How to migrate your music purchases from BlackBerry World to 7digital

By Bla1ze on 24 Jul 2014 10:11 pm EDT

By now, most folks are fully aware of that music purchases have been removed from BlackBerry World but what you might not know is the process for actually retaining those purchases. As it stands, you will have up to 12 months to access the music in your 'MyWorld' music locker on your BlackBerry 10 device and after 21st July, 2015, it will no longer be available.

That's not to say you lose your music though because 7digital has now outlined the migration process to move your files from BlackBerry World, directly to a 7digital account. The company has been sending out emails making folks aware of the process. Keep in mind, you'll need to create a 7digital account if you don't already have one.

Click on the link in your email to migrate your files > You will be then taken to a migration web page > You will need to sign in using your 7digital login details > Click on the button 'Import my BlackBerry locker' - this will complete the migration process.

Again, please note that it might take up to 24 hours for your account/files to fully migrate and your past purchases to appear in your 7digital account. We appreciate your patience whilst we do this.

You'll notice the instructions mention the fact you should have received an email. If you've not received one as of yet and files to migrate, it is suggested that you reach out to 7digital via their contact us page or hit them up on Twitter to help get you sorted. Once your files are migrated, you can then access them all as you wish through your account or via the 7digital app available in BlackBerry World. If you have more questions, be sure to check the FAQ page 7digital set up as well.

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How to migrate your music purchases from BlackBerry World to 7digital


Well, if you're 7 Digital and your biggest single customer just dumped you, impacting your stock price, you'd want to try and retain as much of that business as you can too wouldn't you? Nothing to do with BlackBerry being nice, they were the one's that kicked you out of BlackBerry World if you like music and videos in the first place. They sent notices to people to migrate to 7 Digital most likely to avoid a breach of contract suit from 7 Digital.

The fact that they dumped music and videos months in advance of the Amazon App Store being available on BlackBerry 10 from the factory says that BlackBerry really doesn't care about consumers in any meaningful way anymore and are likely hoping Amazon wants to buy the hardware business down the road when they fail to meet their 10 million phone per year goal by alienating consumers. This would be a smart play as Amazon would not in a million years want the BlackBerry brand. So BlackBerry would continue on like Nokia without a hardware division. Amazon would just want the access to supply chains, talented, engineers, designers, carrier relations, etc to grow their own hardware business.

In this sense, it's win win for Amazon and BlackBerry. For fans of BlackBerry phones, well not so much. Amazon likely won't switch to BlackBerry 10, and the BlackBerry brand will not be retained for the hardware. BlackBerry may contract Amazon's new hardware division to make a tiny amount of phones - like maybe 1 -2 million units per year - just for regulated industries that are super locked down.

I guess BlackBerry couldn't get Rovi on board with an app/migration so they shut it down. Too bad...I liked renting movies from my phone.

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After updating the app on my PlayBook I still have access to the movies that I've purchased. Just can't add any to my library.

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It isn't the downloading purchases I am worried about, it's being able to re-download the license for the movie when I switch devices again. That was the only part that required me to go back to BlackBerry World since I already had the movie files on my SD card.

And no, a device backup and restore to a new device did not carry the license files over for whatever reason.

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I have an album I purchased but haven't received an email to migrate my purchase. I sure hope I haven't lost it.

Actually Blackberry was the one to insult their users by pulling music and video from App Eirld just as they were starting to reach out to consumers with a phone like the z3.

What would make you think Amazon will take care of users in parts of the world where Amazon Music and Prime Video is not offered?

For that matter, what incentive does Amazon have to look after BlackBerry customers at all? It's going to be a nightmare. Problem with an App from Amazon and you call Amazon they will undoubtedly tell you, 'Oh, you're using a BlackBerry. Call them. Goodbye". Call BlackBerry and they will tell you that you have to deal with Amazon and they have nothing to do with it.

So consumers will say, 'Well I guess my next phone won't be a BlackBerry'. Then Both BlackBerry and Amazon win. BlackBerry finds a buyer for the one part of the company no one wants - sells hardware business to Amazon - and Amazon gets the engineers, designers and carrier relationships to make better phones and get them on more carriers then just AT&T.

So... do we need to create a 7digital account with the same BBID email, and then we'll receive the music transfer email confirmation, or are we supposed to receive the music transfer email before creating the 7digital account?

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My PlayBook app has stopped working after the migration. Anyone else?

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7Digital "Music Store"on my PlayBook and Rovi "Video Store" on my Playbook has stopped working......


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Thanks! That's the link that proves you migrated your music. Now how do I get a link to migrate my music? Something about a magical email? This should be incredibly simple. There must be some place you can go on the 7digital site (for example) where you could request said magical email. Or perhaps somewhere on a Blackberry site where you could log in with your Blackberry ID and request said magical email. Come on Blackberry/Crackberry.

Mine actually came through as a "Notification" not an email. You can have the 7 Digital app already installed or you can install it later. From your phone, click the link in the message. When you click the Migrate button you will be prompted to either create an account with 7 Digital or to sign in to your existing account. You do not have to use the same login as your BlackBerry ID. After you have entered your login info just click the button and the migration begins. Install the 7 Digital app (if you haven't already) and be sure to sign in to the app using the same login info you used for the migration. The music you purchased in BBW should be there.

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I installed the app and created an account yesterday. This may be what prompted the notification today.

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You mean the email that arrived promptly after I signed up...that was totally in French?!

I guess I'll have to get it translated...sigh.

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Nope I believe he means one from BlackBerry?? I too got the email in french I selected the blu highlights and nothing really important showed up.

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John Chen's worst move to date. Killing baked in services for 3rd party ones will likely seal the hardware divisions fate. Without in house or baked in consumer services I do not see BlackBerry ever playing a role in the consumer handset market and I am sure they are not going to move 10 million units per year with just corporate upgrades and new enterprise business.
John Chen said BlackBerry was not giving up on consumers but every single action he has taken has been to drive consumers away from BlackBerry. Killing music, videos, and games, means that you either rely on 3rd party services from amazon or others or you just don't buy a BlackBerry.
I get that John Chen is new and perhaps does not realize that it was the death of BIS that kept BlackBerry customers from adopting BlackBerry 10 and not the fracking toolbelt. But it was. And the Classic might get a few nostalgic folks to buy in as a one time sale before they dump it for a platform that actually offers things to do when they are done work. But the Passport is royally screwed. It won't be on carrier displays to play with most likely. It won't offer anything outside the unique keyboard. And with no services to enjoy when the day at the office is done no one will give it a second look beyond the initial curiosity.

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I agree wirh most of that but not the BIS part. BIS had to go to get mass market appeal. And the loss of the toolbelt was a huge mistake.

Maybe some aspects of BIS had to go, or maybe just the carrier fees. But BlackBerry ONLY EVER HAD MASS MARKET APPEAL when BIS was a required part of the platform. BIS was just a cloud service before anyone called their services cloud services. But without the dirt cheap data plans and data roaming that BIS offered, the developing world shunned BlackBerry 10 hard and continues to this day to buy legacy BlackBerry devices to get BIS.

Even if the data compression and proprietary email solutions had to go to compete in North America, they should have offered some kind of BIS like service in the developing world, and at least given everyone a new free email address and allowed BB 10 devices to have the same Cloud Backup features that legacy devices do through BlackBerry Protect.

But at least the old Management still wanted to have a consumer play so they signed deals to bake in music, videos, and bought Scoreloop to have an in house social gaming service. At least that gave the platform the foundations of a consumer ecosystem.

Now, BlackBerry has decided that just throwing in the Amazon App store is good enough for consumers. But most of Amazons services are not available outside the USA and, well, the consumers in the USA don't give a crap about BlackBerry. So the places that actually buy BlackBerrys won't really benefit from Amazon outside of a few more apps that are already NATIVELY available on every consumer electronics device in the world that isn't a BlackBerry. So what's the draw if you're not a corporate customer?

Since I am very much of the belief that an OS does not sell phones or retain customers, be it BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, Fire OS, Firefox OS, Sailfish, Ubuntu, or whatever, what is going to be the thing that gets customers to switch to BlackBerry when they are already invested in and using SERVICES on other platforms?

Sure, BlackBerry Music wasn't the best curated. Same with the Videos. But at least being baked in to BlackBerry world gave those stores one small advantage over competing platforms native offerings - carrier billing. Not a big deal right? I have a credit card, you have a credit card, we are all in North America where credit is easy to get. Well, allot of BlackBerry's biggest markets are places where customers DON'T have easy access to credit. BIS was awesome cause they couldn't afford a standard data plan. BlackBerry built it's empire not on suit and tie business folks, but on being a super cheap service to get email and social apps.

I guess the answer is well, everyone just go buy Amazon gift cards then right? Well, that again is great if you live in the few countries Amazon offers it's music and video services. But not a good solution for most of the world.

Heck, even here in Canada where I am, I know two people who are ditching their BlackBerrys now that music and videos are gone because they just liked the convenience of carrier billing and now that's gone so they are gone too.

For a company that needs every advantage it can get, killing off the few perks that the platform did offer outside of the corporate world, is not even close to a wise decision. It's downright moronic if you actually want to be in the handset business.

BlackBerry may just say well, we've been listening to our corporate customers and they don't care about such services. Yeah, true, but you can bet your ass the employees those corporate phones get issued to do care and they won't use the personal side of BlackBerry Balance, they'll just buy something else for their personal phone. That means, their spouses, kids, friends, and families will also not buy BlackBerry phones for personal use because they will be told they are useless for anything but work. This also means that people who BYOD to work will still be bringing their iPhones, Androids, and Windows Phones and not buy BlackBerry. Why? Because people who work are consumers too. When the work day ends, whether you work in the office cafeteria or the corner office, you still like to have a little fun when you're not working and you still enjoy using all those services that aren't designed to help you meet a deadline, or make a better presentation.

People can spin the death of BlackBerry consumer services as giving consumers the freedom to choose whatever services they want to use and thus being a good thing all they want. Those people are dumb. The iPhone is the success it is not because iOS, or the iPhone hardware is great. It is the success it is cause Apple's services are great. Most companies don't fork Android because they don't want to, but because the suite of services Google supplies if you don't mess with Android are so popular that they keep people buying Android Phones. Heck, even now that Windows Phone is totally free, and Android requires you to pay licenses to Microsoft for patents used, OEM's still would rather use Android because of the Google services that keep their customers coming back. Customers want easy.

Agreed with the switch from BIS kill it for BlackBerry and not the belt with BIS you don't need a data plan 35$ give you unlimited calling plus social, blackberry maps even work then . Now with BB10 you need a data plan which go frm 45$ up not to mention countries where data plan is not available now we have passport without the belt I don't even know what direction they heading

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I have started to become dissaapointed in John Chen at this point but I still trusting (hoping) that he has the best of intentions for us consumers. The day I believe otherwise is the day I leave BlackBerry!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Not sure why BlackBerry ditched the music, unless something good is brewing with amazon. Want a native app from 7 digital!

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I was also somewhat surprised by this move when it was first announced. This is the first move by John Chen that I believe to be genuinely short sighted. Focusing on enterprise to rebuild a solid foundation makes sense. But without content, the platform will only serve a niche market. If BlackBerry World was not losing money, it makes no sense to discontinue the service. My only guess is that Amazon pushed hard for this.

I also doubt that BlackBerry could later return to a content provider having lost consumer trust in such a move. So to me, it now looks like everything will now ride on the enterprise offerings. Most of the people I know love the Apple and Google one stop shop for content. And yes, I have purchased movies and music from BlackBerry.

Interesting that the BlackBerry bashing media seem to have largely missed this one.

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It's short sighted for sure if you actually want to be in the hardware business. Dumping your own services months before the replacement services from Amazon that have a much smaller global footprint to begin with arrive is down right idiotic.

It's far sighted if you've got a business unit you want to dump at a profit and a company that really wants to start making phones but lacks the experience, hardware partners, and carrier relationships to really make a go of it.

So how this plays out is, Amazon gets to sell a few more apps while BlackBerrys phones are still on the market, but BlackBerry says we tried our best folks but the market has told us that even a mere 10 million phones per year isn't doable without the consumer market on board, and so we've reached an agreement to sell our hardware business to Amazon. The BlackBerry brand will no longer exist in the consumer market, but we've made money on the sale, and most of the high level jobs will be retained because Amazon wants to grow their hardware business. We've also reached a deal to provide back end services to Amazon and so this is a win win for both companies involved. We invite all fans of BlackBerry phones to buy the new Amazon phones. They run Fire OS and some have keyboards. BlackBerry 10 is dead.

Personally, I have never bought or rented movies from BlackBerry World. With Netflix bring available so readily this is going to get worse. Don't believe me? Visit a blockbuster.

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Hey guys, I've been sending Twitter DM's between 7digital and myself to find out what the script will be with this music app

Firstly, they taken on board the possibility of a native app (although they are going to see how well the app takes off) however they have emphatically told me that carrier billing will NOT be supported or brought over to the 7digital app itself

I find this totally bizarre where they offered carrier billing through BlackBerry World yet through their own app they don't and won't ever offer it...

Either way that's the story right now

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BB World was probably able to offer carrier billing as BB works with the carriers. I don't think 7 Digital has that kind of relationship all over the world. Therefore it would be hard for them to set up that kind of service right out the gate. As with many things, if the demand is there, they can justify making that move. We have to remember that these companies need to make money in order to stay in business. No one can provide services for free (or a loss) for a long time. Some way or another the company needs to make money.

I'm sure BB decided that it was more sensible to move that service to someone like Amazon (suspect it was costing BB money to run that service) and realized that 7 Digital may not have been able to offer enough robustness to make it work. That's just my thoughts.

Music will be available on BlackBerry World in 2015. I'll see in 2015 with my passport how to download all music bbworld before the unavailability, in another cloud provider. I totally don't care about 7 that is an known.

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Thanks for this post but I still have question for music purchase in BB world. I live in Switzerland and the BB World dont offer to buy music, even to have access to music in BB world. Why ? What are the countries to have access to music purchase in BB world ?

Hi, You'd be able to get the same access through 7Digital. This fall, when 10.3 gets distributed, we are supposed to have access to Amazon. That would give us two places to access music and video.

I think this has *EVERYTHING * to do with Amazon! Let's hope that plays out well. In meantime, I can honestly say I never bought music from BlackBerry. I am too busy during the day. I have mostly bought online and uploaded / downloaded to SD Card / cloud storage as I need.

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What's in it for Amazon? That will determine how it plays out. That will be determined by how well Amazon does with it's own phone. If the Fire Phone is a hit, Amazon doesn't need BlackBerry. If the Fire Phone is a flop and Amazon still wants to make phones, BlackBerry has allot of people who know how to make phones and a hardware business that they are doing everything in their power to kill off.

The way I see the Amazon deal working out is either it is the final nail in the hardware business coffin and BlackBerry is strictly a software and services play, or Amazon gets slapped by the failure of the Fire Phone and buys the BlackBerry hardware business to improve their hardware offerings since Amazon has emulated BlackBerry since it got into the tablet business by using the same reference design as the Playbook for the first generation Kindle Fire.

So what's in it for BlackBerry? A potential way to dump the handset business at a profit.

Excuse my ignorance. I only purchased a couple of 99 cent movies so the loss is not a big deal to me.

But is everyone saying that when BlackBerry shut down the movie music portion of BlackBerry World you can no longer play music that you paid for? If that is the case someone needs to start a class action lawsuit.

If you were being restricted in how you could download your music and films then this coming Amazon relationship is a very good thing.

We stopped using iTunes because it was forcing us to stay in the Apple ecosystem. Amazon's service is agnostic as to what device or operating system you are using. And the downloads can be played on your phone, computer or tablet.

No, you can continue to play your music that is downloaded to your device. BUT, if you ever lose that music, then you would not be able to re-download through BB World as that portion would no longer be available. If you transition those music holdings to 7Digital, then you would be able to re-download again in the future. Personally, that music I bought has been saved to my personal computer which is backed up to my home network drive. I'd have to lose all three locations (device, computer, network drive) at the same time to lose my music. That being said, another layer of redundancy doesn't hurt.

That's not entirely true. Currently the only mobile devices you can watch Amazon Instant Videos on are iOS and Kindle Fire. To watch on any other Android device, you'll have to use a hack, and currently BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8 users are out of luck as far as I know. Hopefully this will change with the BlackBerry/Amazon deal, and we'll get access to more than just the Amazon App Store.

Has anyone who has bought music on 7digital been able to play them through the native music player or are the tracks only playable through 7digital? I'd love to know how!

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I would kill to have a BBM offering like the old BBM Music service.. Had access to >13000 songs for $5..

May work better now with BBM for all

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For me BlackBerry has executed the Amazon partnership badly on this. Shows it does not care much about ongoing integration. Makes apple look so smooth and committed to ease of use.

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I have moved my old stuff but if I buy anything new I can't get it on my phone. How do I do this?

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Bla1ze, Thanks for the info. I was wondering about that. I probably should have done that already.

BTW, if I had an account through my Playbook, that should still work for this, no?

Mine worked until I did the migrate. But post migrate, I can't seen to get the app to work.

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How the hell did BlackBerry make it easy? They told you to piss off and 7 Digital made it easy to switch because they actually want your business.

What a mess.
Making users migrate this and that? - unacceptable. They are users afterall.
Make the change and make it transparent to the user.

I always wanted a good integrated music/video store on BB.
I subscribed to BBM music. That went away.
On BB10, I started buying music and videos from BBWorld, now that's gone away.
Change the music store in the backend if you have to ... fine... but don't change the front end to access it (BB World).

Focus on enterprise certainly, dont forget enterprise users are also consumers and use the same services.

I did migrate my music purchases to a 7digital account but my problem is the app only shows the price in $ and not in Indian Rupee like how BlackBerry World used to show. I deleted the app a short while later.

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Everything old is new again....

7digital was the digital media source back on BBOS and now it is for BB10 as well... I logged onto my old account and all the albums I bought back on the old BBOS device were still there and all my new purchases were automatically synced..

Now I wish they'd do something about syncing movie purchases from the old PlayBook Roxio video store and whoever is running things now..

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It is great BlackBerry looked after the music side of things by creating an app, but they left the video side of things high and dry!! You would hope they could set up an app with Rovio to have a video store similar to what they had on the PlayBooks for BB10 phones. Most of the phones have HDMI capabilities and without a video store, it is somewhat going to waste!!

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BlackBerry didn't create the 7 Digital app. BlackBerry says 'we're not playing the consumer ecosystem game anymore, go buy stuff from somewhere else"

7 Digital, in the interest of retaining business ported their Android app and probably threatened to sue BlackBerry for breach of contract if they didn't encourage people to port their accounts to 7 Digital.

They can do this, but not provide a way to get rid of 'Driving Apps and Music(!)' from having linked to a Mazda vehicle that no longer exists??...No, just two of the three categories there, "Great music for your drive" and "Films to watch when you're not at the wheel" will forevermore be blank. Keep taking away, BlackBerry, keep taking away.

^^Makes me laugh at Michael Clewley's latest hashtag (re The Passport), #YouGetUsedToIt. You get used to it, all right.

Apologies in advance if this has been asked, but I installed a leak a few months ago. When I restarted all my downloads were gone.

How do I restore them?

Thanks in advance for any input y'all may have..

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This app is horribly intrusive. Not only did it access my music, but also my photos and vids, so I have to assume that it downloaded all my private photos.

I want to cancel my account, but before I do, I want to know what data of mine they have.

Can't find a webpage for this seven digital..

If anyone would point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate.

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Well, this is interesting. A colleague had told me how he was able to find better selection of music through HMV Digital than he could through BlackBerry World, which we know was back-ended by 7 Digital. So, I signed up for HMV Digital and downloaded their app for my Z30. With all this transitioning going on, I remembered that I had opened a 7 Digital account for that device, however my password would not work. So I got a reset on my password for 7 Digital. I thought I would also do a quick compare to the new HMV Digital app. However, I forgot my password for that. After I requested a password reset for my HMV account, I got another email from 7 Digital about a password reset. Curious, I went to the HMV site and entered my 7 Digital credentials (it happened that I used the same email address for both accounts). Sure enough, my 7 Digital account is the same as my HMV account. At least those two are together. But I still need to transition my BB World account over, so I will need to merge/reconcile those two. What's interesting though is that if HMV is the same as 7 Digital, why can we get better search results on our Canadian music on HMV than we can at 7 Digital?

I hope another music download system takes its place as opposed to never having this again

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I had purchased some movies and tv shows on my PlayBook and thought I might loose them all.

But what BlackBerry did was a simple solution. They just updated the preloaded Video Store app, and just turned it into simple media streaming app. You can no longer purchase or rent movies, those sections are gone, but you can store and view those purchases you already made. If you used a passage to access your Video Store/Rovi account that doesn't change.

When you go to try and access your Video Store app, you'll be prompted for upgrade. Or if not go to BlackBerry World and do it directly there. You won't be able to watch anything your purchased previously until you do that.

Nothing groundbreaking, but better than the alternative which was nothing!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Can anyone help me out?

I haven't recieved an email or notification. I installed the app and made an account, sent them an email and haven't heard from them. Is there a way to retrive the music within the app?


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Thanks for suggesting this application! All the music on my phone is GONE. WTF was BlackBerry thinking working with this crapapp?!

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Stop worrying about the devices Specifications and start improvement on the aspects of Apps and softwares.

Get all those popular Apps from Android and IOS, make it a BB10 App or improve all the bugs we getting from the APK or BAR downloads. I love BlackBerry device but it's like driving Ferrari without Stereo system or Power seats!!!!!

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Well I didn't get any email to migrate my music so i emailed them and in their reply there is not a link to migrate. So I went to their site and got an account. When I login the download manager will not download and says it is not compatible with my device. (Z10). Can we or should we do it on the computer?

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