How to get Rdio and other music streaming services on your BlackBerry PlayBook

Rdio on the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Zach Gilbert on 26 Apr 2012 09:14 am EDT

Broaden your music selection and get Rdio on your BlackBerry PlayBook

It’s still kind of a bummer that Rdio and others have yet to make their applications available on the BlackBerry PlayBook, but we can’t sit here as paying customers doing nothing.  So while we let Rdio take their time, a nice PlayBook developer has made a third party browser available to download.  The bonus feature is that with this browser you can change the user agent. For those unfamiliar with a browser user agent, it’s what tells the website if it’s a BlackBerry PlayBook or a BlackBerry Bold 9900.  Follow me after the break for the step-by-step directions on getting Rdio on your PlayBook.

Music streaming services are growing in popularity due to the lack of any physical medium, all you need is your BlackBerry and you are set. Rdio has been at the front of the music streaming services for some time offering two variations of their service. The first offering is at 4.99 for a desktop only experience, then at 9.99 you’ll get both the desktop and mobile options, and for a third pricing tier of 14.99 you get two members with access to the both Mobile and desktop streaming. Once you’ve signed up you are able to stream music to your mobile devices, as well as cache the music for offline listening, so why not have it on your BlackBerry PlayBook too? It’s actually easy and I’ve broken it down into easy to follow steps.

Download SimpleBrowser for your PlayBook

Simple browser is what will allow you to change the user agent and give you access to the Rdio desktop site. You’ll need to go into the settings of the SimpleBrowser app (swipe down from the top bevel).

Download SimpleBrowser for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Settings screen for SimpleBrowser

Change user agent

1. Tap on the settings icon, which looks like a folder icon. 2. Then tap on “set user agent” 3. You’ll want to select either FireFox or IE (internet explorer). I prefer FireFox, but that’s just me.

SimpleBrowser user agents

Enjoy Rdio on your BlackBerry PlayBook

Now all you need to do is head on over to and start enjoying what you pay for. I will note that you can only use the desktop site as they do not offer a mobile version of Rdio, but I've found that it works quite well on the PlayBook.

rdio on the PlayBook

Of course to get any of this working you will need to subscribe to Rdio, which you can do by visiting Don't forget, if you have an a better way to get your favourite services like Rdio on the PlayBook head over to the forums and share them there.

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How to get Rdio and other music streaming services on your BlackBerry PlayBook


Yes but how do they obtain that information from a HTTP request? Is there something in the HTML5 API other than the User Agent? And can the OS info be faked by a third party browser?

simple browser hasnt received an update since since the last beta of OS 2.0, it has bugs and crashes :(

Neither work with Hulu. I can access the site, login and see my queue, but no matter what user agent I select it gets denied. This is with clear cache, close app and try again.

By the time I pay this and that for what ever app or something to make my playbook do what a android or iPad does out of the box I will have paid what a iPad cost almost. I noticed that some of the same apps that available for all 3 platforms are paid apps for the playbook but free for the other two. Makes one wonderI guess but anyway I like my playbook the way it is. I even liked it the way it was before OS 2. It works for me and does what I need it to and thats all that really matters but it still rubs me the wrong way a little to see Playbook owners get what I think is abused

It's really a shame that in 2012 we have to do all this just to get access to content we're already paying for.

I can see their point of view too, I the hell can you monetize without appifying your website? Heaven forbid your existing code just WORK on a browser. Crazy talk right there.

Just out of curiosity, why would anyone want to subscribe to online radio streaming when you can visit websites such as shoutcast and a slew of others that will allow you to stream the content for free via the web browser?

Yeah, like my Favorite Free App, Nobex. I use it everyday all the time, via my wi-fi or through BB-Bridge. :)

Yeah, like my Favorite Free App, Nobex. I use it everyday all the time, via my wi-fi or through BB-Bridge. :)

Rdio isn't radio streaming. You have the ability to stream full albums as well as cache them for offline listening. It's not for streaming am/fm radio broadcasts.

Thank you for clarifing it's purpose. I thought it was just for playing internet streaming sites and even though, I would kill for TuneIN to release an app, I've found that the browser is quite good at streaming these types of sites hence I was confused by why people wanted to purchase a monthly service. Thanks again ;)