How to instantly view your remaining battery percentage with the BlackBerry Z3

Z3 Battery
By James Richardson on 2 Jun 2014 08:35 am EDT

If you're already a BlackBerry 10 user then you'll more than likely know how to quickly view your battery percentage on your device. But for new users of the BlackBerry Z3 this is really just a quick heads up tip.

Prior to OS 10.2.1 being released we had to jump into the settings or have a third party app running which may display your remaining battery in the Active Frame. Not anymore though, as the OS update included a way to peek at your battery with one swift gesture.

How to instantly view your remaining battery percentage with the BlackBerry Z3

  • To do this just grab your BlackBerry Z3 and swipe up from the bottom bezel. For as long as you keep your finger/thumb in that position the battery icon will turn from the standard icon which is a diminishing battery meter to show you the actual percentage in numbers.

It doesn't get any easier than that. The feature is certainly not the most exciting within BlackBerry 10 but it sure as hell comes in handy in this day and age where more of us are using our smartphones do manage our lives.

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How to instantly view your remaining battery percentage with the BlackBerry Z3


The swipe and hold to see the battery percentage was one of the -sorry- first useful little additions I discovered in 10.2.1

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Pretty tough to miss, isn’t it. We should do a poll: how many Z3 users hadn't already discovered this by the time they read the article. :) Answer: the one guy who had never swiped up yet because his device was still in the box!

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We have to remember that CrackBerry is not only used by us diehards but people who receive BB's as presents or buy their first BB are often totally lost and come here to find out things like this. And it would shock you how many people I run into using BB10 devices who have not discovered things that I consider to be basic. People know how to swipe and release to get out of an app, but the battery percentage only displays when you swipe up and hold, and based on the number of people that don't know how to peek into the hub, I'm willing to bet that a lot of people have never swiped up and held their finger in place long enough to see the battery meter

It's a classic case of non-RTFM.

Probably the same people that didn't bother picking up the little quick-start booklet in the box that takes one through exactly those things in less than a minute. You won't even need to read the text... And trees had to die for it!

(of course just lifting out the phone and discovering things by accident is a valid strategy, albeit not the smartest, each to their own... )

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I never read those, but then, by the time I get my hands on a phone I've already followed everything about the phone from the pre-release leaks to the final product and probably loaded a couple of leaked OSes

Don't forget, BlackBerry users are all about efficiency... once somebody teaches us how to turn our phones on. :)

Quite seriously... I'm curious if these efforts to educate our Z3-using friends will pay dividends, or are even worth CB's effort, considering the phone has been released only to the Indonesian market and we're all helpfully posting in English. To my understanding our language has penetrated the tourist areas of Indonesia but is largely unspoken elsewhere in the country. Anecdotally, a CB forum requesting user photos of the Z3 has been up for a month and a half and from what I can see has received less than five responses from the target audience. That's not to say that the phone isn't out there, just that we're doing something wrong in reaching its users - for whatever reason, we can't see them and they can't see us. That might be worth putting some thought to before our overworked and underpaid scribes invest too heavily in the Z3 assistance plan!

Typed incredibly slowly on a Z10 with the loving assistance and encouragement of James Richardson and Kevin Michaluk. ;)

Comeon mate, crackberry always has great things to talk about (how to find your remaining battery percentage, Deal of the Day, BBM stickers, Games update) LOL sometimes i wonder where is the awesome technology that "BlackBerry" is offering - AS IF.

Anyway i would recommend you to enjoy WWCD Apply event in 4 hours from now and look at the "Innovation" maybe Blackberry will have something to offer within the coming few years ;)

Sent from macbook pro with retina display ;)

Seriously? Crackberry, what has happened to you? I get that you want to remain visible for new BlackBerry users. But for the love of all your current users, find another friggin way to do so! Make a special spot on the website with a button like: NEW BLACKBERRY USER? CLICK HERE FOR AWESOME HELP GUIDES

Because this is NOT awesome...

You are correct sir, I could most definitely not read the article. But really, as of late, I have seen a very small amount of interesting articles, so few that I am beginning to wonder why I come to this website at all. This feelings gets stronger everytime I see an 'article' such as this posted. There are other options to get new readers up to speed, without losing the focus of the existing users.

I am just trying to draw Crackberry's attention that their direction that they are headed, is not something I enjoy.

And it is most definitely true that Crackberry can decide whatever articles they post, but I am sure that if they continue their path, they will lose readers and lose quality. That's something I would never want to wish upon Crackberry, a website that has given me lots of joy.

Maybe they should have a poll to see if they should keep doing these 'how to' articles. This guy loves a poll........

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^^^...Here is one of the only people with an adult brain posting here. The rest of you sound like whining children. CrackBerry is for everybody. Not just die hard BlackBerry users. It would really be interesting to see when the ridiculous mindset of, "It's only for us geeky no-lifers" who love to post everyday on just about every article," took hold here. Stop your bitch'n people. You don't have to read the article. Many of you on this thread claim you don't bother to read the tiny manual that comes with a BlackBerry device, yet, you see the title of a CrackBerry article that has no value to you and you read it anyway. Idiots. (I bet if they printed CrackBerry on those tiny pamphlets you'd read it. Thus, making you no better than the silly term, iSheep. Which many of you have become worse than, and don't even realize it.) Learn when to pick your battles. When CrackBerry is trying to help people isn't the time to do so. There ARE people other than us "die hards" that scour the internet for assistance. Let them have it. Your complaining makes you sound like a bunch of asses.

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People STOP it

Are you guys really that stupid complaining about why crackberry post simple tricks

We have new users and they could take advantage of some tips

NOW STOP COMPLAINING idiots for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

World's easiest job.

I understand that there are new users but there are already articles on this sort of stuff. We don't need to re-highlight every feature in weekly articles with the release of a new phone.

There should be a "new to BB10" section that gives helpful tips like this separate from the blog view.

There is absolutely no benefit to releasing full page articles dedicated to one feature. The amount of people who see this and will benefit from it is close to zero. All of these. Simple tips could easily fit in one post and the whole article could be re posted sticky with the release of new devices.

Two things:

1. I suspect criticizing this job is even easier.

2. Regarding your comment: "There is absolutely no benefit to releasing full page articles dedicated to one feature. The amount of people who see this and will benefit from it is close to zero." - you are exactly 0% accurate.

BTW (bonus thing - you're welcome), it's even easier to just avoid the "useless" content of clearly labeled articles.

There're not news this far on Monday morning... they needed to create one... maybe!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

Unbelievable. The article is a benefit to anyone who is new(ish) to BB10. All of you complaining should remember that there are new users who will find this information helpful.

There could be more innovative ways for the reuse of older articles, but the information is a bonus for anyone who might find it useful.

My complaint would be the apparent decrease in the number of articles since the reorganization of the Mobile Nations Newsroom. I wonder if any of the other Nations have this as well? is there anyone who can comment on this, since my requests for BB10 apps for the rest of the Mobile Nations has fallen on deaf ears.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

iMore still so active with an informative and new technologies articles ;)

Sent from macbook pro with retina display ;)

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how how to view the battery percentage on your Z3, there.

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I for one did not know this and been using a 9930 alongside a Q10 for a while now. Thanks for the tip!

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WHY CAN'T THIS WEBSITE I DO NOT OWN OR WORK FOR that has thousands of users, using many different devices with many different levels of technology ability POST CONTENT ONLY SPECIFICALLY TAILORED TO SUIT MY NEEDS AND MY NEEDS ONLY.

Am I right people? I mean, come on!!

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Would be nice if Crackberry gave us a tip about how to get Google Chromecast capable apps working on BB10 phones or maybe research why sideloaded Android apps can't see a Chromecast or maybe find out Blackberry's plans for Google Play Services compatibility in their Android runtime. Or maybe report on BlackBerry devs intentions for native Chromecast compatibility. Too geeky perhaps?

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I actually applaud these efforts by the CB team as they are running a FOR PROFIT business. So when someone searches "battery Z3" on google this article comes up and all the newbies start browsing the site some may sign up some may even buy a case or 3. I'm not sure that it's worth alienating the core but if BlackBerry has been bleeding users surely CB has been too. As Kevin loves his analytics he has seen this so they need blogs like to bring more eyes to the site. The more eye the more $$$ so Kevin can finally move get out of cold winters in the Peg.

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Can we have an article on how to plug the charger in on your BB10 device please. Been using my Z10 for 15 months and still don't know how to do it. Costing me an absolute fortune in batteries every time! ; )

Careful! Z10 in action!

You must have discovered the ultimate source of genuine batteries by now, tell us, who is cheapest....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I'm considering getting a Z3....

What would really help me would be a 12 part series titled:

"Turning on your new BlackBerry Z3"

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It does get easier though...get rid of the icon and replace it with the percentage or at least make it a choice...please! At least it is a step in the right direction.

Authored on the Q10

And this is why I haven't opened the CB app for two weeks.
Not only are BlackBerry related articles decreasing, but the quality of these articles is degrading by the day.

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I don't want instantly know my battery status. I want to see the time and date instantly..

Z10 10.2.1

Works on Z10, also. Battery icon and associated numeric percentage show in the upper left hand corner of screen.

ScuzzyII Posted via BBZ10