How long did it take you for BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 to download and install?

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jan 2014 12:56 pm EST

It's an exciting day in CrackBerry land, with BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 officially now here and beginning to rollout around the globe on multiple carriers.

After waiting a long time for this update to get released, I couldn't help but notice this morning that the update itself is taking a while to download. So far, out of my BlackBerry Z10, Z30, P'9982 and Q10, it's only on the Q10 so far that the update showed as available after manually checking for updates (Settings > Software Updates > Check for Updates).

After hitting the download button, over an hour later I'm still only at 80% finished downloading the 645MB update (note, file size seems to vary between people a bit).

In other words, it's taking a while. Other members of the CrackBerry team are experiencing the same sort of lonnnng download process.

I'm expecting this will be the norm for everybody out there, but figured it wouldn't hurt to check in with the community, so you know what you're getting into before you start the update.

If you have received the update and downloaded it, how long did it take?! Let us know in the comments!

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How long did it take you for BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 to download and install?



When I woke up and took it out of bedside mode it said congratulations you have been updated to the new OS.

Zero minutes for me...

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Which network are you on. Haven't received any update notification

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Well I'm on vodacom with the STL100-1. My brother has the STL100-2 on vodacom but hasn't received the update.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

Installed by autoloader a while back and it only took a few minutes ;)

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Mine too! I thought it was done after the first 300MB file installed, but then after that, it started downloading a 999MB File! I gotta go to work in a couple hours...hope it's done by then!!!!

About 25 minutes this morning around 8am ast. Via my wifi connection at home.

Telus Z10 and had been running since November.


about 40mins, and I did a Z30 and Z10 at the same time! the Z10 started out faster, but the Z30 caught right up and they both finished about the same time!

Mine was 17mb I was on 2.1.19## and now I'm on an older build surely? What's the difference mine automatically updated ffs :L

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An eternity because I have gotten it yet! Q10SQN100-2/ Verizon

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Downloaded 305 mb from Bell in 10 min, but installation took 30 min + restart. Pretty efficient!

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I updated mine early this morning. I think it was 315 mb. Took about 50 minutes to download and install. ( on Bell)

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Same with me, ours was supposed to come out on Feb. 10, but I haven't gotten it yet. I have a Q10 with ATT, and still have the 10.1 software.

The length of time for an OTA download is certainly one reason to load the leak version of this update. I downloaded it, unzipped it, loaded it on my Z10 and restored my device in the time it is taking you to just download it.

Knowing AT&T's tendency to be late in releasing updates (if at all), I decided to get ahead of the game and download the "official" leak when it first hit the forums. What a difference an update can make!

Took me ages because of something bizarre.

The update was 309mb but after both stages were complete and the 309mb had installed,it started all over again with another two stages for 999mb.

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305mb and took just under 50 mins. Was updated from last official build on Telus Z30.

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Wasn't really timing it but I'd say roughly 1hr, maybe a little less..

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311mb half hour to 45 min through iPhone on my way to work.

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Had the leak, so it auto-loaded this morning over an unknown period of time. Just knew because a pop up appeared when I looked at my phone letting me know!

I woke up to it asking to do a restart as it did it automatically... the restart took 5minutes. Was perfect!!!

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About 30 minutes for my Z30 and probably less for my Q10. Both showed just over 300 Mb for update size.

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almost 2 hrs + the time it took for it to rebuild and download the info again... but well worth it ..hands down the apk install and pinch feature in the hub are the greatest things so far

About 2 minutes, the size was 7MB and all of it was Verizon Junk. What a wast, and after I uninstall it the OS keeps saying that there is a software update available.

300mb took about an hour over wifi. I'm using my Z10 on Bell and was upgrading from the last official 10.2 release.

Started around 08:00 PST

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I'm with Koodo and the update wasn't showing up so I borrowed a Rogers sim card from a friend and slipped it in. Once the update showed up, I took the sim card out and turned my device back on without any sim cards. Its been about 15 minutes and its about 80% downloaded.

Two hours but that was because it failed the first time. Only problem now is that I can't get on the Internet. Don't know what to do.

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Because I had the .1925 os leak already installed, it took less than a minute. BUT, I did re-sideload a few bar files to get back features I liked from previous leaks.

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Took over an hour and a half on my Z10. Bell Mobility. Dint have to manually check. Was pushed to me automatically

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I was running the leaked version, it took roughly 3 minutes to update to the official version. 8mb was all, I think.

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Not long on the Z10 purchased in Toronto from Rogers. Under 20 mins downloaded 291MB and about 10 mins install.

The Z30 purchased in HKG from Smartone is still waiting for it to come thru!!!

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From my leaked os, update only with 75mb for less than an 30 mins for download and install

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It took me less than 30 mins. I was running a leak though so it probably sped up the download process

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Rogers Canada 308 MB about 30 minutes all totalled. The reboot took almost a scary amount of time 5 minutes plus loading the HUB another 5 minutes or so but it was all fine. :)

First time it took an hour and a half, got to 100% and said something went wrong. Try again.
Than I did it again and it took an hour and a half, than another 15 minutes to restart.

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About an hour total. 310 MB.

All these updates are great but I'm looking forward to my texts finally showing and not freezing. That would be the best update of all. So far so good. Fingers crossed.

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I'm installed OTA. It took about 90 minutes from start to finish. Then another 15 minutes to index all the files on my SD card.

Process was very smooth with no issues at all.

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Vodafone is slowing us down, I think the still want people to go and buy iPhone and Samsung, hence they haven't release the boom on 10.2.1. Still waiting.

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Lmao wish I could tell u but seeing as Vodafone UK or should I say vodafail haven't even bothered pushing out the update, it could take me anywhere from an hour to a few days to a few weeks.

****ers that Vodafone are...

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I started my timer earlier, letcha know how long 6 months is in hours when sprint decides to roll it

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Took me about 10 minutes to download and 10-15 minutes to install. Granted I did download it from my work 's 100+mb/sec

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Download and install from 10.2.429 took a total of 40 minutes over wifi via TELUS. Pretty quick compared to others. And it's working perfectly including Android apps installed and newly installed after update. I'm very pleased with the OS update.

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Lol I just left it and went to sleep

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Cincinnati Bell in Dayton, Ohio pushed out the update this morning. Took about 1 hour to download and install 1.1G update.

Such sweetness for my BlackBerry Z10!

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Z10STL100-1 v10.2.1.1925 South Africa

I didn't know the update was available. I just got a pop-up notifying that BlackBerry 10 has been updated to v10.2.1.537

I'm not sure, my phone did it automatically last night while I was asleep. It was a nice treat to wake up to.

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Abt 20-ish mins for me...but after installing it, I am finding my battery draining unusually fast. Anyone else experiencing this??
Z10 STL100-3.

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Mine was 340ish mb, took about half an hour to download here in the UK and about the same again to install

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Is there any links where we can download it then install as we've been doing for the like of leak versions. That would be an option for users still waiting for carriers to pull out their fingers.
Someone out there would have an answer.

Z berry are platforms of choice!

I have no idea! When Big Red pushed the update, I was using the phone. Next thing I know the pop up let me know that I had been updated to the latest OS!

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I'm estimating two to three weeks including the time it takes T-Mobile to get their heads out of their asses and roll it out to their customers.

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Almost 4 hours. First 300 MB file and then 1001 MB file. Maybe my work wifi was slow but this took a long time. Should be a warning before you start.

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Z10 with Fido...I wasn't paying attention but seemed to complete in about an hour or so.

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About 48 minutes to download a 293 MB file over WiFi, pulling from a 3G network in Zambia. Took another 30 to 40 minutes to install.

Got mine first thing in the morning. Took about 30 minutes to download and about that to install afterwards. Fastest update I've had so far :p

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I had an interesting experience with this update. Since I had leaked version I guess the auto update feature they spoke about in the press release was already baked in. So mine "auto updated" while I was sleeping and in the morning I got a message asking me to restart my phone. And boom official complete with all my android apps, settings, hub configured, etc. If this is the normal way the OS will auto update in the future, I am very very impressed and look forward to more iterations of OS10.

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About an hour each for Z30 and 2 Z10s. Was doing it bright and early at 7AM EST. Telus in Montreal

I'm not sure. When I woke up this morning, the software automatically downloaded and installed overnight. I just got a message that my OS had successfully upgraded.

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Mine was about 350MB, took probably more than hour, not sure though, just left it update itself and didn't pay that much attention to it.

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My z10 updated itself over night while in bedside mode !! What a great surprise to wake up too! xD

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Telus 303mb wifi just shy if an hour
Super smooth upgrade
That's what I like to see.

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Took about an hour. Verizon here. After it was done the only thing I had to do was reenter my passwords for my email accounts only. Socially media required no attention. What a seamless process. BlackBerry and Verizon have really gotten this right. Could not be happier and the new OS IS OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!

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Forever... ah, never mind. I forgot that I am on AT&T.

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Mine is 303mb. I've checked others and the have more than 600mb. Does that mean, that I'll be getting less features or something.

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i would say this was for sure the fastest update i have had taking maybe an hour and for once i didnt have to deal with the reboot saying it was at 100% for an hour

Mine was a trip round Africa...a 310MB took almost an hour to get all loaded up on my device (Z10).. great job lag so far!

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It took about an hour to download over 700MB. Only took a couple of minutes to reboot. Had leaked Signal sucks since update and lost Porsche Clock. Wish i hadn't updated.

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