the ear piece on my Q10 to be irritating when someone is talking to me during a phone call. I find myself turning the volume down during a call because it hurts my ears, but it's the quality of the sound coming out that sucks, not the volume. I have not, however, experienced this with my Z10 that's sitting in my room. Keyboard and battery life have kept me rocking the Q though

Posted via CB10 for Q10

I spent some quality time (pun intended) with my beloved Z10 every month, mine use a Case•Mate aluminum cover.

I basically almost dismantled part of the smartphone and thoroughly clean piece by piece to make sure that dust or grime don't get inside. Been doing this since the BBPearl years and has served me good.

Well CB freaks spend some quality time with your BlackBerry 10!!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

why would you think waterproofing the phone will prevent damage from metal filings getting into the earpiece, I would think reporting this problem to Blackberry would be more beneficial, let them decide what the cause of the failure was and make appropriate fixes! Who knows they may decide to compensate for the repairs.

I have the same problem. I need to have a call through my ear piece or on speaker phone...just how much work is it to replace that speaker? I wish I could change to a brand new phone but realistically, the phone is not even one year old and I am stuck in a 3 year contract...

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Well same here!
When my Z10 drop along with my ipad, the sound is also gone but I can still hear with an earphone

My Z10 is equipped with ballistic case and when both my ipad and z10 took a free fall, my ipad landed first with screen down and Z10 landed above the ipad. My ipad doesn't seem to have a problem at all (ipad use a switcheasy cara model case) but unfortunately my z10 lost its voice.

My Z10 spent about 1 month for service and I'm forced to use a feature phone with nothing but SMS, phone, and flashlight LoL

Apparently many people here suffered the same problem, most of them lost the sound without any impact. So I think maybe the speaker is really the worse part of Z10

Sorry if my English is bad >,<

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I think there's companies that will waterproof your phone by coating it in some liquid? Not sure how well they work though... Might be worth a try if it's not too expensive.

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I have the same problems with all my phones. Its fine metal dust hitching a ride on the speakers magnets. I just keep sending them back to verivons extended warranty program. Just a thought.

I agree, I did that on vacation when I was running on the beach. It was a brilliant idea, the touch works through the plastic too.

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I'm a Pipefitter and have had the Z10 since the day it was released - put the Otter case on that day (btw Otter box blew the design of this case - it covers way too much of the bezel - had to cut some of the plastic out) - still using the same phone - and I've had many days when I came home looking like a chimney sweep - works perfectly, I would love the z30's long battery life....

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I'd like to see a more durable BlackBerry. Whether you call it waterproof, water resistant, dust proof, shock resistant, or whatever... I'd love a tough phone that I don't feel I have to wrap up in a case. I've scuffed both my Z10 and Z30 from dropping them.

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Wow, does any of you plug the audio jack port when not in use? With something like screen cleaning rod I got with my protective casing. If you like flashy stuff, audio plug with some decorative toys you can buy some place. (cute and effective to block some dust entrance).

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Bond a sheet of tivec or gortex to the inside of the ear piece of the otter box. This should keep out the dust and protecting the speaker. Not waterproof but easy fix for dust

Metal shavings? 3 phones wreaked? Does he work at a metal shaving plant? No problems here, I think he's the factor to change his habits not the phone.

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Yeah, he needs to quit his job rather than find a phone that can stand up to the environment in which he works....yeah, ok...imo, employment beats out device loyalty....not even close.

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My wife works in a hospital. Even her Z10 get metal bits in the ear piece. It's not just heavy industrial environments that kill these things.
A simple dust cover on the internals would suffice.

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I lost my speaker, for no explainable reason, for a good two months. One day I bought a micro hdmi to plug in to my TV. I opened CB10 (booya) after unplugging the phone and guess what? I heard that good ol beedle letting be know there was a new story. Hasn't failed since.

Z10 on ST, .1925

I have plenty of friends who use samsung phones - quite a lot of them have to pop down to the repair centre eventually. I went with one of them, and it was a hardware error that cost about the price of the phone.

Are you sure it's more durable?
Might simply be a trade off, you may get a something that spoils another way..

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The speaker of my Z10 is spotty. it sometimes just goes silent an I need to press the area around the speaker to bring back the sound.

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Currently, I get nervous every time I have to reset my phone. This is my second blackberry(z10) and it's starting to show symptoms of what happened to my first z10. The reset black screen of death with the blue blackberry symbol showing 100% complete. Restoring the phone to factory default settings using the blackberry link is the only way to revive the phone, otherwise, it stays on that black screen of nothingness, in an inoperable state. I don't know what's causing this, but i'm getting a little perturbed by this problem. I'm tired of having to download my apps repeatedly and rearrange my icons over and over. I just used an app. (lapse lab hd), a time -lapsing camera app and now my camera doesn't work anymore. Don't know if the app caused it, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this same issue with their zed? Don't want to jump ship, but I used my phone a lot and store a lot of info in it, but I can't keep going through these resetting and rearranging situations over and over. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.

Opined with my Z10!

I am on my second Z30 and it, just like the first, has a blown ear piece. I also spend most of my time in an office but am in a welding shop from time to time. Either way I'm not happy with the ear piece blowing on two phones in 4 months. I am holding off replacing this one in the hopes that BlackBerry does fix the issue

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There's a small thread on this in the forums - about people wanted a more rugged BB10 device. There were a few comments about how small the market is for a device like this.

It doesn't make any sense to me why there isn't a market for a rugged device? Smartphone manufacturers make devices, they get praise for being a slim device with a large, beautiful screen, and how well it feels in their hand, then smartphone/tech enthusiasts drool all over the aesthetics of the device and wind up spending $600 on this beautiful state-of-the-art device.

BUT, here's where it gets weird. What is the first thing most smartphone users do? They slap it in a sub-$50 case. They add bulk, they feel like cheap plastic, they're slippery, they're everything they didn't want in a smartphone...yet there's no market for a rugged device from the factory?

I don't work in an office job and do a lot of heavy lifting (anywhere from 30lbs to 170lbs), but I don't carry my Z30 in a case. I've used the pocket or pouch type cases, but only because they offer protection to carry a couple small things in my pocket at the same time.


What do you mean you "borrowed" him your Z30? Are you trying to say "loaned" him your Z30?

"Borrowed him" isn't English.

Posted using my Z10 via CB10

Kevin, surely this is something that should be covered under manufacturer's warranty, no? I mean, if 3 phones exhibited the same problem with everyday use, there is a design issue at play. I run a restaurant, and my Q10 is subjected to exposure to icing sugar, salt, grease, crumbs... Thing is practically mint almost a year after I got it (and it's in the Blackberry flip shell case, which offers only reasonable protection. I'd be calling up the carrier and asking them to repair those Z10s instead of trying to do the repairs yourselves.

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Something similar has happened to my nephew. He just busted his second earpiece. He works in a plant in the vicinity of high voltage equipment and wonders if that had anything to do with it...Perhaps he is also exposed to dust particles/metal shavings...

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My nephew had his first phone either replaced or repaired by Blackberry under warranty.

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It's not just the Z10, I blew three speakers on Z10 and one on the z30 before I learned through the forums that it was most likely due to the metal dust at my work.


I am a commercial diver. I'd love a waterproof case or waterproof system for my BlackBerry.

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I have had a similar experience. I work for a high rise condo developer. I have noticed. Continuously, after cutting or drilling through steel. I would find small fragments of steel clinging to bother the headset and speaker. I tried a compressed air can for cleaning away the debris. That made the situation worse. The compressed air made the headset crackle and incomprehensible during calls.

Moving forward. I am still doing the same kind of work. But have recently replaced the affected Z10 with a new one. I have using a magnet (carefully) . Removes any magnetic debris collected at the speaker and headset. Thus far that solution has worked.

Closing. A BlackBerry impervious to the elements would be a bold statement. "Best in security. Weather it's from the elements or sources unknown. BlackBerry will have you covered."

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My father-in-law owns a business and they do pipe fitting and welding occasionally. He wouldn't be doing it himself but he is around it sometimes. This would explain to me why he has also had 3 speakers fail on two different z10s.
They were all replaced on warranty luckily. He has had a Z30 since it came out and has had no issues. Hopefully it stays that way.

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Ziplock baggies are cheap and come 50 to a box. I live 8 miles from the beach and go in the sand all the time with my baggie-protected Z10's (3 of em for me, my friend and her grown up daughter.) Also I have a mini machine shop and have metal particles all over the place. Z10's stay clean. Have had them for a year on March 30th. Haven't lost a speaker yet...
Hope this helps...

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can I buy the broken Z10's? Seriously. Message me.

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

Can I say something, my z10's earpiece or loudspeaker never ever even once died on me!
I always use the earpiece to play music and how can you just happen to just get 3 faulty devices? Or is it the stl100-1

Sent From my brand new Q10 :D

I am using a z10 and having the same problem, blown ear piece, so I reduce the volume and to half and then its fine. What I don't understand is why you guys are changing the phone because of this problem, can't the earpiece be replaced with a new one? What about warranty claims?

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I've had the same issue, it was still under a year warranty. It only happens on calls though where it sounds like the speaker is blown or muffled.

They fixed it and it was good for a about two months and now it's starting to sound like it's blown again.. I don't work anywhere where there would be metal shavings... and I keep the call volume at half any higher and it sounds blown out

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Get a needle and poke lightly the holes on front of the speaker, I can almost guarantee you somehow, someway there's a bunch of metal dust in there.

Yep I'm on my third Z10 as well same type of problem, thought I was alone. Glad to report however that his latest one has had no speaker problems and has been running strong for about a year now!

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I've changed the ear piece in my z10, my friends Q10, and probably three others dating back to a 9700. We work in the automotive industry. I never thought that could be a reason for the speakers failing. I always just thought it was poor quality speakers. Good article.

Back when I installed one of the earlier leaks (1025?) on my Z30 I noticed my earpiece speaker distorted over 1/3 volume and I thought my phone was shot as well. However the next release I installed fixed it and the speaker was back normal again so go figure...

I know guys who work on a shop floor where metal dust is everywhere, not a single phone has lasted in the shop for a few months, even the Samsung galaxy active, the only way to dust proof it was a life proof case for iPhone so far, so I had to switch to an iPhone 5s for my company phone, but still keep my Z10 as personal. So metal dust won't be stopped unless the phone is 100% covered even the active doesn't stand a chance

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Foxconn only makes cheap phones the one your bro would want would still be made at BlackBerry

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I am in the HVAC industry and I never have an issue like this with my z10.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10

I'm a facility Manager in a high end manufacturing plant. I use a ottterbox defender on my BlackBerry Zed10 every day it never leaves the case. We have metal dust shavings wood dust and shavings. I'll use the mill, table saw grinders. And my BlackBerry Zed10 still runs awesome. My only issue is the nfc doesn't work anymore.


Rkelly on his Zed10

This would be amazing! I'd love to have a waterproof phone. Went in the washing machine, did it? Oh, well! LOOL JK. But really, having this extra bit of protection would be cool. I wonder if they'd be able to do it with keyboard devices...

Posted via CB10

Not seeing the relationship between waterproof and metal shavings. That being said, the metal shavings appear to be a proven issue. One wonders if a headphone jack cover would help here? Hard to imagine filings/dust getting into the actual speaker opening. The headphone jack is an obvious point of concern. Maybe a soft plastic "dummy" cover that fits perfectly may be a thing to make available? Great feedback, and idea! I have a Z10 but can't stress it, as I loaned it to a friend. But of I get it back I may fab a soft silicone headphone jack cover and then let my car mechanic buddy throw some metal shavings it's way and see what's what.

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My brother and I are both dealing with this same issue, even with out cases and our phones put up in the office the metal dust finds its way into the speaker. We are both in metal fab BTW.

FWIW, my buddy, a hardened Android addict, was easily converted and loves BB10 only after a few days of driving my Z10. I will see if I can reclaim it and test a few things.

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I work in a machine shop and I use the blackberry leather holster. The magnets seem to attract a lot of metal depending on what I am doing. I use a magnet and a miniature magnetized screwdriver to clean the main speaker by pulling chips out, and then take the phone apart to clean the earpiece. It would be considered blown when listening to it, but once you take it apart and clean the little speaker, it works fine again and sounds like it did when new. Before I really knew what I was doing, I damaged the main speaker beyond repair. I found a rear housing panel on ebay for 8 bucks that has the rear speaker built into it. I just bought one of those and now just make it a point to keep an eye on the metal chips and clean when necessary. I don't think any phone can stand up to this environment.

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No need to replace the speaker or earpiece.

The speaker and ear piece in the phone are basically the same as the speakers in your common headphones but only smaller. Those speakers uses a thin mylar diaphragm with a voice coil attached to it. This voice coil surrounds a magnet. When electricity passes through it, it vibrates along with the mylar diaphragm. This movement produces sound, voice, music, ring tones, etc.

If a metal shaving or any other small ferrous material reaches the speaker, it will be attracted by the magnet, clampping the mylar diaphragm against the magnet. This will make imposible for the diaphragm to move or vibrate, making imposible for the speaker to emit any sound.

To correct this situation, simply remove the speaker from the phone and using a wood or plastic toothpick (never use a ferrous metalic tool, it will be pulled by the magnet and could destroy the speaker) remove any foreign material on top of the mylar diaphragm. Once it completely clean, reinstall it in the phone and problem solved!

My two cents, good luck!

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So how come your brother didn't either replace the speakers before buying three Z10's?


Why didn't he consider purchasing either the Q10 or Z30?

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

That's strange. My husband is a Handyman and is around a lot of dust and metal shavings but his speaker or ear piece has never given out. He's had the otter box defender case since day one since he's prone to drop it or get dust on it. I guess it worked for him :)

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I've had that EXACT same problem with the replacement Z10 I got from BlackBerry when my first Z10 became a brick for no apparent reason.

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I dropped mine in a pool of jetA (jet fuel) and mine kept working. I gave also metal in the speaker, I used silly putty to pull the metal out.

Posted via CB10

How does that work? Does that get past the grill and pull tiny shavings off the speaker? That seems like an easy preventative maintenance thing that can be done.

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The earpiece on my Q10 is also not working, everytime somebody calls I have to talk on speaker!

Posted via CB10

Come on Kevin, your just now realizing how crappy BlackBerry screens and seals are?! So you never got dust under your screen within a week? Under the camera screen somehow, and bold 9930 under the screen everywhere and in the middle of the frickin sensor. So for you to write an article about the easyness of crap to get in a BlackBerry now, then you are kinda blind or just doing this for your brother

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You are getting way ahead of yourself by saying a waterproof phone will solve this problem.

If you want to test, go get a waterproof Z10 from

Posted via CB10

My speakers went on my Bold 9780, but I think it's because I dropped it. It went really tinny. I work as a forklift tech in really dusty environments but no problems with my Z10, touch wood!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

My 1 year warranty just expired on my Z10. I got an RMA process started on my 2nd Zed10, just before it expired. Each time, after Approx 6 months, the earphone speaker crapped out. Based on my research of various forums, this is a well documented problem with the Z10. (mine have always been in an Otterbox Defender case... the one with the sucky, useless holster). This time I called Rogers retention dept. And bitched about it see my thread here (
So... Rogers, replaced it twice under warranty... he should have some warranty left, maybe try that route first. he could sell the refurbished ones to pay for his Z30. But if he doesnt go that route... searching "earphone speaker failure in blackberry Z10" on Google ( will give him lots of tutorials on the repair as well as sources for the replacement parts.

In a nutshell, I dont believe it is anything he did, nor is it the environments that he is working in. I believe that the fault lies fully in a less than stellar part used by Blackberry.
That's my .02 cents. which in this day of the disappearing penny probably isnt worth much. ;-)

Kevin M. it's tough. Every time youre on a mobile nations podcast you bring up a blackberry argument to the discussion. You mention if blackberry could have done x y z... than they would be in a good spot. I believe the latest is the smart wearables. Windows phone and Blackberry are in a similar boat. Android and IOS are so far ahead in the smart phone reliability and efficiency with infrastructure, that theyre going to dabble in new smart tech. impending watches from google and the ever coming iwatch are such products. blackberry and windows phone are still struggling to break through to cut a % market share, theres no way they'll make wearable tech, or an ACTIVE blackberry phone. there's just no market for it especially since a low % are even thinking of buying a BB10 phone.

BlackBerry should be different and make it waterproof internally instead as an exoskeleton. That would be more innovative than the original.

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As I've posted before, I have had this issue with speakers on every BlackBerry I've owned. On the 9530, it was the speakerphone that kept crapping out, on the 9550, 9850, and Z10, it was the ear piece. Only on the 9550 did it get near unusable. On the 9850, I just dealt with it instead of returning it for a refurbished exchange. Other than the trackpad, I had a good device and didn't want to risk getting a lesser one. This ear piece issue is an issue with every make and model of device where I work. I am a press brake operator at a sheet metal fabrication shop. Lots of deburring, grinding, and welding going on daily.

Posted via CB10

Radios and ear buds all suffer the same fate eventually where I work. I don't see how even an Otter Box would help with this situation. I have seen several complaints about the tight fit of the back cover for the Z30, but I have to say it really seems to keep a lot of the crap out. Also, I noticed the Z30 speakers seem to have double protection. I'm hoping this helps with my particular situation.
As someone who prefers to not cover up my phones, other than a ZAGG screen protector, I would very much be interested in an "active" version of a BlackBerry full screen device.

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If BlackBerry makes a waterproof phone, my family will buy several. My father sends his BlackBerry swimming far too often. Also, it would be a great first phone for my son when he's ready.

A truly hardened BlackBerry to military specs has always been something I thought they should do. Much of the population loves the idea of a product that is nearly indestructible, and many enterprise users would go for it as well. Think how many Panasonic tough books are out there despite the high price tag.

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Yes! Had this issue on my Z10!
That would be awesome if they could be like S4 active and be life proof! In a sense... at least waterproof!

Posted via CB10

Magnets, can't live with them can't live without them.

Working in the mechanical industry I had problems with the trackballs on my 8100 and 8800. I became pretty efficient at ripping it apart and cleaning the rollers when I had problems with metal filings sticking to the magnets. All from my pockets. Moved to a holster and didn't have any more issues.

The grill on the ear piece is quite coarse on the Z10. Maybe that can be improved?

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Just exchanged under extended warranty my Z10 last week for same issue. I am a field technician and work in some dusty environments.

Posted via CB10

Spot on... a bb10 'Obama' signature model that has durability features like rubber drop bumpers in the corners, standard screen sheld' like my z30 came with (thank you BBY) and if needed even more security features. Limit the price to only about a hundred bucks more than the Standard z30, not the dumb-ass Porshe Design prices. The design philosophy would be valid practical features for longevity+A little bit of exclusivity=good press and sales winner. Call it the z30-O, obamaz-30, OBZ30, what have you. Yes I work in marketing...

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I'm having a speaker issue, which until I read the OP, I assumed was a carrier issue. I'm now of the opinion that it's a speaker problem. What I get, mid-call (sometimes) is a loud and crackly hiss. I have to abort the call. Having read your bro's problems, I'm convinced this is a hardware issue now...

(Time to bid on one of those Z30s on eBay - can't buy one from the phone shops in my part of the UK for love nor money.)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.2.0

Waterproof would be awesome! Here in The Netherlands, our main transport in the bigger cities is cycling. Also, it's a country with lots and lots of rain. I would finally be able to answer calls and use my phone outside when it rains, without looking like an idiot trying to cover my phone from the rain and still trying to see the screen.

But maybe this is an easy solution for your brother: use an earphone plug without the earphones. It would cover the hole from dust, like some sort of a cork.

Metal scratches seem unlikely to me as I use earphones all the time and never had a problem with anything, in almost a year now. Although, I never used the official BlackBerry earphones.. maybe there's a difference there?

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

Just making the phones weather proof would be a good starting point...if not waterproof.

At least you can use them outdoors more...

Posted via CB10

Both the speakers on my blackberry got wreaked, I'm really disappointed in this. I've always been a blackberry fan but I talked on the phone a lot and need something reliable

Posted via CB10

You lend something to someone and borrow something from them, you do not borrow something to someone. Sorry for being pedantic.

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Well since you are opening the phone anyway, install some dustfilters behind te holes and your problem is fixed forever. This is a know problem for many phones, just not many people. I guess the Z10 is attrackting more then average metal dust because of the metal grill covering the speaker.

On my Q10, my ear piece never worked fully, it's like the amplifier never worked. The only way I can have a "decent" phone call is with speakerphone on, but then again could only be a manufacture deffect, altough my phone is often around metal shavings and dust

Posted via CB10

Hey Kevin,

PLEASE, if your brother is indeed going to jump ship, make him prchase a [b]Sony Xperia Z2[/b], not a Samsung Galaxy device. It's already a shame that Samsung is that high in consumers perception and relevant set if they're going to buy a new phone, but we tech savvy people that are educated, should really teach the average consumer for the better, whenever possible. I think it's our responsibility. And there's no doubt that the Xperia Z2 is the better device all around, it even has a higher IP certification than the Galaxy S5. Plus
- a much bigger battery
- a better IPS screen
- front facing dual stereo speakers
- 3 GB opposed to 2 GB RAM
- better built quality
- better design
- less bloatware

I have had 3 ear pieces replaced in the same phone....very disappointed with BlackBerry on this issue...

Posted via CB10

Yes, I heard from a sales person that the Samsung galaxy s4 was experiencing issues with the waterproof. She said they leak not really waterproof.

Posted via CB10

It's not water proof but he may want to consider a MIKE BlackBerry ;)

Posted via CB10 & my kick ass BlackBerry Z30

I have this exact problem and being and engineer myself it's not easy for me to avoid metal dust

Posted via CB10

easy, don't use your phone when around the manufacturing floor all done, its like 1 in a million scenario, or call otterbox and get them to make more then a z10 defender like with others, you need them to make a armour series for the z10

cant really hold that to blackberry you saw how the xperia z never really took off for it why tell blackberry to do something pointless that took sony backwards when they need to do something focused in other areas and move forward?

So... when I had my Blackberry Storm 2, I found that metal dust got into the speaker and caused it to fall. Solution, a speaker from a eBay vender and about a 45 minute job, the first time anyway. Got faster on the second one. I've had this Z10 for nearly a year and no problems.

I've had two Z10s just die on me. The first one died while I was listening to music, and the second one died while I was on the Internet. They just shut off and restart, but as soon as the home screen comes on it blacks out. I said forget it and traded it in for a Nexus 5 and got a Z30 thru my job.

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Galaxy S5 is not's water resistant... that means water can damage the phone...but it can handle more time with water more than other phones.. and that doesn't mean the galaxy s5 is better...loving my bb Z30

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A cheap but effective case is a snack size zip-top bag! Seen these next to the earplugs at a few machine shops.

Posted via CB10

My company which is a construction company that works a lot with piping and sheet metal had a failure rate of over 50% due to metal getting in the speakers and blowing them out.

We eventually were forced to replacement all the phones for our field personnel with Samsung devices.

Posted via CB10

This has happened two of my Blackberries and three of a friend's blackberries. Your brother is not an isolated incident... in fact, I've heard from many people who have had the same problem, and always on the z10. it's been a shame that the first phone BlackBerry released has seemed to have so many problems from the get go. (random restarts anyone? )

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Just found out that my brother is now rocking a Z30. When I asked him why, he said his wife had washed and dried his Z10...

I have gone through 2 Z10 with blown ear piece speaker. My dad's Q10 had the same fate. My Z30 and my work Q10 haven't had a problem.

Posted via CB10

Most current phones are susceptible to the metal filings getting into the the speaker and pulling the drum onto the magnet so you don't get and vibration/movement on the drum, I was a Nokia tech for 6 years and this was common and not a manufacturers fault, I've had my Z10 for about 8 months now and it's still as clear as the day I bought it. Hope I haven't just jinxed myself!

Posted via CB10

Had the speaker issue for about 10 months, but just used the one year warranty and they are shipping me a new one.

Posted via CB10

My dad's Q10 had the speaker blow out as well. Was listening to music Nd speaker just blew. Took it to Fido got it fixed. I really wish they would have fixed the slight scratch on the screen/scrape on the bezel. I mean that would have been some solid customer service.

But what can you do...

Hopefully BBRY is working on that front. As this phone took 3.5 weeks (which is insane) to fix.

Apple in my eyes still has that repair down pact. Instantly get you a new phone/refurb.

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Hi guys! I have exactly the same problem but with my Q10. I work at Honda Motors and they are sticking to BlackBerry and BES. Two weeks ago my phone started to make weird noises during phone calls. There seemed to be a problem with the ear speaker because the external speaker is still fine.
After reading this post I realized that the phone started to behave this way after visiting the automatic lines for grinding/sanding fuel tanks. Indeed there there was an environment with metallic powder in suspension (as there is no perfect HVAC system). I already ordered two earpieces from ebay (UK) and will do the same as Kevin's brother. For now I'm at the Brazilian facility and it may take some weeks for the package to reach me, but would like to ask Kevin (or his brother) to make a video or share with us if the replacement did work.

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Happened to one of my z10 lucky I was under axiom warranty, so replaced 4 Z10s :P yes 4 replacements and this is my 5th z10 for free :P

It actually happened when I went on a desert safari, where we had lots if fun, and I forgot to take my Z10 out of my back pocket :P, expected results showed very soon, but that was not the case with the other 3 where which was basically caused one my corrupt files in my SD and 2 by loading leaked softwares trough auto loader and loading back to the original in a very short time, maybe the ports were not strong or whatever the reason, but after that I did not try the leaks :P

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