How to hide your number when making a phone call on BlackBerry 10

Number blocking
By James Richardson on 23 May 2014 01:11 pm EDT

Hiding your phone number isn't something that I personally ever find myself doing. That said it has its advantages for certain instances - pranking is the one that springs to mind! It wasn't until earlier this week when a family member asked me how to do it that I jumped into the phone options to see how to enable it - and it's incredibly easy.

It may not be a feature that we all use everyday but you never know when it may just come in handy.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • From within the phone application open settings - pull down from top bezel
  • In the list select 'Show My Number'
  • Toggle on or off and you're done

Although not groundbreaking it does go to show the simplicity and user friendliness of BlackBerry 10.

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How to hide your number when making a phone call on BlackBerry 10


FYI... We're getting ready to launch "push notifications" on all our Mobile Nations sites. Doing some beta testing right now. It's like cheating right now... I can be FIRST on every post if I want to be. Will be a bit tougher though when it goes public. :)

Sounds awesome. I'd hate to ask Kevin but does this include CB10 ? I only ask because CB10 has community devs working on it and not the mobile nations team.

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Notification support will roll out everywhere, including CB10. We'll be rolling out the support in stages so won't be in apps day one, but will get there fairly soon.

"Soon" in BlackBerry terms or soon in actual terms? :)

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It will certainly allow you to police the "first" posts more effectively, now won't it?

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This does not appear in the Verizon devices. You need to hide it each dial, or have Verizon restrict your outgoing caller ID display to something else / nothing.

I was wondering about that. So with a Verizon phone, where is the "hide option?" or is it just the #31# ?

Who's going to remember to do that every time they make a call? Heck, I won't remember it as soon as I navigate away from this page.

Well, at least that guy just admitted he's not very sharp when it comes to memory. Give him a medal, I guess. Lol.

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#31# works for sure on GSM. I've been using it for years and different networks.

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When I turned it off and dialed a number it prompts me that its turned off and call is cancelled. Blackberry or Service Provider issue?

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I think because this is simply keeping your number off the dialing screen, not Blocking your called ID. This is usually a phone service, not a phone option.

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I still can't find how to do this lol. I'm sure the steps are easy for most but I can't seem to understand how it's done. Sorry "blonde" moment

I knew how to do this since i had my Pearl... anyhow, i thought the headline was talking about hiding my number that is displayed on MY phone when making a call. this only happened once i got my z10 and i don't appreciate cause if i let someone use my phone, they can see my number in all it's glory.

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I think anyone I'd let use my phone would already have my number

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If they use your phone, they can just text or call themselves and get the number...

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In the UK you just dial 141 before the number your dialling and it hides your number

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Careful if your on EE, 141's been flaky on the network, use #31# instead.

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It's not a very good article if it isn't even on my Verizon Z30.... nowhere does it say I can hide the number.

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I guess I should also chime in and say the feature is not present on my Verizon Q10.

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This is something I would use a lot when I don't want clients to have my personal phone number. I am Verizon, so not an option. I am not sure I get why. This would be awesome for 3.1 if the carriers would allow!

It's a GSM feature afaik, and as Verizon is a CDMA carrier, they might not have that option.

Hope I got that right. Always found CDMA carriers weird here in Australia, and now they have pretty much disappeared.

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You're right. It's a GSM only feature. CDMA usually have to dial a code before dialling a number

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Some phones have a third option,

Network dependent

Never understood why, now after reading your comment, I know. Saves you that issue if the carrier enforces showing

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Yes, there was a thread on this within the last week. I was able to test *67 on Verizon and it did hide my number.

I will never own a phone without this ability. I make a lot of outgoing calls while in the field working. The last thing I need is a client with my cell number feeling like they can call me at any time or day just to notify me of a problem that is better handled by my office.

I have email and a business phone number for a reason. My personal time is mine with my family, not my customers.

When the situation permits, to my kids or other family I remove the call block so they know who is calling. For the most time the number block is in place.


I even wish there was a quick setting, toggle or button on the DIALPAD.

Been chasing a phone with that option ever since I figured out that I could hide the number on my Nokia 7110 (year 2000).

Don't like to dig deep into the menu, because you often forget to toggle back after the call. "Darling, why are you hiding your number..... "

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Coins phones are out of fashion, you'd never get a call if a family member or friend rang you from one of those in an emergency.

Something to consider.

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Slow day at the office?

These articles are poor. Anybody reading Crackberry is more of an advanced user and would have figured this out a long time ago.

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Not necessarily. I never owned a BlackBerry before January of this year. For those like me, these Crackberry articles are handy.

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Agreed this has been echoed in the forums time and time again. Yay another crap app review!!! Yay another meaningless BB10 tip that anyone who uses a smartphone can figure out. I get why they do it. So when anyone who searches "Call blocking on BB10" this article will pop up. Ok fine business is business. But at least throw in some more though provoking editorials. Step it up Crackberry. Also, while I am ranting PLEASE change the CEO pic in the forums from Thor to Chen like come on know.

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All that toggle setting does is hide your # from being displayed on the screen. It does not hide your # from the caller, unless you pay your provider for that feature ( or if it's included in your plan)

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@AlwaysSmiling I have the same issue. What would be epic and I'd happily pay for is the ability to have my name show up but not my number. That way people know it's me calling but can't call me back that way (I pay for an answering service for a reason and can't stand getting called in my car with month ability to write something down without pulling over).
Sort of a lighter version of identity restriction because I know some people don't take restricted number calls.

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My carrier doesn't allow to do anonymous calls, you have to pay for them letting you have a "private number"

In Canada, dial #31#nnnnnnnnnn and your number will be hiden. the other's phone shown "unknown number". hope this help.

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Does it work on Verizon ?

*31# is the standard GSM code for that, afaik

All the toggle button does is add that as a prefix when dialling (and hide your number on the dialpad).

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Also comes in handy in returning a number not in your address book....just in case. :)

I like my coffee BlackBerry Black! What?

Yeah *67 works in the US. Was hoping this was on Verizon. Have to do this all the time and it is a pain to dial it every time instead of just selecting the contact.

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Have you tried saving the contact with this prefix?

Old trick that used to work on the Nokia feature phones (7110, 6800, etc.)

Of course, only the ones you don't wanna show your number to.

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If you live in the US, FCC rules require that local phone companies make available free, simple, and uniform per-line blocking and unblocking processes. If *67 isn't working for you and you live in the US, I would be on the phone with my phone company to find out why it doesn't work. It works on both my house and mobile phones. It does however, not work on calls made om VoIP. as the FCC has no authority there.

I too use my phone a lot to make calls for work and I don’t want my personal number showing up, so glad TMobile doesn't block it.

A couple times I forgot to turn it off, and was wondering why my dad wouldn't answer my calls....just like a lot of us, he won't answer blocked calls lol.

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I've used this feature since I figured out how to do it in my legacy devices.

Great for returning client calls but not wanting them to know your cell number because you don't want to be bothered off hours or on weekends.

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I use that so often, I even have two phones in use.

The office Z10 (also wifi hotspot) is always hiding, the Q10 I carry around is usually showing. Saves me the toggle game when I'm there.

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Another point why a bit of privacy is important. You don't want the whole world to be able to ring "tha thang in ya pocket".

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Because sometimes I make work calls from my personal cell phone. I've been blocking my number for almost a year now when ever I make certain business calls

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Verizon doesn't offer it for an unknown reason. I actually used the feature in the past on legacy devices. I notified tech support and got nowhere. No explanation for why they changed the call menu options.

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*69 identifies the last incoming call to your phone, but it doesn't work on a mobile phone, *67 blocks your number for one call only.

Pls can someone help me with how to hide my number on BlackBerry Z10? I cant find it on my device

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James Richardson, I love you man these nifty gritty tips are overlooked by many of us. It is nice to be remanded by these great tips from time to time.

Okay... so I feel like a moron right now. I open the settings but don't see the show my number setting. This is weird. Lol.

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I did not know we could do this! This gives me some cheeky ideas :D

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Not happening!, every time I try to make a call with show my number turned OFF, it asks me to turn it on.

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The confusing is... sometimes the tips have the title "how to make... for z10.. z10... z3.. sometimes.. "how to make in bb10" I think the tips are helpful for many people but you really should talk about the titles. This way will confused people there are new to bb10 more than a how to make... bb10 for all. and for Google searching you can tell in the post, for wich devices it would work.

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In the US all you have to do is dial *67 before you dial a number when you want your number to be blocked. It's a lot easier and quicker to do than going into the call settings, and you if you're only blocking your number for one phone call, you don't have to go back in and change the setting again. Also, I can think of more reasons than prank calls to hide your number, like calling a business that uses caller ID to track the numbers of their incoming calls. Of course that won't work for businesses that pay for the 800 number/toll-free calls service since they are paying for your incoming call and they have the ability to identify your phone number using Automatic Number Identification. Then there are the times that your call won't go through however you block it when the receiving number has anonymous call rejection, you will get a recording stating that "your call has been properly delivered, but the party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls from callers that do not allow delivery of their telephone number, please hang up, do not block delivery of your telephone number, and call again".

Any body know how I can call a number and not have it show up on carrier billing the number that is dialed and or text sent

Wow, I never knew that menu existed.

They should have put these features in an overflow menu instead of a pull down menu.

The pull down should be reserved for the quick access settings regardless of what app you're in. Just my preference. And to be consistent with other apps that have over flow menus.

I posted a thread about this a couple weeks Ago, I found this feature just looking around my Z10 and turned it on for customer calls and it worked great, after about 7 calls it stopped working and I got a sceen message saying "cannot make calls from phone screen with hidden number " or something close to that,and the option to goto the settings and turn it back on. Has not worked since. I'm in Canada, Tbatel is the provider,on latest OS, wierd....

Love my Z10

*67 before the number in the states. That's what I have always used to block the #.

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I use it all the time when I'm out of the office and I have to call back customers who have complaints. Saves my bacon from getting calls directly to my cell.

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In all mexico's carriers you aren't able to use this feature. There's a law prohibiting it 'cause public security issues. Even if you try, the device shows a notification about show your Number in order to make the call.

Hope it helps.

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