How to insert the SIM card and microSD with the BlackBerry Z30

SIM card and microSD with the BlackBerry Z30
By James Richardson on 29 Oct 2013 01:47 pm EDT

We have already taken a look at removing the battery door on the BlackBerry Z30 and if you are going to do that it will be for one reason only - and that's to insert a SIM card or microSD. 

Once you have mastered getting the back cover off the Z30 you will see that the SIM and microSD slots are very clearly marked - with the SIM having a large orange diagram beside it and the microSD card having a blue one. These diagrams show which way up the cards must be inserted via the cut out on one corner of both cards. 

Both the microSD and the SIM card go in with the contact points facing upwards - just to clear any confusion, and then you can replace the back cover, meaning you're good to go. 

It may not be rocket science, but it is nice to see BlackBerry making the process pretty much fool proof with their colored diagrams, which I don't believe we have seen on previous BlackBerry 10 devices. I tip my hat to you BlackBerry! 

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How to insert the SIM card and microSD with the BlackBerry Z30


Not hating, but does anyone actually find these articles useful? I feel they say so obvious, correct me if I am wrong

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If you thing you are wasting your time running thru such article
....dont spend time by adding comment.

I guess CB needs news considering all the attention from Mobile Nations (and just about every other tech site) is at the Samsung event.

I'd say this one isn't all that obvious, considering what a PITA it is to get the Z30 battery door off. 

Yea that's what I was thinking also. Its kinda like having a write up on how to put your headphones into the headphone jack :/

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CB is not only forum... they are "Bloggers" too... regardless of what, in the end, we are all human beings that need foods, shelters, clothes, etc... like everyone else, they need to produce something and be productive...

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I was just going to say that too, but if it helps ppl then sure why not.

Fired from my Z10

I was just going to teply the same response. Really do you need to even post this? The pictorial clearly shows the difference. Not trying to be negative but come on.

Posted Via my Z-30

I quite agree. I'm more interested in a solution to my Z10 not being able to open Android apps after the 10.2 install.

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My apps loaded slowly after 10.2 so I decided to install newest unlocked android runtime. AND after restart all is good again. Plenty of info about this on CB. I used PPDB. If you have W7 you might need to add Java bin folder to the windows path

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Or it provides useful info to a non BlackBerry user visiting the site and doing some research toward a possible BB10 phone purchase.

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Goodness. What a bunch of ingrates. Even if this isn't relevant or useful to you, doesn't mean it's a waste of a post.

Thanks for the explanation James.

I have been using various BlackBerry phones over the years and am pretty sure that I could figure it out but there among us newcomers to these fine devices so let's give them a break,eh?

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I suppose those kind of posts just bring search results to CrackBerry, which is positive. So even if those in need of these informations are a minority (all these informations are either explained by the vendor or in the phone manual), it brings clicks (read: money for CrackBerry, bigger community for users) to this website.

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I know you covered this in a separate write-up, but I can't stress enough how bad the back cover is. It is virtually impossible to get off without the "trick" you described and that is INEXCUSABLE. How could they release the Z30, an otherwise outstanding phone, with such a major flaw. I picked up my Z30 during a very short business trip in London and had a ridiculous amount of trouble getting that f'ing door off. It should pry off relatively easily, without any kind of "tricks" required. And like you said, it genuinely soured the new phone experience in a big way. A major f-up in design on this one!

When can I get the z30 I want it but is not still available in my country I have the z10 but really want so bad the z30

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