How I'd like to see BlackBerry 10 come to the BlackBerry PlayBook

Trying my best to CrackBerry Hulk Smash BlackBerry 10 onto the PlayBook.
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Feb 2013 09:29 am EST

With all of the crazy BlackBerry 10 phone action on CrackBerry the past week, we haven't spent much time talking about BlackBerry 10 for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

During the official BlackBerry 10 launch event there was no mention of BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook

Of course, there has not really been much to talk about here. During the official BlackBerry 10 launch event there was no mention of BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook. When prodded during follow-up Q&A sessions with the press, BlackBerry did say BlackBerry 10 would come to the PlayBook "later this year."

For BlackBerry PlayBook owners, that's a lot less than they hoped to hear. Later this year is a BIG window of time and history dictates BlackBerry rolls things out later rather than sooner when they provide a date range for launching products. Also, no clear vision has been given as to what BlackBerry 10 will actually look like on the PlayBook. As I browse through CrackBerry's PlayBook forums I see a lot of PlayBook owners wishing they could have BlackBerry 10 on their PlayBooks yesterday, but I'm not actually sure that's something to be wished for.

Personally, I don't actually want BlackBerry 10 to come to the PlayBook. At least not in the sense that we are now using BlackBerry 10 on the BlackBerry Z10. Sounds a bit crazy I know, but I'm sure by the time you finish reading this article you will likely agree with me. Make sure you read the full editorial before you leave a comment.

BlackBerry 10 is just a name

Half PlayBook OS / Half Phone OS
BlackBerry 10 evolved on top of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 

At the core, BlackBerry 10 is running on the same QNX-based platform that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is built on. In fact, BlackBerry 10 evolved out of the PlayBook tablet OS.

First things first, let's remember that BlackBerry 10 is just a name. At the core, BlackBerry 10 is running on the same QNX-based platform that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is built on. In fact, BlackBerry 10 evolved out of the PlayBook tablet OS. Think back to earlier versions of BlackBerry Dev Alpha hardware, which ran BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software. It was the PlayBook OS running on smaller, phone-sized hardware. From there, BlackBerry continued to build upon and evolve the OS for the phone form factor. The image above illustrates this. There were clearly development versions of BlackBerry 10 that had a lot of PlayBook in them before the BlackBerry 10 UI and design elements took over and the recognizability of the PlayBook OS went away and BlackBerry 10 felt like something truly new.

Knowing that the PlayBook OS is within the BlackBerry 10 OS, it isn't a stretch as a PlayBook owner to think "I just want all of the BlackBerry 10 hotness - give it all to me for my PlayBook." Theoretically, it should be completely possible to bring all of BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook. The only thing is, I don't think it would actually deliver a great user experience to PlayBook owners.

1GB of RAM isn't enough to run BlackBerry 10 smoothly

If you've been following all of the BlackBerry news of late, you will have noticed that recently the full version of BlackBerry 10 -- that's loaded on the BlackBerry Z10 -- leaked to the internet in a form that can be installed on the Dev Alpha B developer hardware. Anybody who has a Dev Alpha B can install this, and it makes your Dev Alpha B essentially into a Z10. The phone works and everything.

The Dev Alpha B device literally is a BlackBerry Z10 in an ugly and bulky housing, with one big exception - RAM. While the Z10 has 2GB of RAM, the Dev Alpha B only has 1GB of RAM. Having spent a lot of time with both devices, it's clear that 1GB of RAM is not enough to power BlackBerry 10. With 2GB of RAM under the hood, the Z10 is a lot smoother than the Dev Alpha B running the release build of BB10. Having the BlackBerry Hub always open and running requires memory. When you start to use the device and open apps, start to browse multiple tabs within the web browser, etc., you start using up that memory. 1GB just isn't enough to do all that. For example, on the Dev Alpha B you'll find the browser closes frequently as the device just runs out of RAM as you're browsing pages (especially if you open a few tabs). You'll also run into some occasional slow downs - a direct symptom of not enough memory. 

The WiFi-only PlayBook tablet -- which represents the vast majority of PlayBook owners -- only has 1GB of RAM and its dual core processor runs at 1GHz, compared to the Z10's 2GB of RAM and 1.5GHz dual core processor. While the Z10 is buttery smooth, the Dev Alpha B w/ BB10 is not. And with a slower processor, I fear full-out BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook would not run smooth at all. That would be a shame, especially how smooth the PlayBook runs today in its current form.

Apps and Content - That's what we want! 

When it comes to asking BlackBerry PlayBook owners want they want most on their tablet, the unanimous answer is MORE APPS. To be sure, there are other things. Advanced features like DLNA still have not made their way onto the PlayBook. And the PlayBook would definitely benefit from an always-open email client, akin to the BlackBerry Hub. It takes too long to launch the email app in its current form.

When it comes to the design and basic user experience of the PlayBook and the PlayBook OS, most users I talk to love it. Having all four bezels around the display active for gestures is brilliant. The ability to jump between apps is fast and efficient. On a tablet form factor, it all works well. And PlayBook owners are used to it. Thinking along those lines, the way BlackBerry 10 is currently implemented on the Z10, it is optimized for a smaller device in a portrait orientation. The PlayBook UI is designed around a tablet-sized device that will mainly be used in landscape orientation. The Peek gesture of BlackBerry 10 makes a lot of sense on a phone. I'm not sure the Peek gesture would make as much sense when put on a tablet, given how you tend to hold a tablet differently than you do a phone.

Overall, I think its really the app and content ecosystem of BlackBerry 10 that we need up and running on the PlayBook. Right now, PlayBook apps can run on BlackBerry 10, but not the other way. If BlackBerry can bring over the underlying app framework they are using on BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook, then that would open up PlayBook users to a lot more apps (there may be some oddness to contend with since the resolutions of the Z10 and PlayBook are a little off), especially as the BlackBerry 10 app story continues to gain momentum. We also need the new and improved BlackBerry World to hit the PlayBook, to unify movie and music purchases so they all run through one app and BlackBerry ID, vs. the multiple apps and accounts approach on the PlayBook today.

And that's really what we need most. I'd love to have email and the always-open Hub on the PlayBook, but I'm not sure the PlayBook's memory can cope with doing it all.

Bottom line, we want and the BlackBerry 10 apps. We're happy with the overall UI of the PlayBook. It seems like focusing on bringing that part of BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook should go faster than bringing over the whole UI and Peek and Hub concept.

The Future of BlackBerry Tablets

BlackBerry's CEO Thorsten Heins has drilled it into our brains that BlackBerry 10 is not just a phone operating system, but rather a mobile computing platform. Tablets play a role in mobile computing, and I'm sure down the road we will see BlackBerry make another tablet.

When they do that, they will need to more fully bring over BlackBerry 10 to the tablet form factor. I'm sure BlackBerry's next tablet will have greatly bumped up specs from the current PlayBook, that will be fully capable of running BlackBerry 10 (or 11). For that next BlackBerry tablet, that's when I'd like to see the full suite of bells and whistles in BlackBerry 10 hit the tablet form factor. But even then, I think the UI can't be identical to BlackBerry 10 on the phone - it will need to be optimized for tablet use. This is especially the case if they go with another landscape orientation tablet. Maybe with a more portrait orientation style tablet (iPad like dimensions) then the BlackBerry 10 phone UI would make more sense - I could see myself peeking into the Hub then.

For the BlackBerry PlayBook today though, what we need is a bandaid fix that brings us as much of BlackBerry 10 that will still allow the PlayBook to run smoothly. And we'd really like it sooner than later.   


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How I'd like to see BlackBerry 10 come to the BlackBerry PlayBook



Since we recently discovered that the green one (CB Kev) actually runs BBRY now with all his correct predictions, we should expect this editorial to be implemented...SOOON!

I want 216PPI and 2GB RAM on a new Playbook tabby with BB10. Our screens are not as sexy as the latest ones out there. Would love to see a BBRY made unit or a partnership with Lenovo or Acer.

And yes, it is all about app envy with the Z10. We want the dev love!

Agree but I'm thinking Dell with the new private no reporting required model will be their hardware manufacturer...lot of upside using them over the others (nothing to do with product quality either).

About the 1 GB RAM Probs. How about to use some internal flash space instead of RAM like Windows does with HDD Space?

Give me the BB10 browser and app support and I'll be happy. Sounds like they promised us BB10 and now have a situation where the hardware and UI won't support it. I'm fine with the Playbook UI as is, just need to upgrade the browser and apps from that AIR garbage to Cascades goodness.

It seems to me that the playbook hardware will support 10 just fine... as soon as they come out with a new playbook.

I'm expecting the PB version of BB10 to me some kind of "lite" version. Like you said, browser and Cascades are the main points needed.

being 'First!!!' to comment on an article is great!

... but personally, I think it would have far more impact if the 'First!!!' person had something compelling to say other than 'First!!!'.

I'm not intending to troll here, I just think its funny how so many people want to be first to comment, like its a contest... but don't really say anything...

To quote the "C+C Music Factory" from the '90's...
"Things that make you go hmmmmm..."

For example, on the Dev Alpha B you'll find the browser closes frequently as the device just runs out of RAM as you're browsing pages (especially if you open a few tabs). You'll also run into some occasional slow downs - a direct symptom of not enough memory. VERY WEAK ARGUMENT KEVIN. AS OF RIGHT NOW WE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS AND SYMPTOMS ON OUR PLAYBOOKS THAT ARE RUNNING OS2.1

Exactly. Not enough memory. I rarely have an issue running the PB browser with with only one tab open and the app running by itself. Throw in another app or two and open up some more tabs and suddenly I get a bit of laggy performance or I start seeing things close or both. So, I'm not sure how Kevin's argument is weak. You essentially just emphasized his point.

My point is that we are not exchanging perfectly running OS (2.1) with something sluggish (BB 10). It is (OS 2.1) already sluggish. So at least on this front we are not loosing anything,but gaining the ability to enjoy richer app ecosystem. Of course we are not sure how BB10 will perform on our PlayBook without major alterations.
I think there are multiple reasons behind PlayBook BB10 os delay, but it is fore sure not the RAM.

Allow me to agree and disagree. Firstly I think that BB has a unique opportunity to really optimise the BlackBerry 10 experience for tablets, in a way that other manufacturers haven't. For instance, the iPad is just like an iPhone, and tablet android is the same as phone android...but the truth is that we use tablets and phones for different things - therefore BB doesn't need the same OS layout and functionality on both devices, but rather the OS needs to "bend" to meet the particular use cases of each individual device.

As to available RAM, this may be true - but do you really need the hub always there on your tablet, probably not. Most of us likely use our tablets as a convenient consumption medium or in parallel with our phones, so for instance the browser and media playback should be stellar, while communications could be toned down, allowing each device to "specialise".

Anyway, my 2 cents. But I do think that BB will actually be creative in the implementation of BB10 on PlayBook, and develop something that will allow us to get the most out of the device, while perhaps driving a further "need" for a BB10 phone/tablet combination...

That's ... awesome.

I disagree with some of the article, however good to hear why my playbook browser (while great) just up and closes a lot. A. Lot.

I heard similar during enterprise forums last October, that bb10 would come to playbook 'some time after the phone launch'... so... I'd had my expectations set.

It would be great to resolve the keyboard issues and, oh there has to be a list pinned somewhere sob.

I photoshopped that all by myself. :)

What was really creepy last night was when I walked out of the bathroom shirtless at 1am last night and was like SIMON... I need you to take a photo of me. And they had no idea yet what I was up to. 

We have been very supportive and patient with RIM and if they want to keep in the tablet market they should bring bb10 to the playbook, even a slimmed down version. There are a lot of Playbooks out there in commercial installations (police cars etc) and they should continue to support the PB not kill it.

I don't think you were asking me (my name is Kevin) but I can answer your question. That statement you read about was taken out of context. Thor said that during the launch event in CANADA, Q10 will be coming out 6-8 weeks after launch of Z10. Analyst took advantage of this and said that the Q10 will come out weeks after the Z10 in US but really US was never mentioned.

k3vtruj, my question was meant for Crackberry Kevin, but thanks for responding anyway. Thor's statement may or may not have been taken out of context. But he did not limit his statement to Canada or anywhere else. To me logic dictates, until we are told otherwise, that Thor was talking about spacing between the Z10 and Q10 in general, which suggests the Q10 will be out in the US around May/June. I hope I am wrong.

And the correct answer is: It will be ready for world consumption then. When the US carriers release it is up to them, not BlackBerry.

They can do a dual release if they are both approved at the same time.
I would think it depends on when they got the Q10, in relation to the Z10 and if it requires the same amount of testing since the OS is the same as the Z10.

I refuse to believe that the delayed release of the Z10 in the US is completely the carrier's fault. It is too coincidential that all of the US carriers are on the same timeframe. I believe the delay was orchestrated by BB. Even if it were true that the US carriers have longer testing standards, BB has been in the game long enough, and knows how the US carriers work, that it should have put the unit's in the carrier's hands far enough in advance to ensure a timely US release.

I agree with you also. My theory is that BB delayed phones in US in order to compete with the new Galaxy phone (rumoured to come out then) and they told the carriers to advertise their phones to steal the thunder from Samsung. I'm probably wrong but I also think it was smart not to come to US right away.

Yup. The launches are going well and beating previous sales records... it's nice. Gets a little buzz going and positive media, even in the US.

The anticipation must be killing you guys down south a little bit, chuckle.

The shade of teeth should match the eyes, so in this case the green teeth are about the same as the eyes, acceptable.

I think I agree with Kevin. I just want my BBM back on my playbook! As long as the apps work, call it what you want. I find the playbook very easy to navigate

Yep. I didn't address BBM in the long editorial, but definitely. Being able to bring BBM native and pull Video Chat into BBM on the PlayBook vs. having the current separate Video Chat client would be great.


So you think BlackBerry should be supporting two OSes plus the legacy OSes? Doesn't that just cost them more in development time and manpower?

I would like to see a file explorer so that you could go threw folders and not every single picture when you upload to Facebook or a photo app. Also Angry Birds Star Wars.

> I just want my BBM back on my playbook!

Same here. When I bridged my Playbook to the Z10, I wasn't expecting the loss of bridge functionality it caused for the Playbook. I lost BBM, SMS, just about everything; I assume that's true for everyone? I didn't see any warnings of that in any BB10 articles, so was fairly surprised.

I agree that we may not want the *entire* Blackberry 10 experience on the Playbook, but I do feel the Playbook UI is getting a bit stale, and look forward to the freshening and refinements that BB10 for the Playbook will hopefully bring.

BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook. If not, then were is the point? I won't spend money again to upgrade to a playbook with 2Gb of RAM.

yea, I just got mine recently knowing it would get the upgrade, not exact bb10 but they better have something good for us. :)

Kevin, I beg to slightly differ.
When RIM announced BB10 on Playbook, won't they have considered the processing power impediment?
Is it not possible that RIM - oops Blackberry - is currently working on a Blackberry10 LITE (just like the lighter version of Windows 8 - The Windows RT) to work smoothly with the lower processing power of the WiFi only Playbook!

We also should keep in mind that the RAM issue is already slightly solved for us by not having the phone function always running in the background. I am sure there are other things needed for the phone that are not necessarily needed for a tablet either.

What I would be interested in are an update to the bluetooth profiles to support remote control, and the updated video player that support ac3 audio. Otherwise Playbook OS 2.1 has been working fantastic for me.

and little things add up :) I would like browser, keyboard, DLNA, BBM, all the media codec support of BB10 (ac3/flac etc) for playbook, merged BB World (apps, music, videos). The UI lag of playbook in many applications was described as being due to UI being in adobe air, this needs to be bumped to native/cascades UI as well.

I'd really just like the hub, keyboard, browser, and new homescreen setup, as in how they organize apps on BB10 and how the icons look. I'm one of the few who don't care about the apps lol

Completely agree with Kevin! I think the plan is to let BB10 mature a bit in the marketplace and then rollout a similar OS for the PlayBook along with new hardware (10 and 7 inch tablets). While I would love to have an upgrade to the PB now, it is essentially 2 year old hardware (WIFI version) so it would be SLOW!!!

I look forward to a new PB later this year running OS update featuring BB10. By the way, love my new Z10's (bought one for the wife) and think things are looking up for BB!

Long live Crackberry!!

"what we need is a bandaid fix that brings us as much of BlackBerry 10 that will still allow the PlayBook to run smoothly. And we'd really like it sooner than later."
-agree 100%!

I definitely need the bb10 apps, but I also think I would want some of the other features of BB10 on my PlayBook. especially Blackberry World.
Maybe not BB10 for PlayBook, but a freshened up OS.

agree with 2repou in that I want BBM on my playbook, then video calling via bbm which would be nice.

i still want to see a chromebook-like version of a netbook running qnx too. i want all my devices, even my desktop, to run qnx!

I don't want bb10 on the playbook. What I want is the z10 keyboard,a better lock screen and blackberry to fix some of the bugs(wifi dropping and orientation lock). And also BBM for the PB

I agree with Kevin 1000%. Don't really care about the user interface per se, but rather the apps and ecosystem for the playbook.


I've been thinking along those lines. While I'm excited about BB10, I have been worried that the experience might not feel right on the Playbook which is mostly used in landscape. I agree that what we need most is access to BB 10 apps. I would also like some browser improvements.

The only other thing I would like to have is predictive text working when I use the bluetooth keyboard. Don't suppose anyone else has managed to get the predictive text to work with the bluetooth keyboard under OS 2.0?

Not sure I agree with you, Kevin. First, BB10 should be able to run on 1gig of RAM - it's merely a matter of good programming and optimising.
Second: When I bought my Playbook, I did so with the promise of RIM to bring BB10 to the PB sooner rather than later. I put up with a lot of annoying issues, knowing that the current OS would only be temporary before the sweet BB10 goodness.

Of course, it doesn't need to (and shouldn't) look exactly like BB10 on the Z10, that's a given. But if RIM doesn't manage to bring BB10 to the PB in, say, the first two quarters of 2013, that would suck. I would seriously consider dumping my PB in favor of another tablet. And I doubt I'd be the only one. RIM has lost enough trust as it is. It really shouldn't lose any more...

I agree, Blackberry should have figured a way to make the z10 work with the PB from the get-go. Especially since both are QNX based. It is a little disconcerting to get the z10 and then not have it work with your PB in the way to which you have been accustomed with an earlier BB device. Gives users a reason to not buy a z10 or to buy a third party tablet. Does not seem like BB yet has a cohesive strategy. They seem content, for now, to take things one step at a time. This is dangerous considering that Android and Apple have cohesive ecosystems and BB wants users to migrate from those platforms.

My playbook SITS at 400-500MB of ram while it simply sits on the table. The playbook CAN'T HANDLE blackberry 10. I don't get why people keep trying to claim that blackberry 10 will work with no issues. I hope blackberry 10 never comes to playbook. I'll settle with 3.0 OS

"I don't get why people keep trying to claim that blackberry 10 will work"
hmmmmm... maybe because RIM promised it would?

Second that.... Apps is what users are looking for.
The UI and lack of hardware would diminish the great PB experience if BB10 came in its current form. Make sure you pass this on to BB.

RIM should do what Samsung did for the Galaxy S1. They couldn't release that actual Ice Cream Sandwich, but gave a version of Gingerbread with ICS features back-ported.

I agree with Kevin 1000%. Don't really care about the user interface per se, but rather the apps and ecosystem for the playbook.


I agree with 2repou.All i need is native BBM on my playbook and app content,that's all but if BlackBerry can bring a lighter version of BlackBerry 10 to the playbook, fine it's acceptable

I don't want the hub or active frames on a tablet. I want separate apps with the same gestures as the PB currently. Just bring in an updated BBM/video/voice, browser and other 3rd party apps, and it'll be perfect.

I would like to get that playbook wallpaper he has.

Regarding OS10 on the playbook. I would be happy with native BBM, the OS10 app selection, and the browser.

This I agree with, especially the Browser! I have been having a horrible time with my browser since the last OS update! It has been very slow and unstable.

Really? My browser improved with the update. I heard thidls happened to another chapter, and someone told him to wipe his playbook, then reinstall the upgrade and it worked. I read that a while back in one of the forums. I believe that is how that went, so do some homework first....I know it's a pain, but the guy/gal was thankful in the end.

Unfortunately for myself, this was a wipe and reinstall. It didn't improve anything.

Any other ideas would be much appreciated.



This is my issue as well. My browser has become borderlines useless after the last update, like it is REALLY unbearable. I have yet to see an "update" make an integral part of the OS this bad.

That aside, just give ma BB10's browser and little updates here and there and I would be satisfied.

I'd counter that BlackBerry 10 should still be ported to the tablet. More than likely, a slightly thinner version of the OS for the tablet will be pushed out, and I have a feeling that's really what the delay is all about. A consistent UI, marketplace, and a few new codecs and features would help to increase the PlayBook's functionality and keep its place in the BB10 universe.

The difference in tablet orientation (landscape vs. portrait on the phones), and the increased screen real estate does make some of the Hub notifications a little less of a priority, but pushing the OS would also be a good PR move by BlackBerry. A lot of us stuck with them through the long wait for BlackBerry 10 (and those of us in the USA are STILL waiting), so even just giving us a better performing device that we already have in our hands would be a positive.

I don't agree with you, Kevin, i.e. I don't care if the OS on my PlayBook ist called BB10 or not, but I'd like to see most of BB10's hotness (as you call it) on my PB, too. I think that there's a big improvement in usability and user experience. Right now PB's user interface is just standard, nothing special which makes it stand out of the competition.

According to Heise (a German publishing company) at BlackBerry Jam Europe 2013 in Amsterdam BB didn't want to tell a date, but they think it will take about 3-4 months for BB10 coming to the PB.

we just need the super fast BB10 browser on the Playbook aswell as BB10 apps and playbook apps to be interchangable in one unified BlackBerry ( app ) World.

and the time-shift camera, of course.

What I would love to see from Blackberry is some serious mea culpa. Early adapters of the playbook payed BIG time. Way more then most early adapter situations.
Possibly a worthwhile trade-in credit of some sort? I dunno, something.

I know this, it soured me on Blackberry, and that's saying something considering I was an original storm owner...

BIG was when "the computer you want always costs $5,000". I payed full pop on day 1 for a 64 G and BlackBerry owes me absolutely nothing. It is awesome. Give me the BB10 browser, native BBM and ecosystem, and it will be great for years to come.

Gimme bb10 light. I don't think peek gestures make a ton of sense on the PB. But I'd be happy if we could start with BB10 icons and look..

I would like to see native BBM, parental controls on the PlayBook and that JellyBean update.

Since I don't yet have a Z10, that's all I can see right now.

I'd be happy with more-or-less the existing UI, but definitely the app support...and if they figured out a way to optimize that swank keyboard for tablet use, it would be amaze-balls.

Kevin, you left out one HUGE issue everyone is talking about in the forums though......THE LACK OF BRIDGE FUNCTIONS FROM BB10 TO THE CURRENT PLAYBOOK OS!!! This is an issue is it not???? I would love to hear your insight on that aspect of it, because I believe without BB10 on the PlayBook there is no way of integrating the current messaging features as OS 7 does to the PlayBook. I REALLY hope I am wrong...but only time will tell...

It seems to me that there is greatly reduced bridge functionality with the Z10. While I am only beginning to explore the device, many of the elements of bridge with 7.1based devices now seem absent. Perhaps it is my lack of experience with the Z10 but I would be happy to see this aspect corrected with a BB10 update for the PlayBook.

As much as I'd like to see BB10 on the Playbook, I think it'll take awhile as it's more fan service to those who've stuck with the device than anything. Blackberry could use it as a testing ground to see how it'll be on future [potential] tablets if they go in that direction, however they may stay away from tablets after the lack of success the PB had.

I think with more real estate on the playbook, they can push the boundaries of what they can do with the OS. It should be a superior experience than what we have on the phone. While they take the basics from BB10, they should be aiming higher since the screen is so much bigger on the playbook. I hope BLACKBERRY continues to push the 'experience envelope' like they did on the first playbook and now on the Z10.

Playbook - Version 1
Z10 - Version 2
Playbook update - Version 3

Blackberry needs a short term and long term Playbook strategy. Points to me for stating the obvious.

I hope that the CEO's reason for being ambiguous about the long term strategy is to not detract from the release of the phones. They seem to be having a hard enough time with that. Delayed US availability, just getting Qwerty developer models out, wasted superbowl opportunity. Though to be fair there have been a ton of success.

My introduction to blackberry was as a tool for a specific purpose. I needed emails when I was on the road to see clients, and it was an approved phone for my office. I feel that this is what is wrong with blackberry's playbook strategy. What is the playbook for?

Unless they can define the playbook as a tool for solving some specific problem I think they should abandon the market. They have little chance in emulating the consumer-centric success that Apple has enjoyed with the ipad, or Amazon with the "blackberry" fire. Unless they can create an education tool, an engineers tool, or some type of office productivity tool that people need to have they are going to lose. At this point I'm waiting patiently for the BB10 phones to come to the states, and I'm seeing what fun I can have with the stock volatility.

The long and short of it. Blackberry needs to define the Playbook as a tool that solves a real problem or addresses a previously unaddressed need, otherwise...abandon ship.

It does for me. It gave my bridged Bold 9000 life. Browser capability, emails on a larger screen, mobility as I never carry a laptop anymore. In fact I rarely use my laptop. The Playbook is awesome when bridged to a BB phone.

Your answer defines the problem. You're presenting the playbook as a companion device. In that case a percentage, of their existing customers will adopt. That's not the type of product they need, it just won't get them the volume.

If they were to partner with Amazon and develop a device whose hardware might be used in Amazon's forays into the education market. Digital textbooks, and eventually a digital workspace. Imagine the seamless management of homework and grades and learning materials. Perhaps then they can have success. But sustainable success is not going to come from a companion device.

BB has announced they are willing to partner. But that is something that will take time as you know. It just seems to me people want it all, when the new platform has just been released and really is just starting. I am waiting for a call that my BB10 is ready. So to demand changes to my playbook at this time is unrealistic.

Rather than leave the market they should have Asus or Lenovo make and sell a tablet that has BB10 operating system.

But how are they going to position the device. What is going to be the compelling reason for buying the device. That's their problem. It's just going to be another device consumed by the BB faithful. They need a device that can sell like the blackberry/kindle fire. These engineers are fantastic at giving the devices capabilities, but that's not what sells devices. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but the product needs to solve a problem.

The consumer market is a hit or miss fashion show. BB has a strong business tradition and that's the reason for it's success. I know that this has bled over in a lot of places, like England where it is a youth device, but that's not how they entrenched themselves. They are floundering at creating a consumer product. Where they should be defining themselves, much like Lenovo has done, as a maker of products for people who want to get things done.

My thinking was when oonected through bridge the BB10 Playbook can utilize the processor of the BB10 phones, they way I understand QNX it is possible. But must have BB10 phones, maybe the bridge app on BB10 would be different in a way to activate the additional options? just a guess though

You are wrong Kevin. 1GB of Ram is enough. The Dev Alpha A is running fine with the leaked software of the Z10 and the Dev Alpha A is not even close to the Z10 specs.

If BlackBerry goes with a dedicated e-mail app like it is with current playbook firmware instead off the Hub on PlayBook everything is fine. I think even with the hub there is no problem.

While I think the PlayBook is a great tablet and I agree that the OS currently running on the Z10 wouldn't make much sense on it, there simply MUST be an optimized version with the same look and feel, apps and a better browser.

I'm pretty sure that's because BBM isn't currently native on Playbook and they wanted to show that you can still chat with Playbook owners.


Not wanting to make a stupid comment or ask a stupid question, but I was under the impression that BB10 is based on a more recent version of QNX - Version 8 (or whatever they call it) - where as PBOS is based on an older version of QNX.

Did I dream that, or is it true ??


remember playing with playbook in store over a year ago and thinking that it's laggy and not smooth. didn't buy it for that reason.

What I mainly want on my Playbook is the ability to fully use Bridge with Z10 and not a castrated version.

Bring a full Bridge to the Playbook to run the same (or better) than on BB running OS6 and 7.

I have to agree with Kevin here. the specs always concerned me which is why I believe BlackBerry didn't focus, release or even mention the topic of BB10 running on PlayBook on launch day.

Aslong as BlackBerry deliver some sort of BB10 experience as they promised such as native BBM, App World etc, then I'll be more than happy.

Is anyone else here having issue with the browser being slow and unresponsive since the latest 2.1 update? I have to ususally refresh certain sites (including Crackberry) 3 times before it will load properly.

I was really hoping for the BB10 Browser!

I also have the same issue. As long the browser can be faster, I will be happy. Or, it would be great that Firefox can be avillable on PlayBook!

I agree with what your observations Kevin, but I would add as a needed functionality the ability to sync calendars directly between the phone and the tablet.

I ve been supporting BlackBerry a lot. I was assuming BB10 will eventually come to PlayBook. I trusted RIM / BB when I bought the PlayBook, heck it was not even cheap, I was an early adopter. I bought the product purely based on trust. BlackBerry has already neglected PlayBook and focused on BB10 on smartphones ,which is great, I understand BB10 on smartphone is more important and should be the first priority. But are they going to neglect the early adopters with PB and ask them to buy a new BB10 tablet? again like lab rats or beta testers? It will be an injustice if they ditch BB10 for PlayBook, I will no longer support BlackBerry. Iam sorry I am extremely frustrated, I know this is not confirmed by BlackBerry and Thor recently gave a statement saying BB will update PB with BB10 soon. I hope its true!

Dude... relax. BBRY has said BB10 is coming to the PlayBook. Unless you hear otherwise, there is no reason to get your undies in a bunch.

The Top 10 things I want from BB10 on my PlayBook

1. Native BBM with video chat and screen share
2. BB10 hub.. gotta have it.
3. That sweet BB10 browser
4. That sweet BB10 keyboard
5. The new native BB10 apps (i.e. Remember, Story maker, Maps)
6. BB10 apps (Skype, etc.)
8. The great BB10 integration with Box and Evernote
9. Some of the other cool BB10 goodies (i.e. wake screen, alarm clock, time shift camera, file manager, integrated App store, etc.)
10. Reserved for anything else I might have missed. :-)

I agree! At least full BBM, browser, keyboard, new native apps, BB10 apps.. wouldn't mind having an upgraded version of native message app (mine asks for passwords all the time, hangs sometimes) instead of the full blown BB10 hub.


I don't giev a f*** if they give is a Beta BB10 for testing but for pete's sake give us something!!! give us some hope!!!!

We need movie and music app for the playbook and a slimmed down version of BB10 too, also I know we all keep saying it more apps to open up the playbook more, simple apps like parrot ar drone for playbook to name but one, you can get it for other platforms but not for blackberry. Come on BB and developers.

Browser, time shift, bbm, remember, all those I would like on my playbook. Maybe not the hub if it is running al the time. A hub that you can start like an app would be fine. The keyboard upgrade would be perfect as well.

There are aspects of the BB10 platform that will not make sense on a PlayBook but there is a LOT of BB10 that needs to be moved into the PlayBook:
- Hub (it's already mostly there - just use the Native code version on BB10 vs Air version on PB)
- Virtual Keyboard
- Native code/cascade apps (Clock, Camera, Maps, BBM, Travel, Remember, etc.)
- HTML5 Browser (time to sunset Air version)
- Active Frames
- Integrated BB World

We don't need the full UI but it does need to be updated in areas like folder support, settings, etc. I agree that much of BB10 is setup for Portrait mode but they could "optimize" that for Tablet OS. Obviously the PlayBook doesn't need the phone functions but most (non-phone dependent) apps should work on the PlayBook too. Skype is more important for a PlayBook than it is for a cell phone.

Sounds like Crackberry nation is being softened up for other device releases that will have BB10.
To me it's just the natural progression of the platform. Tweaking Playbook OS as much as you can is the best stop gap solution in the meantime I guess.

But what I want is for Blackberry to take it a step further....a desktop/laptop version as well. That relatively seem less integration between phone-tablet-computer just makes alot of sense.

I haven't thought about BB 10 on my playbooks since I got my new Z10. Really, RIM gave us these incredible tablets for nothing and allowed us to buy many of them. I have one on my boat now, who would have thought? Everything is fine the way it is now, more apps and updates for my perfect phone! Stay focused on the prize please!

PS. Oh yeah, a special thanks to the BlackBerry Bridge gods, you guys are so smart!!

Sounds like you have happily moved onto Z10 and that's great for you. But lots of folks here have high hopes for PB and not happy with the current state. Personally I want BB10 to revitalize my PB, and bring me the APPS!

The two things I most want to see on my two PlayBooks are Bridge fully restored to my Z10, and the Z10's predictive keyboard. The PB keyboard is good, but flicking up words on the Z10 is a killer feature. But even that pales beside me wanting my fully functional Bridge back.

The beautiful BB10 clock and compass would be nice too, but generally speaking I am happy with the way my PlayBook was before they crippled it by removing key Bridge functions when I switched from Storm 1 to Z10.

Oh and while I am at in, that reminds me that the PB had no problem importing my Contacts list from my Storm, so why I am I having so much trouble getting it onto the Z10?

I love this tablet from the start, it's with me always and I've defended it from the beginning, but this starting to get crazy. First I have to Waite till April May or June before I can get my hands on a BB10 phone, but that's alright BB10 will be coming to the PB as we were told it would.But now we are being told we might be seeing some part of this. Think it is time to restart the thinking of this BB thing.

Exactly, i love my PB but I feel pity for it. I was not even cheap when I bought it. I was one of those early adopters.

I love this tablet from the start, it's with me always and I've defended it from the beginning, but this starting to get crazy. First I have to Waite till April May or June before I can get my hands on a BB10 phone, but that's alright BB10 will be coming to the PB as we were told it would.But now we are being told we might be seeing some part of this. Think it is time to restart the thinking of this BB thing.

Okay folks....time to get a grip. BlackBerry is best to leave the playbook as is for now, and iron out the initial bugs on the phone....for example returning the full bridge function. Once that stabilizes, then deliver the goods to the playbooks. The last thing I want is my playbooks screwed up because we were in a rush.

I think Blackberry is a big enough organization to have multiple teams working on multiple projects. Now that they have the BB10 OS code lock down, they can charge full steam ahead with the Playbook OS v3. (some sort of BB10 hybrid).

Full bridge function, what if the PB has to be updated to BB10 before that can happen, and if that is the case what happens to those that don't have or want a BB10 PHONE,

That was a good read.

The main reason I want BB10 on the playbook is to reap the benefit of growing app selection for BB10. I also want to benefit from the fact that the browser is better, etc etc.

But agree that the playbook UI itself is already great, I just want "BB10" on PB for the apps (skype, twitter, etc), and ongoing optimzation.

I agree. We need BB10 on this platform so we have a single platform. I own 4 playbooks and they are great. I know a lot of people who bought them as of late and are willing to wait for BB10 as we were led to believe. It would be in BlackBerry's best interest to update all the playbooks out their to this single BB10 platform. Then push out newer playbooks with more horsepower, and perhaps even a large tablet for those who want more of the laptop size. If BB Nation is going QNX then let's get it done. We can live with the initial bugs, but all and all let's get her done.

I would love to have a full BB10 experience on the PlayBook, but the RAM has been a concern of mine for some time as well. While it's natural to think that BlackBerry owes you the latest OS because you bought their tablet, the reality is that hardware is constantly moving forward, and the software is constantly advancing to demand more resources.

As Kevin suggests, this is a case of "be careful what you ask for."

If BlackBerry just threw BB10 on the PlayBook, it likely would cause the performance to suffer, and no one would be happy with that.

At present, my PlayBook wish list is as follows:

Make the boot time reasonable.
Increase app support so that sideloading is no longer necessary (I want to get my apps directly from BlackBerry World, not have to hunt down .bar files.)
Improve VPN so it's compatible with my corporate network
Improve email client... and that would make me pretty happy.

no reading the earlier posts but commenting on the article

i agree kevin. my insiders at rim have told me we will not be seeing a full bb10 experience. just like your article said i have always felt that the playbook os is the best on the tablet side of it.

i just want the apps associated with bb10 wince the playbook is running the core bb10 software. the reverse compatibility is a much needed change to help kick the bad things that will be said if the playbook doesnt get the app ecosystem that bb10 has.

There's no way I'm buying a "Playbook 2" in the future unless I am satisfied with what BBRY can bring to the one I have now.

So a PB optimized version of BB10 that will bring a new and enjoyable experience to the hardware I already have will solidify my faith in their tablet support.

I have a Blackberry Bold 9700, I'm glad BB has finally come out with a great product. Its been a long wait, I almost left BB but I waited and I can now say it was worth the wait so far, I just hope updates don't take forever.

Kevin I think you hit the nail on the head with this one...although I "want" to see as much of the BlackBerry 10 experience on my PlayBook...I really only "need" a few of the key parts of it to be an ecstatic (currently a very happy) PlayBook owner... things that you pointed out (BlackBerry World with vids and music, Apps and the Hub would be great) and then I would like to add to the list the Time Shift function of the camera!

P.S. I don't know if green is really your color...I kinda hate to think that CrackBerry Kevin is "Green With Envy" over anything like an iToy or Spamdroid device and that's the first thing that comes to mind when I see someone painted up (or photoshopped) green like that.

Agreed I'm very content with my PB but I'd be much happier if I could get Skype on it as well as a revamp of the music player. If that could be addressed in the next update, I don't think I'd want BB10 on my playbook.

Even with the current Playbook 2.0 software, I find that my playbook will freeze or drop the web browser, so adding an operating system that requires even more ram will just make things worse. I would rather see a new tablet with more ram and a faster processor, to increased touch reaction and smother operating. It's frustrating when my wife's S3 phone can load websites faster than my PB! lol.

I don't expect a full blown BlackBerry 10 upgrade for the PlayBook, but the PlayBook is in dire need of an upgrade. The current software is somewhat buggy and/or slow and choppy., depending on the aps. Games run great though.

The Internet via Wifi for instance is slow, pages take a long time to load. I believe the CTO or the CEO stated that BB10 native apps will be designed from the ground up, and this is the reason why people are experiencing weird behaviors with PlayBook.

Also the QNX OS is a very efficient piece of software, and can ensure flawless performance and smooth running regardless of hardware used. Of course to a certain extent. By no means is the Wifi PlayBook a slouch, though it can use a BlackBerry 10 Update BOOST.

Posted w/ my BLACKBERRY Playbook.

All good points...I would like to see the PlayBook refreshed somewhat with some of the BB10 framework, but just adding the native BBM/video will do fine for now. I don't need ALL the BB10 architecture since my soon (March) purchased Z10 will be within reach wherever I am.

I guess I won the office pool. We actually had a pool going to see when an editorial like this from Kevin would be posted. The fact of the matter is, BB10 is not coming to the playbook. It just doesn't work. I've been running a beta on mine and it's just not there. This kind of post is testing the waters to see what reaction would be. I wouldn't be surprised if BB asked to have something like this written since everyone here seems to think this guys word is gospel. Truth be told, Playbook is dead. By the time they even get a working 10 on Playbook this thing will be two and a half years old, that's 90 human years in tech.

Do I get a cut of the pool totals? Lol

Nah, nobody asked me to write this. It's pretty much a no brainer, especially once you run full BB10 on the Dev Alpha B. I just got that build the other week so immediately started thinking on it.

As for my word being the gospel, yes, that's true. I see the future and know all the things! 

I definitely agree with Kevin. I don't want the active tiles compared to the way the minimized apps on the PlayBook is running now. The efficiencies on the phone don't translate to the PlayBook.
As he indicated, more apps and well connected is the only thing I'm looking for in a PlayBook update.

Also, I have a source that indicated it's at least 6 months before it comes to the tablet.

Talking to Rim Engineers and reps at different Carrier meetings, they all have said that bb10 would be coming to the playbook in early summer. It won't be the same as the phones and will be optomized/configured for the playbook meaning, the UI will be a bit different which makes sense.

I've asked about bb10 Apps running on the playbook at launch and they said no as the Playbook, at this moment, lacks the gestures and ui needed for the bb10 apps to run on the playbook.

I like my playbook but stopped using since i got tired or waiting and grabbed a nexus 7. I miss the UI, but really the UI isn't enough to draw me in vs all the apps, settings, and eye candy on the nexus 7 with jelly bean.

I don't know why you don't have Kevin's job. Anyhow, of course the BB10 apps won't work on the playbook, until it is upgraded to some form of BB10 platform for tablets. I can understand you going to the Nexus 7 for Apps if apps is the "must have" item for you. But at the end of your post I get the feeling you are an android fanboy to begin with.

Kevin, you are a wise man. I totally agree with you, and last week on the Playbook forum I said that I would be happy to keep the current OS on my PlayBook if BlackBerry would come out with a 10-inch version later this year. 128GB and bigger ram to handle BB10 and it would rock!!

I love my PB. More apps would be nice though. :)

PS. Is that really you or did you photoshop that?? Looking good! ;P

As much as I am content with the look and feel of the current PBOS, the limited Bridge functionality is what bothers me. It was what made the PlayBook unique. Hopefully features like BBM, SMS, and PIM access return (sonnet than later). If they update Bridge to work like it does with BBOS, I think people will be a little more patient on the full BB10 update.

I haven't read every comment, but I will put my 2 cents in.

Here is what I think BB10 on the Playbook will have.

1. Updated keyboard. That keyboard on the phone looks great and works great. Hope to see an improvement on the tablet.

2. Cascades support. This is really what a lot of developers are waiting for. It will bring a bunch of apps to the Playbook.

3. Updated Browser. New fast browser that is not using Adobe Air but instead uses HTML5? Yes please.

4. Personal/Work experience.

5. Updated BB10 apps! Docs to go, Calendar, Email (Or Hub :D)

6. And my fav, Jelly Bean Android Runtime. Finally android tablet apps on the playbook tablet :P

7. Active Frames. Don't think it will change much from what we already have. But I think that app switching will be the same.

That's not fair!!! Not at all!!
RIM (Blackberry) announced that the PB will be upgradable to BB10, that's why I bought my Playbook and not some crappy Android tablet from Asus or Samsung.
I don't care if BB10 is not suitable for 1GB RAM devices, that's not my fault (or PB's owners fault). iOS runs smoothly on 1GB iPads and iPhones thanks to the software-hardware integration and centralization, and BB10 is supposed to be superior.
I understand that my Bold 9900 cannot run BB10 at all, but.. my Playbook?? that's not acceptable.
Maybe my complain is just a grain of salt in the midle of an ocean made of sugar, but if Blackberry do not bring BB10 to my Playbook, I will drop Blackberry forever, turn my BB9900 into a fancy paperweight and my PB into a dummy and almost-useless digital photo frame.

I completely agree with you. JellyBean and iOS are running on tablets with 1GB RAM. This is absolute BS.

Time to go Android it seems.

She will probably feel better now that she has vented. BB never said they were not upgrading the Playbook to some form of BB10, so no need to get your panties all in a knot. As for you, sounds like you are already Android, so get going and enjoy what comes with it.

First, I'm not a "she"..
Second, I hate Android. I prefer going back to a dumb phone, but NEVER to Android. Even though, I considered Android as a possibility for a tablet, but then, my loyalty to Blackberry always prevail.
Third, I never said that Blackberry will not upgrade the Playbook to BB10, I just don't like the possibility of they not delivering the upgrade due to supposed PB hardware limitations.

But they also never said they wouldn't be able to upgrade to full version, did they, is this something they just figured out last night, or is it something they known for a while and decided not share.

Your tone sounds exactly like how RIM (oh Blackberry now) treats its new customers. Let them vent and lets move on ;-)

I love my playbook, but I'll admit it's entirely lacking in the app department. If they update the OS enough that it looks slightly newer and fresh, maybe a few extra features... that's great, but the major thing for me would be apps.

I'd also like to see them step it up with the Bridge application. I used it with my bold 9900 and while it was really awesome, I noticed that the BBM and SMS features were very laggy. I'd love to see a faster and more responsive Bridge for a new Playbook OS

There are many things about BB10 that look good to me. The browser being one of the most important.

If specs are an issue, perhaps BB should give us a economical way to trade in our existing Playbooks for a rebuilt Playbook with upgraded specs.

Sooner than later


Too much time letting BLACKBERY aka RIM of the hook.

The real question is why BLACKBERRY cannot deliver without some form of disappointment.
BB10 looks and feels amazing and would be a great experience on the PLAYBOOK, once it is optimized for the tablet.

We are all happy for the BB10 OS but PLAYBOOK customers should have had BB10 more or less as soon as it dropped.
Can BLACKBERRY software engineers not multi-task? Can BLACKBERRY not work on the two platforms simultaneously? Does BLACKBERRY need Crackberry to make excuses/reasons for the non delivery of BB10 OS for the PLAYBOOK?

I respect Crackberry Kevin views, but BLACKBERRY should have delivered BB10 OS for the Playbook or at least a clear timetable for delivery, customers are tired of the old RIM's vagueness.
The PLAYBOOK has been plagued by promises and late delivery, BLACKBERRY should have gained some kudos back by presenting BB10 to the PLAYBOOK now not sometime in the undefined future.

Whether I buy the Z10 or the next BB10 handset depends on when BLACKBERRY decide to release BB10 for the PLAYBOOK in a timely manner.

BB Curve 8900
Iphone 4s 32GB
2 x 64GB Playbook - OS 1.0.8

@Kevin, good article, but as others have mentioned here, one of the biggest issue is not that BB10 is not on the PB, but the loss of Bridge functionality when using Z10. For some users, this is a deal breaker when it comes to upgrading from the legacy OS to BB10.

Blackberry needs to get this sorted, and we need to hear from you on this matter. Since BB10 launch, CB appears to have gone quiet on key issues that really matter to the BB community!

Hey Kevin,

Is not the Kernel also different on the playbook and BB10 phones?

PB 2.0 = QNX 6.5
BB10 = QNX 8.0


PB 2.0 OS uses 385 MB out of 1 gig
BB 10 OS uses 650 mb out of 2 gig


Kevin, based on your post, i'm curious what your predictions/thoughts are in regards to what will come to the BB10 update for the playbook that was promised "this year"

Is it not possible that Blackberry will just update the Playbook OS2 with some of our requested features, BBM, BBM video, Blackberry World and maybe and updated keyboard with swipe typing and just name it BB10.1 or something like that ? Not actually adapting the Z10 OS10 to the playbook?

I remember a while back crackberry members were putting the OS 10 beta onto the playbook. Is this possible with the full version OS 10 now released ?

I agree completely. I love the gestures on my Playbook, I love being able to swipe from each corner to pull up something different, and I prefer the side-to-side swipe from app to app over the Z10 app switching. I don't want those features to go away. I wasn't even aware that I'd lost Bridge functionality until I read the comments above. To be honest, now that I have the Z10 I probably wouldn't use text or bbm often on the playbook, but I would still like to see them there.
The BB10 keyboard and apps are what I want to see transported to the PB.
BTW I just tried video chat from my PB to the Z10 and it works great.

I had been wondering over the past few weeks about how BB10 would translate to the PlayBook. I don't think that Peek and the Hub would be necessary on the PB, but I would like to see the BB10 graphical look, the BB10 browser and also promised/rumoured apps like Skype and Instagram.

I think Kevin is running a trial balloon on behalf of Blackberry. It seems to me that Blackberry continued to sell the PB under the promise of an upgrade to BB10. I expect nothing less than a scaled down version of BB10 - one that can run on the PB.

I am still mildly annoyed that BB knowingly sold me a phone on the basis that the O/S was still valid and would be updated by BB8 . Instead they sold me a orphan phone knowing that the OS would not be evolving ( before BBX was announced ).

It is a matter of trust - is Blackberry the same as RIM ?

They should be offering 9900 ( and latest Torch) owners a trade up promotion to the Q10.


But that is just not convincing. The Playbook's main problem is not the lack of Apps. It really seems to doesn't have enough development process behind it. After several wipe-cleanings
I've made, it still lacks real stability, some times it crashes, others it won't open an webpage, even though I can do it from my Android/PC right next to the Wi-fi router, and a LARGE, LARGE etc...

And why? Obviously when the company decided to write an OS "almost" from scratch, all the debugging and developmental money necessary to improve the Playbook's experience went down the toilet. And I fully understand that, what I don't is why they've lied with the "latter this year" thing. Don't they suspect that it's worst for the company's image?

Many customers patiently waited because of that commitment: not nor forums promised that we would have BB10 "latter this year"...

Of course some of us immediately suspected that "latter this year" BB would give the "not enough RAM" excuse.

I'm felling totally disapointed with BB. I think it's better to sell my Playbook as quick as possible.


PS: At least they should open the platform for people to install whichever OS they'd like.

Well, I don't care what they call it either. I still think it can/should be done, to whatever extent possible. Or it will be taken as an illustration of BB double-talk ("it's coming to our PlayBooks." "Oh, you mean the PlayBooks that you will be releasing NEXT YEAR?" "Yes, our PlayBooks. I didn't say YOUR PlayBooks.")

They need to reduce boot time on the device, to start with, it's god-awful (2 minutes or better, meanwhile the screen is steadily draining the battery--my screen timeout doesn't take effect until it's booted! 2% battery use just to boot up sometimes. At the very least, black the screen or use some less power-intensive animation while it's booting.)

My 64gb PlayBook is currently in for repair/testing, although they tell me 'no fault found', it's clearly demonstrable, they apparently just aren't listening and it's highly frustrating to have spent any amount of money for a scratchy/staticky sounding unit (this with the speakers and keypad feedback OFF.) Unfortunately, not a flaw I found within 30 days or I'd have returned it outright.

So, if they do introduce a new tablet -- they had better make sure it passes some QA testing. They sent me a replacement that had exactly the same flaw, right out of the box! Now, several months after starting the RMA process (no replacement unit this time), I wouldn't be able to find a replacement on the shelves for my life.

Meanwhile, my spouse has a perfectly functioning unit that's hardly ever used. The irony.

Ok, after some more ranting and raving to Customer Support, they now say they have found the fault with my PlayBook, and WILL repair it. Just the luck of the draw, I guess.

I'm sure to be a satisfied BB customer again soon, was just a little bitter for a second. Overall, I've been impressed with my PlayBook, so I really do want it to work and live up to its promises.

Especially as a mobile web-browser, it already beats the iPad in my experience, where the mere fact of the iPad stopping dead in its tracks at every Flash website is starting(!) to wear thin. I don't want to load an app to compensate for every Flash website either--part of the contribution to the greater number of apps overall in iOS, I imagine. (MY business, not Apple's, if I want performance to lag or battery to drain or whatever the current philosophical complaint against using Flash on mobile devices is.)

That said, I'm still getting a Z(ed)10 for the full BB10 experience!

wow eh
so we all bought the playbook on launch day for lets say 6bills
it had no apps(the national film board of canada and tetris circa 1988 does not count)
and we were told to shut up and when playbook 2.0 comes out then we will get the basic free apps that 8 year old children are accustomed to.i,e, skype, yahoo msngr, google apps instagram everything

then 2.0 came out a year later and had f*k all
and everyone was like ooo wait till bb10 bb10 will save blackberry and redeem blackberry
and now bb10 is out
and now your saying this $600+ tablet that i bought TWO years ago that you said was SO AMAZING but had no apps to run it.....theyve waited soo long to get their sh*t together that when they finally got an OS that is "SO AMAZING" their tablet theyve been defending is now so sh!t it cant handle it?

as i said before: best option if you are not in the corporate environment sending emails all night: galaxy s class phone and an ipad.. best of both ecosystems..cause blackberry clearly does not have their sh*t together.

i cant even give this thing to anyone for free cause my mom wants to video chat wit her family on skype/yahoo/google/something easy and the kids wanna play drawsomething and wordswithfriends

I think what alot of us who are using the playbook for business and in the field want the ability to rename files, add sub folders etc. In other words by improving the file system alone would make the playbook 100% better. And some BB10 Extras would just be the icing on the cake! :)

The browser sucks from day one and has never worked right, it has huge lag at times bringing up the keyboard and typing. You can type a word and you can see it appear letter by letter with 1 second delays. Boot times are still pathetic as it loads EVERYTHING.

That's just to name a few things. The playbook could run fine with 1GB of Ram it all depends what they bring over to the playbook from BB10. The android player is also so out of date to current android Os's. Which is preventing some cool port overs because of it.

It certainly can't be worse than the crap beta OS 2.1 that's on it now.

Blackberry won't give a date because they rarely hit it. Even with the Z10 now released they are still bug fixing. That should have been done already!

I think if they disabled a lot of what makes BB10 on a phone manage the communication stacks they could have a decent experience on the Playbook. I have a feeling that all Playbook owners want is access to the apps and new hub interface (which is primarily designed around a vertical orientation rather than horizontal which is where the time to port would be an issue with the proposed update schedule of 'sometime in 2013'). The guts are essentially the same between Playbook OS 2 and BB10 in my mind (the basics around multitasking and media handling). The differences between the two devices in memory could be managed by reducing the concurrent services and maybe tweak the pole times for the operating system to reduce overhead. Definitely the experience on the Playbook would not be as good as the z10 (but the HSPA Playbook would be essentially the same as the dev alpha b).

This is just my opinion of course, but having seen the various changes to the OS it would be nice to homogenize the platforms. Otherwise the Playbook will be stalled at PB2 at this point and the app selection will remain frozen in time at 2012 -- there's only so many man hours to dedicate to app building and low hanging fruit are the only ones that get eaten.

I want to see the underlying OS. Not necessarily the UI/gestures.

They could totally theme the playbook so it looks more cascadey but I wouldn't want to lose the ability to switch apps by the left and right bezles and wouldn't want to lose showcase mode. The phone UI wouldn't be better on a tablet

I also wouldn't mind if the BB hub is treated like another app that you swipe left and right to. Don't really need a special gesture to get to it. It's a tablet, not a phone. They could continue the top right corner swipe and make it have a shortcut to open the hub.

Sorry, perhaps It is because I am not a business user ... I don't understand how the bridge is better than tethering. I saw the benefit when the PB did not have native mail but now I am confused.

Many carriers, I know for sure in the USA maybe other places around the world charge extra for tethering (unless you are in a shared data pool) while Bridge effectively allows you to hide the PB behind the phone. AT&T tried to stop it but there are work arounds. Without bridge, many would face a bigger bill if they had to tether.

By the way wouldn't it be more coherent to switch from RIM to LTY instead of BB?

"Massive RIM PlayBook OS update could be coming later this year",, 20/08/2011

"RIM in Limbo: Next-Gen BlackBerry Phones Delayed to Late 2012",, 16/12/2011

"RIM CEO: To Release BlackBerry 10 Operating System Later 2012",, 07/02/2012

"BlackBerry 10 phones later this year", Crackberry, 26/04/2012

"PlayBook to be updated to BlackBerry 10 later this year", AfterDawn, 21/05/2012

"Alec Saunders tweets BB10 coming to PlayBook later this year"

Come on!!!

You're right in some sense Kev that BB10 in its current form shouldn't be ported directly over for PB but a dumbed down tablet version should! PB has many issues (apps crashing, slow browsing, keyboard freezing) and they need to be fixed!

I don't care what they call the new OS, I just need a new OS on PB that addresses these annoyances! More developer attention must be paid to the PB.

While I understand what's being said about BB10 not coming to the Playbook, I can't express how disappointing that really is. First, Blackberry's promise of bringing BB10 to the Playbook is what a lot of folks bought the Playbook for. Second, there seems to be a real lack of energy from BB to push their product in the US. While i know it hinges on Cell companies and the FCC and all the redtape, it's not like this OS and device was a surprise. They'd been promising it for years, planning it for even longer and I'm still left waiting for a device that I can't get.
Perhaps the release party was a great in person, but on the web, it seemed really lacking in anything really exciting. Nothing to brag about. Not that I want too, but it sure didn't make me crazy with excitement. it was what we'd seen online again and again and again. The only new thing announced was the Q10 and Skype. From previous experience, we don't buy BB for Skype.

Honestly, I've given my support to RIM/BB for a long time. The time has come when i ask myself why I am holding out for a device, a platform, an OS that its maker doesn't seem to really want to get in my hands, doesn't want me to be enthusiastic about (Superbowl ad)and has shown no real desire to motivate me to wait even longer to get it. After all, i'm a consumer and there are lots of other options out there. Why should I keep waiting for this option. It's been years and quite honestly, i'm tired of waiting. why should I have to wait for a company who doesn't deliver as they say they will, keeps pushing things back and now, based on the editorial above, won't do as they initially promised. That's bad business in any field. So again, why should I wait for BB, when BB doesn't even want my hard earned cash? that really makes no sense at all. does it?

I think Kevin is running a trial balloon on behalf of Blackberry. It seems to me that Blackberry continued to sell the PB under the promise of an upgrade to BB10. I expect nothing less than a scaled down version of BB10 - one that can run on the PB.

I am still mildly annoyed that BB knowingly sold me a phone on the basis that the O/S was still valid and would be updated by BB8 . Instead they sold me a orphan phone knowing that the OS would not be evolving ( before BBX was announced ).

It is a matter of trust - is Blackberry the same as RIM ?

They should be offering 9900 ( and latest Torch) owners a trade up promotion to the Q10.

One thing I would love to see for the next generation Playbook is the capability for a digitizer pen! Having a pen makes a big difference when you're trying to do real work like take notes at a meeting or draw concept sketches. Samsung and Lenovo have tablets with pens, Blackberry should too!

ohhh. I understood wrongly, but correct now
old BB phones - OS 5only,
curve, Bold BB - OS 7 only,
Playbook - OS 2 only,
Z 10, Q 10 - OS 10 only (may be)
future devices also only foe some OS. but I feel. we at BB not suppose assume that we are eligible for future OS like Apple, Andriod (what ever the reason for this cause)

Dear Blackberry,

Please could you hold a vote here on the Crackberry forums asking Playbooks owners to list their top five wishes and fixes for the Playbook (other than installing BB10).

Then once you have several hundred responses compile a list of the top ten to fifteen requests.

Then work on a final 2.1 update that delivers those 10-15 features and fixes properly. Then we can all wander off into the sunset with a pretty capable three year old tablet that works. That IMO, is the best final solution to the Playbook.

Really guys if we get BB10 its going to be a world of pain that Blackberry isn't going to want to fix and support long-term.

At the end of the day PlayBook owners would like to see some positive movement on updating/improving and still supporting the playbook,as soon as possible.I do feel for those who bought in at the beginning,as I bought one for my daughter and me this Christmas gone.and i love it but I can see where improvements are needed,Wetherby we get bb10 which is just a name or not we need bug fixes and updates which are in make the tablet usable for a few more years,then we won't mind upgrading to a new tablet.we just need to see some movement now towards playbook

First of all, I want what was promised. Second, If they want to do a lighter version fine, but the Playbook (although excellent and used everyday) definitely has room for improvement. Third, I'm not upgrading my Playbook to new hardware, especially after NOT getting mine at discounted price. If BlackBerry doesn't want to alienate more people than they have, they better deliver. I don't think Playbook owners are asking for a lot. They just want what they were promised. I'm not saying that Kevin is trying to cover for them, but it seems like the article is an attempt to lay the groundwork for the possibility of BB10 not coming to the Playbook or maybe a smaller update that falls short of being "BB10".

Hey Kevin,
In some ways I agree with you , I really think the reason why most people I know want bb10 on the playbook is to have the big named apps on the playbook , I live in the Caribbean and convinced at least six (6) of my friends to buy the playbook after I got mine, after a couple of other tablets made it to the market they all switched to Samsung galaxy tab 7.0 , nexus and most recently the ipad mini , they all admitted the performance on the playbook was stellar compared to some of the other devices , and they especially liked the bb bridge and the option you had to use your blackberry as a remote also the fact it could be hooked up to your tv in presentation mode with a movie running while you browse the net etc…
I think what BB needs to do in the meantime is figure out a way of getting all apps for bb 10 to work on the playbook and still keep the UI intact on the playbook, if that could be done then I will be good with that. I really deep down wanted the bb10 on there but thinking about the memory and processor it makes sense what you are saying.
On another topic isn’t there some way out there for a developer to figure out a way to get a browser unto the playbook where we playbook users could use Netflix through the browser as if we were using a laptop or even bring firefox or chrome browser to the playbook, I know the playbook don’t support Silverlight but is there any other way it can be done?

Agreed, Honestly I would not like the hub experience on my tablet. I really like the current email app. If only it can open faster, or allow it to never truly close. like Kevin said. Bring BlackBerry world to the playbook and get rid of 7Digitial and Rovio to allow the single sign on to use these services.

Bring the new apps to the playbook. Remember, Photo Editor, Story maker. But leave the gestures of the playbook, perhaps just a refreshed look. Have the menus match those of the Z10. Bring the improved file management app. Update the keyboard. Update the browser, my PB browser has been crazy slow recently and always closes. Bring Twitter and a better Facebook app. I hate the playbook's FB app.

I have not experienced the new BB10 OS. But I have not seen that you can swipe between apps like on the playbook. I like being able to do that. That needs to stay on the tablet. Honestly the whole swiping up and tapping the next active frame to switch apps is not much diff then pressing a HOME button. I love the playbooks gestures..

Also what happened to cinnamon toast. I was really looking forward to that feature. Hopefully by the time I buy a BB10 phone it will roll out.

yep concerning the playbook browser lately it has been very slow , i have been thinking it might be internet connection or the internet service here in the caribbean but i tried ethernet lately on my pc which was down for a while and it works perfect on my pc.

So is this just an attempt to soften the blow about yet another lie and we're not going to get BB10 after all?

Forgot to say...

My brother was thinking of buying a 64Gb PB for 167€ so that we could videochat, but I will immediately persuade him for not to do that.

Better to buy a couple of Acer cheap tablets for 100€ each.

Okay....some good points above.....but the "I have been a great supporter of BB and I have had enough crap" is garbage. You bought a blackberry curve and paid how much? You bought a Playbook on discount and paid how much? Well the ifans are on their 5th phone, 3rd ipad, countless ipods, everything has to go through itunes, plus all the dangles they have to buy. Now THEY are true supporters. So if you want what they get, and you want to be a "TRUE SUPPORTER" then get going you pile of ungrateful cry babies. The rest of us will stay put, appreciate what we have with BB10, and give them a chance to get this new platform off the ground.

+10,000,000! Amen, Playbook007! I was one of those who left and came back because I missed my BB. I was without BB for years, a few more months to wait for new and exciting BB products isn't going to kill me. ;-)

Excuse me but you have missed the point of people who are complaining "IF" BB10 does not show up for the Playbook. I don't care about the statement on "TRUE SUPPORTER" you made because it is unjustifiable in this context. For example, if we were not promised a BB10 upgrade and it did not show up and I still supported Blackberry this would make me a true supporter. If I am told that BB10 is coming to the Playbook and it failed to do so and I become less of a supporter this make me a cry baby? Since you abide by this logic I will hire you for $100.00 U.S. Dollars an hour and give you a check for 40hrs of work. The check I give you can be cashed for a total of $150.00 bucks. Are You still a loyal worker? Get Real. Your point about Apple products is also wrong. iOS has a history of being a couple of generations compatible with different hardware.

BB10 = New missing features and new bugs to be fixed on a obsolete tablet.

C'mon folks wake up and smell the coffee. BB10 is not a great idea on the Playbook. Look how long its taken to get the Playbook sorted this far.

You really think we have another 2 years plus of full support? Dream on.

Lets get what we have fixed and leave it at that. It is after all just a beta test. Always has been.

Erm you do realise we are talking about corporations here. Since when do they really care what a small subset of their customer base think?

Look at HP, a month before they were going to unleash the much anticipated Pre 3....they dumped everything and everyone. They didn't give a damn.

Companies have the right to change their minds. Did any of us sign or see a contract saying we would get BB10?

Nope didn't think so.

Fixing up 2.1 is a far better strategy for all of us.

So what in six months they can come out with BB10 version, then laugh at all the s__kers that hung around,

A Playbook "band aid" is definitely in order. For now my tablet is being put away. My Nexus 7 seems a little less in need of any aid. Does the proverbial "short end of the stick" apply here?


ps here are some 2011 tablets that are still relevant and making me wish I had rethought my tablet choice.

Motorola Zoom
Asus Epad
Acer Iconia

Yes there was a whole lot of others that didn't make it. But I didn't expect for the playbook to be in the bottom 20...

Sorry if this has been mentioned already.

All I want is that all PlayBook apps, especially native ones are re-written in Cascades. PB browser needs a long overdue overhaul as well.

Too many comments to read above, so this has probably been addressed before, but I LOVED (past tense) my playbook when bridged to my 9700. I would love my playbook still if BBRY hadn't crippled the bridge functionality! So, I hope BBRY either brings back the full bridge (with BBM & SMS) or updates the OS to a version of OS10 that can run smoothly with 1GB of ram!

I usually agree with you Kevin, but not this time. You failed to mention one very important fact. Most of the Playbook applications, including the browser are written in adobe air. BlackBerry 10 on the other hand really takes advantage of cascades and the new HTML 5 browser. 1 gig of RAM is enough. The BlackBerry team just needs a little time to develop and optimize BB10 for the Playbook. Thorsten promised us BlackBerry 10 will come to the Playbook eventually, and I'm going to hold him to his word. I definitely want my Playbook running BB10.

Can't you just have less apps open and only one or two accounts in the Hub?
Also, whether it is build into the OS or not, most of us have the Messages app open all of the time anyway so it seems to be a moot point.

I hope you discuss of your opinion with thorsten because that's a good one. I agree with you.

" I think the UI can't be identical to BlackBerry 10 on the phone - it will need to be optimized for tablet use." ,,, nice write up,,, yeah, it makes sense,,, but they can get it done the way it needs to be,,, no flip-flopping BBRY!!!


That's why BB10 for playbook is delayed, they need to rebuild it for the Playbook, to adapt the UI for the form factor of the playbook.

If my playbook ends up being as useless as a BB7 device, i'm going to be pretty damn annoyed. Honestly. I gave BB the benefit of the doubt when I got the playbook, thinking it would be part of the next generation devices. If they don't deliver on that, I think I might as well start thinking about another device.

So what exactly has BlackBerry been doing the past 2 years?

Why when QNX was purchased all we had was news about how well it ran on relatively low amount of hardware, now all of a sudden 1GB of memory is an Achilles Heel?

I dunno this article kind of is apologizing for BlackBerry, while I don't want to rain on their parade, I don't see how asking people to WAIT LONGER after all this WAITING is going to be beneficial to their bottom line. I don't see how this strategy is going to make America any more friendly to BlackBerry.

When will BlackBerry start delivering good news without any IFs ANDs or BUTs?

I have 2 playbooks a 16GB I brought on launch day a 64GB I recently brouhght with the expectation on it running BB10. I'm in the US so I can't get a Z10 yet but the idea the brigde funtionality is dumbed down and BlackBerry couldn't figure out how to get BB10 running on PB for launch day makes it seem that BlackBerry can not distance itself from the RIM buffunory. Plus the Q10 not available anytime soon??? I'm on my 6th BlackBerry (currently using 9900) but they continue to dissappoint. And Crackberry has sadly at times become appologist for them. Stop making excuses for them and tell them to pull it together!!

I sure hope they keep the trade in policy they have with their phones. I would trade my current playbook for a beefed up one that can handle BB10 to its fullest. A slimmed down BB10 os would be giving in to just being content, i want to be wowed!!!!!!

I am actually astonished by Kevin openly suggesting that BB10 should not come to the PB. Blackberry made a promise that this would happen! If they offer a stripped down version that is better than the current OS2.1 experience, I can see the majority of PB owners (and potential buyers) being happy with this.

I appreciate there are a fortunate few (CB team especially) who have multiple devices from other brands (Apple, Samsung) that offer a more satisfying overall experience, but there are a lot of BB users that cannot afford that, so supporting the BB experience is what WE want, and that means providing products to the VERY patient customers which meets the standards promised.

Kevin, I have had my playbook for a year and half now. I was able to do all my online school work with no problem until the last to updates. This semester I have to use my laptop. I've talked to the bb techs on numerous occasions and nothing has been done with the default browser . They can't even log into my school Site from their office computers running this system. Luckily I was going through apps and found maxthon browser. At least I can log on. Any way I took my playbook to Vegas for my wedding last year. I defended blackberry amongst all of the iphone people, that were everywhere. No matter what they thought at first, after the conversation, they thought it was a decent tablet. I take my playbook everywhere. The last year and a half of my life has been captured by and on my playbook. I feel as a consumer and as a person who bought shares of rimm at the time, for 7.00 a share. Yes I almost tripled my investment so far. But when all the na sayers felt rimm was dead, I was standing by their side stronger. Now I feel like I keep getting invited to the super bowl but never told which's hard to stay committed in a one way relationship....We need something least a firm date.

Agreed just bring us the apps!! Don't want BLACKBERRY10 on my PLAYBOOK but I do want the apps...maybe 3.0?

I agree as well too many things you say kevin! No need to an exact copy but the same OS basis and libraries etc. to make BB10 apps working on the PB. What i currently miss most on it is:

- DLNA !!!
- again DLNA together with a proper media player for audio & video
- Skype !!!
- Proper IMAP support where sent emails end up in the correct IMAP folder again
- A proper navigation (even the one on BB10 would already be a big plus)
- The filemanager from BB10
- Nice to get a better browser

That's it already...If this comes I would say 100% percent done

Maybe they can turn off some features or only allow 4 open apps if the RAM is 1 GIG.
There are plenty of ways they can allow BB10 on the PlayBook while limiting the affects of less RAM.

I think the RAM issue will be less of a problem on the PB. There's no phone app to always have 'open', no SMS and other bridge features to have open all the time either. We would really only need email, FB, and twitter, maybe linkedIn in the Hub. If the Z10 can have 8 apps open at once, limit the PB to 6. I also think the interface will work perfectly well since most people use it two handed.

What I want most are the Blackberry World, Web Browser and native apps, no more adobe air crap.

As long as bridge works between the Q10 I'm going to win here on and my playbook, I'll be very happy. that's all...the playbook is pretty cool as is (though intermittent keyboard lag is something I hope they can engineer out of the software someday) and is, in my mind with the exception of a native Kindle app, far superior to the iPad (and my company makes iPad apps! for our marketing clients). i don't need more games or fart apps, so the dearth of useless apps that Generation Duh seem to need so badly doesn't bother me. Make bridge work and I'll be happy. Hurry up April...or at the very least a CB drawing for a Q10.

Maybe. 2 to 5 years down the road if bb survives that long. I still doubt bb 10 will actually make it to the US. There is no firm date and by the time it does Galaxy S4 which has a Faster processor and more ram will either beat it to market or be right on its heels. I have a 64gb playbook and a 9810. My 6th bb. But I am sick of Bbrry and their delays and bullshit.

My wish list

1) Access to BB10 apps
2) Better browser - current one is laggy. Need javdscript turned off most of the time
3) Blackberry apps - Camera, moviemaker,, BBM, Traffic, Travel, Maps
5) Bridge

Wasn't January 30th supposed to be the global launch of whole new operating system BB10? As it stands now January 30th was the launch of a new phone in some regions the Z10...pretty much if you can't get the Z10 then there is no BB10. So here in the US we can only dream about it. It's kinda wack to see more effort seems to on new Dev Alphas?????How many Dev Alphas do you need???? Give the Devs the actual phone since it's available. What about the customers??? What good are apps if we can't access them????

I agree with dafunkhead, as a penny pencher that anything a over a buck hurts to break, I like the value that my 9800 and PB16 offer. I do appreciate that the CB team has multiple devices that allow them to give a more detailed scope of opinion. I do want to support BB with my penched pennies and bucks. My PB is great and I would be willing to leave it as it is and invest in a 10inch PB with the right muscles for BB10!

As someone who used to sit in on the Hardware and OS Meetings at RIM, it has been basically ruled out that BB10 will run on anything with less than 2GB of RAM since they do not want to dilute the BB10 OS with a scaled back version.
However, I would still expect to see some features from BB10 come to the Playbook since the core framework is still QNX.

I moved from the 9800 to the Z10 at launch and I love it, especially the browser. A few niggles but nothing serious and nothing I won't get used to or around. Didn't I hear that skype was coming to BB10 at some point, and hopefully whatsapp. What I was REALLY disappointed in is how BB Bridge was disabled apart from the tethering. It's a real shame and I hope that they do something to fix this ASAP. I love my PB too and apart from having a few more native apps for PB I am not bothered about having a new OS because what I had already more than met my needs but the bridge non-functioning is a bit of a shame which I hope gets rectified pretty quickly.

I agree with most of your points. I will really miss some of the gestures on the current Playbook if they disappear (single swipe app switching, and the diagonal swipe down to see the actionable status bar).

In terms of the blackberry 10 features I really want to see:
- BB10 browser
- Blackberry World
- BB10 app capabilities
- A stable version of Docs to Go that doesn't crash when trying to load complex documents.

Apart from that, I'm a happy camper with my playbook.

Kevin raises excellent points about the differences between BlackBerry OS 10 and BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1. The biggest complaint right now is the reduced functionality of BlackBerry Bridge, but there are other features of BlackBerry OS 10 which need to be addressed as well. I will not list them here because the forum is littered with a laundry list of these features/functionality.

Good post Kevin. I agree with the RAM use because I was thinking the same thing when I looked at how much of the 2GB's is used by bb10 on my z10.

Then I figured they could implement a lot of features from bb10 in an iteration called BlackBerry 10 for Tablet. The wifi only tablet also won't have to run a number of services that the phone needs to have running 247, like LTE.

However, you're right. A full blown version of bb10 on the Wifi PlayBook would not run smooth at all unless heavily optimized. This could be the reason they had the bulky 1gb version, as a test for the playbook. Hope that makes sense, I'm all high on my z10 since yesterday... Total binge.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

It is a good idea to have different bb10's for tablet vs. phone. Then people are not just feeling like they are purchasing a "big z10", but rather a distinct, but similar tablet version.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I'm in no hurry to replace my Curve and I have a PB as well. BBM and the bridge are some of the tools I use. If I can't have those with the new Z10 then I'll wait and see if I should upgrade. Don't need more at the moment but they better address these issues asap.

I think that they should hold off and focus on the phones. BB10 has a lot of work to be done on it still. (The menus are really inconsistently placed). Get the issues that make people not want to buy the phone fixed first. The Playbook can wait. We do want BBRY to succeed, and that is definitely not certain yet. Demanding BB10 for the Playbook may have negative consequences.

ya playbook can wait right? i didnt drop 6bills on launch date YEARS AGO and have ppl tell me wait to later in the year and then wait till 2.0 then wait till later in the year then wait till bb10 and now this.

I don't really care about the apps or anything, i love the Playbook OS, i use it mostly to read news, watch funny videos on Youtube, keeping my University notes ont it ..., but i NEED BB10 ! simply because i'm an Arabe, and it's driving me crazy that i can't use Arabic on the Playbook, I can't send e mails, or write articles , i have to use my Computer or my BlackBerry phone ...

The CrackberryKevin Hulk is disturbing lol. I agree with you relating to the incompatible aspects of the Z10 and PlayBook UI . You make valid points.