How to get your stories on the CrackBerry homepage!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jun 2014 01:14 pm EDT

Back in April I wrote an article making a call for passionate BlackBerry enthusiasts who wanted to have their voices heard on the CrackBerry homepage.

We got a BIG response. TOO BIG, in reality. With over 70 people applying, the administrative side of things became a little too daunting for me given my crazy schedule these past couple of months (seriously, I still owe reply emails to a bunch!). I was aiming to bring at least five new regular voices onto the team. We ended up only trying out one person. That's a whole lot of awesome voices we haven't heard from yet. And after Chris Umi's controversial editorial yesterday (he's so fired for having an opinion) a few more of you have expressed you wish you could have your opinion published on CrackBerry's homepage.

So after mulling all of this over, I have come up with the optimal solution. I've figured out the process that will allow us to audition new regular writers for CrackBerry easily while also giving those who just want their voice heard one time on the homepage that chance. And we're putting the onus on YOU. Shit or get off the pot, right? ;)

In the CrackBerry forums we have a setup a new forum for CrackBerry Homepage Article Submissions. Be sure to Read the Read First thread in there, which outlines the process and details. It's all in there. I think it'll work. Let's give it a try.

I'm excited to see your best articles up on the CrackBerry homepage!

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How to get your stories on the CrackBerry homepage!


Side note. I'm really excited for this. Back in 2010 we did that crazy CRACKBERRY IDOL event one summer, which is how we found awesome people like DJ Reyes and Alicia Erlich and Joseph Holder.

This is sort of similar... gotta prove you have what it takes, but everybody has a chance to make it happen.

It's ok If Chris Umi has any opinion that he wants. Just as long as it's black(berry).

Henry Ford reference anyone?

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I haven't written anything, but I might have to sproosing up on my wordpress writing to get better at it. But I overall, do better in video format (that needs working on too)

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Kevin....good to see you guys are over the "mourning period" of the guy, Jizzel, or whatever his name was who you fell in love with and propped him up so much that he dropped you like a bad habit for N4BB...

What was up with that?

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Is it really worth mentioning more about this story? Everything's there, in the forums.

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That threads locked. And the topic is banned on CB. People who still want to discuss it have to do so off of CB.

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Green...maybe you should audition for one of these "Crackberry Writer" positions and your first story could be something like....

"Who broke Up with Whom in the CB/Jizzel Romance"?

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I'm going to. I'd be great at it. The best there is.

I'm hot too, in a straggly merecat kind of way.

Step aside CBK. Shield your eyes CB Nation. When this meteor hits, it's gonna get bright.

Bad....don't have enough hours in the day to be spending a lot of time in the "threads"....

All I knew is that CB had a big coming out party for Jizzel with a lot of fanfare and the next thing I know he is being welcomed at N4BB...

Must have missed the article on this guy's I am sure is the case for many others here...

On another note....why are you so invested in this?

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Fair enough, but if it is a no, shouldn't one of the people being paid by CB and mobile nations be writing the articles and researching information?

Just seems to me if I'm going to invest a few hours writing an article I'd rather put it on my own site has to increase ad revenue for someone else.

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Instructions? Your instructions say to visit a forum thread for any submissions, which doesn't really apply to feedback. I'm not submitting anything.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying it's a bad idea. But a bit of clear incentive in the article might encourage quality submissions.

I get that you guys decided you don't want to pay for 5 writers and are collecting free articles from the community. It isn't a bad idea and I'm sure you have a plan for rewarding folks. It would be nice to be able to just see that in a more visible light without digging to find information. Clear rewards means more submissions yes?

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Did you not read? I said it can lead to a paid position. Quickly if you're good! I want people contributing who are passionate and willing to put in a little effort. Reading the forum thread that covers the details is a minimum staring point.

Look a few comments down... gets even funnier, something to stare at... or NOT

Love CB comments section.... "Buy from Chen... "

Wow, such hostility towards feedback in a comments section! To be clear, all I am saying is giving them something for making a suggestion would be nice. And putting it in the article would have been nice as well.

I have no interest in submitting an article - I spend enough time creating articles for Connectedly (also free, might I add) without much to show for it. I'll have to remember the next time I have a suggestion for you to keep my trap shut ;).

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No hostility intended. But the answer was there all along, so maybe I got a little impatient. Apologies. Love you long time!


Point taken - I could probably have chosen better words and read the post you worked hard on. I did read it - good info tnx

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Definitely a great idea. I'm sure many people here, feel the need to broadcast their opinion just that one time. Basically just to know that you have been heard. I know many people write up mini editorials on the forums but a lot of times only few people ever dare to read a long post in the forums. Having the ability to post something on the Crackberry homepage would give them more exposure and maybe the peace of mind they were looking for. Good luck to everyone that is interested and thanks to the crackberry team for listening to the readers again.

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I wrote for BGR (pseudonym Jonathan Geller) and AllThingsD (pseudonym John Paczkowski).

I think hiring me should be no brainer for present CrackBerrry. "might be on to something here" since those twits are a couple of the biggest iTard BlackBerry bashers on the planet.

That would, probably, fit very nicely here since it is en vogue to negative things about BlackBerry, as a CB contributor, go read the article that Kevin reference above from Umi....

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Thanks, but no Thanks! I'm doing just fine No need to become a Crackberry Star, get a Big Head and have to leave because my ego doesn't fit in this small Box of a Z10.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

Rate that blog post.... like Amazon or eBay

Fast shipping....

*****Relevant to BB / CB
*** Well researched
****Fun Factor

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I wonder what happened to that Male model Jizzle.

He was HYPED up all over 2 months ago. Kind if the saviour. With his duck face avatar. No respect.

What happened to him????? No talks allowed as usual at CB. Don't ask, don't tell? Lololo

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Hey Kevin , I think you owe replies to those who showed interest. That is kind da like bad manners, inviting people in and ignoring them. Just my opinion.

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Hell yes! I'm going to get back to everybody. It's top of my list for tomorrow. I'm embarrassed it's taken me as long as it has.

Apparently were sensoring his articles to fit their agenda. He didn't like it so he spoke up about it and got fired as result

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Kevin... I've tried it, but it is sadly hard to participate. I really wanted to give my part and dropped in the meantime two times a mail to get access at gitHub and help with the CrackBerry app, but haven't got a single reply, not even a NO. :-(

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Can you send me the email re: cb10 app? kevin @

We've had some changes on our app dev team on the backend, so may have just fallen through the cracks. Apologies on that.

There is no amount money in the world to get me to write articles for this BlackBerry hating website. Chris Umi's article proved how little they think of the brand (other 'non-fansites sites have run with his article causing irrereprable (sp?) harm to the brand). It appears as another attempt to post items with the sole purpose of driving site traffic in a lame attempt to remain the #1 fansite (based on traffic, not love for the brand). Read his quote if you don't believe me “The multitasking is slow. The keyboard is weak (even with Swiftkey installed), the native email app is horrible, and I find that it’s overall just a pain in the ass to get things done inside of Android” why would this appear in CrackerBerry and not Android Central?