How to install Clash of Clans on BlackBerry

You can easily get Clash of Clans on your BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5 or Z30! Here's how!

By Simon Sage on 30 Jan 2014 05:11 pm EST

Clash of Clans remains one of the top-ranking games on every mobile platform, and can now invade BlackBerry thanks to Amazon and the ability to install .APK files in OS 10.2.1. Though many apps are available through the Amazon Appstore, which remains readily accessible without any sideloading necessary, some, like Clash of Clans have to be purloined from Google Play by way of Snap. 

There are two things to keep in mind before we start. One, there's no real recognition of the accelerometer here. That means you'll have to swipe from the bottom of the device to go home, even though you play in landscape and would normally swipe from the side. The bigger deal here is that since Google Services aren't supported, you can't restore a previous game or save this one to the cloud. Multiplayer still works fine and all, but if you ever switch devices, it may be a hassle to get your camp moved over. You've been warned!

Snap is essentially a front end for the Google Play Store so you know APK files downloaded from there are safe and secure as they can be. The apps have passed Google Play's approval process and through the use of Snap, it's no different really than downloading from the Google Play Store directly. From here, we can find and download Clash of Clans to your BlackBerry device.


Step 1: Sideload Snap

  1. Download and install Google Chrome, if you don't have it already.
  2. Once Google Chrome is installed, open it up and install this extension for Google Chrome on your computer.
  3. Download the latest Snap .BAR file to your computer, place it somewhere you'll remember.
  4. Enable development mode on your BlackBerry. To do this, swipe down from the top of the screen, tap Settings, then, Security and Privacy Development Mode. Turn the switch to the ON position. Note the IP address it lists as well, it's most commonly set to but if different, make note of it. Also, it may ask you to create a password. If so, make one and do not forget it.
  5. Grab your micro USB cable and plug it into your device, then plug your device into your computer.
  6. Open Google Chrome and visit If your IP found in development was different, replace with the IP found there.
  7. If you get an SSL error page or it says this site's security certificate is not trusted, that's fine. It's not causing any harm. Just accept and proceed. If you get a different sort of error though, like "this page cannot be found" or "this webpage is not available", try reconnecting your device or try a different USB port.
  8. Also, you may need to go to the Google Chrome extension settings and enter the correct IP address there. Generally, it auto detects it but if not you'll need to add it manually. Additionally, if you're still unable to connect, make sure your anti-virus is disabled or the app is allowed to run. This often causes a lot of connection issues, especially for Windows users.
  9. Once you have the page loaded up, enter in your device password that you created to approve access. You will then see a list of what's already installed on your device.
  10. From there, you can go to the top right hand corner where it says 'Install Apps' and click on that. That will open a file explorer window for your computer, in which case you want to browse to wherever it is that you downloaded the Snap .BAR file and select it.
  11. Once selected, the Snap file will begin installing and you can view the progress in Chrome. When done, you will see 'result::success' indicating that all went well and the file sideloaded properly.
  12. You can now disconnect your device from your computer, open Snap, and log in with your Google credentials.

Note that this process is applicable for any app that you wish to sideload, not just Snap. If there is other BAR files you wish to install, it can be done the exact same way. 

Clash of Clans on BlackBerry


Step 2: Download and install Clash of Clans on BlackBerry

From here on in, things are pretty easy. 

  1. Open Snap by tapping the icon. Swipe from right to left on your home screen to find it.
  2. Tap the Search button at the bottom, type "Clash of Clans" into the text field that pops up at the top, and tap the Search button in the bottom-right.
  3. Tap the Clash of Clans search result by Supercell. (It should be the first thing there.)
  4. Tap the Download button in the top-right, then tap the Open Installer button that replaces it once the download is finished.
  5. The file will take a moment to process, then tap Install in the top-right. You will need to confirm permissions for the app to run, then the installation will complete.
  6. The Install button will change into an Open button once the installation is finished. Tap it to launch Clash of Clans! An icon will also be placed on your home screen for future access. 

That should get you started with Clash of Clans on BlackBerry in no time. There's a video below giving a brief tour of Snap, if you want to see it in action. Be sure to leave a comment with any questions or problems you have with this process, and we'll be sure to help you out. 


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Reader comments

How to install Clash of Clans on BlackBerry


I had never side loaded an app before Snap and believe me, the Google Chrome method I used was incredibly easy. It looks more intimidating than it is. Just start and you'll be done before you know it. :)

Posted via CB10

Great job on these steps and processes for people. That's exactly what people need. Well, except for the guy who posted first at least. LOL

Posted via CB10

I recently lost my clash of clans town on my BlackBerry because I upgraded my old converted bar file to the new apk... so much time spent... so much time wasted.

Also, my accelerometer works just fine with this game.

Posted via CB10

I still have my CoC progress even after updating. I'm at TH6 moving to TH7.

What I do is I manually download and convert APKs and then sideload it into my Z10 usong chrome extension. I haven't tried installing directly since I might lose all my CoC progress.

Posted via CB10

please tell me how do sign in for clash of clans, coz if i accidentally delete my file i can sign in to other device the same process i have. coz i dont wana lost my clash of clans process. please help me out

Me too, 24h ago. I miss my progress so much. On the way to TH8 and i'm so upset when my time wasted :((

Is that an unlocked android runtime on the Z30 in the picture?
The bar at the bottom of my Z10 is super annoying and hiding it only blacks out a bunch of pixels on the top of the screen instead.

Posted via CB10

It may not be the right forum but is it okay to choose than if I'm in Canada?

OS Zed10

Never heard of that game! I would like to know how siriusxm is on BlackBerry 10.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Yes, me. It's not to bad. Obviously Z10 battery isn't great so I often play it plugged in but when I play it in cafes etc, it holds out for quite a while. The game runs fluidly and you even get game notifications in The Hub. Kewl.

Posted via CB10

Nice, good to know. I may try this as my first sideloaded app. You guys are very helpful, most times.

Hi everyone I know that what I am about to say have got nothing to do with the clash clans business. I would like to understand what makes BlackBerry10 a so call failure on the smartphone market.. As myself I a loyal customer to BlackBerry for quite a while. I started to realised that the likes of other companies the bring the misfortunes to this superb company. Take a look at verzion in the past they were so uptight to their customers on roll out and updates .these where always an issue that customers where forced to changed phone. Now this time is Vodafone UK in particular. Big name again. (let not forget verzion and Vodafone are well linked). Next one is Barclays bank. It's 1 year now since the released of BlackBerry 10 and they still saying that they are reviewing the share and sales of BlackBerry 10 devices. They won't support rooted application due to security risks. Fair one, but at least update or release a working version for BlackBerry 10. It's time for BlackBerry software developer needs to review this as a critical matter if they would like to designed devices to keep up and keep us moving.

Z berry are platforms of choice!

I took the app from 1 mobile market but it does not work! So I guess we have to go with the bar file!

Posted via CB10

Or you can try this link:

I forgot that 1 mobile market hasn't updated yet. I got it from there initially, but then went digging online for the update. That's because I'm on and Snap does not install the apks it downloads for that build... I hope they fix that soon

Just load Snap as described in the first part of the blog post. Then you can forget about it all and click on any app you like. COC works fine on my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone else find it ironic that a few weeks ago there was a poll about the apps that people wanted on BlackBerry and everyone said business /productivity, yet article after article on how to install games and instagram. I'm as guilty as anyone, I'm loving igrann and look forward to getting some more games and social apps if AT&T ever releases the update. However, what about banking apps and investment apps, BofA, e trade, schwab, etc. Can you use these with success with the Android ports? I'm sure a lot of US users would love to be able to use BB10 for banking...

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately we cant save it in cloud, so we can restore our saved game if we delete game or upgrade OS

Posted via CB10

We can't make in app purchases either. This is not good, it's a problem and made me delete the app. Most of my apps from android are now gone due to this road block that won't be removed!!

Yeah. It's actually quite easy to side load snap and definitely worth it. Snap is a nice native app that's very easy to use.

General question, I assume any android apps installed via Amazon Appstore, 1mobile, or snap will not notify users of updates? So we would need to check for updates manually, and if there is one, delete it and re-install it?

Posted via CB10

Ok Crackberry, we got it. You will teach us how to install the 800,000+ Android apps.. one by one..

when you add the ipv4(wifi) on the google chrome extension, there will be a "Manage....". Click on that.

I installed from the Amazon store, and the next time I went to play it told me that there was a new version available.

When I tried to update, the app opens BlackBerry World, not the Amazon store ; thus causing an error and not letting me update..

... no way to bypass the update, so I think that just made my game unplayable on my Z10

Posted via CB10

I've installed this game without touching my computer :-). Open your browser and go to Google Play Store, search and hit so that your browser URL will be specific for the game, copy the URL. Open the APK Downloader ( (Blaize forum) on another tab, paste the URL, download the apk, install and enjoy, connect to your fb account. If there is an update just repeat the process, download and update, your progress will not be lost, enjoy!

Thanks for this solution! Worked just as described on a Q10. Couldn't sideload Snap because company IT policies disabled Development mode. So this was a very easy way around this problem.

Long process? If you doesnt want to sideload anything just install 1Mobile and search for the game, download install and you are done. Is the same thing on iOS/Android.

I love the game, but since i am a leak lover have to start from scratch many times :'(

Posted via CB10

Step 1 - download 1Mobile store APK from
Step 2 - install 1Mobile store from APK.
Step 3 - download Clash of Clans APK from installed 1Mobile store.
Step 4 - install Clash of Clans from APK
Step 5 - play Clash of Clans.
I don't know why there were so many steps in the main article.

I was hooked on the game until I had to wipe my device and reload it. Now o don't feel like starting all over again just to lose the progress all over again. If someone would make a program/app that would back Android app saga (i.e. saved game data) then I might play again.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/

Can i sideload the sna bar file using ddpb? I'm having a hard time accessing my ip. Please help. Thanks

Posted via CB10

Oh, no more worris, I'm done installing it on my z10. It worked! Easier to install using DDPB. THANKS!

Posted via CB10

If you have a Google tablet, you can also download free apps there and use APK share to send them to your Z or Q, Navigate to the file on your BlackBerry device and you are done, click on it and you are done..

Posted via CB10

What's the point since you can't save the game!? My kids have been using it on my other Z10, which looks amazing; especially using HDMI, but it is all for nor, until BlackBerry strike some sort of deal with Google play or something.

It is really easy you just need the newest version and If it wsnt update again search and find on google you can download n just update it with newest version :D love Blackberry 10 :D Blackberry 10 is the best :D

Blackberry Z10.

Posted via CB10

Or.. you just ask a friend who has an android phone to email you the apk of the app you want. in this case clash of clans.. worked like a charm for me.

Posted via CB10

Anyone else having a problem with this game on the q10? Works great up until the part in the game tutorial where you have to fight the goblins, the option doesn't seem to appear in the screen ratio so that's where I'm stuck :( I have to finish this tutorial before I can load my saved game :(

Posted via CB10

I had that exact same problem, I had high hopes I was going to be able to transfer over my village. I heard that the developers of CoC were planning on developing a version for BB10. Which will hopefully be formatted for the screen size

Posted via CB10

Found the answer, turn on magnification in settings, zoom in and find the tiny attack button. You will have further difficulties when you try to connect devices though

Posted via CB10

Lo malo esta en que este juego se actualiza cada 2 meses... y no es posible seguir jugando sin la actualizacion. Y cuando se instalan de esta forma no es posible tener acceso a la actualizacion y pierdes todos los avances.

Can someone tell me if this works on the Q10? I tried to get an. apk file version on my Q10 and it was working fine until I couldn't finish the tutorial

Posted via CB10

I am stuck at this part of the mission too on my Q10. Have you had any luck fixing the problem? #smallscreenproblems

Yes - Just make sure you don't maximize the screen size ("show bar") then the goblin missions on the right side of the screen are displayed enough to push on the very small orange rectangular 'attack' button.

Can someone please tell me how to link a device iOS to BB10. I need to connect to Google plus, but when I press sign in it says "Google play services which some of your applications rely on, is not supported by your device". Please help, thanks

Posted via CB10

it does not work for me. i followed the process and it worked fine but i can not find clash of clans on the app? someone help.

Hi! I know my question is somehow irrelevant. I am able to install apk files on my z10. But how can i get rid of the action bar (the black bar at the bottom of the screen with 'back') so I can play in full screen mode - just like the sample snap shot of clash of clans above. The 'hide' option doesn't seems to help - it will just simply hide the 'back' caption and the screen calibration is messed up (the action bar just went on top of the screen, and you cannot click the game icons by hitting them directly. You'll need to click someplace at the top of the icon you want to click just to be able to activate/click it). I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Appreciate if you can share some tips. Thanks in advance!

Thank for this tip - it change everything for me :) too bad we can not connect with google account. There is all about google in this world! If you find any way, please let me know :)!

I have Z30 , when i open this game in my device , the loading is not complete for me , so i cant play this GAME
FU** BlackBerry OS

when i try to install snap from the chrome app manager it says "failure 821 Application-Requires-System: unrecognized system name 'Blackberry 10'" anyone knwo what i should do? And im trying to install it on my playbook.

I have problem signing in my old account in COC because it says get google services.
I cant play my old account.
Please help me.


Hey i have this game on my bbz10 but do you have any cheat Xd becuase Will be awsome to grow up fast in this game ;)

I lost everything in this!!!!! My lvl 2 Dragon!!! My Th7, My Gold, My elixir, My everything!!!! You should work on the google thing for us to save this AWESOME game using this "not so good phone" bbz10!!

first, I also dislike this phone after i lost my village on a bb z10... second, side downloading is too much and takes too long. I just downloaded it from 1mobile. it's a apk from where u can easily download the game, without needing a google play account to download it. just search for an android apk format of 1mobile on google. all the best!