How to install Vine on BlackBerry

BlackBerry Vine
By Simon Sage on 29 Jan 2014 09:03 am EST

Vine is a hugely popular social network that lets users share short videos with one another. Combined with its tight integration with its parent company, Twitter, Vine has introduced a whole new brand of entertainment to the online mix. So, how do you get it on BlackBerry? Easy - through the Amazon Appstore.

Step 1: Install and log into the Amazon Appstore

Go to the Amazon Appstore download page in your BlackBerry browser ( Tap the "Download the Amazon Appstore" button. The Downloads window should pop up asking you where you want to save it and what the filename should be; just tap Save in the top-right, then tap the file when it's done downloading. If the download window isn't there, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right (three little dots), and tap Downloads.

After installation, open the Amazon Appstore, enter your Amazon e-mail and password, and tap the "Sign in with my Amazon account" button. If you don't have an Amazon account, tap the "Create account" button and follow the steps. 

Vine for BlackBerry

Step 2: Download and install Vine

Tap the magnifying glass in the top-right of the Amazon Appstore, and type Vine into the search box. It should pop up in the results below; just tap the Install button to get downloading. You'll have to tap another Install button after that, and confirm app permissions to complete installation.

Step 3: Open and log into Vine

Tap the Vine icon in your home screens to open it. Log in with your Twitter credentials, and you're good to go!


Keep in mind that I haven't been able to use the camera to actually record Vines on the Z30, and general performance may be choppier than you'd like, but it's still passable.

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How to install Vine on BlackBerry


Also for those of us wanting a native solution, #Whine will be releasing very soon!

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Good work :)

I like how the write-up says, "How to get Vine", yet it says you can't record... Aren't there already vine viewers available? haha. What a joke. Whine is gonna be sweet


I got snapchat yesterday. It was buggy, worked for one snap, now the camera doesn't work. These android apps are NOT good enough to use instead of the native experience.

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All kidding aside ,I just took a peek in BB world and noticed that BBM now has a rating of 3 Stars.This really is annoying as BB is depending on BBM ,going forward.Enterprise ect.Tempted to start a thread in the Forums,this is unacceptable.

Eh. Not really there's not another platform out there that gives you apps from multiple markets plus we have amazing devs that are working very hard to bring the most wanted 3rd party apps that the big companies are to ignorant to bring to the platform natively.

BlackBerry10 is awesome and the devs we have make it even more so. spread the word!!!

Where are you located? I can give you a list of carriers in the US in terms of when the 10.2.1 update is coming. (They skipped 10.2 to get 10.2.1 instead)

Clicking it in the CB10 app didn't work for me either. Just post the url into the browser manually, works fine from there

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You have to hold it down and the open it in browser and the side option pops up

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Now for the likes of today, it's a great opportunity for carriers to be pushing out update, and promote BlackBerry, then customers won't get frustrated with their BlackBerry devices. so I do believe that the carriers have massive impact on the sale of devices they want to sell and wants costumers to buy, , expecially if the buyers are not smartphone savy or unsure of what device they're after , so that would once again shows how Vodafone UK is somehow anti BlackBerry and would be happy to see the downfalls of such company.

Z berry are platforms of choice!

Hey Simon - I downloaded Vine yesterday on my Z30 (after installing 10.2.1 and the Amazon app store), and I've been able to record video without any issues. Works great actually.

Thanks for replying. My sim is China Unicom with WCDMA while my phone was bought from a shopper online so I don't know if the Q were truly bought in UK. It shows vodafone's brand when booting. Ps: If my English have any grammar problems...

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Don't worry, your English is better than my mandarin.

Quick look didn't show any Chinese carriers as pushing the update yet, so you might be in for a wait. In that case you might want to try Sachesi, the latest leak is better than the official OTA release in some ways (lost my damn porsche design clock and face recognition in camera app)

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I think my situation is similar to down stair lady's.
There are many users using Hong Kong Q10s have been received OTA though their carriers are China Unicom or China Mobile.
After all,China, a incredible country, haven't been issued any BB10 drives yet so that it's none of the carriers business.
One thing I care is whether I should buy a Vodafone UK sim for catching OTA.
Thanks and happy Chinese New Year!春節快樂!

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I think so. So, you are in tragedy....But whether you tried a version sim. I think I should learn how to use Sachesi.

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I downloaded vine on my Z10 with no issues and I can use the camera to record. I'll use whine when it comes out because I'd rather have something native, but the vine apk I used has no issues.

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I downloaded last night from Amazon.

Slow and crashes.

Will wait for native knock off.

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Can you do another post on how to install Instagram, Netflix, SnapChat, and Skype? That will not only help avoid redundant forum posts, and when people google search those they will find the answers (maybe help people learn that BlackBerry does have access to these apps).

Install the 1Mobile app,or Snap, or Amazon app store and then search and install those apps.

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My Goodness since US carriers elected to bypass 10.2 you would think they wouldn't have us here in the US waiting so long for 10.2.1! I think the US is conspiring against BlackBerry to try to really hurt sells of BlackBerry Devices in the US!

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I thought Whine was a joke, although I have never heard of Vine so who knows. What's wrong with youtube?

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

No, Whine is an app being developed by Knobtviker (who has also helped Snap2Chat and iGrann with video upload coding).

Whine/Vine better than YouTube, it's a social networking app.

Posted with my Q10 running

when I tap to download im being asked for an address and contact info. I am not from the US so I do not have any idea what address info to use. in short, I am not getting to download anything from the appstore.

I downloaded amazon appstore but i cant sign in. It says"connection problem". And this is happening at other android games too. How can i fix that wifi problem? Any suggestion??

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The file is download but the "Install" is no where to be seen.

Please more specific instructions or the file go to the TRASH!!

I prefer to wait and Whine for a little bit...

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Guys dont download vine, camera 360 and other camera related android apps...I had a major problem with my camera after downloading those apk format apps...Im Using Z10 there's seems to be no way of fixing it...I tried to reset my phone, and remove the battery and all but only gives temporary solution, Green And Kinda Rainbow Screen shows up every time I open the camera!:-( too many problems with BlackBerry phone...I think its time to buy another phone

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Maybe I'm missing something but I don't get the point of it. Really, what's the point. Just another fad.

It's a sad state of affairs if the general populous only has an attention span of a few seconds. We are humans, not gold fish.

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I am able to post vines on my Z10 and I got my vine app from the side loaded snap

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@Simon. Why are you pushing the amazon store? You should at the very least mention "alternatives" just in a short bracketed sentence after.

Goodnight point. 1Mobile has better apps and I have much better luck with them working properly. 1Mobile and Snap are the way to go.

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I personally don't like 1mobile. I prefer snap and aptoide. And here is why we need mention of more... since we all have preferences and so will someone that is new to this.

Installed Vine okay but tried to install the financial App called CNBC ( free ) on 1Mobile because Amazon does not have the App and it says the Google Services does not support the App on your device anybody download CNBC

Got Vine from 1Mobile Market, after 1 week and I never use the app at all. Deleted. I'm ok with BBM, WhatsApp and Instagram (Original, Weather and FishEye)

OK it's late, but one question, I installed this and the first time I used it, worked perfectly, ever since, it's too large and I cannot navigate through the app. Anyone else experiencing this problem, or is there a fix, or update I need?

Verizon BlackBerry Z10

I got the android app, it works very well but it crashes after a few minutes. When i leave the app it goes to the top of the feed.
Whine isn't working well, I'm sticking with the apk version

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