How Long Can A BlackBerry Last Under Water?

By Bla1ze on 14 Sep 2009 07:47 am EDT

I'm sure there is no definitive answer to the question but the video posted over at BerryReview does indeed give you an idea of the durability of some BlackBerry devices. Two minutes of being submerged in a bowl of water is the abuse this BlackBerry took, but I'm left wondering if no buttons had been pushed or the trackball not played with would it have lasted longer? What do you all think? The video was put on youtube by phillipe80 along with this info:

My BlackBerry fell into the lake and I thought it was broken. I called T-Mobile and they would pick it up the next day. However when I turned it on the next day it was alive and kickin! So I tried it again and after 2 minutes I gave up. The BlackBerry just didn't wanna leave me...  

Probably best not to try this at home, but good to know some BlackBerry smartphones out there just won't give up on BB life easily.

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How Long Can A BlackBerry Last Under Water?


That's crazy! very good to know, my storm would probably short out in the matter of seconds though!

You can tell by the water bubbles that its not truly waterproof.

Yes it did last a full 2 minutes, but that may just be how long it took for the water to reach the really sensitive electronics!!

Why in the hell would you do that? You obviously have way too much money. If you're willing to kill a sweet phone why don't you just give me one. What the hell are you thinking.

Although my BB was not submerged a full two minutes... I did accidently place it into (of all things) an alcoholic drink at a bar. (Don't ask to many questions!...LOL) Anyway, I was simply not paying attention when I putting it down (I thought on the counter) while my head was turned the other way. As soon as I felt the top of the cocktail glass I was like...ooh sh*#! At this point it had been in there about 30 seconds. I cleaned it off, took out the battery and tried to blow out any fluids. At first it powered up but then it wouldn't even do that. At this point I prayed to every available God! I then kept the battery out, placed the unit under a blow dryer for about 4 minutes (on low of course to dry any any moisture), wiped it off inside and out, around the trackball and keys with rubbing alcohol (to release any suger from the syrup) and about 3 hours later, it booted up!

I had posted this in the forums a couple of weeks ago but I'll recount here since it's relevant.

I'd accidentally dropped my Storm into a bathtub one evening, and grabbed it out after it had been in there for probably about 3 or 4 seconds. Fortunately as it was falling in, the Storm hit the edge of the tub and the battery came out BEFORE it went in the water. Still, though, every part of the device was under water for at least a couple of seconds.

So I took the mem card out, left the battery out and started a fan blowing on it. The next day I put it all outside in the Texas heat (shaded), again with the fan blowing on it. By later that day I could take it no more and had to test it. Battery in - all good. SD - all good. Booted up and just a minimum of water residue under the screen. Within 24 hours that residue was gone and the thing was good as new.


A friend of mine traded in his Bold for an iPhone 3Gs and dropped the iPhone in a cup of water for about 5 seconds and it was shot he had to get it replaced. That is a great video!

It's not the water that kills electronic equipment it's the impurities in the water. You could dunk your BB in pure H2O all day long and as long as it was just in contact with 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom and nothing else it would be fine.

I would guess he is using a bowl full of distilled water. Distilled water conducts a very low level of electricity

This movie was great. It always amazes me how great these devices really are. This combined with watching my friend shatter the screen on his iphone 3GS last night just go to show that BB is the way to go!

My Storm was accidentally put through a full wash cycle. 45 minutes in a washing machine. After a few days of drying the OS still worked but the touch screen was finicky. I tried rice to no avail but after replacing the screen with oune off of ebay it workss 100%. I was even able to stop using the business card in the battery case with the new screen. These things can definately take a beating. Even the Storm.

Thats crazy that it worked after a full cycle in the washing machine. I have a storm and get nervous if a rain drop falls on it. Good to know that it will be find after a few days of drying. Question though....why do you have a business card in the batter case?

I work as a Paramedic on a medical helicopter. On August 17th My helicopter crashed into waters in SWFL. It took me less than a minute to exit the aircrat and swim to the surface. Upon reaching the surface, my Blackberry Storm was dead. I don't think they last at all in water.

I left my 8900 on the hood of my Jeep while I was working on it and when a freak rainstorm came up, I forgot to grab it. Sat in a light rain, face up, for maybe 10-15 minutes. I grabbed it, immediately pulled the battery and let it sit for hours to dry out. It didn't work perfectly again for 2 days. I'd say they are fairly sensitive to water.

i had my bb do the same thing, it got heavily rained on and for 2 days the screen wouldn't come on. i was just about to replace it when i tried again and walla - on came the screen

For those curious about the Storm, I have experience with this.

One day I was with my girlfriend, and we were playing around, I had my Storm on a table, right next to a can of cherry coke, and, you guessed it, she accidentally knocked the can of cherry coke straight onto my Storm's front.

After about 5 seconds, I exit out of "shock" and revert into trying to save my Berry, I pull the battery, SD and my SIM, and set them aside, and then hold the device LCD down to see if i can get any liquid to drain.

Long story short, After 5 minutes, I put the battery back in, and it booted up just fine. I'm still using the device to this day (this was about a month ago.) and the only issue it has are the bottom keys (Call, BlackBerry Menu, Back, End) and even that, the only issue is the BlackBerry Menu key fails to work sometimes, but taking it apart and cleaning out the button assembly would most likely fix this.

When the 8900 arrived at T-Mobile I was in a great position to upgrade so I went down and picked one up. At the same time I picked up a screen protector from Case-Mate. While applying the screen protector (it is water activated) water got into the screen. That was the end of that. The screen had major water markes under the plastic and they would not dry out. So after 3 days I took the 8900 back to T-Mobile (I have the insurance) and the guys gave me a brand new one. So I am not so sure about the ability of the 8900 to withstand a dunking in water. If just a little water from installing a screen protector can kill the LCD, I have a feeling being dunked in a bowl would kill the whole thing.

dropped my 8900 down the toilet (in clean water ) was underwater for about 5-6 seconds, dried out in rice and outside shade, after 24hrs it was as good as new as if it had not been anywhere near water.

I had my storm in my shorts pocket and went into the lake with it. I thought for sure it was going to be toast! I removed the battery and memory card took a hair dryer to it and within a day it was back up and running, it did take 3 days for the screen to dry. The only side effect is the bb button does not respond all the time, other than that it works just as good as before going into the water.

I'm not about to start making phone calls from Davey Jones' Locker. I'll keep my storm nice and dry thank you very much

My Blackberry Bold took a swim with me. It was in the water for at least a minute, maybe two, until I remembered I had it in my swim trunk's pocket. It worked fine after a few days of drying out.

I was kayaking down the chattahoochie river with my blackberry in my vest pocket, ya know, just in case, when I hit a rapid and flipped over. The phone was submerged with me for about 20 seconds. After that it worked just fine, but about 2 minutes later it set in and all it could do was turn on, blank white screen. Had to cancel my plan and get a new line just to not pay $550 bucks for a new one.

With a little bit of patience most phones will work after getting wet. Put the phone in rice, put it near a hot air duct(depending on climate) or the dryest spot in your house.

Leave it for 2-3 days and resist the urge to turn it on. I've also heard of soaking the phone in 100% rubbing alcohol to help stop the corrosion, but I have never done this.

The most important rule is: Do not turn your phone on till you are sure it is totally dry inside. If it is wet the only thing you can accomplish by turning it on is ruining your phone.

You know those little dessicate packets you typcially get inside electronic goods boxes these days? Save them, I've had VERY good results at rescuing water logged BBs and other phones with those packets.

What I do is get a zip lock bag or sealable plastic container and put the device in there with as many of the dessicate packets as I can fit in there and let it sit for a day or two.

Unless you live in a desert environment there is always moisture in the air so I seal it up so the packets have only the device to suck moisture out of.

I've saved a few blackberrys that way including a Bold.

I work for a large corporation so there are always people dunking their devices where they aught not to be dunked AND I have a nearly endless supply of dessicate packets from new laptop boxes ;)

Uncooked rice would also work in a pinch for it's moisture absorbing qualitys as well (I saw someone else mention rice in a previous comment as well, bravo)

I guess not all Blackberry's are the same. My GF has a Pearl and it just got wet a little wet and the phone sucked after that.

My wifes tour fell into the dogs water bowl; in a matter of seconds as she was drying it, the lcd screen started to flicker. That was it, the back light stopped working, even after leaving it under a hair dryer for a while and than a bag of rice to finish the drying process -- no luck. Maybe I should get her a curve.

i dumped a whole glass of wine on my storm. took the battery and sd card out shook the rest of the wine out from under the screen let it sit for about an hour. put the battery and sd card back in and blamo! works perfectly.

smells like merlot tho...

Love these phones!

Unfortunatly I have had the opportunity to witness first hand at my own expense that a black berry can not survive after being fully placed underwater. Below is my story:

I am a police office here in Ontario Canada; just this past week while working, myself and two of my partners had jumpped into a river to save a man from drowning. While my two partners (Both blk bry owners) decided to throw there phones, wallets and firearms onto the shore before jumping in I was not so smart. lol

The short story is that my black berry 8900 was in my front pocket of my shorts. Imediatly after the rescue I noticed that my black berry no longer worked. I removed the battery and cards to allow drying.

Three days later although my black berry will power on it will not transmit. My suggestion to anyone thinking of trying this is to STOP and keep your black berry dry ... lol

Cheers Derrick

I was at Boy Scout camp this past summer and the boys pushed me in with my Curve in my pocket fully on and activated. I was in the pool for about 5 minutes and didn't remember the Curve in my pocket for another 5 minutes.

I actually took the back cover off and poured water out.

I thought I was done, but I was at camp for the rest of the week with loss of communitcation - what to do???

1 day - Nothing
2 days - Red power light but then blinked off.
3 days - full power up. Screen had water behind it. Could see little wet spots flattened out. Keyboard and roller ball a little funky.
4-10 days - completely dried out including screen and roller ball.

The only percieved lasting issue was that it seemed the speaker phone function was somehow effected as after the incident, I got reports that I was dropping out only on speakerphone.

I did no special drying other than opening back cover for the first few days.

Admittedly it was a swimming pool so water was very clean, but I have to admit, the Curve took a water beating and kept right on going.

2 of my friends phones (one was an iphone) went through a whole cycle of the wash and they dried them out for a day and still worked..

My gf just dropped her brand new tour in toilet a day ago. she grabbed it out and removed battery. There was initially some condensation behind camera but it went away within minutes. The phone works fine no problems at all. Even the water damage stickers didn't change color. Pretty durable phones.

i droped my blackberry pearl 8100 in the shower, yes it was stupid. it was going all heywire, so i took everything out, battery, sim card, micro sd card, everything. gave it a fiew hours and whala. it lives once more.

I accidentally knocked my brother's LG Dare into a pot of soapy water (room temp). It was in the pot (fully submerged) for about 3 seconds. I quickly took it out to find it was still on a functioning! I turned off the phone and took the battery out. Blow dried it, put the battery and phone separately into a bowl of dry rice (heard it helps), and put it on the deck for 6 hours. Then around 12 hours later put the battery in and tried to power it on with no luck. The phone would turn on but the screen stayed at the Verizon logo. Even a few days later no luck. I think if the phone fell in without the battery, it'd be fine. Just my thoughts.

I dropped my Curve in the lake and i thought it was dead but about 12 hours later it was working fine except that my battery life since then has been about half of what it was other that that...perfect!

My wife had her Storm sitting on the ledge next to her bubble bath. Later when she tried to pick it up, she dropped it right in. I'm pretty sure she fished it out right away because she was freaked!

We took the back cover off and removed the battery. We then ran a hairdryer over it for 45 minutes. To be more careful, we let it sit overnight and around 5 PM, we ran the hairdryer over it for another 45 minutes. That's all it took. As soon as we tried to power it up, everything worked just fine.

Here's another thing I just thought of. I can't be more than a few feet from my BB. So, when I'm out in the pool, I put it inside a Ziploc sandwich bag. That way, I can swim over to it on the side and respond to messages.

It's also good because my kids like to splash a lot, and this way, my Storm is safe. And if it ever gets knocked off the edge, hopefully the Ziploc will keep it dry.

My 8800 got killed by sweat, yes sweat! I did the rie thing for a week (had to leave the country) got back and it worked okay, died later that day, bathed it in rice for a day and it worked, broke again and after that I gave up and bought an 8900!

My two-year-old grabbed my Storm off the vanity while I was shaving and in one continuous motion, dropped it into the toilet. It didn't make it to the bottom until I had snatched it out but the damage was done.

I figured it was toast but decided to see if it could be saved before I called Verizon and admitted what had happened. The first thing I noticed was that it was trying to start an application because the water was shorting out the connections so I pulled the battery right away. While I had the back off I pulled the memory cards and grabbed a can of compressed air I use to blow the dust out of my keyboard. I just tried to blow as much moisture out as I could and didn't try to disassemble it.

It was a sunny day so I left the back off and laid it on the window sill in the direct sunlight all day. That night I replaced the battery and left it connected to the charger to generate heat internally. The next morning I noticed the touch screen was sort of a mottled gray and white, the white being where moisture was still present. Gradually over the course of about three days the screen went back to the original pale gray color.

After the overnight charge I turned it on and started using it. It was a bit quirky for a day or two but now it works as well as it ever did. It has been over a month so I guess I am out of the woods with it.

The only evidence that it was wet is the little square sticker on the inside of the battery compartment. You have to remove the battery to see it and it is all one color, something between a dark pink and a light red. If I remember correctly, this sticker was white with a red line through it before my son's slam dunk.

Given it's a little off-topic, but last week I awoke in horror to find my Pearl had slid off my bedside into a perfectly placed glass of water at some point in the night. My best estimate is it was there for 4 or 5 hours! As soon as I realised I took out the battery and went through all the usual drying out processes (shaking a load of the water out then a bag of rice for a good few days)and finally put it back together today in the vain hope of it working. Im probably living in a dreamworld! I got nothing when plugging it in, but found a replacement battery on Ebay for £3.50, so my plan is to try that. Am I being totally dumb? is it totally beyond repair? Thought I'd ask as a lot of you guys are ridiculously clued up on water damage!



My son dropped his pearl in the shuswap lake (BC - Canada). It went to about 3 metres (10 ft) in depth and couldn't be found. 2 weeks later I took snorkle gear down and found the unit. It had moved deeper and was now around 4-5 metres down. This is in a glacier fed mountain lake (ie lots of minerals - but warm water).

We opened it up and left it to dry a few days. Ocassionally I would blow air across it. After that we applied power and it continued to work. The only issue we have had is that pushing the pearl in gives a 'double' push. As a result we use the return key instead of the pearl.

Well, that video gave me a case of the creeps but I had dropped my Crackberry in the toilet where it sat for as little time as possible. I was convinced my electronic buddy was going to expire like the Wicked Witch of the West (and from the same cause: exposure to di-hydrous oxide) BUT it lived. I would not recommend dunking the berry just to see if it will survive but it is nice to know they are such rugged little chappies.

BTW, did the water indicator on your Blackberry show it was submerged? Mine didn't but then again, mine wasn't under water for as long as yours.

(I have the 8320 Curve, in a darker grey than you have. Love it.)

went swimming with storm. Get power light, and one time got "spinning clock" on start up, but that's it. Pretty sure its dead, although I've considered that it might be the battery that's shot.

Ones I received a really important SMS and I wanted to take a leak so bad, so I was doing two things at ones, and guess what, I dropped it in the bowl, at first I didn't want to take it out of there, but then I remembered that I forgot to back all my data up, at this point my BB was under water for about a minute, screen was still on. So I decided to take it out, took the battery out, soaked it in glass of vodka, and blew it out with compressed air. Still working fine...

Went fishing today and got knocked out of the boat. I was in the water 5 min with my blacberry in my pocket when i got to the bank and got it out it was still on i took the battery out immediately and got home took it apart and dryed it out works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a BlackBerry Torch I lost in the snow out by an Elementary school playground when I was out for a walk. After three days of not knowing where it was, I went out to get a new Bold 9900. Three weeks later, I get a call from the police department saying they had a BlackBerry Torch and someone turned it in. They went throught the contacts and found my home number. The phone still had battery life AND the rain and snowy weather didn't do a thing to it. Truly amazing... Now what am I gonna do with the old Torch?