How good is BlackBerry's Natural Sound technology? Listen for yourself!

By Bla1ze on 11 Nov 2013 04:55 pm EST

Along with BlackBerry OS 10.2, BlackBerry introduced their Natural Sound technology for BBM Voice and BBM Video calls on all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Natural Sound makes the promise that conversations will sound more natural and realistic and let you hear nuances and variations in tone, making it sound as though you're in the same room. 

Such things are hard to actually experience unless you've gone hands-on with it and have devices to compare directly with but BlackBerry has done their best in a video posted to the BlackBerry UK YouTube account. Even from the video clip, the difference is quite noticeable depending on what you listen to it on.



Still on 10.1.2030. Thanks AT&T. Way be be on top of it.

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This is specifically a Z30 hardware feature, not a 10.2 feature, iirc. It's the design of the Z30's speakers.

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Er maybe I'm wrong. Sorry I'll test it out before I open my trap...

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It's a software thing. I have a Z10 and Natural Sound is amazing on BBM voice chats. Eerily good.

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Only the Z30 has the natural sound technology. Z10/Q10 are still able to experience high quality calls with BBM voice, and T-Mobile US. I have had HQ calls since 10.1, with other T-Mobile subscribers (not just BlackBerry either, but I iPhone and Android too). With Z30 it goes further, listening to any media over the Z30. Suppose to put the HTC One to shame.

Is this suppose to be BlackBerry marketing?

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I'm pretty sure it's the z30 hardware


You are correct.

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It's both. The Z30's hardware used with the software gives the best sound. However even with a standard BB10 phone you can still notice a huge improvement

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Actually I thought it was the new stereo speakers on the z30 and forgot it was a feature part of the 10.2 OS update.

The stereo speakers on the z30 just enhance the quality of the sound.


I'm going to be that guy. It's not really the speakers. It's the mic pick up and noise cancellation.

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I notice a huge difference compared to a regular phone going from Z10 to Z10.

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Sorry, no he isn't. It is a software thing. We all get it on the Z10 once 10.2 hits.


Sad that there is so much confusion, that means that BBRY isn't marketing well AGAIN. But the real answer is that it is a software thing ONLY while making BBM calls (voice or video). not standard voice calls.

"Blackberry is the iPhone of smartphones"


Ever since I upgraded to 10.2, I've seen the little 'natural sound' box when I BBM video or voice call another BB10 device. Granted, on my Z10 I don't have great speakers, but when I wear a headset it sounds wayyyy better than a phone call or Skype.

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You are wrong. That feature became available on 10.2 release to all users. I've seen and heard the difference on my z10

Only a fool thinks they know me.


No, it's a BlackBerry 10.2.1 feature, according to Blaize a bit further down. Of course, the Z30's speakers only make this better!

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Yes you are correct. I thought it was the new stereo speakers on the z30 and forgot it was a feature part of the 10.2 OS update. Yes the stereo speakers on the z30 just enhance the quality of the sound.


This also means that if you really care and want to have the best BlackBerry experience on sounds, you should definitely pick up the Z30. Speaking of which, when does it arrive in the U.S anybody knows?


I don't believe it is a 10.2.1 feature as I'm on and I've got it. BBM Video and Calls are absolutely stunning sounding. Spoke to my wife over voice the other day and I could hear everything going on in the large store she was in. It sounds so much better than regular call quality and it's pretty amazing the clarity you receive.


Single-finger flickin' so good it make you wanna slap you mamma. Zed you very much!


Yep, Bla1ze already answered below: all BB10 devices with 10.2 supposedly.

Sorry for the misinformation above.

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One of my favourite features on Zed30. You can lay it down on a counter and crank up the volume and the sound is awesome!

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You are mostly correct elite1. It's a software and harware solution. You may experience a nominal difference on a Z10, but a pronounced difference on a Z30.

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John Gee

Don't get me started...

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/


Pretty cool, can't wait to use a z30

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Take back what I said lol. Impressive!!! Another reason to upgrade from my z10 to the z30


It's awesome. I was hesitant to upgrade my Zed10 because IMHO it's the perfect size for one hand use. But I'm so glad I took the plunge. One handing is definitely difficult with the Zed30 (for the average person) but everything else that's great about it off sets that one negative.

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Yeah but one handing for me is difficult on the S4 or any large screen device. I have big hands as well...

I really, REALLY want to get a Z30; when it releases in my country.


That's sounds good

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Sounds like The Hip :)


I listened to it first on my Z10 speaker and thought that it wasn't being done justice; so I hooked it up to my guitar amp...DAYYUMMM! You can really hear the difference through that! It sounds amazing!


Sounds good to me, hopefully my carrier will get the z30 sooner rather than later

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jojo beaconsfield

I showed a rep at Telus the 3 speakers on the 30 and he didn't even know about them.I was the FIRST one to show him.


Unfortunately, BlackBerry doesn't know how to market their products effectively to showcase key features and barely anyone knows about the Z30, let alone Natural Sound. This video, cut down to 30 seconds and done properly would be a perfect TV ad.


That's a great idea.

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jojo beaconsfield

What if BB offered a tutorial to the reps and after passing an exam with flying colors,say 90%,they get a nice check from BB for $100.They seem to have lots of time on their hands.

jojo beaconsfield

I'm going out on a limb here,but I think it is a great idea,let's say the Promotion is called ,Get to Know BB for $100. Exculsive to sales reps.10,000 reps take the challenge,that only costs BB 1M, so 50,000 reps is only 5m.Now if BB is as good as ,we all know it is ,many of these reps would probably switch devices for BB's.Snowball effect ,right,and it trickles down to the consumers.


For $1,000,000, they can air multiple TV ads and reach more people.


But unfortunately, with reps who have no idea about the handset and the bias against them, those ads are useless.

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jojo beaconsfield

For $4m ,that's what the Super Flop cost and you know what that accomplished,time to think out of the box,I agree that BB needs great commercials,Sales reps don't have a clue and giving them something to do while standing behind the counter when nobody is in the store could work.If a third of them see the light and buy a BB,and why not,the cost isn't that great,and you get the snowball rolling.


So true and sooo sad.. My kingdom for a great marketing team.

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Plus great marketing budget

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!


indeed. Hopefully Chen will whip them into shape.

"Blackberry is the iPhone of smartphones"


That is sick! Can't wait to get my hands on with Z30.

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Totally unrelated just noticed when the crackberry app is on active frame it rotates the blog articles.

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How does it sound on your New Z30? Or is it still in process of being delivered?

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!


Still being delivered, only ordered it today.

Rogers said it would be here by Friday but they usually ship faster than the expected time, they just say later to cover their butts.


That's refreshing.

(yeah I'm looking at you, BBRY! )

This is how you CB10, son!


Sound on Z30 is really awesome guys

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Guys this is not only on the Z30 lol.
Z10 has it, I get it with my calls phone calls or bbm calls

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Sound good on my Z10. No need to get a Z30. :p

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I can vouch for this, if makes a noticeable difference for sure

Fired from my Z10


The difference is amazing.

Way to go, BlackBerry!


I so want a Z30. Unfortunately, I am stuck with Sprint so who knows.


I gave up and switched to T-Mobile. Sprint did send me an email asking why I switched, so maybe my feedback will help you. I basically said that they used to be device agnostic and put their effort into providing voice/data. Instead, they're heavy invested in iOS ($15 billion deal) and Android and BlackBerry and Sprint are no longer a viable pair. I suggested that they have Q5, Q10, Z10 and Z30, if only for online, if they can't afford to stock their stores.


my z10 headset speakers keep busting, I wish I had the standard sounds...

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Holy dang!
That sounded sweet with my earbuds plugged in and even on the single loudspeaker! Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this for all the OS10 devices? People seem to think different

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Yes, all BlackBerry 10 devices as long as they're running 10.2. I said BlackBerry OS 10.2 but I guess folks paid more attention to the example of it being 'shown' on the Z30.



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Hi all the US users: Winter starts on December 21st -- just six weeks away. BBOS 10.2 will be on your device before you know it...


Oh and I need that tune! Sounds saaaweeeet!

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Wow. I want to go to there!

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Fantastic. This is the detail you want. No wonder why BlackBerry must be perfect. Because we BlackBerry users are perfectionist indeed.

Can you enough imagine for a second you have an LG phone? Nope.

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Nice riff. Great sound for a phone.


2 those upgrading 2 da Z30 i'll b glad 2 take good care of ur old Z10/Q10

Dying 2 use a BB10...

jojo beaconsfield

I'll sell you mine 200 bucks,lets just say ,deal, ok?


So this is a comparison to a standard smartphone, umm that could be anything. I want to see a comparison against the flagship devices. Forget just sound, let's see video comparison too.

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Beck Palafox

I agree with sk8er_tor, BlackBerry is lacking in marketing, i dont even see a TV add for it, what worst is, Vodafone here in madrid I guess stops carrying BlackBerry already,.. i cant see displayed BlackBerry device anymore. BlackBerry wake up, advertise your product..

My friend used to ask me if I'm happy with my bb, i said yes, it has a better features than other smartphone, .. let people know how good BlackBerry is...

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I think it's both with the z30 there was some article talking about the z30s speakers as well saying that a voice call between two z30 would be hard to beat in sound quality from the speakers and natural sound. But the natural sound also improves sound on the z10 and Q devices

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Given what BlackBerry UK has posted to YouTube, they're the only region that does proper marketing.


Huge difference... nice

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Welcome to my world :)


I envy all of you that are already on 10.2, I'm still on the 10.1 versión, thanks to att, they really suck!!! I'm sure it'll bring the update sometime in the next year :-).

BBQ10 #IchooseBlackberry10


Get a leaked version. They are as solid as anything.



Or better yet, get a Canadian prepaid sim shipped to you and use it just to get updates

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Rolf Hed

Pretty cool! Sounds similar to Viber calls I've made. Hopefully BBM voice and video will be cross platform too soon.


Holy crap, that really does sound amazing! :O


So I listened to it a couple times on my Z10's speaker phone and it was pretty impressive. Then I hooked up my headphones and wow, all I can say is: BBM Jam Sessions!

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BW Cologne

Just to let u know..the quality of hd sound is really does even work, when the Partner i was callubg is using an iiiiiphone. Nevertheless still quality is always depending on connection quality...from both sides...with my q10 it does sound as if the one i am talking to is directly in front of me!!! again a unique BlackBerry Feature!!!

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It's amazingly clear! I bought my mom a BlackBerry Q10 to video chat with me and she even notices how clear it is with her bad hearing!

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Pretty should be a smaller one though.

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This doesn't show much. Set up a good microphone and record a video clip of the Z30 and a couple of other phones playing the same source material.


A third party company would need to do that lest blackberry be sued for slander. The same reason why it just says "Standard Smartphone" without the details. It's most likely an iPhone or the S4. I don't know what the iPhone sounds like but my Z10 sounds better than the S4 on these types of calls.


Sound on the Z30 is far beyond the best on the market, I ditched the speakers I have to listen to music, now just Z30 speakers.


Sounds great!

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This actually blew me away, one word wow.

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Wow, that's crystal right there.


I love the BB Z30.

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I've just done a bbm video chat from my z10 to a PlayBook.
The natural sound was incredible

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ken Ontae

EVERYONE TWEET VERIZON AND ANY OTHER CARRIER OF BlackBerry AS WELL AS BlackBerrys' twitter AND ASK WHERE IS 10.2 update. I don't want to side load nothing i want it released for everyone to enjoy.

Z!0, Nothing Compares


If marketed correctly BlackBerry's "natural sound" technology could peek peoples interest. Sound quality is top on my list for reasons to purchase a phone and natural sound in my opinion is phenomenal.

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Nice video! If this doesn't convince people to buy a BB10.2 smartphone, then their really is no hope for their mentality.

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Watching the new episodes (every week) of The Walking Dead on my Z10. Awesome.


Lol how?

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Yep, I didn't actually know of this. Until my son started plying with it. When I heard the audio coming out I actually didn't know (or expect) it was coming from Z30. It was. A complete surprise!

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Wow nice! lol just heard it with my ath m50

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While im sure this is all lovely, there are a few caveats.

Firstly the huge one is this will only apply between two BB10.2 users. Given the low sellthru and slow updates of current devices, im not so sure how many people currently see that benifit.

And the other big issue i have with this video, is just exactly the same as the `HD` tv adverts, you know the type from years gone by, fuzzy pic on on side, nice pic on the other with `this is what HD is like`. its lovely but its a imbalanced arguement. how can i tell the quality when i might be sat here on my laptop with built in tinny rubbish speakers watching this youtube vid. conversly i may also be sat here with a desktop tower pc with a standalone well expensive audio card and top end speakers.

I know its only to demostrate, but i think back to the `HD` tv analogy, that never once made me buy a HD tv if im totally honest.


But the ads did make you aware that higher definition TV was available. So too that natural sound demo.


but i have a BlackBerry 10 device, so by extension im really not the person they need to tell.

Also having owned a PlayBook and BB10 device since the launch of both, i have made one video call on each, and 2 voice calls on my Z10. We get given the active BBM user numbers, id love to see the voice/video call numbers.


Big difference. Too bad I'm in America (10.2) and DON'T have Verizon (Z30).

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Wow, I'm a huge BlackBerry fan but I was still so shocked at the difference between the two here.. BlackBerry is number one and I know they will pull through!

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It's like a tele-photo lens for mobile call audio!

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Great, now I just need someone with BB10 to talk to over BBM. To date, none of my friends have one. :-(

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It's amazing. I want a Z30 for Tmobile.

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yeap only on BB 10.2 OS and above. this Natural Sound speech codec is BRILLIANT!

i've never heard any mobile phone calls clearer than what i have now on my Z10 and my current daily driver, the Z30. Thanks BBRY! #keepmoving and release the 10.2.1 OS soon!


Actually, when I call my wife (on her Z10) from my own Z10, we get HD sound on a standard call.
I thought it had something to do with the level of connection I had (4G), but that had nothing to do with it as I've tested this while on a deteriorated signal (GSM).
I found that only BlackBerry 10 can do HD phone calls.


I should also state that both of our Z10's have had HD phone calls from the day we got them (April). However, it only works if I'm talking to another BlackBerry 10 phone owner.


It's actually supported by more than BB10 devices. I get HD with my girl on a 9900, my sis on a IP5, etc.

Pretty much any higher end device within the last year or so, give or take.

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Sounds great, but wouldn't it ultimately come down to the other handset's quality? Just like most other things digital, your only constraint is the lowest quality connection...

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Solar 77

Noticed that BlackBerry UK has been making great videos, first the Lewis Hamilton vid for Z30 and then this.

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I've tested to BBM between my son's and my Z30s and it works almost as good as in the clip...

I played some music via the app on my phone and listened to it via my son's phone :0)

So very good sound quality through the Z30 speakers...


BBM voice Z10 to Z10 is already amazing. To think it gets even better is crazy.

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To get people to drop Android and Apple they need to have features like this and better picture taking quality


Having excellent voice in a phone is very pleasant. Good clear communication. Well done. But for music? I would say that BlackBerry should now focus on getting the camera right?

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That was a great video showing the audio difference. I thought it was a bit long so I cut together a shorter version:


Nice, now I really want the z30


bud jorgenson

I bought a Z30 on November 6th and charged it overnight. I unplugged it at 5am on the 7th and used quite heavy throughout the day which included watching a 2 hour movie. I went to bed a 11:30pm and still had over 10% battery life left. It is a great phone in many other ways as well but the battery life is incredible. As a side note I dropped it out of a fast moving golf cart on November 8th and smashed the screen!




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kumar manchala

When the 10.2 will be releasing in USA . Anyone has any idea about that. I'm a using a ATT stl100-3. Please comment.

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Hey you got a minute? We're working on this new riff.
Man I wish they would bring back BBM Music to go along with those great speakers!


Very nice sound, just imagine if BlackBerry ring tones available in BB10.
We are missing BlackBerry ring tones

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I love this feature on my Z10! Even though the Z10 doesn't have the uber speakers of the Z30, the sound difference in BBM Voice and Video is incredible! This is both a software feature and hardware feature for the Z10 and Z30 respectively.


Yeah it's part software and of course if you don't have the hardware to support it, you don't get the full experience.

The software part is less/better compression, and keeping more frequencies. Typically to save bandwidth, certain frequencies are eliminated, making sound "sound" sort of muted.

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Is the difference this drastic in real life? If so, dayyuuuuum.


Looking forward to 10.2. I hope Verizon releases the update on my Q10 with the launch of the Z30.


BlackBerry Natural Sound is awesome!

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Can you guys do a mythbusters style test on this?



You are now in my Bingo Book


All I know is that the 10.2 kicks ass and hope they get it in the States soon.

I have heard good things coming to 10.2.1 but right now loving the 10.2 on my Z10.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme


Nah, I don't believe that. The difference is too exaggerated.

You are now in my Bingo Book


I've had first hand experience listening to what the Z30's sound quality is like and I have to say. Wow... for a small mobile device it's very good. Iv bbm voice called to a friend with a Z30 and it's remarkable. Also I find regular phone calls sound great and when calling another Z30 the noise canceling on the other end is so good that during quiet moments in the call you hear nothing, no background noise at all. I watched a rented movie on on the device and even then the surround sound was really cool. BlackBerry really has something here. Why do people still buy iPhone??

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Iphone is a marketing hype.
We must kill that hype first.

BlackBerry needs us the best word of mouth advertising to help them back in the game....

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme


Sounds really natural. I'm impressed.

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Wow sounds great any know if tmobile will have the z30 I can't wait

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When is the Z30 coming out for Verizon! Holy jebus!!

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These are things that BlackBerry needs to put emphasis on their ads, not stupid keep moving frames that no one understand what the phone is capable of. Fire that stupid Frank Boulben!


Will this be on the iOS and android versions of BBM, after they receive they BBM voice update of course?


Blackberry should disable the noise suppression on the mic when recording a video with the Z10... I'm on the latest OS 10.2 btw.

zeon mohamedd

Woooow....amazing sound quality in calls specially with headphones.....calls is the most important thing in the phone..... note games.....i love you blackberry....why?....... ... Because you are one of few companies that take care of quality even if it is small thing like that.......

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zeon mohamedd

That's why i love you blackberry....

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This is really a great feature. Improving technology improving lives :)


Silly comparison. It's like comparing a 14 kbit GSM voice call with a 44 kbit Speex audio stream. One is a technology used directly by your phones' radio encoder/decoder, and the other one is a software based format for i.e. SIP.

"Natural Sound" isn't going to make your normal phone calls sound better - you'll have to use BBM for it, but then you can just as well use SIP, Skype, Viber, etc.


Exactly, it's really of no use to me as I never talk to anyone over BBM or any of the other IM services. Still waiting to hear HD voice quality here in Boston. No one else I talk to has T-Mobile! :'-(

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Although I am running the 10.2 OS, when my Q5 was still on the 10.1 the call quality and audio quality was far better than I have experienced on any phone I have used. I don't even save ppl's number anymore because once I pick a call and we start talking I already know who the person is judging from their voice. It's a very good experience I believe this 10.2 is way better in every aspect anyways. Also, this 10.2 OS will be very good for even physicall disabled ppl (blind), the voice control can read last txt msg, read mails, bbm chat, and one can dictate to respond. What's more you can ask it just any question and it most of the times gives the answer or very close answer.

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It's stuff like this BlackBerry fails to capitalize on TIME and TIME again. This is simply an outstanding feature yet I'm willing to bet 99% of consumers who've heard about the Z30 don't even know such a thing exists. If Apple dropped a feature like that, my mom and even my deceased grandmother would have probably heard about it.

As a matter of fact, I'm a frequent CB user and I didn't know exactly what it was and how it worked until today. Something is wrong, terribly wrong. What makes this worse is that by the time BB basically standardizes this feature throughout their high end phone range, all the Android and iOS will probably have it and once again, BB cannot offer something out of the box- very similar to Time Shift.


marketing has let so many opportunities such as this just go totally unnoticed by the non-crackberrian loyalist...

Come on Marketing...get with it!

How about a deep fried Z10? ...Eat it! Fatty


Blaize - Great Video!!!! I have been waiting to hear exactly this... Well Done...

Apple has sold a lot of iPhones that drop calls and sound like crap but can take a good picture... maybe BlackBerry needs to be the phone with the best "Stereo"....

Would love to buy one of these on Thursday - when Verizon gets them - but, unfortunately BlackBerry is no longer considered to be "significant" for ATT to launch on the same day... Oh, and BTW - VZ reps HATE BlackBerry phones... the Z30 will be on display in closets in VZ stores all over the USA...


Oh, and BTW, again, the sound you are hearing is a function of Z30 speakers.... not 10.2....


Not as good as an iPhones
Gat an iPhone, Far superior product