CrackBerry Asks: How many new contacts have you added since BBM went cross-platform?

By Adam Zeis on 25 Oct 2013 01:58 pm EDT

This week BBM went cross-platform and is taking off like crazy on Android and iPhone. Users both new and old are jumping on the BBM bandwagon and getting back on the best mobile messaging tool around.

I've never been one to have loads of BBM contacts on my device, preferring just to keep a small set of family and friends so I can keep up with all of my chats. However many of you have said that your BBM contact lists are growing by the minute thanks to friends on other platforms, so we're curious to know just how many contacts you've added now that everyone can get in on the fun.

Hit up the poll below to let us know how many contacts you've added since BBM went cross-platform. Pick the option that best fits your range of new contacts so we can see just how big your contact lists are getting!





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Had 18. Now with BBM on iOS and Android I'm up too 31. Don't care to have to many. Just want to have the friends, ppl I really want to talk to or keep in touch


Lol 2

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Gained about 80 so far.....


I've added 2 also. But that is 2 more than I had previously!

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I only added 2 as well, and one is a BlackBerry user lol

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From literally 10 to 106 -- and just got another invite. Make that 107.

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From 20 to over 50 now. And still growing!

Thorsten Out!!!


I was at 6 now to 20 and counting. They need to make it easier to add people though. Less tech savvy people are having trouble with the pin system. I also told people I am getting rid of texting so the only way to get a hold of me is to download bbm. Seems to be working!


+1 on the less tech. A friend that used to have a BlackBerry can't remember his password he used to use for his BlackBerry ID. Now he's having a hard time resetting it. Says Apple so much easier to use.

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How do u get rid of texting tho???

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It's not that you literally get rid of it. You just stop using it as a means to communicate. For example, when a text is received, reply with a bbm instead of a text. Boom.

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It a friend text me here is what they receive back: "* JPSKILLZ Automated Response System #NoBBMNoReply *" LoL

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Isn't it being disrespectful to your friends, why would you force them to download it?



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Ha! All your friends have BlackBerry?

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"If you can't soar with the eagles then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)


Not a big deal pin:2671A7CE just trying to help

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Theo Groenevelt

I broadcast that Im leaving whatsApp in the ditch, let em all know bbm was officially avail. And so far just my 2 daughters are on brd..will come

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!


Same. None here

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Same here. For better or worse. :P


Some thirsty replies here... lord


Was going to say the same thing. Well played sir.

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Seriously. Act like you've crossed the finish line before gents!


Cosigned. Haven't heard any of my friends mention it, and there is no way I'm going to bug people when they are going to see that there is a waiting list and give it "the Heisman". Perhaps later...


Same here

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Morpheus v7

5 new...

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Not sure if I converted anybody, but made around 10 iPhone and Android users download BBM till now...

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1 lol, my wife's gs3. She's my one and only BBM contact haha

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Iron Clad

Same here.... so my list grew significantly!

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It grew by 100%!

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.



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25 and still growing!

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Jo mom and her mom

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Where is zero?

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Yep - it's a pretty stupid poll.


I went from 20 to 84...

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Oh and jo's mom

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5 new, 3 more on the way, and trying to get the rest of my family group (24) but that last one will be hard, but I'm into it!


3, but hey, that's 3 more than the 0 I had before cross-platform...

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It's a hard sell to non BlackBerry owners but I got two cross platform....

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One said it's not for him because he types in landscape mode and that doesn't seem to be an option for him....

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Not as many as I had hoped! Some are still leary to add another IM. Most of people on the fence for me have never had a BlackBerry so they don't know what they're missing. I think as they keep getting requests from others they will give in and never turn back.

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From 35 to 103 :P

India use to be a strong hold of blackberry back in 08-09

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Went from just ONE to five now... maybe growing to ten soon. this is not on my friends own however, it's been by my request but they seem to like it and I can't wait for them to have Bbm channels

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Bikram Kochar

From 6 to 23 since the launch.. n 10-12 people r waiting for their logins..

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Where is 0 in the poll? lol....

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My iPhone using son went from 0 (new BBM user) to 21 now since he installed it on the first day. He has more then me, I only gained 6. It great to see tho, cuz all his contacts are either iPhone or Android users. The people are coming around and warming up to it.

Gavin Kwait

Because I begged.

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An exact doubling from 23 to 46.

Khalid Osman

From 4 to 60

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hamode 192

18 and still there's a lot

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20 and counting but I had to recruit.

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133 contacts as of 10 am :)

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Over 500. Seriously this option was needed and 1-10 were grouped together?


Over 9000!!!

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I see what you did there.


I had 16 before it went criss platform. Now I have 40

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Went from 1 contact to 6 and we're all still using WhatsApp. Not being able to share pics and vids in a group chat kills it!

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Alberta Blue

Sure about that? I have a non BlackBerry BBM group and we can share pics

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Yeah, unless I'm totally missing it. Two in the chat was an Droid and iPhone user, both didn't see the option to share either. Oh well, either way, out of 80 contacts on WhatsApp, only received a few invites. Going to stick with WhatsApp for now.


Around 30-35

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Zero, all my friends stayed on WhatsApp.

My BBM is dead.


I went from 27 - 65.

My brother, who has an android, has over 80 contacts.

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Around 50ish...

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Serkle K

6. I only had 2 prior to the launch.

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From 9 contacts to 43 and growing all the time!

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Just a couple.
It's very weird. I have friends who have Facebook, Watsap, Kik, Skype even yahoo messenger but won't try bbm. But they can't give a reason why lol.

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Not. Even. One. Lol

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Scrolling down my FB page on the computer. Scanning bar codes from my berry.

Went from 24 to 95 in 2 days.



It'd be more if there was such a long wait that they lose interest, and if it was available for older Androids.

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89 in three days:D

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Itai Moshe

Here in Israel no one heard of it... 2-3 years ago - a lot of the girls had BlackBerry and Bbm, but now you can hardly see it

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I had 60 now I'm at 160 lol

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Only 1 so far. Trying to convince other friends but they are content to stay with WhatsApp for now. I'm guessing they'll switch when they have to pay $1 when the free trial is up.

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The scale of this poll is way off, and the results(as well as comments) support me in saying this. Should have been:0, 1-2, 3-5, 5-10, 11-15, 15-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-75, 75-100,etc...something more along these lines.


I agree. That's exactly the way the scale should have gone. I mean 1000+ really. That's pushing it, no?

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I think any one that says they have added 1000 BBM users to their list in four days is lieing.


5 right now but still growing at a slow rate.

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paul collins2

Got 151 lol

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Faroukh Naseem


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Where is the 0 option?

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4 so far and they are all using it. More to come for sure. 2 of my new contacts have also posted it on Facebook. That's great. Keep the ball rolling.


A 150! :'D

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I wish my friends would Dow load it 0

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From 8 to 19

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I got my girlfriend to download it for ios7, so I have 1 now. I sent two more invites out to iPhone users but haven't heard back.

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4 additional contacts, for a total of 6. But I still have another 4 friends who I'm trying to convince 2 with iPhone, 2 with Android's and one friend who really wants to try BBM badly but owns a Windows phone after having owned iPhone for over 6 years. So I guess the question is when are we going to see BBM for Windows Phone, so my bud can join in on the chats?

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What?? No side loading for WP?

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Over 100

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What?! 9000?!

That can't be right...

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!


2 lol

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I must say I did however sent over 20 invites so... we shall see.

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From 26 to 79

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I went from 1 to over 50 now...geesh this BBM thing is really taking off ;) lol



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5 only so far... but I chat with them regularly so they will start to use it and get to love the concept...

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Charlie Rattan

Around 40

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Zero! As iPhone users I know have had to delete app because of battery over heating! Anyone else had this?

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Dj Teknision


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Pete The Penguin

I have 3000 contacts, around 200 have BBM - I've only added 5 new BBM contacts, 2 from Android.


Zero. Apple and Android friends not too interested

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Got 4 but mostly family ie my brother who was a huge blackberry fan till he went Android, then my youngest brother in Australia who uses an iphone4 but said to me whats the big deal about it. My mom who also uses an iphone4 as well and both my sister in laws, again iphone users.

Told them about the security issues with whatsapp and why BBM is better along with the future update of video chat and voice chat coming to their BBM's in the near future. Dont know if they will use BBM or delete it but im hoping they will. In fact ive stopped using whatsapp to keep in touch with them, told them if they need to contact me then bbm me.


None, who cares because we have whatsapp and line.


I am waiting till users can instantly sign up and get BBMing right away with no waiting period. Will make the negative people less so I believe.

BTW: For those who cry about voice, video, and screen sharing being absent we should remind them how to get it immediately......Just buy a real BlackBerry! #IChooseBlackBerry10

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4 new contacts

Tan Okan Q10


Only 3 so far but I've convinced my organization to push it out to all android phones.

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I've added 7 new ones so far. Hopefully the list keeps growing! Go BlackBerry!!!

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Started at 130 now up to 157 at last check


42 people who left blackberry because they said they suck, just to hear them say how they missed it talk about contradicting ones self, but yeah from 22 blackberry contacts to 64 and still growing

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4 so far. Both iPhone and both have the contact crash problem. I seriously believe CB has a role here to monitor and educate these issues rather than the useless #BBM updates or worse still Google News! Each day has seen a host of negative press. Day 1 the waitlist, day 2 the font issue, days 3 and 4 both font and the contact page collapse issue. I have. Been asked by 2 wannabe apple contacts about these issues and I cannot reference them a good resource (they have both recent softwares from ios and bb)

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there should be a selection for 0 on this poll.



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Rui Jorge

I went from 3 to 14 now !!! Now I using just bbm, when a friends contact me via SMS I respond with bbm :-)

I'm from Paris...


From 0 to 3. 1 ios & 2 robots. Lol

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2 - because I am unable to invite them from my z10. They end up inviting me from their Iphone.


6... all former blackberry users

Prannoy Sarkar

I added around 10 but then i realised its not about adding, its about being active in there and leaving WhatsApp else no use.

WhatsApp has immensely penetrated and available on huge number of platforms, read symbian, droid below ics, and number of people using it in such platforms are huge, so to remain in contact with those group of people you cant leave WhatsApp and then its very difficult to maintain two apps for same purpose.

I am a huge fan of bbm, and tried my best to convert all my WhatsApp contacts to bbm, but then realised it can't happen. Its really tough for bbm.

And secondly i have no idea why there is a hatred and jokes flowing around in fb about bbm?? Ignorance, foolishness ? Whatever.

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Suspect Angela Merkel has now dumped Whatsap for bbm :)


Good one.

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I live in waterloo.....only 4

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Also from Waterloo, if every previous BBM user could add 2 new contacts from Android, we would have 180 million users.
Well as long as they weren't shared users.



50 in 3 days and counting


Went from 1 (my gf) to 2 (my brother). He's not very pleased with bbm. Also one quite urgent msg did not get through... oh my.

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Went from 51 to 102. Damn son. Damn

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I've added a lot from people posting them on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. I'm so glad it went cross-platform because it's so much better with a lot of contacts.

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1, tried for two but she still waiting in line. :(


All the ppl are running back to the greatest messenger. I've added almost 30 now

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From 25 to 46!

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So far about 5 :( and I've been spamming the hell out of people lol

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Only three. I'm holding back until the queues shrink!

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15 as of now but many are waiting for the emails

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BadGoliath42, what the heck did you do? Print flyers with your PIN?

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2 some on wait list or not enough memory :(

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Had 31 now I have 131 :') BBM is back in FULL FORCE

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12678 new contacts. The life of a DJ :)

Only a fool thinks they know me.


Seriously? Your lying, but now you make me think how many contacts can you have?



About two! I literally have told all of my friends with iPhones and Androids to download BBM, and some have, but a majority of them ask me why they need another messaging app on their phone!? UGH.


A Lot. Thank God. It was almost Pointless to have a bbm channel and only a handful of ppl that don't even use the service, to advertise to.

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Three. Working in it!!

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I am at 51 my friends have all downloaded it and think it's better than texting.

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Zero, zip, ziltch, nada. It is like it always was, the only people I have on BBM is my mother and sister, they only have BlackBerry still because they are too cheap to go out and buy a new phone and only use the phone I provide for them.

I can not convice a single person I know, out of my 404 contacts, not a soul. No one will touch BBM with a 10 foot pole, no amount of reasoning, nor feature bragging will get them to even consider trying BBM...

At a loss, but it might as well be for the best seeing how the Z30 is not going to be offered via AT&T and you have to be out your god damn mind to even think I nor anyone will drop $700 on a unlocked Z30 from BBRY, just nuts. I guess I should look in to other options, or pick up a few Z/Q10's as back ups...


That sucks i only got six and most of them had it in past and know how fun it is tho. I can see it being hard to sell if they never did.

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Only 6 but slowing they keep trickling in. Made 2 groups having tons of fun in already!!! Crackberry is back!!!!

From my z10

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10! Had 93 contacts now I have 103!!!

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22 so far and expecting more :)

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Can anyone recommend interesting BBM groups? So far I've got BBM Android, American Football, General Sports, Walking Dead, Ghosts & Paranormal, Anime, Manga, and of course Book Lovers.


There's a lot of good ones. Photography wise. Or DJ wise like mine. :) depends what you are after

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Let's exchange a BBM handshake to those groups! 7BAD45B6


15 new contacts.. with 5 more pending.

~ un oeuf is un oeuf ~


Really? Ppl added over 1000 contacts.

Via my Zormtrooper...


There's a ton of dj's and we do communicate with each other. Not un heard of you know. We are quite the lot :)

Only a fool thinks they know me.

farmer ken

So far 7. Some more in line. Hopefully soon.

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Christopher Jacques

7 new and its still growing...:)

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Forgive me for not believing the 1 person who voted over 500.

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Got almost all my old contacts back, I'm back at 20. Not interested in adding former bosses so the all time high of 23 will not be reattained.

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BBM_BlackBerry Moe

I was always 'Mr. BBM' in my friends circle! I promote the things I LOVE And BlackBerry has ALWAYS been one of them!! ALL of my friends and family had it.. The Most contacts I ever was 388 but when everyone left BlackBerry I fell all the way down to 38! X_x I'm happy to say that I am currently at 168! :D Happy to see BBM making a major come back!! (Y)(Y) #TeamBlackBerry #BBM4ALL #BBMIsBaaaaack

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70 and counting

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If u receive any BBM request dat d pin strts wit 7, pls dnt accept. We dnt care if you use an iPhone, Tecno Phantom or Samsung S4, if you want 2 ping, buy a Blackberry...... duhhhhh

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33 and growing. And i left wahtsapp.


I only had two at first. I now have added 5. 4 iphone users and 1 android user. They all seem to like it so far. Still bugging other people to download it

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Went from 4 to 15.

From zedten


Only two. Most of my communication is by email. Quick messaging is mostly just among family, and a good chunk are already BlackBerry users. I did get my wife added so I can tell if she read my messages ;)

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Where's the option for 0? The general reply has been : 'But we're already using Google Hangouts."


1. My friends and family refuse to listen to me. Probably cause I talk BlackBerry all the time. They tune it out. The one I got was my sob returning to it on his new I phone. Which he hates and wants to come back. They never listen. Kids. Lol

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This is the response anyone who texts me will be getting. Lol. I have it in copy. Just paste and send!

¤This user no longer accepts SMS messaging. Please refer to BBM in your app store to connect with this user.¤

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Haha, well done. I'll do it too.

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17 but some of my friends are die hard iPhoners. Loosers I say

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2 - both former BlackBerry users who left last year.


I have two contacts so far (my younger brother and one of my friends). I'm going to try to convert my entire family and all of my friends to use BBM. Fortunately, they don't have WhatsApp which will make it easier me to convince them to use BBM. It will take some time but I know that they also want to support BlackBerry.

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Most of my friends are on BlackBerries, but am gradually adding other people. This will be exponential growth I should think.

Ashish Sanghvi

30 and counting

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My list has triple since Cross Platform!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform #BBM4All

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Erik Lehman


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5 so far, and I'm sure I'll have more soon, I'll bug my friends to download it for sure!

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I have doubled my list and it's still growing. I have most of my old contacts back and some new ones :) whoot whoot for BBM!!

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Had 3 (mum, dad,sis)

Added 5.

IOS = 4
Android = 1

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....and I deleted What's App!

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Added like 15 ppl and growing!!

Fired from my Z10


Bbm is not going for 10.2 icant send invents an other round

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Went from 7 to 11. The new ones are iPhone users and have never had a BB. One was anti-BB, but now he has posted his PIN on Facebook. Haha!

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Unfortunately zero. We'll see in a few weeks. Now that bbm is cross platform I want to see nation/world wide advertisement for the app. That's a necessary investment for BlackBerry. They can't solely rely on Crackberry/mobile nations to get the word out.

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Just 5 new contacts.
The thing is that BBM needs to offer something that the others don't have. For example, video. When are they going to have video, or just calls by BBM? The new users, those who don't have contacts in BBM, won't leave other apps like WhatsApp because they have their contacts there, and there is no big reasons to change.
If BBM would offer something that WhatsApp don't have, it would be different better.

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BBM have privacy, delivery and read status, contacts stored on BlackBerry ID and more still over the others. My stance has always been if you want to contact me cross platform then it's not WhatsApp for sure...

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Where's the "0" option? Still sitting at a solid 2.


Had 80 now up to 86..

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I haven't asked anyone to download it yet - figured I would wait until the bugs and waiting line were over so they would have no excuses/things to whine about :)


1...most of the people on my FB who got it I don't talk to much...The one is a good looking girl I want to talk to more ;)....ok 3, 2 of my brothers friends, they aren't good looking :P


6 new contacts friends and colleagues. Question:
How do I show my avatar on my profile account in CrackBerry? It is showing in my account profile. Am I missing something in my account setup?

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rizztazz torch

My bbm contacts list has never been so colourful lol, 4 more days and I'm erasing my WhatsApp account; more than enough time for all the others I want to add to get on board. Bbm for the win!

I've been actively promoting bbm to my mates too. The more the merrier. :D

BlackBerry til there is no BlackBerry.



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Added 2 IOS and 1 Android. Waiting on additional invites to sign in.

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Was at 20, now at 45. Love it. :)

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And I only have 3 more people on Whatsass to get them to go to bbm and I can finally get rid of that stupid app.

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None, i have only 1 contact in bbm, my wife.

Nobody is using it. All my contacts are on what's app

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6 lol!

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Upreti Saroj

11 and counting. I started with 0

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6 new upping my contacts to 44... still waiting a few people to be approved.

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C Lo

9 and counting!!

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Zero now. I invited my parents but will wait with other contacts till queue is done.

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Went from 4 to 41 and counting!

CrackBerry ZED10 eh

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From 1 to 15. Good times

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1. I'm not here to convert my iPhone friends over. They'll come over on their own accord.

I would love to see BlackBerry develop BBM for Windows desktop. Microsoft has made porting Windows apps to their phone platform very easy. It would be a no brainer, to cover the desktop market and a small fraction of another mobile market with the same code base.

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6 to 30 with plenty more still to come. I find that because I own a BlackBerry people add me right away lol.

Most people I know have around 5-10 contacts at the moment but they are also getting more each day.

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I went from 0 to 2, possibly 3 soon. It's a tough battle convincing ios users to try it.


About 20 so far. All my friends from WhatsApp are now on BBM and not going back. The buzz where I live is incredible. Nobody is even SMS texting right now. I've seriously not had a text in 3 days. All BBM. I did my part to spread the word and it has worked so far in my circle. We've created a group where I work (The Beer Store) and we've been having fun chirping one another. :)

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10


Five more for me...

From my Z10


Had 3 at I have 10!!!! yeah baby. Go BlackBerry Go

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6 so far, more to come.

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From 5 to 37.....

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Mady Thiel

Alllooottt,,,, thanks BlackBerry! :D

BlackBerry q10