How to get the OS 10.2 update right now

By Adam Zeis on 24 Oct 2013 10:32 am EDT

BlackBerry is rolling out OS 10.2 to various countries and carriers starting this week. For those of you who are low on the list and are a bit eager to get your hands on the official version, you can do just that. 

Forums member LopezZ10 has dropped a quick how-to for getting the official version of OS 10.2 on loaded up on your device using Sachesi. Granted some of you may still want to hold out for an officially official version from your carrier for your device, but if you just can't wait to get it, check out this quick tutorial to start using OS 10.2 right now.

As always, make sure you know what you're getting into before you start any of this. Perform a full backup of your device first and don't hold us or anyone else responsible should anything go wrong. If you need help of have questions ask them BEFORE you try this.

To start, you'll need to download and install Sachesi. It's a good idea to remove your SIM and also perform a full backup of your device before you start as well.

1. Plug in your device to you computer using a microUSB cable.

2. Open Sachesi and search for the update using the parameters below. Make sure you use the correct Device and Variant depending on your device.

3. Select "Download All". Remember where you save the folder.

4. When the download is complete, go to the Install tab and select Install: .bar(s)

5. Select the folder with the OS that was downloaded earlier in step 3

6. Wait patiently for the OS to load on your device

It can take 30 minutes or longer to load the OS onto your device, so just hang tight and don't do anything until it's done.

When the process is finished you'll have a shiny new official version of OS 10.2 on your device - enjoy!

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How to get the OS 10.2 update right now



Do really have to backup my data or its just a precaution that they write?

Posted from my bangin Q10

Backing up a BlackBerry is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, backups ever. The included BlackBerry Link software takes care of everything for you.

Suck it Android folks.

Posted via CB10

I'm a total noob, and struggled with the same issue, only to find, by going to System Settings, then Storage and Access, there's an "Access using Wifi" button whose default is "off". I switched it on, and I finally saw my device on Blackberry Link. - I then needed to hold the power button down for 10 secs, and sign out and back in to BB Link.

Don't know if that does it for you, but it's the one thing I can actually say I know about!
(and odd place for that Wifi button for sure!)

morfpho, you might want to try and uninstall the Link software from your computer and when it asks, tell it to remove all BlackBerry references during the uninstall process. Then re-install the latest version from the BlackBerry website. The newest version is significantly better than the old ones and I found that just upgrading it did not work for me. It would not recognize my Z10 when I did.

Oh, and also, it is best to connect your Z10 with the USB cable connected to the back USB ports of your computer rather than one of the front ones. Not sure why those aren't a good, but was told that they are not best for this purpose.

I can't remember how I fixed it but had the same issue. look in the forums and you will find the answer.

PLEASE HELP??! First of all i selected Telstra Australia and it said there are no 10.2 available. So i then went with what was originally on the program with some UK place. I clicked download all and it didn't give me an option to save it anywhere??!! So when it get to the step of remembering where i saved it nothing came up!? I'm missing a lot of the options displayed in the pictures too. I also don't know what drag and drop is so if that's easier can someone please explain? sorry i'm such a rookie at this :'(

Don't worry after all that it saved itself in the most random place and i had to search hopefully it will bring back apps such as Music and Videos and The clock to which i lost trying to download the leaked version.

I've always been intimidated to load an OS since I only have a macbook but this looks easy as hell. Can't wait to upgrade. Screw the US carriers.

Posted via CB10

Don't worry. I've installed about five leaks. Zero issues. Just make sure you get the right build for your model type.

Carriers suck!


It should be available in Malaysia; our region is usually top of BlackBerry's list. Perhaps do a manual check >settings> software update.

For unlocked phones in the US I prefer dropping in a sim from another carrier in another country that matches your carrier's model. $5 on Ebay and you're good to go.

Posted via CB10

Yep. I think OTA updates just work better. I do all mine like this except when I'm wiping the phone anyway for some other reason.

What carrier do you use for this? It's been so long since I've done an ota update, does it keep your contacts etc if you do it this way?

Posted via CB10

Has anyone else found that some of their apps will not open after installing the official 10.2 OS? Uninstalling and reinstalling has no effect.

Posted via CB10

Have you experienced this? If so, what apps won't open? Any idea about wifi calling from TMO whether it will still work?

Hi there, did you ever make the wifi calling app work again ? I dowload the lates OS OTA and my wifi calling disapeared I try to force re-installing it but nothing works. HELP PLEASE

This happened to me, it is only a problem with Android apps, for example my Skype application, I removed it, downloaded it from BB world again and re-installed it and it won't open. The blank screen with a blue load bar at the bottom, when it hits 50% it crashes! I'm not sure what percentage of users this is happening to but it seems to be a common problem and I don't know of any fix yet

Posted via my  Z10.2.0.424

Have you restarted using the volume button method? I never used your OS version but I have used many leaks before and after that version number with no serious issues. Do you have other Android apps that work? You should probably just sideload the 10.2.1791 runtime

Posted via a Verizon Z10 running a hybrid and CB10. My channel: C0004F9BB

Volume method did not work, neither did a battery pull or even reinstalling apps, looks like I need to try a leaked runtime like you suggested

Posted via my  Z10.2.0.424

Let me know if you need help.

Posted via a Verizon Z10 running a hybrid and CB10. My channel: C0004F9BB

I have not put on a new OS yet, still running the and replaced my battery today and now it says that my media card was encrypted from another device, and I didn't do a backup yet, is there a way to decrypt the card? Its says to format it, but that deletes the content

Posted via my  Z10.2.0.424

You should probably add that the initial re-start upon finishing the installation will take some time, but keep the faith and DO NOT pull the battery!!

I got scared and pull the battery 2 times and a hard reset once but I guess is a normal process loading the new files it doesn't overheat as it does with leaks

Posted via CB10

Updated one of my Q10's with this method the other Q that was already unlocked received the update ota.
There's a minor shift/alt issue where you have to press and let go of alt each time you want to press a number. Also noticed an issue with getting BBM toast notifications.

I've noticed the Shift/ALT issue also. Kind of annoying...

On *certain* sideloaded apps, I can't even put in numbers (not sure if that's the sideloaded app, or specific to this build of 10.2.

This is what I've been wondering about for a long time....for the Bold 9900, we could load official OS's from other carriers...I was wondering why there was no such thing for BB10 devices except the leaks!

will this install an official tmobile usa version.. im asking cause of the wifi calling feature. lol

Nope lost the use of Wifi calling. Deleted it and redownloaded it still didn't not make it work.

Even tried the original bar file I had from a while back of Wifi calling hoping it would somehow work.

Posted via CB10

I lost Google and Bing in Universal Search after installing a leak version. I was hoping it would come back.

Does anyone know how to get it back to show in search?

Other than the, the update is great. Thanks BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Start typing in the browser and you should see a drop down menu in the upper right hand corner with options for Bing Google and Yahoo.

That's a nice tip that I didn't know.

This problem is when you hit the Universal Search magnifying glass at the bottom of the home screen, the search engines don't show up in the results.

Posted via CB10

Yep got 10.2 today for my Q10 (Tmobile UK).. But did I really wait all this time for this!? LOL What a waste of time, New Phone for me I think ;) Blackberry's are so far behind of other smartphones it's actually getting ridiculous now. Been a loyal BlackBerry user for years now and I refuse to be caught in the "HYPE" over ANYMORE blackberry products ever again. Iphone 5s? Yes, because it's simply a better phone. Rant Over ;) goodbye CrapBerry. Hello Apple :D (don't waste ur time fanboys, wake up and taste the apple!)

Posted via CB10

Hype?! Jeez dude, BB10 is pretty much the most maligned operating system and company ever. Even on these forums you see constant complaints, dissatisfaction and bile, some of it legitimate, some of it not.

Blackberry is the Anti-Hype at this point, it's a pariah. Those of us that love it do so in spite of the hate, not due to hype. I don't question your desire to leave - to each his own - but gimme a break, hype is not the issue.

Posted via CB10

Poor guy... he thinks apple will be better than BlackBerry... oh well. Doesn't matter to me, do what you gotta do man. Just know that you're welcome back any time. In about a month or 2 you'll realize how boring apple is. Good luck.

Posted via CB10

How exactly is blackberry behind btw? In terms of apps yes... but in terms of functionality I'd say they are up to par with iPhone and Android. it depends on what you use your phone for.

Posted via CB10

Are you for real!!! I have played on an iPhone, since having a Z10, and the iPhone and iOS (even latest version) suck... keyboard is horrible, so is the touch. Why do people rave about Apple???

BB10 IS the best!

I agree with this statement. Time to stop living in the past and move on to better platforms and products. Blackberry is too far behind and can't release a quality product without countless issues. Can't even release a proper OS update. I'm now unable to send or receive texts. Thanks BB! And this is coming from a longtime BB owner and supporter. Time to jump ship and let this Titanic sink!

You're a very insightful individual I see. Can't handle someone else's opinion eh? That's fine.

But you thought to "waste your time" with this unsupported rant? Strange to say the least. Enjoy following...bye

Posted using the one-finger-flick on my BlackBerry Zed10

Wasn't installing leaks during a scheduled roll out what kept bbm from being rolled out on time to androids and iOS?

I don't see how this is any different. If I am wrong someone please enlighten me.

Posted via CB10

There's a difference between a LEAKED version and an OFFICIAL version. This is an OFFICIAL version.

At all Q10 users, can you confirm theses Bugs:
- whit 10.2 you cannot type a search on home screen to search it, you have to open the browser for it.
-if you call or get a call the Voice symbol hardkey has no funktion (button under L) normal it should aktivad voice over loudspeaker.

I think the update is a big step back for Q10 useres!

Posted via CB10

Hmmm sounds appealing the screen shots are of a mac so I'm thinking about giving it a go! Do u need a certain mac OS for this?

They Type... I Flick (get it).

I used my old macbook pro running 10.7.5 thinking if something went wrong it'd be no big deal its an old computer.
But it went without incident.

I will say this using a mac, while sachesi is doing its mojo, it will seem like your computer has frozen and the cursor will not move for a while. It's normal from everything I've read. Happens for some people and not for others using mac, it happened to me.

Just don't panic when it happens let it do it's thing, if you didn't expect it some might be alarmed.
It was just as easy as sideloading using Chrome.

The issues come with the quirks of the OS as stated here and other post.
If you're on TMO you can kiss Wifi calling goodbye for now.

Posted via CB10

No one should be running Lion anymore. Worst version of Mac OS X ever. Mavericks is a free download and made my mac so much better.

Posted via CB10

@Adam Have you ever Downloaded a Leak version?

I've had a BlackBerry for roughly six years now, and never downloaded anything unofficial. However, living in US, it's tempting to install the leaked 10.2..

Posted via CB10

This is not a leak is an official update. The only part is that the update is from another carrier.

Posted via CB10

Since I bought my Z10, STL100-1 btw, I only downloaded and installed an official BB 10 OS once! It was garbage, guess fault was my carrier for offering a very old version. Now I only download leaks, 7 or 8 already. Only have issues with one, fortunately CB leak team offered a new/better one, within a week.

Updated to 10.2 and now can't send or receive texts. After updating to 10.1 was having problems sending them once in a while. Have been a loyal BlackBerry user for years but this is ridiculous. Will be moving to iPhone or Android shortly. Everything seems to be done half-assed over at BB.

Posted via CB10

Read iOS and Android forums, and you will see that updates also bring their share of problems. Take a deep breath, restart your Q10 and wait a while. Good luck.

Posted via CB10

I enjoy it when apple and android updates come out. It just proves that BlackBerry doesn’t deserve the backlash. It happens to everyone.

Posted via CB10

And this is coming from someone who always backed this company. I wouldn't have bought the Z10 if I didn't think they would turn things around but it's become pretty obvious over the past 10 months that nothing has or will change.

I had been waiting for 10.2 to fix the problem caused by 10.1. All it has done is prevent me from even receiving texts this time around. I don't think taking a deep breath will fix a problem made worse by this latest update. I know that all updates aren't perfect but screwing up a phone's texting capabilities are a first. All you BlackBerry lovers need to realize that BB isn't what they used to be. Every launch is poorly executed, no marketing, either a lack of apps or simply half-assed released apps. I'm looking forward to getting rid of this phone and getting something that at least lets you do something as basic as texting.

I do think it has something to do with your carrier if you cannot text. What I suggest is to do a backup, then wipe, then start over, with a clean unit, try to text anyone. If that works, then it's one of your previous settings that caused it. Easier to start over by copying just the contacts and calendar to gmail/something else.

I also lost my text when moved to 10.1 Official. Hope it helps.

Good luck and good bye. If you think those toys don't have issues whit updates you will be surprised. Sis updated her iToy with iOS 7, after that she only can access Internet at office via wi-fi. Ja ja ja I just said, told you BB 10 was the way to go.
PS: I only use leaked versions, 7 or 8 already, only have issues with one! Maybe I am wrong about what about to say...but...I think that every time I install a leaked version, after backup of course, all the old files from previous versions get deleted, therefore not conflicting issues with new ones.

Is this one newer than the leak I have just so I know if to update to this or not? Currently I have


Cheers Guys

Posted via CB10

Is this one newer than the leak I have just so I know if to update to this or not? Currently I have


Cheers Guys

Posted via CB10

I don't see any problems yet. Lock screen notification view and scroll works. Instant reply on texts works. Both has to be turned on and they are not active yet when you first update.

Posted via CB10

Suppose I've got a Verizon Q10 but want to use this method to update. Is there a certain country and carrier code combination that I should use to get an OS and radio that is most close to what Verizon will be sending us?

I downloaded 10.2 on Rogers yesterday, however I noticed two apps had been installed that I never had before, some EE app, and some network scanning thing. Both have been deleted. So it's all good.

Lazer etched post via my Z-10 super duper BlackBerry mobile device!

+1...As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." After reading all of the negative issues many people are experiencing for whatever reason, I think the best advice within the article was in Step #6..."Wait patiently." Me and my Z have found this to be a very effective and pleasing method.

Posted via CB10

Since I do have leaked os on my Q10 (italy). If I do update with Sachesi, will I then be able to do the manual update of os from BB? Acttually with the previous(current) leaked version of 10.2(just mentioned) that I have I cannot.... Thanks!

It will check and update/overwrite only some files that are not up-to-date, otherwise, the update process will leave the up-to-date file on your phone or it may replace and overwrite the files which it is same result.

I did like this, when all finish...My z10 reset and the screen just display 100%...all day...I don't know what I do me :'(

Does anyone know if this method can be used to reinstall 10.2? Since upgrading from official 10.1 to official 10.2, all apps that are Android ports (Skype, Kindle, Ghost Commander, bVNC, etc) have ceased to work and it has been suggested in the forum that I attempt a re-install. I have seen no option in Link or in the Z10 settings that offer a re-install.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

No BBM channels stops the 10.2 dark theme from working. Maybe now that 10.2 is official they will change the Channel coding to do the dark theme.

Will someone give me the code information for a At&t Q10. Willing to give this a shot since it can be done on a mac and at&t update will take forever.

The sideloaded Navigation app still works and runs faster too. Btw, I got the hub icon and evernote on the update. I'm with Bell. I don't know how that EE app got to some people. Could be carrier dependent.

Posted via CB10

OK then, have anyone got a way to delete or uninstall bbm channels so I can get the dark theme for bbm?

Posted via CB10

Interesting while rebooting after the 10.2 update on my Rogers Z10 while connected to my Win7 computer, the system tray shows "RIM PlayBook device" in the available device pop-up.

Hi when I add the recommended specs in the field provided it just defaults to the american 10.1 version and my current carrier plz advise.

Well actually when I add my phone variant stl-100 4 it takes me to the 10.1 option however if i use STL-3 it comes up as 10.2

I'm on a T-mobile Z10 in the US. Will I lose Wi-Fi calling if I install this update? Has anyone on T-Mobile tried this?

You WILL lose wifi calling. The radio file in this OS does NOT support it. (not yelling or annoyed, just trying to emphasize.)

Posted via CB10 from my seksi Z10 (STL100-3 | OS

Hi there,
I've trying to download this OS with the parameters on the post, my BlackBerry is a STL-100-1.
A dumb question... can I install the 100-3? Or this update isn't available for 100-1 models yet?

Posted via CB10

100-1 models use differente hardware, you can not use 100-3 installs. Better wait or use leak version, I am using without any issues.

Is there a chart somewhere with a comparison between 10.1.x and 10.2.x to see what we should be looking for?

Just saw on Facebook BlackBerry posting about Crackberry. List of 10.2 features. Lol

Posted via CB10

This 10.2 upgrade method does not chat well with getting all the original 10.1 data a user has synced on BBLink prior to performing a 10.2 upgrade. If the data is stored on BBLINK in a version 10.1. anything prior to actually performing a 10.2 upgrade, there is a disconnect since the 10.1 data apparently isn't compatible with 10.2. How do I know this? I tried it about 2 weeks ago using a leaked 10.2 upgrade and it ended up putting the Z10 into a workspace mode that had no provision to escape out of. It basically rendered the phone useless, so that I had to get support directly from BlackBerry through T-Mobile in order to reset the phone and then restore 10.1 and reinstall the data from BBLink on my PC. It took about3 tries but finally took and got my phone back to 'normal ' (10.1 with all my stored data and apps that I had already paid for back onto the phone).
It's gonna be a long wait otherwise, but it's safer and worth it IMO, thanks to my bad experience with this whole upgrade thing.

Posted via CB10

I guess you are going to have to wait for the official from t-mobile. Link doesn't work well restoring from 10.1 to 10.2 but maybe you should give it a try since is performed as a normal update

Posted via CB10

Dear all,
I do not understand 1 thing: when I press 'reply' for an email the cursor disappears and I have to tap the screen in order to put the cursor. Why?!! Why the 'reply' function does not automatically put the ready-2-type cursor? How to solve this? Help! Thank u.

Posted via CB10

Yes we hit in the Philippines right now. I'm Downloading the new 10.2 official os thanks BlackBerry and Crack berry.

Posted via CB10

I just used to STL100-3 version on my VERIZON STL100-4 phone... ill let you know how it worked out when im done installing...

I've been running the leak for a while now so my official update turned out to be 22 mb or something, but my wife finally updated the official release come from 10.1 and her instant previews doesn't work. When she gets an email or a BBM While in another app the prompt doesn't come up, whereas mine does. So I don't know what that is all about. I can't seem to get it to work.

Z10 with OS

We cannot see the version unless we select does this work on STL100-1 :( unfortunately I always feel left out when such things happen :(

I just searched for Software Updates yesterday afternoon and it found it. I am with Rogers, in Ontario.

Just finished installing..... Howerver on Sachesi It says i have just downloaded version Even though on the folder it said version 424 The blackberry went into a forced restart and is restarting now but has not left the blackberry screen in about 5 min.... hopefully this doesnt mean my phone won't work properly. I'll keep you guys posted.

Well it officially downloaded..... Hub took a few minutes to even show up and is now glitched to all hell and the phone itself is moving retardedly slow..... Almost all of my apps take 5 min to open and My android ports are completely unresponsive. maybe it takes some time to settle in??? Regardless of that I was given version 1791 and not the official release. If these problems clear up i'll just wait for the official for verizon and use this obvious Leaked version and not the promised version that was mentioned in this post. So far it's looking like being patient might be the right thing to do after all.

Well after using it for 15 min everything is smooth now the device is no longer heating up and BBM dark theme is sexy. So its something that's doable if your not squeamish about the bumps in the road that happen during and after the download. A++ Even though its not the official OS 1791 seems to be a solid build with no complaints and when the official update happens for Verizon ill still be able to do it because im on a slightly older 10.2 thanks guys.

Do you really have to backup your data or its just a precaution they have to write?

Posted from my bangin Q10

I'll really appreciate any help you can five me. I tried different combination, like Singapur, and there was only the 10.1 software. What else can I do?

Posted via CB10

Same here. I have tried also mexico and canada carriers. But not luck to get official, so for now I just keep my leaked version. Besides it's working great.

What's the size of sachesi and does it just update ones version to the latest 10.2. Or does it re installs the whole OS with 10.2? Am asking so I will know what amount of data I should budget for the whole thing. I hope it's not more than 300MB

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know which country code should be used for a Verizon STL-4? I'm worried about not getting the proper radio stacks. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Posted using the one-finger-flick on my BlackBerry Zed10

I am on VZW using a Z10 STL100-4. I cannot download the 10.2 update. Sachesi showed that it was downloading but didnt download to a file. Tried downloading it again and when I do version lookup, it shows 'SR not in system'

Posted via CB10

What is this black magic? Will try this after work. One can't be too careful when dabbling with the dark arts.

Posted via CB10

I'm having the exact same issue with Verizon STL100-4. There is only 10.1 available and I'm not sure which other carrier version to download that will work.

My advice falls in line with others. U.S. GSM users, fork out 35 bucks, unlock your device, buy a 5 dollar Rogers 4G LTE SIM, and update to 10.2 via WiFi . Forty bucks is not a lot these days.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

If you do 50 bucks a day 40 is a lot especially here in NY
Just saying not my case

Posted via CB10

This might just be a good idea.... I'm on TMO US and they were kind enough to unlock it for me, and I found a rogers sim for 6 bucks on EBay. I just hope it doesn't have to be an active sim to work.

Just completed an hour ago and wanted to let people know my experience doing this- it was amazing! I've never installed a leaked OS or an "official" one like this is, but it couldn't have been easier. I'm on Windows 7x64, Z10 STL-3 on AT&T U.S. I've really been wanting these new updates so I finally tried this method. I've jailbroken my ipod (I know, I know; but it is a necessary evil to make it function like an actual "smart" device), but this was easier than that. The one thing I do have to mention is that in step 4 it says to click install .bar. It would only let me select one bar that way so I chose folder and it installed all of the .bars at once. I backed up first (nothing got deleted except for e-mail account passwords!), used the program to download the .bars and then installed. Took me about an hour and a half (I copied music, pics, etc to my comp first just in case they got deleted), the longest part of which was the installation itself. When it restarted it seemed stuck on the BB logo for a while, then stuck at 100% on the loading screen but be patient!

The only notable downsides I've seen from this were the time it took to do, the fact that in Settings under About it still lists my OS as (although BB Link on my comp acknowledges the 10.2 update, and this isn't actually a problem, just picking at hairs), and I do have a few new apps: sportsnet, evernote, foursquare, linkedin, my account, 1 number, anyplace live, connect to dropbox, tutorials, and the blackberry hub icon (again, just picking at hairs. Plus I believe most of those things were on my phone and I just deleted or hid them; the others I believe are from the fact that I used Rogers.

The benefits? Innumerable. I'm really pumped to take more time to see what's new, however I did notice that the android apps I had sideloaded are so much quicker! Honestly they seem 2-3x snappier, no random errors/closes, and I didn't even install a debug token/android runtime.

Sorry for the long post I just wanted everyone to know how easy this is. From someone who is incredibly reluctant to fool around with things on their phone, I couldn't be happier. Thanks a lot to everyone involved!

I just finished downloading OTA. I have an unlocked z10 on T-Mobile. Not sure how I got it OTA, but I'll take it.

Posted via CB10

Beat me too it^ on AT&T Z10 ST100-3 no issues installing at all, using windows PC.

Posted via CB10 using my cherished Z10