How to insert the microSD card into the BlackBerry Q5

By James Richardson on 2 Jul 2013 09:51 am EDT

We have already given you instructions on how to insert the SIM card into the BlackBerry Q5 and for those of you that are picking up the latest BlackBerry 10 handset this is just another quick instructional article to make life a little easier when getting set up for the first time.

Because the BlackBerry Q5 doesn't have a removable battery door, inserting the memory card is done differently than previous BlackBerry smartphones. On the Q5 you need to open the plastic door on the left side of the device. Here you will find two slots - one for the SIM card and one for the microSD. Both are clearly marked and the memory card has a nice blue icon so you won't be trying to stick the card in the wrong slot.

Getting the job done is simple:

  • Have the micoSD positioned with the writing facing down and the metal facing up.
  • Firmly push the card into the slot - it will click into place.
  • Close the door/cover and you are good to go.
  • To remove the microSD card, just press in on it and it should pop out.

It may sound like we are stating the obvious but believe me - somebody out there will struggle. Hopefully many Q5 users will be new to BlackBerry so if we can help a little, we're doing our job.

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How to insert the microSD card into the BlackBerry Q5


These articles are really reaching for... something.

Couldn't we have an article around how BBRY is winning the consumer market by an integrated phone / tablet device strategy that relies on side loaded apps?.

Ok... maybe not winning the consumer market.

Maybe an article around how BBRY is winning the business market with a 'tools not toys' strategy.... uh... ok. Maybe not.

How about some unboxing articles then?, or another ganes reviews? Or hahahahaha... lol... an accessories sale for the... chuckle. .... PlayBook.

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Inserting the cards on the sides is revolutionary for BlackBerry. Therefore it warrants an article on CrackBerry .

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Nice to know, but don't tell me you could not have put this in the micro SIM post and just rename as « How to insert micro SIM/SD card in your BlackBerry Q5 ». ;)

Posted via CB10

You actually need to tell people how to do something so simple? Okay then.

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That's why a more appropriate article would be "how to change the battery on the ATT version of Q10", followed by another article about the rogers or verizon version...

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I'm really worried if people actually need an article that tells them how to do that. D: there's a manual you know

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Waiting for "How to insert USB charge/sync cable into microUSB port on the BlackBerry Q5"

(These articles really say a lot about the intended market for the Q5)

Come on guys. There is SO much more you could write about. This is just lame.

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Right, let's set the record straight. This post and the SIM card one were assigned to me for a reason.
You regular visitors will clearly not need instructions and may find the post a waste of time.

However, at some point somebody will Google the answer and as always CrackBerry wants to be top of the search results.

So please don't have a moan - these posts may not be the most exciting but they are written for a reason.

Hope this clears things up.

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You guys may think that this is silly, but my brother recently put his SD Card in the sim slot of his DROID RAZR maxx. Took me 20 minutes to get it back out for him.

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