How to Install the SIM Card and MicroSD Memory Card into a BlackBerry Smartphone

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Mar 2010 04:36 pm EDT

One of the first videos I ever did up for was a BlackBerry 101 on How to Install the MicroSD Card into your BlackBerry Smartphone. To this day it is still one of the most popular articles viewed on though back in October 2007 there were only a few BlackBerry device models on the market that actually accepted a MicroSD card. We're into 2010 now so I figured it was time to do a little update covering both MicroSD card installation and SIM card installation.

Warning: I did this video one take, no excuses. It's a bit long and tedious (I like vids to be 3 or 4 mins tops but dang there are a lot of BlackBerrys on the market these days), but seriously...I did a few extra takes and they weren't any better. But at least this way you can follow the trials and triumphs as I walk through the BlackBerry lineup starting with the Bold 9700 and going down the line to earlier devices. Since this topic of video has helped sooo many people over the years, I'll be sure to follow up in the months ahead with some shorter / concise by device model clips. In the meantime, enjoy the show. :) 

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How to Install the SIM Card and MicroSD Memory Card into a BlackBerry Smartphone


consider it an "interim" update.  trying out a new video camera and really not impressed with the slow speed of the auto focus on it.  and it's a bit long... and there should be some new phones on the market soon! so will do up a better update in a few months.  thx though!

Hey Kevin, can we expect updates to all the 101s? That would be nice, some of them are kinda outdated...

Definitely on our "to-do" list. Been trying to get some done over time but hopefully we can crank out the rest at a good rate.

and many, many, many more. these are just the ones with microsd card slots (got a few 8700s kicking around) and multiples of some devices. i like blackberrys.... a LOT :)

Thanks for the video. It wasn't too long considering what you covered. It was most helpful. Keep up the good work.

your fingers/nails are in really great condition =x
im not saying anything negative from that. it's just not too often i see that on a guys hands ;P

for the bold 9000, i find it easier to remove the sd card if u remove the battery cover first. still a pain to do but easier than with the cover there

Thanks. Cool seeing the inner workings of BBs that I will never own or use. Only have a 8310 and 9700.

Great job!

Kev, that was a disaster :)
As seen in your sub title, you almost lost it there between SIM and SD card!
You got them all at the end anyways, good job.

Do you know how many people buy a BlackBerry for the first time every day? It's awesome that the CB guys remember that not everyone has owned one (or more) BBs for years, or has 1000 posts on the forums.
You may not have found this video to be of use, but (judging by the comments) I'm sure many other people did, or will in the future.

Great job Kevin! The 101 Series is a very valuable asset. I refer people to it all the time. Glad to see you guys are updating them. :)'s a sim card and sd card right? It slides in, it slides out. The only issue is location depending on model. I think that is all he was saying phishgirl.

look at all those pretty Berrys!!! :)

and for people dogging on the video, he's actually helping some people who either are new to BlackBerrys or not that technologically savvy...soo, get over it.

easiest way i find for the storm is to open the back, and in one motion tilt the back thru 170 degrees, so it picks out the battery with the `prongs` that go into the top of the phone, then use those same `prongs` topull the sim card out, kinda not so good explainin it, but it works really well, i work in a phone shop and its by far the fastest way

Dude that's a great idea for how to flip the battery and Sim! I'm gonna do a battery pull right now just to try it!

I hate to correct you Kevin, but you said the 8830 didnt take a simcard.

It actually does. TELUS and Bell and Verizon both Marketed the device to be a world phone like the tour and the storm.

Sorry for correcting you but i did notice that in the video.

Otherwise great video and i enjoyed watching it greatly

lol. yeah, yeah, i know... i called it a world edition in the video didn't i? same as a tour and storm.  it just doesn't neeeed a sim card, but does take one. all good.  one take - didn't feel like redoing anything.  wicked that you watched that for into the video though! :)

Oh cool i never know how to take my SIM card out of my Storm2, but now i know... anyways i wouldnt take it out well thanx for the video i suppose 0_0 ... haha im j/k great video Kevin =)

Just to let you know you don't have to pry on that little hook on the tour and such. If you put your finger nail on the little lip of the microSD card itself and pull, It will pull right out. No hasseling with trying to hold down that hook. Same with putting it in, Just push it right in, don't mess with the hook.

I had no idea how to remove these cards after watchhing the how to video. I am now a well informed crackberry user and know what to do instead of calling tech offense to all the tech support folks. I call tech support from time to time for help on things.

this has the be the most useless video on crackberry to date. i think crackberry ppl are just finding reasons to post stuff they have to come up with useless videos that ppl would already know how to do it. and if your new to a blackberry....guess what...removing the sim card is about the same as any other phone...along with the sd card.

way to go from keeping yourselves entertained...

post more useful things like upcoming new devices, new apps, and os updates. thats much more interesting.

Stupid going back on the blackberry browser put my comment here for the contest post.

I found the orginal video very helpful for my 8900. This one was a nice updaté

I accidentally broke the little tab thing on my tour awhile back. At first I was freaking out but I actually discovered it stays just fine without it and not having it actually makes getting it out a lot easier.

So Kevin just pops out the battery on the 9700. What is the secret? My original battery was very stiff and the extra battery that I got from Amazon was so tight that I had to use a tiny screwdriver to pry it out.

I noted that the markings on the back side were not the same but I don't know if that is usual.

Sorry, I know there are new BB owners all the time, but there should be an MIT (minimum intelligence level, not the place of learning). If you are too stoopid to RTFM then stick to Nokia.