How I'd like to see BlackBerry 10 come to the BlackBerry PlayBook

Trying my best to CrackBerry Hulk Smash BlackBerry 10 onto the PlayBook.
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Feb 2013 09:29 am EST

With all of the crazy BlackBerry 10 phone action on CrackBerry the past week, we haven't spent much time talking about BlackBerry 10 for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

During the official BlackBerry 10 launch event there was no mention of BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook

Of course, there has not really been much to talk about here. During the official BlackBerry 10 launch event there was no mention of BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook. When prodded during follow-up Q&A sessions with the press, BlackBerry did say BlackBerry 10 would come to the PlayBook "later this year."

For BlackBerry PlayBook owners, that's a lot less than they hoped to hear. Later this year is a BIG window of time and history dictates BlackBerry rolls things out later rather than sooner when they provide a date range for launching products. Also, no clear vision has been given as to what BlackBerry 10 will actually look like on the PlayBook. As I browse through CrackBerry's PlayBook forums I see a lot of PlayBook owners wishing they could have BlackBerry 10 on their PlayBooks yesterday, but I'm not actually sure that's something to be wished for.

Personally, I don't actually want BlackBerry 10 to come to the PlayBook. At least not in the sense that we are now using BlackBerry 10 on the BlackBerry Z10. Sounds a bit crazy I know, but I'm sure by the time you finish reading this article you will likely agree with me. Make sure you read the full editorial before you leave a comment.

BlackBerry 10 is just a name

Half PlayBook OS / Half Phone OS
BlackBerry 10 evolved on top of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 

At the core, BlackBerry 10 is running on the same QNX-based platform that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is built on. In fact, BlackBerry 10 evolved out of the PlayBook tablet OS.

First things first, let's remember that BlackBerry 10 is just a name. At the core, BlackBerry 10 is running on the same QNX-based platform that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is built on. In fact, BlackBerry 10 evolved out of the PlayBook tablet OS. Think back to earlier versions of BlackBerry Dev Alpha hardware, which ran BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software. It was the PlayBook OS running on smaller, phone-sized hardware. From there, BlackBerry continued to build upon and evolve the OS for the phone form factor. The image above illustrates this. There were clearly development versions of BlackBerry 10 that had a lot of PlayBook in them before the BlackBerry 10 UI and design elements took over and the recognizability of the PlayBook OS went away and BlackBerry 10 felt like something truly new.

Knowing that the PlayBook OS is within the BlackBerry 10 OS, it isn't a stretch as a PlayBook owner to think "I just want all of the BlackBerry 10 hotness - give it all to me for my PlayBook." Theoretically, it should be completely possible to bring all of BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook. The only thing is, I don't think it would actually deliver a great user experience to PlayBook owners.

1GB of RAM isn't enough to run BlackBerry 10 smoothly

If you've been following all of the BlackBerry news of late, you will have noticed that recently the full version of BlackBerry 10 -- that's loaded on the BlackBerry Z10 -- leaked to the internet in a form that can be installed on the Dev Alpha B developer hardware. Anybody who has a Dev Alpha B can install this, and it makes your Dev Alpha B essentially into a Z10. The phone works and everything.

The Dev Alpha B device literally is a BlackBerry Z10 in an ugly and bulky housing, with one big exception - RAM. While the Z10 has 2GB of RAM, the Dev Alpha B only has 1GB of RAM. Having spent a lot of time with both devices, it's clear that 1GB of RAM is not enough to power BlackBerry 10. With 2GB of RAM under the hood, the Z10 is a lot smoother than the Dev Alpha B running the release build of BB10. Having the BlackBerry Hub always open and running requires memory. When you start to use the device and open apps, start to browse multiple tabs within the web browser, etc., you start using up that memory. 1GB just isn't enough to do all that. For example, on the Dev Alpha B you'll find the browser closes frequently as the device just runs out of RAM as you're browsing pages (especially if you open a few tabs). You'll also run into some occasional slow downs - a direct symptom of not enough memory. 

The WiFi-only PlayBook tablet -- which represents the vast majority of PlayBook owners -- only has 1GB of RAM and its dual core processor runs at 1GHz, compared to the Z10's 2GB of RAM and 1.5GHz dual core processor. While the Z10 is buttery smooth, the Dev Alpha B w/ BB10 is not. And with a slower processor, I fear full-out BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook would not run smooth at all. That would be a shame, especially how smooth the PlayBook runs today in its current form.

Apps and Content - That's what we want! 

When it comes to asking BlackBerry PlayBook owners want they want most on their tablet, the unanimous answer is MORE APPS. To be sure, there are other things. Advanced features like DLNA still have not made their way onto the PlayBook. And the PlayBook would definitely benefit from an always-open email client, akin to the BlackBerry Hub. It takes too long to launch the email app in its current form.

When it comes to the design and basic user experience of the PlayBook and the PlayBook OS, most users I talk to love it. Having all four bezels around the display active for gestures is brilliant. The ability to jump between apps is fast and efficient. On a tablet form factor, it all works well. And PlayBook owners are used to it. Thinking along those lines, the way BlackBerry 10 is currently implemented on the Z10, it is optimized for a smaller device in a portrait orientation. The PlayBook UI is designed around a tablet-sized device that will mainly be used in landscape orientation. The Peek gesture of BlackBerry 10 makes a lot of sense on a phone. I'm not sure the Peek gesture would make as much sense when put on a tablet, given how you tend to hold a tablet differently than you do a phone.

Overall, I think its really the app and content ecosystem of BlackBerry 10 that we need up and running on the PlayBook. Right now, PlayBook apps can run on BlackBerry 10, but not the other way. If BlackBerry can bring over the underlying app framework they are using on BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook, then that would open up PlayBook users to a lot more apps (there may be some oddness to contend with since the resolutions of the Z10 and PlayBook are a little off), especially as the BlackBerry 10 app story continues to gain momentum. We also need the new and improved BlackBerry World to hit the PlayBook, to unify movie and music purchases so they all run through one app and BlackBerry ID, vs. the multiple apps and accounts approach on the PlayBook today.

And that's really what we need most. I'd love to have email and the always-open Hub on the PlayBook, but I'm not sure the PlayBook's memory can cope with doing it all.

Bottom line, we want and the BlackBerry 10 apps. We're happy with the overall UI of the PlayBook. It seems like focusing on bringing that part of BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook should go faster than bringing over the whole UI and Peek and Hub concept.

The Future of BlackBerry Tablets

BlackBerry's CEO Thorsten Heins has drilled it into our brains that BlackBerry 10 is not just a phone operating system, but rather a mobile computing platform. Tablets play a role in mobile computing, and I'm sure down the road we will see BlackBerry make another tablet.

When they do that, they will need to more fully bring over BlackBerry 10 to the tablet form factor. I'm sure BlackBerry's next tablet will have greatly bumped up specs from the current PlayBook, that will be fully capable of running BlackBerry 10 (or 11). For that next BlackBerry tablet, that's when I'd like to see the full suite of bells and whistles in BlackBerry 10 hit the tablet form factor. But even then, I think the UI can't be identical to BlackBerry 10 on the phone - it will need to be optimized for tablet use. This is especially the case if they go with another landscape orientation tablet. Maybe with a more portrait orientation style tablet (iPad like dimensions) then the BlackBerry 10 phone UI would make more sense - I could see myself peeking into the Hub then.

For the BlackBerry PlayBook today though, what we need is a bandaid fix that brings us as much of BlackBerry 10 that will still allow the PlayBook to run smoothly. And we'd really like it sooner than later.   


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How I'd like to see BlackBerry 10 come to the BlackBerry PlayBook


I agree with Kevin. Was thinking about this last night too. The UI on the BB10 smartphones are, to put it mildly, unattractive and dated. No real "home screen". I like the look and feel the PlayBook OS. I want to be able to take advantage of the BB10 appsphere and benefits.


A lot of people here think that 'promises' are legally binding.

I guess a lot here must believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus too.

Quite hilarious and at the same time charmingly naive.

the hub is not really needed for a tablet and in some ways its not needed for a phone either, its a conviniece thing but for a tablet its generally not a productivity tool. most use it to browse play games and watch movies. so for the playbook they could easily just disable the hub, and in doign so for those that don't want to use the hub on their BB10 the option t o disable it could also be ther. not sayign the hub is not good, its great but some may not want to use it and rather just press on an icon to open an app for BBM text messaging or e mails

The idea "focus on the phone first" ??? Get real. How about stop the empty promises and get the phones and tablet right!!

The moment I heard the Z10 would have 2GB of RAM I knew that BB10 on the PlayBook would not be a great thing. There's a lot of talk on the forums about RIM shrinking it down and optimizing it. Sorry but in my experience that is not how software development works.

I just want the apps, browser, more language support for keyboard, skype coming to playbook, I'll be a happy man :)

I totally disagree.

What people criticize now of BB10 is the delay on phones till march.

MORE delays (to Playbook in this case) adds more questioning on BB

BB should act FAST! not slower.

I disagree. Apple is able to to put their newest software on the oldest iPhone than why not blackberry. Each time Apple introduces new software owners of the first iPhones don't need to feel like they own a brick.

I would like to see a better Web browser and the ability to load firefox or chrome, because there are more and more pages we can't use because of this.

BB10 must come to the Playbook in its current form. I bought an extra playbook(s) because I felt secure in the knowledge that BB10 would be available and extend the life of this tablet. I am positive that others have done the same based on this information. Also, others that have paid full price when the tablet first came out deserves to be rewarded for the loyalty shown to Blackberry. Kevin, I have one question. Is the article based on what you think or is it based on what you may know ( inside info... cough..cough) that others don't about BB10 coming to the Playbook? Blackberry can't back out now.

I know a few people also've done this: They heard BB10 is coming to PB, so they bought more PB thinking it's good investment. RIM/Blackberry will definitely p*off these PB owners and lose them forever if BB10 does not come to PB.

I don't care if a new PB is required to run BB10. I don't care if BB10 has to be slimmed down to work on the current PBs. The only thing that matters is the full Bridge function. It is the backbone of PB. Without it the PB is just another tablet with little to nothing to make it stand out. You can't multitask without apps and you won't have any unique features to make it worth while. I'll stick with my current set-up and see what happens.

I won't even go through the comments this time. I'll just say what goes through my mind after reading this.

@Kevin I gotta give u the props for having the guts of writing this article at this specific point in time, taking into account the sensibilty of this matter right after the launch of the Z10. It could have gone both ways: positive or negative. But I feel what u've written is the utmost truth and Crackberry Nation should stop and think for a bit. What do we really want? A true and satisfying experience regarding bringing over BB10 to the PB or something to rant about so we can say and hear that BB under-delivered? Honestly, I think BlackBerry is under a lot of pressure, which is good regarding their actual position in the market and what is expected from them. But whatever they do next must be well thought and planned. If the PB isn't capable of delivering the experience of BB10 on the Z10, then it shouldn't be brought over. Period. Things are good as they are with PBOS 2.1. At least I can guarantee that i'm pleased with it. Bring over some apps and we should be fine.

So there u go Kev, props to you. You've just shown us that despite being a BB crackhead, you know what's best for us, the community, and what's best for BB. Let's give the guys a break and let them do their job. They've already proven us that they can still leave a dent on the market...and there is plenty of work to be done. This article was spot on.If you're gonna talk the talk, then u gotta walk the walk. Cheers for the the whole team.

Not time to spare and do what they want, but what they can given the capabilities of the PB. Sure I would love to see BB10 on my PB. But if it doesn't get close to the Z10 experience, then I would rather stay with PB OS2.1 than to be bashed by the iDroids.

My thought is that the comments that have been made about the potential licensing of BB10 will be in the tablet arena rather than the phone arena. That would allow more tablets to potentially bridge with BB10 phones. That way BlackBerry only licenses a BB 10 tablet OS rather than the full OS.

Hi Kevin,

First of all, you and your team at Crackberry are doing an amazing job covering everything the past week. I'm sure it hasn't been easy. I'm super excited for Blackberry 10, and I can't wait for it to get to the US!

I bought a Playbook as an early adopter, and I still love it. I think the OS is great, and that if people just spent more time with it and if it had more apps, it would've sold a lot more units than it did.

The biggest issue in your blog above is the hub, right? If the current playbook doesn't have enough memory for the hub, then they shouldn't give it to us. Axe the hub, axe the phone software, axe the active frames (although the playbook kind of already has those), but give us everything else Blackberry 10 has to offer. If my Playbook did the following 3 things better, I'd use it more often:

1. Starting it up takes 5 minutes right now. My Windows 8 PC takes 15 seconds. If i need to do something quick on a bigger screen than my phone, I've been turning to my PC because of this. Blackberry 10 boots up much faster than Playbook OS.

2. The broswer. Echoing everybody here.

3. Blackberry World and Blackberry 10 apps. Again echoing everybody.

Like others were saying, we were promised Blackberry 10, and I expect it to hit our Playbooks eventually because of that promise. How they bring it is up to them (and hopefully they listen to their users comments on blogs like this), and I'm sure they'll do what is best for us to give us the best experience. Thanks for posting about this, all of us Playbook users appreciate it!

I'm not so pessimistic about BB10 on the Playbook. I have a Dev Alpha A, which is a 1.5GHz OMAP 4470 and 1GB of RAM. I used the bootloader to install that late developer build as well.

What I found is that, no, the Dev A isn't as smooth and fast as a Z10, but it's much better than the Playbook. There are absolutely issues that I'd attribute to the low RAM, including messages that refused to open from the Hub and the browser crashes that Kevin mentioned.

Even so, a WiFi Playbook doesn't have to run a subsystem for a phone, either, so surely that spares some cycles, and BB10 seems to be more efficiently-written than PB OS on all kinds of levels.

Good & thoughtful article, I agree with all of it. I would hate to see the decent speed and functionality of the PlayBook compromised by trying to force BB10 into a 1gb ram body. I would be well content with a little more robustness on apps, tweaks to the browser and the mail apps, and just a little improved spacing on keys and slider bars. My main PlayBook grumble is that it's far too easy for my fat fingers to take me somewhere that I don't want to go.

I love swiping and the current 2.1 OS seems very elegant and well thought out.

When they port 10 over, I fully intend to sit back and watch all the early adopters and learn from their experience. If Blackberry works magic and it actually runs OK, maybe I'll load it, but I'm going to take some convincing on that.

I would hope they give a loyalty discount to current PB owners when they have a new tablet, cause im still pissed off that i wasted $1300 US on 2 of these bricks. At least give us some apps to make it helpful, entertaining or fun

Nice editorial, but I disagree with Kevin. For one, I'd like to see BB keeping the 16:9 resolution that they have committed to in the smartphones. For a 7 inch tablet they could use 1280x720. For a larger tablet they could use 1080p. Regarding the software, I think they just need to beef it up and make BB10 OS as good in wide mode as it is in vertical mode. Kind of akin to how apple started iphone with just portrait mode but evolved most apps to handle wide mode as well. Both the smartphones and the tablets should have the wide and vertical modes and both should be compatible with the same applications so there is no fragmentation. The tablet could be a superset and have richer applications, but I'd still like to see the same fundamental user interface design.

I bet that we'll see BBOS on tablets when it reaches 10.1 where there will be richer "wide" modes added that completes the user interface for tablets.

Basically, if you purchased a Playbook,at launch, Blackberry used you as a test guinea pig to develop BB10.

They promised Playbook owners they would get the upgrade to keep them interested and stop them complaining. Then, they conveniently forgot about the Playbook when they launched BB10 even though they relied on these people and their $500 plus investment to develop BB10.

At a personal level, I have spent the last 12 months defending Blackberry, both at my work and to my professional network. I even championed a push to trial my Playbook with BB10 on the work email to try demonstrate how good the new platform was going to be. I had also decided that I was going to buy a Z10.

So, Blackberry have made me look stupid and my tablet which is nearly two years old has an old OS that will be different from the new phone.

Why would you buy from a company that operates like that?

AND, before people reply and say things like: sounds like you are an Android fanboy, go buy something else and all the other fanboy rah rah. Read what I said before:

I love Blackberry's, was an early adopter and a champion of the brand.

Kevin... you are very wrong.

BB10 will come on Playbook.

Core of BB10 is equal to OS 2.1 on PB.

In few months we will see how wrong you were.

Im not eager of having it on PB, but I am sure that BB10 will lift-up PB a bit higher.

Still I consider PB one of the best tablets on the market especialy for its browsing experience,

eventhought it is 3 yrs old device.

C'mon USA think about other countries people that dont have enougth money to buy another playbook, one example: ARGENTINA

Early adopter of the PB and on my 5th BB phone. Still pi##ed at the price we early adopters paid for the PB. Love the device although as my eyes get older its a bit more difficult than a 10 inch screen :)
My constant criticism has been the inability to sync my contacts and calender with my phone. I could never understand why this has not been made available.......even as an option.

You hard to send an email to a contact that isn't there!

BB10 and Bridge is essential to the PB and I'm sure it will come in good time.

I am a fierce protector of the brand and have faith in the "new" team.

I'm really wondering what is the futur of the playbook.

I was hoping for constant improvement from this tablet, well, didn't happen. Even though I understand thta blackberry had to put all their energy into BB10 dev. , I feel like if the playbook was not part of blackberry futur anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I'm the number one fan of blackberry, but to be honnest, my playbook now is more of a browser tool than a tablet, no apps, the bridge with Z10 is horrible and the moovie selection in the moovie store is horrible.

I don't mind the interface of BB OS 2.1 but it needs a volume slider up by the battery bar. Also the browser MUST be improved. It sucks balls now. Also, BBM and BB 10 apps (and Android 4.1) MUST come to the PlayBook. If this doesn't happen, I am dumping BlackBerry for good. And, I will make sure that happens at work too. I get to influence decisions in our company. So it's up to RIM, er BlackBerry to come through or lose several customers.

Flame away, I don't care, that's my thoughts and I'm sticking to them...

Many good points made in this article!

I love my Playbooks and I would love a stripped down version of Blackberry 10 asap but on the condition that Rim ( now Blackberry) bit the bullet and were honest with us and said there is going to be an all new Playbook!

Because that is the way forward many things need to change with the Playbook and the sooner the better.

Kev you have the ear of Blackberry now deservedly so let's tell them we don't mind an all new Blackberry 10 Playbook!

And get the ball rolling fast so as not to lose ground.

Here is what I think an all new Blackberry Playbook should have (My Top Ten!

1 Blackberry 10 OS
2 a new screen size more like the other fruits mini pad the Playbooks screen is too narrow.
3 a much bigger processor maybe 1.8Ghz Duo core.
4 More ram 2gb min with an expandable port to 4gb
5 an Sd card slot that takes the 64gb cards as standard
6 12gb camera with flash
7 5gb 2nd camera
8 some type of attachment lens for wide angle zoom etc.
9 Bluetooth 4
10 usb 3

Ok now when you look at my top 10 you see straight away that the current Playbooks are not going to cut it over the next 2 years!

Can any Playbook Owner honestly say that in 2015 he will be happy with the specs of his current device?

I think most will want a upgrade ( I want it now) so lets be transparent from the start and tell Blackberry to do the same.

Kev lets see what Crackberrians want from their new Playbook and tell Blackberry we may just get lucky!

Ps. I would also like an all new Blackberry device which I call a WORKBOOK which has a bigger screen and even more powerful processor more ram etc etc

Apps??? What apps are you guys using on the PB that aren't native? I've literally only downloaded free games from the app store. Everything else is just garbage to me, I still can't believe the video chat is only PB to PB. Really hope they bring Skype on board to the PB.

I think hoping for BB10 on the first gen. PB is asking for too much. We just need more apps that are HIGHER QUALITY and a more bulletproof OS. I've been watching reviews from other websites on the Z10 and the absolute garbage that BB let through the door is pitiful. Some apps from the app world weren't even usable. I would love for Crackberry to address some of the negative reviews from around the web. I believe there is a tiny bit of truth to some of them.

BlackBerry roadmap says that BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook will come mid February 2013. After the launch/sale of the Z10 and before the sale of Q10. And now during interview to BB they are saying that BB10 for PlayBook will come later this year, what a shame to BB. Thor must keep his promise, otherwise a lot of consumer will be disappointed. All I see on why they are holding it is to make us playbook owners to buy first the Z10 and that's marketing, a sad marketing for us PB owner. They are making sure that we upgrade first to Z10 and to Q10 before they release BB10 to PlayBook. Haay...

What BBRY has to remember is about O P T I M I Z A T I O N.
It must be a part of their strategy.
Or we can expect the same result and situation were RIM was.

Good luck BBRY!

Lots of new users become Blackberry owners simply because they bought a Playbook @ the new low price. They bought PB over other tablets because knowing it has been promised that BB10 will come to PB, so by comparison PB has better future than other more expensive Droid tablets . I am sure a lot of these folks are on the fence, holding out & wait-and-see for BB10 to come to PB...BEFORE they will recommend or buying more future BB products. Blackberry has such an opportunity to make good or bad with these on-the-fence new clients. Word-of-Mouth is absolutely at stake if BB10 not coming to PB. Blackberry (RIM) has lots more to lose if they don't keep this promise.


Also Google was able to optimize Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to run on Samsung Nexus S with 512 MB RAM and 1 Ghz CPU.

Surely, the Waterloo Wizards can optimize the OS and put full BB10 OS with all of its glory on my beloved PlayBook.

I'm tempted to agree with Kevin but I don't think it excuses the "dumbing down" of bridge that people are currently experiencing. I get that the the PlayBook may not be able to handle having the hub running in the background, active frames, and handle the newer BB10 apps and features, but come on! Ruining the bridge experience? BBRY, y you no keep current bridge functionality?

I agree with you on this. I look forward to the next iteration of the PlayBook when it comes out. I'm fine with how my PlayBook works for me.

BB made a mistake of bringing the OS platform to a tablet before a compatible,and viable smartphone using the same OS. Now it appears that the lack of clarity on the future of existing Playbook product is signals another mishandled issue. The impression to those of us who in the beginning paid high prices for these products before being under-valued because of initial poor performance, bad marketing and promotion is that we are scheduled for an (EOL) end of life product announcement.
BB has enough critics without contributing to the speculation of the corporation's lack of vision. The BB10 is a great improvement for diehard customers, but speaking honestly, it is a bit under-powered given that we are in the age of quad-core, gorilla-glassed, GPS-Navigation, media and app oriented markets. Every weakness of the BB10 platform has been revealed by independent reviews, and while it is encouraging that we didn't put out a "doo-doo" product, most say "keep perfecting your work." I have given up on any substantial updates on the Playbook and advise my fellow BB supporters that they would be wise to do so as well.

As it stands now I never use my PB unless I happen to take a trip and I use it for hotel Wifi. Although I am up for buying a new BB phone but I doubt that I would ever buy a BB tablet again. Nothing personal . So not having BB10 on the PB is not a big deal for me.

Kevin I agree with you about the hardware differences, but BB needs to do something with the Playbook. A lot of people were counting on BB 10 coming and I think many even bought one with this in mind(kind of like I did with 2.0 last year). At least Apple upgrades all their devices when new software comes out even if it means to a previous version due to hardware limitations. BB's silence combined with missing some key apps could definitely be a deal breaker for me and many other PlayBook owners.

Blackberry/RIM: You have the power to make my PB be fantastic with BB10 upgrade that you have promised. OR, you can turn my PB into an expensive paper weight / picture frame. Your choice of keeping me as happy loyal BB customer, or p* me off and I'll never buy another of your product! That simple.

Keep the hub away from my PB! Just give me a few more audio choice with videos, a little more bridge functionality and more docs to go.

First let me say this article is pure crap.
Since when does a crippled development release signify the workability of a final release?
This supposed author needs a lesson in reality.
He is obviously not technical.
If he doesn't want BB10 on his playbook then don't update it.
And the funny joke is that his title states how he'd like to see Blackberry 10 come to playbook and then promptly says he doesn't want it to come to playbook. What kind of double talk is that?
With BB10 the hot button how many developers are gonna waste their time on porting to PB2.x?
Someone please give this author a stem cell injection in the brain.
The only band-aid should be the band-aid across his mouth.

You can't have the BB10 apps run on PlayBook's. They just won't work because the OSes are different. They would have to be redeveloped and we know that ain't gonna happen.

ok so we can get Android (a different OS) to run on the playbook; regardless of how it runs, but we can't get a qnx based app to run on a qnx based device??? ppppplllleeeeeassssse, spare me the Bologna's first name.

Really my main concern is to get all of the Codecs on the Playbook OS so that I can play FLAC, AC3, etc natively

Long story short.... I received my PB as a gift just before this Christmas, while I was chuffed at the time within a couple of weeks I was less than impressed... I expressed my disappointment here on CB, and got quite a few reasons thrown at me as to why the PB was a worthy Tablet. One person in particular convinced me to give the PB a second chance and also convinced me that I would be stupid to give up on it in light of the imminent release of BB10 for the PB......

Now it seems that I'm not going to be anymore impressed when (if) BB10 is released for the current PB....

It will either be sluggish due to the current PB's hardware or it will be a light version.. It might not even be a true port of the BB10 OS at all, just a bit here and a bit there to make BB10 apps compatible on the current PB....

Or it could be that I will get the full BB10 experience if I purchase a new ( if one is being developed) PB.

Well here's the thing BlackBerry...... I don't want a sluggish OS nor do I want a lite version, I don't want you to give segments of the BB10 OS nor do I want to have to purchase a new Tab less than a year after owning this one.

What I do want BlackBerry.... is for you to be honest with us...... Most current PB owners have been a faithful bunch (from what I've read), they have stuck by what has been even in BlackBerry's own opinion a complete disaster..... They have even been faithful while knowing that their much loved PB was just a testing ground for QNX to aid in the development of your new BB10 and it's new hardware all the while assuming this meant BB10 would be coming to PB.

So tell us BlackBerry...... When and if BB10 will be released, will it be a full, lite or segmented OS, Or will it be a complete new Tab with the BB10 OS......

If you can't, wont answer these questions openly and honestly by way of a thank you to those faithful users/owners then please just give them/us something in return for the loyalty...

How about opening the hardware so that we can use it for installing alternative OS's.... it won't cost you anything, it won't lose you anything... but it might gain you a bit credibility if your honest enough to say " The PB didn't work, it can't in all honesty run a full BB10 OS, it was a useful platform for our QNX development but is just not going to be able to cope with the completed full version of BB10. So thanks to those who stuck with it, and here's the unlocked Bootloader."

Garry, Garry.... Wake up, it's time for work.........

Yes Kevin I agree but without the same bridge functionality I will delay my purchase of bb10, and we (US) market desperately needs a credit card swipe app bb is for business but not payment really.

Good article because I agree. Fix a couple of things and if we can't run OS 10 smoothly then it wasn't meant to be. What needs to be fixed is the absence of Skype w/ video, bringing more audio/video codecs w/ subtitle support for movies and even better Flash (Flash needs to be able to control audio because many times I lose audio and sometimes Flash needs to be able to control volume from its own volume bar).

And to list a tiny issue, which is almost a plus...even when using Volume Control from Settings and leaving it on just a HAIR, it's still too load for some situations! I need more hearing is good, so I want to be able to barely hear it depending on the environment.

I have mixed feelings on this topic. Meaning, I’m not quite sure the Playbook will be able to render the true BB10 experience like the Z10 because of the RAM factor. On the other hand, I really feel for the research & development department. Technology is progressing at such a rapid pace that as soon as you release the “latest and greatest” the product is already old technology. I would prefer they hold off on improving the Playbook besides the upcoming update and focus on a superior tablet release next year. Mobile computing isn’t the future, it’s now and to get that you have to have a tablet like device that can do everything and do it fast. So, that’s what I’m waiting on.

Great Post. I agree completely. I notice often that the Memory bogs down when you are in a graphics intensive game or 2 while browsing the web. But having the full functionality of the BB10 platform just in a pared down version would be brilliant

I was expecting a different kind of contents on this post. It was very focused on how you don't want BB10 on Playbook instead of all the cool ways it can be implemented on the tablet.
On the topic, I guess BlackBerry really got it so we shouldn't be worried about UI and features. QNX has proved to be an amazing OS regarding safety and multi-tasking on the other hand the AIR Apps, which are basically everywhere on the Playbook, are the big problem in my opinion. Once they replace the core AIR apps like the Keyboard, Browser, Email, Calendar for ones fully implemented in Cascades - hopefully with Qt 5 - we'll see the Playbook shine again! But indeed, a new tablet with pumped up specs would be sweet!

BB already annouced to bring BB10 to the Playbook. This is what PB owners wanted to hear and whish for. Kevin, if you don't want it don't use it.

If all of this is true I want an official announcement from blackberry, they can't let us get excited over something and then tell us that our devices can't support it, even though they let the rumours spread anyway…

I think Playbooks need a sort of UI refresh or something new, I am getting tired of my PB. It has no apps, no good ones. I will be selling my PB sooner or later.

I'd like to see the Playbook stuff that works implemented in the Z10 rather than the opposite. I've not seen 10.1 tho.

Don't know if this has been asked but... if one main obstacle in the way of BB10 coming to the PB is that the PB only has 1Gig RAM, how do we reconcile that with BB10 running on the Q5 with... 1Gig RAM?

I don't think 1GB ram device is what you can call a low spec device.
iPhone 5 has 1GB of ram, Nokia Lumia 920 has 1GB of ram.
If iOS, Windows Phone and Android could run smoothly, BB10 also should.
I could even run Windows 8 on a 1GB ram notebook.
So it seems BB10 is not mature enough and don't have much optimizations as other oses have.