How to 'Mark Prior Read' on BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 11 Apr 2013 10:34 am EDT

With BlackBerry 10 there are plenty of changes within the email application. Aside from all the visual differences, there are a lot of functionality differences as well.

One thing you may notice that appears to be missing is 'Mark Prior Read'. If you get a lot of email on a daily basis, this is most likely one of your most used options in your email menu and as such, it might seem like a glaring detail to be overlooked in BlackBerry 10. Truth be told though, it's not missing -- it's just a little bit tricky to find.

Mark Prior Read isn't totally gone in BlackBerry 10, it's just a bit hidden. To mark prior items as read, perform the following steps:

Tap an hold on the date when in the Hub

Mark All Read On BlackBerry 10

Choose Mark Prior Read from the Action Menu

Mark All Read On BlackBerry 10

Tap Yes to confirm

Mark All Read On BlackBerry 10

That's it! Your previous items will be marked as read all at once.

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1st sorry it's my first one. And I know how to do this

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Man, all these hidden gems... thanks for finding them!

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On a phone that's marketed as getting things done I think hiding the gems is a bit of a fail.


It is more towards common sense if you use a blackberry before. However I do seem to find a bug where SMSes doesnt get marked as read after I do this tho...


Well thats the problem. I have been using Blackberrys before and am still looking for things that are missing. For instance... Link BBM Contact to Blackberry Contact - where is that?


You can link bbm and any contact is the setting for that said contact, you go to there contact profile in the contacts app and hit the link button. You clearly haven't used your home much if you haven't seen these. The link is in ever contact.


You clearly haven't used my phone at all. Going to Link in a contact and then hitting Add still doesn't show the *BBM* contacts to link to, BTW, this has been mentioned on Blackberry's own forums - it doesn't work. The reason I want to do this is that have some contacts that are not showing the pin that the same contact in BBM has. They were linked before on my 9900 when I imported them.


Awesome hidden gem!

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you FAILED!!! By over 2min!!


Nice tip. Thank you. Very useful.

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Nice tip. Thank you. Very useful

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Oh my. My beloved button was there all this time. It's a hidden miracle ?!

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My god thanks for this, i had NO idea where this option was!


this doesnt work for facebook notifications. They say there is none for a few minutes, but when FB syncs again, they come back as unread. I guess FB only syncs that bit one way. However, if you open each FB message they stay marked as read....not sure why this method of marking all previous unread doesn't work for them.


Thank you for these tips and tricks! I was wondering how to 'Delete Prior,' and now I have found that function too.


Would have been easier if they just located that in the menu bar. Hopefully next os update will address this as well as quick message "next next" functionality.

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This is one of the main reasons I stay glued to this sight. So many helpful tips and what not.

Sent from my loooong waited for BlackBerry Z10


Wow, thanks for the tip! Learning new things all day, e'rday.


Bla 1ze. Do you if they're looking into getting text groups and email groups on Z10

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By text groups do you mean group convos? Because if so, that's already available, in any compose text message window, when you are inputting the recipient, continue to add any additional users and an option to convert the mass text to a group conversation should automatically pop up. It has a funny yet tendency of recalling older individual texts of anyone who responds though, which gets quite annoying. I hear it has something to do with its devices hut I'm not too convinced about that.

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Very nice!! Thank you for the post :)

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Those that call it hidden? You're probably the same people saying z10 isn't intuitive...

Now if mark prior and delete prior would work with search, that would be nice. Let's hope it's in 10.1


+1 for working in search. I use this all the time!

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Thanks for the tip

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Childs play... figured this out my first week with my Z10 ;)


Oh happy day. I get my favorite button back and keep my Z10.

As for those grousing about this being "Hidden" or a "Fail," I am sorry but Blackberries' are known for shortcuts; This is a whole new OS, and; The "Mark Prior" function does not exist in the native email client of either ios or android. So no soup for you.


That process makes good sense in the new environment. :

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Louis Belshaw

Oh! That's cool and useful. Lol I learn new things about this phone every single day since I got it its crazy... but I can't send out mail from my work e-mail which is a pain in the ass and apparently a known Z10 bug. its crippling for a business man.

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Super cool find! Keep those secret gems coming our way!


It is not unhidden or hidden gem. What matters is after knowing where it is. Is it easy to act upon or cumbersome. In my humble opinion the latter is true in this case, since pressing the date is not always easy to do, for those of us who have fat fingers. I wish BB will make it somehow easy to press.

Mike PT

With this I totally agree..

!vote for make it a bit bigger and highlight

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I'm in full discovery mode so I found this on my own. But keep them coming. I'm sure there's some things that I didn't know yet.

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Surprising that nobody knew about this.. I've been using the option since Z10 first rolled out

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Been using a Z10 for 6 weeks and didn't know about this. Thanks!


I just don't understand why BB did not issue a comprehensive 'users guide'. The PDF provided in BB Support only gives the basics.

Why should every Z10 user have to go to CB or do a Google search to find the 'hidden' tools?
If BB does not provide it, CB or someone else should write something like 'BB Z10 for Dummies'. To find all the information in one place, I would be happy to pay for it. Currently it is a 'whack a mole'; over time, more and more information pops out!


Agreed entirely. With a OS that's totally new, an all encompassing feature guide should be available for those who want to get the absolute most out of their device. As seen from the comments above, there's seasoned BB users who've had this device for weeks and still haven't found these features. How is it that people switching from inferior devices are supposed to figure out just how much power they now wield? I also wonder if it wouldn't help some of the shaky reviews out there if they knew the full capabilities.

Maybe CB should bridge into ebook user guides... (new revenue stream!)

Mike PT

How is this hiding?? It was done the same way before...

What I would suggest would be to highlight the date line when selected.... but in previous os versions this has the same behavior... in fact you can also delete prior or navigate to next.. top etc... I guess the Q10 will have some keyboard shortcuts for this... Just like os5/6/7 had...

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Neat trick. I tend to have a problem when trying to get missed phone calls marked as read - I often end up dialing the # instead. I'll use this trick in the future for that.


On my torch I OFTEN do a "search by sender" than use the "Delete Prior" function. Is that still around?


You know the weirdest thing is that on the cb10 app if you hold on to the topics in a certain manner - it has always been accidentally I could not figure our how to do it, the post itself (instead of everything under the date) gets marked as read...

I'm surprised not to see it in the hub despite numerous attempts to stage such incidents.... is that an official function?

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If you used a blackberry before this isn't a hidden trick

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It works exactly the same way as on BB 9900.

Wei Li

Holy carpfish! I've been looking for this feature for a while now!


You do need to be careful with this feature if you file emails in folders. I was using this feature without knowing it permanently deletes all filed emails - from the phone and server.

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Thanks Bla1ze, good to know.

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No offense, but if you search for anything you need in the help app it'll show you as well. We don't actually always have to wait for crackberry to show every single available feature.


Thanks! I was looking for that.

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Needs "Delete Prior" after you perform a search

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I found this feature quickly after I got my phone. I get dozens of emails from work that I mark as read.

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Screen shots are not displayed via CB10.

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Delete prior: tap and hold on the date of the message or notification that you want to delete. When the option side bar appear click delete. All the messages and/or notifications before that date will be deleted. Also works with your call list too.. I can't get it work on the text message though. Maybe it's a bug.
Remember tap on the date not the message.

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Figured that out in 5 seconds. Same way as on the bold. Lol.

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This is a good feature - thanks for sharing

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Funny this article came out now...I just figured that step out'd be nice if the date section wasn't so thin...I don't even have sausage fingers and I find it hard to press...

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Lyss Hayek

Thank you!! I have been going crazy with all my unopened.

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