How to install Instagram on BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jan 2014 11:45 am

With the official release of OS 10.2.1 hitting devices around the globe, we now have the option to install Android applications right on the device — including Instagram. It's obviously not an official BlackBerry version, but it still works like a champ on the new OS. So if you've been waiting to get your gramming on from your BlackBerry, here's how to get it done.

Note that you'll need to be running OS 10.2.1 for this to work.

Step 1: Download the Instagram APK

You can grab the Instagram APK from here. You can hit up the site on your BlackBerry browser but it may be easier to find the file from your PC, then moving it to your device. This listing has a whole bunch of other apps as well, but grab the file for Instagram. 

  • If saving to your BlackBerry, just tap the file in the iist, then save it to your device. 
  • If using a PC - download the file, then transfer it to your device over USB, by emailing it to yourself or using Dropbox, Box etc.


Step 2: Install the APK

​Find the Instagram APK file on your BlackBerry (in the folder you saved it to or wherever you transferred it from your PC).

Tap the file to open, then tap Install. 


Tap Accept in the popup dialog to continue. 

When the install is finished, you'll have Instagram installed on your BlackBerry. Tap Open, login (or sign up) and you're on your way!



This process works for most (but not all) Android apps if you're running OS 10.2.1 — so go nuts. Find more on installing Android apps on your BlackBerry at the link below.

How to install and Android app (APK) to BlackBerry



Why not install the 1Mobile android app store and presto, no more downloading specific apks anymore. You also get notifications for updated apps!

EDIT: First! (that is how it works right?)


I downloaded Instagram but I find igrann a lot better! Atleast on my Q10 :)

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I also find iGrann better on the Q10. I can actually see the full picture instead of having most of it blocked out by the instram ui.

But at least instagram had video upload and instagram direct.

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Also is it just me or when I refresh the explore tab, I scroll through the new pics/videos if I let go without selecting a pic the page will refresh again. It's quite annoying!

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Same here, but beside that all running with iGrann.

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Jay Hooker

Same here, and having trouble uploading.

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I never did install igrann, is it connected to instagram or we'll be starting a new account?


I feel a bit sorry for the developers of iGrann.

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R Field

Why? It already has over 120,000 downloads in less than 48 hrs. Its already better than instagram and isn't even full featured yet.


I feel sorry for your comment. You actually thought you made a good point.

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Jay Hooker

Everyone in the states will still be using igrann for another year while we wait for the OS upgrade. That plus not everyone will bother with the Android apps at all. In fact there are probably thousands of BB10 users that don't get on crackberry and even know that it is possible.

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Igrann is a great app. Just wait when all the features are implemented, I bet that igrann will be more favored than this. :)

Keepin' it Chill Z10 (


Igrann is waaaay better. Deleted instagram ages ago.

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heyyyyyy.. got update with facebook and whatsup

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I love how the keyboard works now when commenting :)

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I have a Lumia Windows Phone and the 3rd Party Instagram app, 6Tag, is much better than the native instagram app by miles, I'm sure iGrann will do well...

My Z30 #ProductivityEnhanced



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Kobe Barksdale

The instagram Apk still don't play nice with the BlackBerry keyboard though, crackberry need to state that as a disclaimer so noobs don't get mad

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Keyboard is fixed

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NO THANKS!!!....I use Igrann


As nice as it is to be able to put the android Instagram on the phones, I think more people will go with Igrann, since it is built for all BB 10 devices and from what I am hearing a very good app.


I got rid of Instagram a long time and prefer using iGrann. I don't do video, and nobody sends me Direct anyway, so it works perfect for me as-is :)
Also ... the keyboard was a real PITA with Instagram. Has this been fixed?


Yup keyboard is foxed

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Use Igrann it's better.

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How do we know what the latest version is? I downloaded an apk from the play store that reports as version
Mobile apps need more descriptive versioning....

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I got my daughter to load iGrann but she said it was very slow so she went back to instagram. Not sure what the problem could be but I am doing my best to support the Dev!

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deleted instagram since igrann official released
sideloaded android apps are just not that memory efficient compared to native bb10 app, especially those that needed android keyboards

Kyle Andrei

Igrann dark modern theme is way better than instagram

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Still waiting for 10.2.1 update. :( why I'm not get!!!!!

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The only thing I have to say is, Adrian busted his ass on his own time and his own dime to bring Instagram to us. I'm gonna use his app! I may download the original to try it out, but I think I'm gonna keep iGrann to show support.


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I'm using it to show support AND it hands down is far superior than the original.


Instagram make my camera app broke, reboot device fix it but when load instagram problem appear ( especially with video on instagram)

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I'm using the leaked OS and all video and pics show sideways. So unless they make a native app, im running with insta on my Iphone4. I have IGRAN, but, the lack makes me only want to use it as a viewer thus far. I don't use insta on my Q10 @All. Garbage.

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iGrann all day baby!



Why download Instagram when you can download Igrann?

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This! +10000000000000

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Is there a way to actually see the filenames of the apk files on that SkyDrive page?

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Why even bother now that we have iGrann for BlackBerry 10. This has no merit anymore void filled. *nuff said* sorry Adam I have the best point you will see here

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Anybody else find it annoying that with Android apps (apks), there is no way to manage what the app can access like native BB apps. I don't want to give the app access to my contacts. It's all or nothing here.

Anyway to prevent this?


Step 1: Go to BlackBerry World

Step 2: Search "iGrann"

Step 3: Tap "Download"

There you have it folks!

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Easy peasy

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I installed it. It worked for the first few times but now I get a black screen when I open Instagram. Any tips?

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iGrann is the way to go. Native apps all the way.

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IGrann is definitely better.

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Igrann need video support but to me way better then instagram right now anyways but miss video support hope in next Igrann update it be there

Blackberry Z10 on CB10


Problem is any android app that has push notifications doesn't push those notifications. Prime example is Score Mobile and Scoremobile FC. Under notifications > other applications, the apps don't show up so you can't set push notification settings. I just wish app developers would make official blackberry versions that work.

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I like iGrann way better.

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Snap works fine to install Instagram as well

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Igrann is probably better than the original Instagram app.

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Instagram v5.0.0 won't access images from BOX ( or DROPBOX). iGrann does!


Why? Why do I want Instagram on my phone with the horrible look to it when I can have Igrann and have a great look and especially when I can change the theme from light to dark, now can you do that with Instagram hell no so I shall stay with the third party app and honestly wait for all features to be upgraded later

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So when are we going to have notifications on Apks?

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Why bother Igrann works great with no hassle at all right from our BlackBerry App Store

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Why not just download SNAP and download it directly afterwards so that you can install all the apps instead?? Why do it this difficult way multiple times


Ahhhh we have IGRANN!!!! Natively built and from what I hear it's better than Instagram even though IGRANN doesn't have all the features like video and direct message #TeamBlackBerry #IGRANN

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Yeah I got Igrann today, but now have Instagram and am loving it! Especially the now I can video upload. I feel a little sorry for them too! I also now have Vine. Which is running very slowly and crashes but at least I have it, it works most of the time. Just a little slow and the moment has passed by the time it loads. Still enjoying these new apps :)

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do you get notifications of likes and comments?


Once I downloaded the apk file and installed it (in my case instagram) can I delete the apk file? I've tested the app and it works fine.


Does igrann allow you to follow instagram friends and vice versa?


I have installed it, though a wee bit slow in loading I do love the app, however, I will jump at the opportunity for a true native app by Instagram, but currently I have Amazon and Instagram on my phone, quite happy with that, since I am not into games that much, I feel this update could turn more people over to the dark side :)


After a year of campaigning for a native instagram. Every day we wondered when it would come. We tried every tactic in the book. Finally our man Adrian comes to the rescue, gives the people what they've been asking for and now we can get instagram? Uh uh. No. That's not how it works in CB world. We take care of our own. So thanks but no thanks. I'll stick to Igrann. Ps. Please don't forget to donate. It's the least we can do to ensure that we get the best IG experience.

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How will we know if the Instagram app gets updated so we can download the latest version

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Can we see intagram in hub?

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See, this is a good example of why BB is faltering in general. it's 2014, Android rules by sheer market volume while Apple rules by way of profits, while BB gets the scraps after MS's Windows Phone is done eating..

Yet here we are, trying to work out how to get Instagram working on our Blackberries.

This is a symptom of a prevailing issue. A lot of effort is wasted by the BB faithful just to get things up and running on their devices. That's Android crap we're trying to embrace and employ on our devices.

With this much effort expended, why is Blackberry ignoring the obvious? Blackberry is security and keyboard and maybe even BBM, period. Not so lofty ambitions there. It's obvious BB10 as an OS has failed. Put 2 and 2 together... doesn't take MBA's to tell a company where it needs to focus its efforts, but apparently BB is thick and oblivious to obvious signs.


Tried the latest version of INSTAGRAM (v5.0.6) via SNAP .... Still does NOT allow access to BOX/DROPBOX. iGRANN works fine for this.

Andrew Jacques1

Igrann is better than instagram, Using instaram the picture is in a different angle degree.


Something is wrong and I need to figure this out.

I set up instagram account. I uploaded a picture. I then found out about igrann and logged in via that app.

I uploaded. A couple more pictures. Photos were of my dog me and a couple pals smoking a cigar and a vacation photo of my trip to new York.

Two hours later I went into the app and received message that my account was disabled for boating terms of use. With no explanation.

I opened a new account and used both apps to access account. After a day I was locked out again. I contacted igrann and they said it's not them. I tweeted to instagram a few times and sent messages to them on their Facebook page. They don't have a useable email.

Is using both apps a violation of their terms? That is so they consider using igrann a third party app and flag it as a security risk or jack attempt. I'm running out of email addresses to use so if anyone can help I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you.

Azzir M Ismail

never I thought it is really piece of cake even for 'not-so-bright' tech savvy like myself.

Instagram works like charm....and image on zed10 even sharper. whats more to ask.....yyaayyyy


Not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong. OS, this should work, correct? Emailed this the file to myself, AND used dropbox, just sits there and black screen on my phone, with spinning circle that says processing. Forever. It does this. The sideloaded version of Instagram and Candy Crush worked fine before I upgraded my OS today. Now, nope. So I tried your way of getting Instagram. Spin/processing. Grrrr. Help?


No for nothing...But I refuse to install .apk files that are not signed by the original company. Who the hell is John Steve?????