CrackBerry Asks: How much internal storage is enough?

By Adam Zeis on 15 Oct 2012 01:00 pm EDT
 PlayBook Storage  

The BlackBerry PlayBook was really the first time we saw a BlackBerry model with different storage sizes. Before that, the internal storage was the same for a device series and only with the addition of a memory card could memory be added. With BlackBerry 10 however, there is a chance we'll see different internal storage sizes like the PlayBook - 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. This would give you the option to choose your base storage size depending on your needs, so if you're a media junkie you can go all out, or if you just want the basics you can choose that route as well. While this isn't confirmed yet, it's a good possibility we'll see the BB10 devices in various models/sizes.

Our question today is this - how much internal storage is "enough" for you? 8GB? 16GB? 64GB? It all depends on what you store on your device as far as media, documents and apps, but what do you think is a good number? Let us know in the poll above how much is enough and sound off in the comments with your reasons why. 

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CrackBerry Asks: How much internal storage is enough?


Totally depends on the user, but I'd say for commercial products, 16, 32 and 64 GB offerings would probably suffice. Could just go big and offer 32 and 64 GB versions too.

Yeah I'd drop any 16GB version. I have a PlayBook 32GB that I got when it was released but if I was to buy one now with the low pricing I wouldnt even consider 32GB, I'd say the only option would be 64GB, that's because there is no way to extend that memory.

Different story if the device had micro sd slot then probably 32GB is enough.

Note that all the leaks we've seen so far indicate microSD support...

Considering that, I'm good with 32GB. 16GB for entry-level devices.

16, 32 and 64gb are nice, but is small compared to whats coming. There is a 1TB (1000GB) chip that is coming.

Think of the possibilities. You could store every movie you have in 1080p HD, have hundreds of high memory games and still have tons of space left, all on your Tablet or Smartphone.

Here's the link to the video. Check it out. Comments?
Tablets are incredible

8 is great 16 is plenty.

If you want up to 64 Gigs, then just buy a 64 Gig card. Even with that, you would save money compared to an iphone.

Now for tablets, it depends on your usage.

If it has an SD Card slot i'm good with 16GB. I like that flexibility, something you don't get with iPhone unless you want to pay for it.

i would agree, as i felt the same, but when you think about apps too, it could be tricky.

I had a 16Gb PlayBook with no `media` just apps and even then it wasnt enough, now i have a 64Gb PlayBook and probably 25+gb is apps!!

That's the key. 32 is fine for now, but SD cards will allow us to be more flexible in the future.

That's the key, 'For now.' I remember my first PC in 1994. It had 250MB Ram and a 2GB hard drive. By today's standards that's a joke even for a Tablet or Smart Phone.
Tablets are incredible

gee u had it luckly. lol i had a 80mb with 4mb of ram. good old windows 3.1.
16 gig of space should be enough for the normal user. I have a 32 gb and still have 25gigs free. if i wants movies i usally just watches them on the lappy. For songs 128 bitrate is good enough for me.
the only thing i would need space for would be the camera.

I worked so much overtime in 1994 to get that puter when I was in my early 20's lol. Ah windows 3.1 I remember it well, now were up to windows 8 and its designed for touch screen.

So you're more into MP3? That's cool. I have the 32GB Playbook and we use it mostly to watch movies on, through the HDMI cable.

I hear there's a 1TB (1000GB) micro sd coming soon. That would be unreal to have on a tablet. I could store every HD movie I have with tons of games, and every piece of data I have, and still have space left LOL.
Tablets are incredible

That is an amazing amount of RAM for 1994. Going by historical RAM prices, that is $8000 US worth of memory! And the server/workstation level board to support it with enough SIMM slots wouldn't have been cheap either. 16MB 72 pin SIMMs back then were still pretty pricey and it would have taken 16 of them. 32MB 72 pin SIMMs were damn near $1000 each. In '94 a 2GB hard drive (SCSI at the time most likely) was about $1500 - $1800 so that was indeed a very impressive system.

Agree - if there is an SD slot then 16 is more than enough - but if this suggests they're going to take away the SD slot then I cry foul!!

same here. I like having the flexibility of just popping a new micro SD for 30-80 bucks than having to change devices.
I might even go as far a not getting a BB10 device should they make them more like the damn iphone..

I have an 8Gb iPhone 3GS and since I don't watch movies on my phone that's always been enough for me. My PlayBook is 16GB which is great, it's enough to hold several movies and all my music and apps.

I think 16GB would probably be the perfect number for me.

32gb seems just right. Not too much, not too little.

I've had my Playbook for a year and havent even used 1 full gb :/

But for mp3 devices...the bigger the better. I have 64gb iPod.

Really? There are apps (some games are > 1 GB!), music, photos, videos, docs, podcasts, news, etc.... I don't have a lot of music on mine, but about 16 GB of apps alone!

I rarely use my Playbook :/

I have very few apps installed and no music or photos. I dont really have a use for it like I thought I would.

Same, I got 32GB. I store movies, 600+songs, all my apps (including heavy aps like MC3&MC2, deadspace etc) and dropbox documents.
Still have ~10GB Free.

I agree with shemaree09. I use a 120GB iPod for music, and my 16GB PlayBook for movies and all was fine. Then I noticed how great the sound quality is on the PlayBook and started moving music to it and now I don't have enough space, so I'm voting 32GB.

I can crush the "greatest hits" of the last three centuries into about 40GB of .mp3s. I only have a 32GB PlayBook so the (free) 50GB on comes in very handy.

Moar space is always better!

/Device agnosticism or bust!

64 on a tablet. I could easily be happy with 16 on a phone - even with a 4" screen I'm probably not going to be playing intense games or watching movies on it much.

If we have Dropbox, Skydrive, and/or, why not, Sugarsync, 32 Go is enough.
Even if it hasn't a SD Card slot.

SD slot is essential. This way the user can configure to their media needs and the manufacturer only needs to build 1 device instead of 3.

BlackBerry 9780

I'm the odd man out here. I think 8GB would be fine assuming there is a SD card slot. I actually think 4GB is serviceable.

I can buy memory for an SD card dirt cheap, and get up to 32GB without an issue.

That said, without an SD slot, you really need to have multiple versions, likely a 16 GB and a 32 GB variant. I'm expecting that BlackBerry 10 apps won't have the same diminutive footprint we're used to on BlackBerry 7.

i made the mistake of getting the 16gb playbook will not make that mistake a second time getting 32gb bb10 and got a 32sd card for it as well that should easily be enough for me

You probably won't get a chance to do so, the odds are that we will see one size of bb10 handheld due to the simple fact that it vastly simplifies their inventory and rim are not in the position where they can afford to make a mistake on inventory levels.

Especially since these phones seem like they will have a memory card I would bet that we will see 16gig + sd card as the only size option and any choices will be more along the lines of a black or white model.

Those HD videos take up a lot of memory.

I'm thinking they will do something like 16 gb internal, comes with 16 gb micro sd, and then partner with someone like who offer another 16 gb free to BB10 owners.

It all depends if there is expandable storage ie sd card. No such thing as too much storage Imo. I went and got the 64 PlayBook after I found that my 16 was out of room with very little music pictures and videos.

Keep in mind that apps are getting bigger and with 1080p becoming more of a standard, you will need all the storage you can get.

Don't forget that if you get put on Fusion when it comes out, that's even less space for you to play with. My 32GB Playbook had lots of space until my kids started playing with it. Now, I barely have 500MB of space left. The more space the better. 64GB and sd card all the way!

Completely agree with ffejie. I've got next to nothing in internal memory on my phone -- everything is on the SD card. Of course a lot of that will depend on app sizes -- but I'm not a huge app user, so I'd probably get along just fine with 8GB as an option.

I won't be playing a large games on my handset so the internal isn't as important as the PB. The option to add a memory card to the handset is uber important to me so smaller device memory but larger card ability/support is key.

No amount of space is enough. If I only have an 8 GB model, then I'll have apps and pictures to the point where I'm over and wish I had just a few more Gigs. If I have a 64 GB model (as is the case with my PlayBook) then I'll fill it with movies and pictures and music and large apps until it's full and I wish I had just a few more Gigs. If I had 2 TB then I'd store apps and pictures and HD movies and music and large apps and backups of stuff I know I'll only use once a decade and all sorts of other stuff (as has been proved by my computer), and I'd wish I had just a few more Gigs to store it all. Really, no amount of space is enough, because my "needs" automatically adjust to how much space I have

32 GB built in is fine with USBOTG functionality ENABLED! Why RIM decided to neuter this ability is beyond me. It would greatly improve functionality for the device. I could then forgive them for not including a microSDHC slot at that point.

Just have a micro SD slot so we can make that decision! If they've licensed Microsoft xfat then why would we not be able to potentially add a 1Tb card, 500Gb card etc.

I voted more than 64gb. But once the phones become more integrated with your home computer and the cloud you will require very little onboard memory - Just enough to run your os and apps - storage woud be from home or the cloud. This theory assumes that IPS continue to upgrade their hardware for seemless streaming. Or new technology that allows for better streaming.

I say 32gb 16gb is to small especially if you have tons of games
My friend who has a 16gb playbook had to delete some games in order to even upgrade to os 2.1
So 32 with micro SD slot should be good

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I have the 32gb version of the PlayBook and it is enough but I wish I had a little more so my vote is for 64. I wish I had the 64gb model but I've had such great luck with my 32gb one from day 1 that I will only replace it if I kill it.

Minimum 64 GB for me. I'm a gamer and have a pretty extensive PlayBook game collection. My device is already more than half full and I haven't had it a year yet!

I originally thought 32GB was overkill and 16GB was fine, but I just checked my free storage and it's just 12GB. So for the time being I'd say 32GB is enough.

I have never understood the need to carry my entire 'digital life' around with me.

I wont use 90% of it. Most people if honest could junk 90% of their data and not really miss it.

Plus the sheer liability of carrying everything around on one device.

Not good.

I say 32 GB for high-end, and as low as 8 GB for the low-end. This is also assuming there is a slot for micro-SD, which appears to be the case for the BB10 devices. I don't think it's necessary to offer multiple models where the only difference is the size of the internal storage, unless there is no micro-SD slot.

I say 32 GB for high-end, and as low as 8 GB for the low-end. This is also assuming there is a slot for micro-SD, which appears to be the case for the BB10 devices. I don't think it's necessary to offer multiple models where the only difference is the size of the internal storage, unless there is no micro-SD slot.

I voted "64 GB" on this poll,...that is, if no microsd card slot is available, If microsd card slot is available,...then 32GB of internal storage would be sufficient.

Note,...I bought a 64GB PB! ....there, now you have it!


More. I voted 64 gb. I figure 32 gb minimum and I need a 64 gb sd card. I can fill a 64 gb sd card with my music, rotate the music every month, and still never get to the end of all music I own. It is going to take me years to transfer all my vinyl and cassettes to digital. And that is not counting apps and videos.
More is better. : )

I still carry a 160 gig disk-based iPod with me because no flash-memory devices can hold all my music... add to the device the ability to play movies / clips (and the high cost of streaming via cellular networks) the requirement goes up even more. I'd be happy with a 256 gig device that isn't the thickness of a sandwich and doesn't cost the GDP of a central american nation.

I bought the 64GB PlayBook specifically because there was no SD card. I use it for a few gig of MP3s, probably about 8GB of video and pictures, the rest is games, books, and data. Specifically, I use my PlayBook as a remote backup that I always have with me. It contains an encrypted backup file of my home system's data and gets updated once a week.

I still miss very much the flexibility of having an SD card slot. If it was a phone and didn't have an SD card I wouldn't buy it, plain and simple.

For devices being released next year (January RIGHT?), I think they have to be a minimum of 32GB on board to compete in the market. You don't want to be the same as everyone else, you want to be better. Having said that, you MUST have an SD card. That allows the user the freedom to do whatever they want. You would be better than iPhone5 immediately and better or equal to the best S3. If there's an SD card in the phone, 32GB is all that is required. One model. Period. If we're talking tablets then you can have a discussion about 32, 64 and a year from now 128 & 256, but you should STILL have an SD card. A year from now a 128GB SD card will allow for a lot of storage to be available to your device. I want that.

BB could stand to bust out ahead of the game and release a phone with 128gigs of internal storage (have that after all the phone software and everything is installed)

that would make a splash - its not a matter of what do people need, or want, its what will get peoples attention...

As most already pointed out. We can never have enough memory.
But I also found 32GB gets me currently app the Apps and Games I need, but 32GB really sells me short on Multimedia (Video, Music, Pictures) department. a MicroSD slot in future devices (As already included in the BlackBerry 10 Dev alpha B) are a must have feature for me, as I have currently 2x 64GB microSD cards already lying around filled to the brim and I'll buy the 128GB microSD's when they are release.

I would love to see a hot swap SD slot on the devices too (as on the old 9000), so you can easily change out the cards.

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for a phone 16GB is ample... 32 is a lot... 64 is not required


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

I download a lot of files to view on my PB from emails, I currently have a 32GB, and this one is mostly full. I have a lot of games too. I had to move out all my music from the PB to make room. Can't RIM allow us to access the micro USB and expand the memory cap. Dropbox is fine but slow to share files. I have a 16GB, for my daughter, mostly games and YouTube.

8GB???? What for?

Everyone is ranting we need an expansion slot for more memory, if RIM makes this MORE users will use the PB!!!!

The possibility of 1TB of space if a memory card slot is included will encourage people to store unnecessary things. It's really just too much but I can't stop the future so I welcome it. My laptop will become even more useless to me.

I don't do this poll.

The questions are wrong.

You should not ask what is enough but what is the minimum of what "I" would except on a device.

If there is no microSD slot the absolute minimum is 16GB on a phone. On a tablet 32GB. At least for me.

The reason I do not have a Nexus is the missing SD-slot (and keyboard ;p )

My Bold with 8GB internal but 32GB microSD (class 10) has plenty space to waste :)

My PlayBook 32GB has only 4GB left.

I hear rumors of 128GB Playbook, I could deal with that as the new standard of on board memory..I store a lot of movie's on my BlackBerry as to only carry one device around with me so the more memory the better.

As it has been stated, it depends on the SD slot being there and Apps / Games being able to be installed to it. Otherwise, the bigger the better. We have a 16, 32 and 64GB PlayBook, and am constantly having to transfer videos and pictures out of the 16 GB to the PC.

I'm still upset that the PlayBook doesn't have an SD slot.

Depends on user and depends on the tablet it self.

I have the blackberry playbook 16gb use only 5gb only.

I also have the ipad2 32gb verison (got it free) used up 15gbish now.
Games & Entertainment.

For a phone, 16gig is fine if you have the flexibility of a memory card slot, without one I'd want 32gig just to give me more options even if 16gig would generally be enough since it would mostly be for music rather than other media.

For a tablet, I expect to carry more media around with me all the time and as such I would not tend to get one without 32gig for day to day use even if it included usb-otg or a memory card slot. I don't feel the need for 64gig as I tend to have a certain amount of fixed content and then other stuff that is more transient so it is no problem to add and remove as needed rather than just hoarding.

The best situation would be a minimum of 16, but be able to expand if the owner wishes. That way it would suit any individuals needs. Soo,RIM in the future needs to build playbook with an expansion slot.


Really can't answer the poll, as it's not the right question. For me, it would be "How many MicroSD card would you buy?"

And to that I would answer : I already have 3 x 32 GB for my MP3s, might get one more, or recycle one, or exchange one for my tablet or phone, if they dare to put a slot on it!

So the real problem, with PlayBook as with Apple, is "Why block users by not including MicroSD card support?"

Sadly, the only answer I found to date is "Because we want to sell you overpriced SD memory soldered inside, see, that's where we make our real money"

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my PB, with its flaws and its strenghs, but it's sad the ONLY thing that will never be upgradable is the memory (unless we finally get USB OTG, that is...)

If it has an External Storage, then 16GB would do I guess. If not, I'll most probably go for the 32GB version

- Charles

32 gb of internals storage and an 32gb media card would sufice. Its not too much, not too little considering we're all moving up to HD, lossless music and HD gaming.
Internals are for app and external for media. I'd like that

Fully depends on wether SDHC or even SDXC cards are supported or not. If not, you're fine with at least 32GB. If yes, you're fine with 16GB. Selling multiple storage variations with SDcard-support each doesn't make any sense IMO. And I DO surely think RIM goes 16GB + MicroSD only. And that's pretty fine.

Storage should not even be an issue! For example when using my laptop, I'm not worried at all about how much storage I have left.. But when using my BlackBerry I have to check to see how much storage I have left so I don't run out. I have had that problem with a few older BlackBerrys such as the Storm and a few others.. and after awhile they were unusable...

I just hope BB10 is packed with storage and power!!

the only problem I have with internal memory on a blackberry is the way its managed. Look at the 9900 has 6GB on board but a miniscule amount is allocated specifically for app storage you can run out of it pretty quickly and once it starts filling up performance on your device starts to lag. I like many BB users I know store my pics, music, documents, etc on an external SD card why can't I use all the internal memory for app storage? why does my phone's performance lag when it starts filling up?

64 GB minimum + Sd cards option on all
128 GB
256 GB
Games & Movies take up lots of space.