How to include Text Messaging with the rest of your BlackBerry Messages

How to see your text messages with the rest of your messages
By Joseph Holder on 10 Dec 2011 10:57 am EST

I've had my BlackBerry Torch 9860 for a while now. For the last few weeks, I've been hunting down the Text Messaging icon every time someone sends me a new SMS message. There was simply no other way to read them. On my Torch 9800, all my text messages showed up alongside my other messages; but for the life of me, I couldn't remember how to do that on my new phone. Today, I finally remembered, and now my texts show up in the BlackBerry's main messaging app.

I've never been one to be afraid of making mistakes - except for when I was driving roller coasters at Carowinds, but that's a different matter - or of asking "stupid" questions. I'm a firm believer that the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask and mistakes help us to learn. I wished I had asked a few of those stupid questions over the last few weeks as I grew frustrated over my SMS difficulties. Still, I figure if at least a couple of people can learn from my error, I will have done some good.

To include SMS and MMS text messages in with your other email (and/or Facebook, Twitter, BBM, etc) messages, you'll first need to open the Messages app.  Then, open the menu by pressing the BlackBerry key and select Options. From that screen, choose Inbox Management. Tap or click the box next to Text Messages.  Once the check mark appears in that box, hit the back key, save changes, and you'll be good to go.

Now you and I both can find our text messages in the Messaging app, where they belong. And hopefully I've spared a few of you the frustration of staring at your BlackBerry thinking, "I know there's a way to do this..."

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How to include Text Messaging with the rest of your BlackBerry Messages


You can add your favorite or most frequent text contacts to your BBM list. This is the most convenient ans easiest to use by far!

doh! busted. well done then. my sincerest apologies.

and as you said, this is what makes BB so great; with so many options there's something for everyone.

Maybe it's just organized differently in BB7, but this was the default on my 9700 straight out of the box.

This would be a really helpful feature if it wasn't for one REALLY annoying consequence of doing this. When you receive a text and its included in your messages list, the notification icon becomes that of an EMAIL and not a TEXT. I need to differentiate texts from emails, texts are a lot more important to me. For this one reason alone, I choose to separate texts from the message list until this bug is fixed.

I just logged in exclusively to +1 this message. It's an incredibly annoying bug and I can't use the feature because of it.

Everything goes wrong. The sound profile thinks its an email so it vibrates like an email, and since I use BeBuzz the indicator light also shows up as an email colour.

It's not even consistent. It happens sometimes, not every time.


Same here. When I first got my Torch 9800 I thoght that its a new way of getting texts but I hated the fact that I didn't know if its a text or email. It took me some time but figured out that I have to sperate the sms from the regular messages folder.

Further to this bug, I have my text come to my BBM, but as a result have no control over what notification is used. And even worse, it changes on its own all the time. For a while it was using a notification that I didn't have selected anywhere in any profile. Then every once in a while it will use the BBM new message notification, then the text message notification, then back to the mystery notification. Doesn't annoy me... I only get annoyed over worthwhile things, but its weird.

I want BOTH - text message integration (which i have enabled for one-stop-shopping) BUT this 'disables' the text message icon, just adds the message counter. wish i had a way to see the text message count even though the messages are integrated. Sooo frustrating!

I prefer to have my sms and mms in a separate folder from my data messages, but thats just me lol

I just click on the SMS notification on the top under the clock (to the right of the sound icon) where all notifications are when a txt comes in. No need to "search for the SMS icon". You can also click on this area on the email notification to read email and click on this area to view your calendar and upcoming appointments.

my work around was adding text messages to my favorites pane next to messages but this tip is excellent will still use the other way too but this is like it was on my old curve

This right here is a life saver.. I've been wondering how to do this for the past year! Thanks again

receive text msgs all you want. if you don't have a text msg icon how will you generate one from scratch? i too prefer to have my text and email seperate.

To generate any kind of message, email, text, BBM, PIN, instant message, social feed post, twitter post, or Facebook post, from the message app, menu then compose email or compose other and select what you want.

Hey Joseph...

What "Visual Voicemail" service do you use? I have been looking to see if I should change from using "Youmail" to something else...better hopefully...any hints?