How to manually check for app updates on BlackBerry 10

Want to check for app updates on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10? Here's how!

BlackBerry World Updates
By Adam Zeis on 15 Feb 2013 01:00 pm EST

The BlackBerry 10 app updates are rolling out at full force, and we've already seen quite a few for both native and third-party apps.

Developers are listening to feedback and cranking the updates out at a furious pace. You may be asking yourself, Why haven't I seen any of these updates?

Currently as we publish this article, BlackBerry World doesn't push down notifications for these updates, so you unfortunately have to check for them manually in BlackBerry World.

Consider this a bug - you should get notifications for app updates, and BlackBerry is working to get this tweaked up. In the meantime, you can always check for app updates manually in BlackBerry World.

Doing so isn't difficult however and it's actually part of my daily routine (I love app updates!).

So if you're curious as to how to check for yourself, keep reading and we'll fill you in!

  • Tap the BlackBerry World icon
  • Swipe left to reveal the navigation tab
  • Tap My World
  • Tap My Apps & Games
BlackBerry World  BlackBerry World
  • Tap the overflow icon (3 dots), then Check for Updates
BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World will check for updates in the background for all of your games and apps. You will receive update check complete message -- If anything is found, you'll then see an option to download the update -- or if you have more than one available you can just update all.

You'll notice that you receive an update notification after checking, so you can now just dismiss those and carry on with your day. Happy updating!  

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Reader comments

How to manually check for app updates on BlackBerry 10


I'm not sure I am understanding this correctly. Are you saying that in BB10 instead of getting a notification that there is an app update available (as we currently get in 7.1) we have to manually check, at whatever time we just so happen to feel like checking? I won't go so far as to say that is absurd, but it is definitely silly.

No, there are 2 ways of receiving updates for your applications. One is by checking manually, as the post suggests, and the other is a notification (just like legacy BB OS devices) that you receive from BlackBerry World telling you to update your apps. I believe BBW checks in intervals of 24 hours or so to notify you if an application update is available.

At the moment, it seems to be a mix of notified updates and checked updates. I'd been notified of two app updates since Monday the 11th. When I followed the posts instructions, it showed the two updates ready for install, and no "3 dot" button to manuaally check. I installed the two updates, and then the button appeared. When I did the manual check, and switched the list back to updates, I had ten more updates detected. I'm not sure if I would have eventually been notified of these updates or not.

Absurd or not, I imagine this will eventually be tweaked to notify us more consistently and regularly as the OS receives updates, the way most software improves over time. I'm always looking for a reason to jump into BlackBerry World anyway since I got the Z10, so getting the jump on update notifications makes me feel like I'm intercepting this week's shipment of new comics.

Well, there certainly seems to be some confusion about the notifications (or not) for app updates

" Currently in BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry World doesn't push down notifications for these updates, so you unfortunately have to check for them manually in BlackBerry World. "

Doesn't sound too confusing to me, if you don't check, you won't be notified.

That's what I've experienced too. No notifications and I have to check manually. Hope this gets fixed in the next build of BB World.

Except that i got three update notifications today, so I'm not sure what this article says is completely accurate. Maybe only certain apps are pushing update notifications?

I was confused because what the article says and what some users are saying conflicts. I don't have one to see for myself. Plan on buying one as soon as they are available in the US, so I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into.

If we look at the competition, a lot of iPhone users are nagging about the constant updates that are available and "force update" just to get rid of them.

I would actually like to not have "there's a new update for xyz". On the PlayBook for instance, there's a zillion updates each day for me (I have a lot of apps) and it's just annoying to have the notification-bar screaming at me, hehe. I'd much rather check manually, or have the BB discretely check for updates for that app when starting it.

I don't understand why iPhone users would be complaining, there is no notification. It just shows up as badge on the App Store icon, and then, all they have to do is press the "update all" button. I don't think I would want automatic updates because I like to read the update log before I go ahead.

I'm so used to apps crashing (and sometimes bricking) my OS6 Torch9800 (getting the Z10 soon) that I always read user comments before updating the app. I also wait a day or two.

I agree having a Spark marking BlackBerry World when updates are available for any apps on your phone. Just like on BBOS7.1.

Has anyone seen the Spark in My World, with no apparent updates available? Or are there updates available and I am not able to access them?

So there has been no update to BB World and you still have to manually check for updates? C'mon guys! Get these notifications pushed out!