How to install Android apps and APK files on BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By Adam Zeis on 13 Nov 2013 11:59 am EST

With OS 10.2.1 BlackBerry will be bringing the ability to install Android APK files right on the device from the Browser or File Manager. Unlike previous OS versions where you had a lengthy process of converting the APK to a readable BAR file, then sideloading using any number of methods, you now are just a few taps away from getting a plethora of Android apps on your device quickly and easily.

Keep in mind that this is only for OS, so if you're not running the leaked OS (or a higher version we'd imagine) then this won't work at all. 

As of now there are a few ways to download APK files to your device, all of which are fairly easy. 

Where to find APK files

Grab an APK from the CrackBerry forums

Many members have already posted up some threads like this one with working APK files. All you need to do is download the APK to your device memory or media card, then tap it to install.

Use the APK Downloader

​For access to more specific APK files that you may want you can use the APK Downloader here. You'll just need the Google Play URL of whatever app you're looking to grab. Download it, tap to install and you're good to go.

Install a third-party app store

Perhaps the easiest way to find Android apps is with the use of a third-party app store like Amazon or 1Mobile. Just head to the respective link, install the app store APK and browse away. These app stores have loads of popular free apps and making finding what you want a breeze.

How to Install

If downloading a file from your device, when it's complete just tap the file in the downloads view and then tap install to begin. If you're transferring the APK files to your device, use the File Manager to locate the APK then tap it to open and tap Install to begin.

How to install an Android app (APK) to a BlackBerry

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How to install Android apps and APK files on BlackBerry OS 10.2.1


I'm getting a message says Installer has stalled continue or OK. Any ideas.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

yup, same here. seems to only work via the browser doesnt work vis file manager. apks transfered onto your sd card dont work.

When visiting the amazon app store would we able to also pay for and download apps that are not free? I realize this might be a dumb question.

And the time of crap, virus, back doors and or things like that is now starting on BlackBerry too...

Posted via CB10

Nope. Think of Android apps as running in a prison cell. That's the Android run time.

Posted from my 295ppi super amoled s stripe 720p Z30

That doesn't mean they are going to install viruses and malware designed for Android.

Posted from my 295ppi super amoled s stripe 720p Z30

If you block the certain permissions it will most likely won't work
Hence why a lot of mainstream apps won't work like Google and Netflix

Think outside the box not inside only
People wonder why bbry is in last place

That's why they introduced BlackBerry balance. Personal perimeter for malware and Enterprise perimeter for work programs. Both co-exist on the same device but serve different purposes.

Adam I think you should clarify which version of 10.2.1 can do this. Can we do this on any 10.2.1?

Z10 STL100-2/back to10.1.0.4828 and not missing a thing!

Correct but it wasn't mentioned in the article. It may mislead a few people who are not yet aware of the most recent 10.2.1 leak.

Z10 STL100-2/back to10.1.0.4828 and not missing a thing!

There was only one other AFAIK but it didn't have a radio file and was only for STL100-2/3/4. Was listed a couple days ago when these features were all mentioned.

LOL! I just go to, download them and install! So easy! I'm loving this 10.2.1! Also transfer things from friends' android devices via NFC and install.

I'd prefer something like Amazon. Can you trust all APKs at the site you use? What kind of oversight is there on the APKs they provide? Who uploads the APKs?

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I can't speak for the integrity of the APK files...though I don't really care. If shit hits the fan...I'll just reload. :-P

I also use the APK downloader extention in Chrome into a folder that is open to the Remote File Access. Makes it nice and convenient!

Yeah, I can't speak for the integrity of the APK files...though I don't really care. If shit hits the fan...I'll just reload. :-P

I also use the APK downloader extention in Chrome into a folder that is open to the Remote File Access. Makes it nice and convenient!

Now we need one bad press where a Malware from these Google APK files has attacked Blackberry phones....ouch !!

It's been reported that -- at least in the latest build (, Android apps don't run any better than they do in the official 10.2.0 OS.

I agree that the next step must be to tweak the runtimes performance. The experience is not the greatest right now.

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It's been reported that -- at least in the latest build (, Android apps don't run any better than they do in the official 10.2.0 OS.

I agree that the next step must be to tweak the runtimes performance. The experience is not the greatest right now.

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Probably a sensible restriction if you think about it, android apps automatically have a lot more restrictions on them than a native app.

I have installed amazon appstore but all the apps I install open for a few seconds and then crash.
Can this be fixed
I'm running the last leak

Posted via CB10

They probably require an unlocked runtime. Luckily the runtime in is unlocked :)

Posted via CB10

This happens to me on my Z30 running with the Food Network app from the Amazon AppStore.

This is a step in the right direction for BlackBerry... so long as we're all very careful to avoid malware, I think this will encourage some technically-capable fence-sitters to give BB10 a more serious shakedown. doesn't work for me. Am I missing a leak? Is the 1055 better?

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

The article clearly states it is the 10.2.1 leak that has this capability. The only one I know that has it is the new However it has a radio file only for the Q10 and the STL 100-1, not the 2,3,or 4 versions. You can download the update if you have the 2,3, or 4, but you cannot make or receive phone calls. There is a very lengthy thread on this in the BB10 Leaked OS section.

Adam, bet it felt really, really good to write this article. The direct loading of android apps is a massive development for BB and definitely a game changer.

Adam, I saw, in another article that U wrote in the header, there was a pic of a BB10 device running on boost mobile. Which device was it? I have a Verizon Q10 and want to transfer it to Boost. Any help with that?

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

Will the leak work on a Z30? What about apk's that need obb files? Does Netflix and Instagram work? Someone please clarify!

Posted via my kickass Z30

But video still doesn't work on apk load on Q10. Otherwise Instagram appears fine.
This direct apk install, to me, is pretty dang huge. But it would be even better to have Google Play access and ability to sign in to google apps (Plus, Play, Maps etc).

Great work BBRY! More excitement.

Has anyone tested a modern version of Netflix yet, or does hardware video still no work in 10.2.1?

Background: BB10's Android runtime only supports software-based video playback. So only an old old beta version of Netflix currently runs on BB10 since BB10 the old beta Netflix is the only version that has the option to use software playback. All new versions require the hardware-based player.

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What blackberry really needs is to release an app store which contains apk for apps not available in blackberry world, and have both stores work together, that way when you search for an app it will only download an android apk if there is not already a native app.

Posted via CB10

Or have the stuff searchable in BlackBerry world to avoid confusion about version numbers, loaders, folks not reading articles, restrictions, malware, etc. The casual user isn't going to wade through additional steps to install something while on other platforms all they do is search in their respective appstore to install stuff. Hey didn't BlackBerry just get a billion dollars? Can't they use some of that money to simplify this process? Either way I agree with you and something has to be done.

Totally agree. With all the cash. Develop your own App so Ur hard wear will have much more value add!!!

Posted via CB10

Android malware can NOT and will NOT affect OS10 in any form or fashion. The android runtime is just a launcher, an APP with its own environment. Any attempt by any app, attempting to execute or access any unapproved region of OS10 will immediately force close. If you would like to call my statement a guess - and most here know I hardly ever guess - download a safe android app, like a theme launcher. Write back, and let me know how theming your BB device works for you.
Stop spreading misinformation, because you make it very obvious, to people that actually know, that you have no idea what you're talking about.
If you yourself are afraid to install anything that doesn't come from BlackBerry World, it's simpler to admit that you are afraid to install because you're afraid. Stop trying to drag everyone else on your fear train. It's getting old already.

Posted via CB10

Is that supposed to be your attempt at relating to my "culture"? I'm American, and I speak American. What's "keeping it real? "

Posted via CB10

Lol! Don't get me started. First of all, do you mean you speak "American English"? There is no such thing as "I speak American ". American is not a language. Second, with a name like yours I find it rather ironic that you are making assumption that you know what my culture is. SMH.

I'm have a doubt... in this new APK compatibility, the apps which use special API will work fine? I try to sideload the APK file of MapMyRide and every time on the sideload by chrome extension give an error...

Save the apk to SD, open the native file explorer, double click the apk, follow the installation instructions. No side loading necessary

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I have Os and my BlackBerry is showing me that u have latest version how can I update to 10.2.1

Posted via CB10

It's a leak, not an official. So you have to install it on your own risk. He linked it in the article.

Posted via telegraph

There is a serious competitive advantage for BlackBerry OS10... hope big things will keep dropping in flag brand environment.

Posted via CB10

The frustrating thing is that VZW isn't even on 10.2 yet. And already, 10.2.1 is circulating in the CB community. It 2.1 seems to have a lot of cool things happening that many USA Z10 users would appreciate. I really wish that BlackBerry would go back to the good ole days and serve the updates themselves. Or at least make the official update file available to download from

And before I get responses about "leak this, and leak that" - not everyone wants to deal with the hassle. I'm comfortable with leaks but I'm complaining for those who still with the official OS's. I want everyone to enjoy the awesomeness at the same time and be able to get any app they want.

I have and amazon app store will not install for me. So ya maybe clarify that it's only for Thanks.

Posted via CB10

"Keep in mind that this is only for OS, so if you're not running the leaked OS (or a higher version we'd imagine) then this won't work at all. "

I downloaded and installed and seems to work great, but the voicemail option on the Hub is gone, does anyone know how to get it back?

wow!!!! this really works.... now blackberry has a universe of apps :D .. nicee.. IMLOVINGMY #BLACKBERRY Just finish install the OS leak . haven't restore my backup as yet but somehow i just love knowing that updates keep coming. . im so happy. time to ignore my laptop tonight. :)

Hi guys, for now I have downloaded app only from the 1Mobile Market and I can tell that:
Google Maps, Google Translator, Wikipedia, Instagramm, Viber, Vlc are working nicely. On Vine I can read all, but I cannot upload video. This testing is on my Z30 Black. I let you know for other apps.

Posted via CB10

Just make all that android program on bb world, if using pc we dont need wait for 10.2

Posted via CB10

Can someone help with something that I've never really grasped...

If there is an Android app that is available from a website (such as Betfair, for example) but that isn't in the Amazon store, can that also be downloaded on to a BB10 device?

Posted via CB10

So I downloaded the 10.2 update on my z10 and I don't have some features that were suppose too be there Idn why like the message preview on my lock screen, I don't have channels on my BBM and a few more in asking if it's my phone itself or is not available for the z10!

Posted via CB10

Hello all, would these 2.1 leaks effect my usage of being on beta and having channels? Thanks in advance.

On The Underrated Z10 *

Don't waste time only after 10.2.1
1055 ... and coming back with the other question with this build you need to have only the apk of the app of the phone... right now the games that have hardware check ok Android are giving me issues

Posted via CB10

So can i install viber apk directly? And will work 100% full features with out any problem? Thanks

Posted via CB10

Can somebody try fitbit apk, and check if it can sync via Bluetooth directly to the wristband? Thanks alot.

Posted via CB10

Guys, can you please help me! I'm a little bit confuse about my OS. I just want to know which one is higher version. OS or OS Help me please!!!

Posted via CB10

Well let's see I is higher than 2 and 2 is higher than 3. So in gonna say the higher number is newer. Come on. People.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Don't be a dick... What he means is that the first number in numerical order is smaller on the 10.2.1.x digit. The .1055 is larger than the .6 he was asking about yes, but in software versions you usually go left to right meaning a .1 is smaller than a .6. So yes, you are right but not everyone understands how software numbering works.

I tried to download utorrent and instagram. On clicking the apk file in file manager an error pops up saying "unable to open"..on blackberry q10.

Posted via CB10

what a messy idea for blackberry.. they are steallers.. why they cant provide an apllication just the same from androids and ios???? they are contended with sideloading apk.. what a poor idea having balckberry company..

Posted via CB10

It could have been worse if finally the google play would be comming. The option or not of install .apk is not bad at all, you always can choose

I am a BlackBerry fan alright! But to be real, BB10 need to add more apps in it systems. The only thing that make a smart phone smart is the software!

Posted via CB10

When I try install apk file, it says "installer has stalled. Cancel installation?" any help?

I have the Q10. Installed the leaked OS and everything seems to run fine. EXCEPT when I try to install an APK. I am also getting the "installer has stalled. cancel installation" thing. What's up with this?

the same thing.. tried to run the runtime and he says intializing and then disappears!!! tried many various apk.s but the same 'installer has stalled ' message is still poping after a few seconds of the installation try. though yes it is the .1055 on STL-100-1
I'm really not sure what to do or try next!?

How come I cannot install the Amazon app store on my Z10. I installed the update but when I press "install" for either Amazon or Mobile, I get nothing. What am I missing? Please assist anyone.

Posted via CB10

connect device to your pc
open blackberry drive
copy and paste aspk files into the blackberry drive
now take your phone open file manager and open the apk file it will install without any trouble
its a way easy and too quick
Note: some of the apps still not working
viber seems ok but no network in city so can not test this aspp but it opens
snap chat ok
facebook pages manager okay

temple run 2 not working
krish the game not working
EA sport racing something also not working
only tested those :D LOL

oh yes, S4 Water Pool LIve WATER also working, but not changing the wallpaer to live seems no functionality on the phone :(

Just did subway surfer same way works like charm.. awesome..

So now BlackBerry is like Two in One.. :D coool

This is what I get when I attempt to go to the Mason store on my Z10

Find your favorite apps in the Amazon Appstore.

Including a paid app for free every day. It’s easy to get started.

Before download:
Confirm your device allows the installation of applications from Unknown sources.
Download the Amazon Appstore
To confirm your device allows the installation of applications from Unknown sources:

Open Settings and navigate to the Unknown sources option (under Applications or Security depending on your device).
Tap the checkbox and then tap OK on the confirmation popup.
For more information, visit Help. | © 1996-2013,, Inc. or its affiliates

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OMG up late installing 10.2.1 with radio for my Z10 :) just installed kik, IG and vine from apk files ...IG worked even typing without the damn errors 0:-) ...worth the not sleeping ...

Is this the current policy of bbry... The company is lost every thing.. Now they r going to throw their last gems, security...: (

I have to say BRAVO to the people that pulled this entire process off. Just installed the leaked OS and the 1mobile market app store. Pretty impressive and easy. Could be a bit more fluid but I'm pretty happy right now regardless.

after i download leaked os 10.2.1 for my z10 when i go to development mode it says that development mode expires in 10 days? why is rthat?

je voulais savoir si on installe la version beta non officiel et par la suite avec la version officiel, pourrait t on faire la mise a jour sans aucun doute ???

Hey...I install this leaked os and I am pissed with apps that does not working buy works fine with my old os. like wechat and the likes...what went wrong masters???pls help me.

Posted via CB10

OK... 10.2.1 is AMAZING. Loading apk files is simple and almost all of them work., google maps, netflix, shazam all work. The only one that doesn't is Starbucks...weird

I'm betting all the people who have apps that were working on previous builds/runtimes and now when they install the APK it isn't was becasue they installed newer versions of the app. Try looking up the older versions, i tried PVZ2 and the 1.5 version didn't work but an older version which i got with the OBB file did. You will still need to play around with versions to find ones that work. But direct install is so much better then sideloading.

Or better yet Get the Nexus 5 ! (Z50 + specs today and then some ) and your all set.

Why BB continues to do this to there User base is beyond me. Take some of the Billion and hire developers to makes Apps or the BB world and stop trying to make do with make shift jobs like this ,it's embarrassing.
BB continues to make due with Android instead of supporting there own ecosystem. At least MS has the decency to do the right thing.


The installation of has been successful, while the installation of (v7.4.0) has failed . . . I do not know why.

android apps on OS is not right ... example application "path, instagram, fotorus, and others" in every uploaded photo definitely broke ... and also there is a problem at the time of signing the email account ... anyone can help on this issue?

Android apps on OS from device z10 stl100-1 is not true ... Examples of applications "street, instagram, fotorus, etc." in every photo uploaded definitely broken ... and also there is a problem at the time of signing the email account ... can anyone help on this issue?

This is excellent and is unbelievably simple to do!

Open your browser. Go to and when you go to install your first Android app it will install the 1mobile app to your phone.

Open up the 1mobile app and then browse to your required Android app and tap install.

How easy is that!

Works perfectly on my Q10

Hellow guys! Im using a Z10-STL100-1 and I load the latest leaked OS for my device wich is then I install the Android Runtime 4.2.2 then I sideload a third-party App called Droid Story to find all the app's that I want but when I download an Apk file directly from the native browser the instalation never ends... it says 'in process'.. Dont know what Im missing... I Will appreciate so much any help... thanks..

whenever I try to open my file (from APK downloader) in downloads view, it always says unabke to open file..... what do i do????

I have amazon and 1mobile installed and love having access to the android apps. Seems like it is the year of the Android! LOL.
Aside from my Playbook, I also have an HP TouchPad, and the Phoenix Group is about to launch ACL for the TouchPad, enabling the purchase and install of Android apps. Nice to see my TouchPad finally getting some love... Because like Blackberry, HP was pretty quick to turn its back on its 1st born tablet.
Now... if we can only get Android access to our beloved Playbooks, without having to sideload.

Regarding installing Apps from the Amazon store, I have heard that nothing goes through Amazon without being verified. Is this true?
And has anybody had any with running Pinterest? It installed OK, and launches, but when I try to log in, it crashes.


So I`m thinking of getting the Z10 as I made a bit of research and took a good look at it in a store and I really like the OS and the feel of the phone. Plus to that from what I see here the Android apk files support really gives it a push forward.

So my question is this: is the Z10 worth buying or should I just get a plain android phone? And what about android games, how do they run?Not that I`m a huge gamer, it`s just that some Android games are interesting and a good time killer.

p.s. I currently own a WP and I had a lot of Android phones, and even though Android has great features, it tends to crash a lot especially if you don`t reset it once in a while.
Thanks in advance.

Think the Z30 might be a better choice. It's Z10's big brother, with better battery life and bigger screen.
Coming from a Q10 user ;)

I keep getting this message:
Install failure 500 'Package-Id'
Info: Action: Install
Info: File size: 17829066
Info: Installing ...
Info: Processing 17829066 bytes
result::failure 500 'Package-Id'
Can anyone help me get Instagram 5.0 installed correctly on my phone? All of the other file downloader sites did nothing but add malware to my computer...
*PS - I used BB10/Playbook App Manager when trying to sideload the Instagram 5.0 apk

I just downloaded OS 10.2, and I'm trying to download APK files (I've tried all the above methods) and once the download is complete, I go to tap on it to install, and it says cannot open file..

Has this happened to anyone else?

Is there a way for me to download the apps that I want?

yeaaa ... Pandora is back on my Z10 !

I recently loaded the leaked OS, did a restore of settings only, and then installed the Amazon app store (follow link at top of page for "Amazon". Logged in and test loaded Pandora ... works like a charm.

Dear berry,

Can you confirm when OS 10.2.1 will officially launch in India. Else how do I install it in my STL 100 - 1 ?

Posted via CB10

I still have my Note 2 and i still don't like the weak settings on android app permissions. On my BB10 device if i deny certain permissions, they still work. On Android they don't and i can't even update them. Am i wrong on this? Anyway, only native apps on my BB but i'm happy for y'all.

What if you installed the google gapps onto your phone. Wouldn't that then give you the google play store? Assuming that you have OS running. How well do the apps work aswell?

Hi, finally got the update today =D
But i have issues installing .apk files. I sideloaded snap, so i could download apk files.
when i click the open installer button I kinda get stuck in the processing phase, it won't go past this point.
Any idea? have tried rebooting without any luck.

Thanks for any replies =)

I used the APK Downloader - - mentioned above and it worked great. It allowed me to download a free app from google play. All I had to do was email that APK file from my PC to my BBZ10 email account. When the email arrived, I just tapped on the email's "attachment" icon and the program loaded immediately. The entire process was easy!

Anyone else having issues running android apps after the update? All my Android apps that worked fine will not open. I have deleted them and tried to reinstall through Snap. They will download, it then says open installer, I click that, and then it stays in a processing loop for 20 minutes if not longer. Any ideas?

Thank You

I have updated my phone and I have the higher update than the and I have tried all links to download an apk file, they download but I cannot open the file!! Some one help me please!

just downloaded 10.2.1 and was excited about the possibility of getting android apps. The main app(s) I am trying to get downloaded and get to work are google based apps themselves. After downloading hangouts and google + I got the below

Get Google Play Services
This app wont run without google play services, which are missing from your phone

there is a link to "get google play services" but upon clicking it, it is unresponsive.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

Seems easy enough but what happens when the Android app requires an update? On Android phones, Android apps automatically update all the time via Amazon Appstore or Google Playstore. Does the installed Android apps on a Blackberry automatically updating as well?

What is it with these app developers etc that they need to have access to our picture / files/documents and contacts to " review , create or delete " them in order for me to access their app ? Yea right like i'm going to give you permission to do that 1mobile !