How to get the latest BlackBerry 10 software on your Z10 even if your carrier hasn't pushed out the update

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By Adam Zeis on 3 Mar 2013 08:35 pm EST

If you don't happen to be one of the lucky BlackBerry 10 owners that was issued a new software update, you aren't totally out of luck. After doing a bit of research, we found that even if you aren't on a carrier that has pushed a new OS version, you can still manually update your device software using BlackBerry Link or the BlackBerry Software updates page from the web. The process isn't 100% guaranteed to work for everyone, but it's worth a shot if you want to load up the latest OS. 

There are two ways to try to force a software update on your device. This can most times be done with the SIM installed, however if you are having trouble finding any updates you may want to try removing the SIM card and then giving it a go.

Also, be sure to do a full backup of your device before you try to update the OS. Your device will restore to the factory defaults and you'll lose all of your date. You'll also need to reinstall any sideloaded Android apps you had previously after the update. Note here too that I did this with a factory unlocked device. If your device is locked to a carrier there is a good chance this process won't work for you. As always - use caution when updating your device OS. If you break anything it's not our fault :-)

Update from the web 

The first method is to use the BlackBerry Software Upates page from the web. You'll need to be on a Windows PC for this one as well.

  • Plug your BlackBerry 10 device into your PC, then fire up your web browser and head to the BlackBerry Software Updates page. Scroll down a bit and you'll see Updates on the web.
  • Click the Check for updates box and if any new software is available to you, you can then proceed with the update. Keep in mind it may take a while for the update to complete - so go grab a snack and wait it out.
  • If nothing shows, you may be out of luck but you can still try the method below instead.  

Update using BlackBerry Link 

  • Make sure you have the latest version of BlackBerry Link installed.
  • Connect your BlackBerry 10 device. Once it's recognized by BlackBerry Link, click the gear icon to access the settings page.
  • From here you should see the option to reload device software. Click the button to start the process. Your device may reboot a time or two in between. 
  • If any new software is found, you'll see a prompt and can begin the installation. As above, make sure you backed up your device first and you have some time to kill as the update will take a while.

If neither of these options work for you, you can always try tracking down a SIM card for the carriers pushing out the updates. Rumor has it that even unprovisioned SIM cards will let you grab an OS update OTA on your device.

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How to get the latest BlackBerry 10 software on your Z10 even if your carrier hasn't pushed out the update


an previsioned sim would be a non active sim from the carrier.

in my instance, I took a non activated Rogers sim and put it in my Z's and got the update on all them

Yes! That is how I update my phone. I can't remember the last time my service provider sent an update.

As it just so happens, I had a non-provisioned Bell SIM in my Dev Alpha. Does not work for OTA, but trying the other methods.

Bell hasn't pushed the update yet, so the Bell SIM might not help anything.

Does anyone know if your phone has to be unlocked for the SIM to trigger the update? If I put a Rogers SIM in a Bell-locked phone, would it still find the update?

I've now attempted each of these methods, both with my non-provisioned SIM and without a SIM completely, and none of them worked. I will say that yes, it looks like you will need your phone to be unlocked.


Probably be a healthy attitude. As it happens, I'm planning to sell my current Z10, so I paid for an unlock anyway. Unfortunately, it seems that you actually need a SIM for a different network to force this.

A couple of clarifications to add to this: if using Link, go into your PC settings to look for the option to reload the device software (NOT the device's settings page).

Second, when I did that on my PC, I got the option to dl Doing that now, we'll see if it allows a subsequent update.

Installing on my z10 as well from the web update page. Hopefully can update to after that.

Yeah, just downloading the ZIP for that one right now. I've wiped my phone already (attempting the "Link" method), so it's not like I've got that much left to lose.

I hope that BB makes it possible to upgrade unlocked Z10 without these unreliable workarounds. I was going to buy online my Z10, but now i am probably going to wait to see if my carrier will commercially support and commited to Z10. :-\

If there is something I never, ever, ever want to do is go back to the dark days of having to backup, restore and reconfigure everything with every freaking OS update. BB10 is how RIM (now BBRY) finally came into the 21st century and I refuse to go back to such a horrid method of updating an OS, I would see myself with an iPhone (ugh..) or a droid before that... BBRY, find a way provide OS updates to your customers without depending on the carriers and without this abomination, whats next? having to reboot every time you install or uninstall an app? 10 min boots? horrible lags all over the GUI? daily battery pulls to keep the phone usable? don't go back to your pre-QNX awful habits... :-(

sure, when your carrier chooses to release them, here I am waiting for stupid Bell to push it... Link should be able to do updates without having to backup / restore and reconfigure, what about people with very low data plans or pay per usage data plans? shouldn't we be able to download OS updates with our PC and apply them using Link without having to go through this? unless the update is downloaded using WiFi on the phone but I'm not sure if that is the case...

I believe this OS update has changes to the radio stack (battery optimization) and thus has to be approved by the carrier. Most future updates will be OS (delta) updates and will just be pushed to devices since there won't be changes to the radio.

Totally agree with you. Really this update issue that relies on the cariers continues to be a problem with Z10? Very disapointing...
I never had an iphone (never will actually) or android phone but I never heard them having this issue. How do they do it?

I believe this OS update has changes to the radio stack (battery optimization) and thus has to be approved by the carrier. Most future updates will be OS (delta) updates and will just be pushed to devices since there won't be changes to the radio.

You've never heard of Android phones not able to get the latest and greatest OS update? That's funny because the VAST majority of Android devices out there do not support the latest OS. So, let's not get our panties in a bunch over this very 1st update that you can't yet get.

Try back up your data and then reload the device. Mine showed up with 10.10.85 update. Do the BlackBerry Link update

I thought cutting carriers out of the update process was one of the main features of BB10? Now I'm unhappy to find out that we're still in the same update situation as before.

I believe this OS update has changes to the radio stack (battery optimization) and thus has to be approved by the carrier. Most future updates will be OS (delta) updates and will just be pushed to devices since there won't be changes to the radio.

I had to pull my SIM but the web update worked on a Bell Z10. Rebooted and installed the SIM all seems well.

I have version OS Version

That didn't I'm work realizing now that the version has not changed. Attempting the update via Link seems to be working. The software download is taking much longer, Im thinking the update via Web failed because the software didn't get downloaded, although I wasn't presented with error. Lets see where this goes...

***Update***** Used my Telus SIM from my iPad and and got the update. Telus and Bell share a RAN so the radio config should the same so far all is well, great update.

****Update*** Ran update again and got another software package updating now. Ill reports results and version in a few minutes. Had to pull the sim again.

I think - all the confusion aside, and all people posting updates and "solutions" should at least put disclaimers that they are not responsible for any damages. To be responsible - looking that up on Wiktionary means that we as end-users are to be: Answerable for an act performed or for its consequences; accountable; amenable.
I see the past three days a lot of adjective behavior, like we are some fifth grade class room where someone had too much sugar and we are all hyped up on the latest and the greatest firmware. Where have we gone wrong in truthfully enjoying the weekend, well knowing that we will get our next sugar fix (firmware) in a couple of days and just be content with what we have? Is there a security flaw, is there something that causes your device to completely stop working or even explode if you did not get the very latest OS or firmware? Something not properly tested by your provider and all of a sudden you were the one that opened that hole and your device got compromised... Stop the madness, it is almost Monday and we can show off our new toy at the water cooler soon enough. Let's just enjoy what is left of the weekend and assume that next week at this time we all have the same firmware. Peace... out!

What you see here are years of frustration and the realization that nothing changed.

The bottom line is, when backberry puts together an update and they say that it will make their devises better, 100% of their devises should receive it... It is unexceptable that everybody has to wait for... For what?

I believe this OS update has changes to the radio stack (battery optimization) and thus has to be approved by the carrier. Most future updates will be OS (delta) updates and will just be pushed to devices since there won't be changes to the radio.

So, one last clarification: downloaded the ZIP for, which seems to have installed cleanly.

However, when attempting to download any further update, it actually attempts to revert back to

Us Bell users are stuck, but since Bell's update is due on the 7th, it's not THAT far away.

Didn't work for me. Im on AT&T in the US. I guess i will have to wait for AT&T to push out the update when they have the device available. Hopefully they get better at pushing out regular updates, in the past i has taken AT&T a while before they pushed out updates for OS 5, 6 and 7

Neither option worked for me unfortunately. Even more angry with EE/Orange as they see fit to put their prices up mid contract this week and cant be assed to push out this OS update nor fix the faulty cell towers in my area. Off to cop a Vodafone PAYG sim tomorrow so I can push through the update.

Blackberry user since 2004

I always thought that with BB10 updates would not be carrier dependent. iIm sure Blackberry mention this somewhere.

I believe this OS update has changes to the radio stack (battery optimization) and thus has to be approved by the carrier. Most future updates will be OS (delta) updates and will just be pushed to devices since there won't be changes to the radio.

It just wiped everything. That's it I have been a dedicated Blackberry user since the wheel - no more - DONE. I even paid to get an unlocked version before it hit it the US.

You have yourself to blame. If you read the blog post it clearly states you need to back up everything and that it will all go back to factory settings. Don't blame BlackBerry because you decided to ignore the most basic of things. READ!

I have a dev alpha B and once I popped out the sim card and connected to BB Link, update is available. Will install and see what happens.

Does anyone on WIND Mobile got the BB10 OS Update? My Z10 still shows OS as the latest OS avaliable everytime i try to update it!

Also does anyone know when will the OS update will be out on WIND ?

Wind just got the Z10 so I doubt they'd roll out the update any time soon. I just borrow my brother's Fido micro sim card and got my factory unlocked Z10 updated. I'm also on Wind. If you have or know someone with an old sim card from Rogers or Fido that they're not even using anymore, just cut it into a micro sim card with a pair of scissors or something and pop it into your Z10 and it should allow you to get the update.

The battery life is amazing after the update.

Hey, Thanks Man!
Just some queries..
Im using a WIND locked BB Z10 as i bought it outright from them on the day it was launched in Canada. As my device is LOCKED with Wind, if i insert the Rogers on-use sim ( Of my friend) into it, Will i be able to get an update or not?

Amazoing, RE-SIZING THE SIM CARD really WORKS. Great! Solved my update issue I had since weeks. Was really struggeling with the different ways of updating my BB10 to BB10.1. Tried almost everything to updated my BBZ10 (STL100-2 with, but no updates were found at all up to today:
-OTA did not find any updates at all with my carrier.
-Webbased update from Blackberry website didn't find any updates.
-Blackberry Link didn't find any updates (tried different BB Link versions on even different computers).
-With my carrier's sim card or without any sim card didn't matter at all. No updates were found.

So, last possibility would have been the factory reset via Blackbery Link, but that I didn't want to try. So, I cutted down an old foreign standard size sim card not valid anymore to the size of a microsim card. Powered on, and... I could update to (329MB) immediately! No leak version. Just the official released version. Works perfect.

How-to re-size:
Just put the card above each other in a way the chip and especially its contacts are same positioned and scratch the shape of the microsim card into the standard size sim card (take a knife and go with it around the microsim card). Then cut the standard sim card along the scratched shape. Doesn't matter if you cut the chip a little bit at the one side. And it fits directly and the 'new' microsim card is recognized by the phone.

No luck with the first metho but the second method (BlackBerry link) worked for me!!!! Unlocked phone, normally using Net10 (AT&T) but not while doing the updated. All information wiped. I was using the leaked .648 SW. STL3.

Hi, Im having trouble, I opened the blackberry link on my mac. plugged in my phone, Hit the RELOAD button and it says SOFTWARE UPDATE IN PROGRESS IN PROCESS. and it also show, CANNOT REPAIR DUE TO: (NULL) and its just stuck there. just loading away like nothing is happening. I didnt have an prompts about any software. What has happened?!

Hi Pachang, did you tried both methods ? I have the STL100-1 with Etisalat....I want that update words on the net about our 3G Version and Dubai was the 3th place they launched BB Z10...whats going on ?

Only method I attempted was to reload the software using Blackberry Link on a Mac. However it didn't notify me of any updates, so I didn't go through with it. I do have a Bell sim card, but that will probably get the wrong update when Bell starts to push out their updates.

Hey, I have a STL100-1 from etisalat (Nigeria) but sim lock free. Not able to update either. Not even a re-install because it gives me a null error. I'm in Europe now but still no go (also with my European or without a SIM card).
I'm a Mac user but on my wives PC no effect either. Not so happy with this

What's happening is we in the middle east and especially in the UAE have been sidelined first with a model which doesn't has 4g LTE (devoid of bbm voice and video chatting capability) and now with this issue of carrier updates. I think where our carriers are at fault, RIM (BBRY) is also to be blamed for not providing uniform services in all regions.

@ Lumute you can download update over wifi there's no need to update over your data connection only or one of the PC methods.

I work in both Canada and Sri Lanka. Here in SL, I did not get the upgrade option. I simply switched to my Telus SIM here while in WI-FI mode and no roaming and it got me the update.

By the way, for many of you who put your numbers in international format, the bug where the contact is not recognized now fixed. That is huge for those of us who work globally. eg.

Contact #1: John Smith: phone number +1(416)445-1234 (Canadian number). with old version if he called me from Canada, just the number would show on my phone. Now it shows John Smith

Contact #2: Jane Smith: phone number +94777123456 (Sri Lanka number) . With the old version just the number showed up. I would have to put in 777123456 as the person's number and then it would resolve the name. Now is resolves the name properly.

The reason this is so important it that all my contacts have their numbers in this format. No matter where I am in the world, if I call the contact, the country code is automatically dialed.

Just downloaded from Telus over WiFi.

* edit: one thing I had hoped for is the ability to select multiple items in the hub with two fingers instead of manually selecting each one. It's a minor annoyance, but it is annoying.

there must be an easy update path if you're using a SIM from a provider not supporting Z10.
I pulled out SIM from my iPhone and put it into my Z10. works perfect, but.....
no update because carrier - as of today - doesn't support Z10
curious: my iPhone in the meantime - without SIM - still gots updates from iOS.

This is pathetic, pathetic! Relying on carriers to update the OS is the single worst possible option ever, period. Absolute insanity. Just watch how fragmented things are going to get and how many devices there will be out there running completely outdated software. Words cannot even express how unbelievably wrong this approach is in every way.

Also, I really expect more from CrackBerry than this. At least do some fact-checking before turning unconfirmed information into articles. First Bla1ze posts "an explanation" for different versions being rolled out and the pathetic staggered deployment, the only problem being that the explanation was actually nothing more than one person's assumption and opinion. It had nothing to do with reality. Then this...this procedure does not work for *anyone* who does not have an unlocked device, and even at that it seems entirely spotty. Why would you then publish this as an article? For what reason? You are giving people a false idea that somehow this update process is "manageable" and that somehow it is "not as bad as it seems". No, it's that bad, it's horrible in fact.

I've also said it before, and I will say it again. The BB system knows which network locked devices are tied to even without the SIM inserted into the device. Otherwise, there is no way that the online software or link would report "no update found" or return an old update. This check is more than just a SIM. It's device and SIM.

I believe this OS update has changes to the radio stack (battery optimization) and thus has to be approved by the carrier. Most future updates will be OS (delta) updates and will just be pushed to devices since there won't be changes to the radio.

any of these tricks didn't worked in Saudi Arabia . i hope so that we will get the update some how . but no chance till now .

Am I missing something here?

1) The updates from the web does not include a "check for updates" box
2) On Link, when I click the gear sign, there is no "reload device software"

Someone care to explain?

Found #2, turns out I had to select the computer tab at the bottom as opposed to the Z10 tab. Trying this method out now, will see what happens

I dont understand why Blackberry still uses this stupid kind of distributing upgrades via mobile providers. Why it is not possible tu download the software directly from Blackberry???

I believe this OS update has changes to the radio stack (battery optimization) and thus has to be approved by the carrier. Most future updates will be OS (delta) updates and will just be pushed to devices since there won't be changes to the radio.

I just checked for update today on my device and it found a new update for my stl100-1. I am in Jordan on the umniah network. its a 130mb file and its downloading now

software version that's downloading is...

STL100-1 In Jordan update to complete... first thing I checked was to see if caller ID was fixed... and it's still NOT WORKING!!! UGHHHH

This is ridiculous... that's the only thing that was bothering me and this update did not fix it.... very disappointed!!!

when I go to smart dialing, it says it's not available for this country... WTF BB?

Hi Ashraf and Pachang.....what os version and what software version you running now on ? I hope that is really something going to happen. Just checked on my phone on Etisalat, but nothing shows up....

if I change to country (I chose UAE) it seems to work... need to test it out more

for some reason smart dialing for Jordan does not work.. changing the setting in smart dialing for UAE fixed my caller ID problem

@Ashraf Samawi I commented earlier in this thread. Since I have a Canadian SIM, I popped it in and I got I upgraded it from (which was the leaked version). I know this is of little consolation to you, but as I indicated earlier, in, the caller ID definitely works and it works perfectly. I can also tell you that when I upgraded the leaked one last week which was ,like you I was very disappointed that caller ID did not work. At least I can confirm that it is fixed for sure in .85. Hopefully you will get it in the next week.

Hey Vijit. What hardware are you running. STL100-1/2? I too have a Canadian uprovisioned sim (Bell). And would like to know if I popped it in, if it would get the update for STL100-1 hardware.

Hi Vijit,

I did the official OTA upload... and the version available was not the leaked version... JOrdan for some reason isn't supported with smart dialing, but by simply choosing a supported country. the Caller worked.

Method #2 just installed a much older OS version and now I'm reinstalling the .10.32 OS my device (UK unlocked on Belgian sim) came with... Bummer.

I asked @blackberryUk when orange UK will release update and they said:
Hi Brian, thanks for your tweet -  e'd recommend contacting your provider to discuss this further.

Orange UK, who are rubbish at updates (never got one in the two years of my 8900) said:
Hi, as this is a new phone that has just been released there will be no software update yet. Thank you.

so I said:
thanks for the tweet, why not, blackberry have released an update and other operators have released it, why not orange?

they replied:
Hi, as we have only just released the phone it would have the latest software available to us, regards Ann.

Thanks Orange... great service... (this is sarcasm)...

I have a Z10 on AT&T here in the US. Obviously was not able to get the OTA update yet so I tried the BB Link method and it worked with no problem.

Took about an hour and was pretty easy. Backup, Reload (which led to the update), Restore, and finally re-enter passwords and do some quick re-setup. Really wasn't that bad but I'm sure there will be iFriends that iBitch what it is for the moment. I don't imagine I will have to do this with every update.

I'm now on and things seems to be working great (not that I was really having a problem before but...hey...updates are updates.) Good luck everyone!

Hey i m from india , its been jus 4 days with my z10 and its completely dead now . I saw a post on crakberry today on how to update ur new os which was supposedly meant to increase the battery life of the phone , so accordingly i went to "us.blackberry" site, plugged my phone to pc and checked for the updates , an update was available and when i clicked to proceed ... My phone went totally blank with continous green led light ,after the completion it was mentioned there please unplug your phone ,but after unpluging it my phone screen went completely blank only the red led was flashing continously, i even removed the battery and plugged it again but it was still the red led whats flashing and phone was completely blank( as if switched off) .... Its been more than 10 hours now and phone is still flashing red led thing is for sure the battery life has inproved drastically as phone is not stopping its red light flashing thing ... I hope they dosnt mean this by mentioning improved battery life .

Just plugged my Wind z10 into Link and was told there was an update waiting for me. No lost settings just updated the phone. After reboot Release OS 10.10.672

Finally!!! STL100-3 in Malaysia, updates to via BB Link. Sim card was removed. All I can say is - FINALLY!!!

Mine got as well. Unlocked CA phone using in usa on att. Took out simple and updated no problems.

Thanks for your post Adam, however please rest assured that non of these attempt you have described above will work without a proper provisioned/non provisioned SIM card. The simplest way for everyone to get the new update is to do the following stop by a rogers, fido, tellus, or Kodo store and just buy a prepaid SIM card without activating it. this will only cost 10 dollars which isn't a whole lot if you want to do things right. Anyways once you put the SIM card (micro SIM) your phone will display that the SIM is unprovisioned since it is in active, which is fine. You will just need to connect your phone to your wifi network or any available network in your area once you have successfully connected to a wifi network you will see teh blackberry sign on the top right corner of your phone. From there you just need to go to settings and check for phone updates and voila you will be able to see the latest available update. Instead of the mixed emotions and what not about this supposed limitation just grab a SIM for 10 dollars and have access to whatever update that comes out. I will also start a thread with the above info for all of those who wish not to wait for their carriers to push an update.

BB is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

thanks for your concise explanation. so that means, having a prepaid SIM from Canadian/UK carriers is a must without having to register for activation? if the SIM is not provisioned then how the carrier will know that this is the simcard from their network trying to access the network?

anyway, i have bought myself a non-provisioned Rogers prepaid sim from ebay and i'm waiting for that sim to be delivered to my home. i live in Melbourne, Australia and as the Z10 will not make its debut until after 18 March, i don't think Telstra/Optus will release their OS updates (but I believe they have them on their shelves waiting for the push update). once that Rogers sim arrives, i'll pop that in to my Z10 before i go to bed, fire up on wifi, and do the software update, hopefully by the next morning i'll say VOILA to the new .672 OS!

Try the web update without a SIM... Worked for me! After that Blackberry link will not recognized my Z10. Trying reinstalling the BB Link.

lucky you, didn't work for me at all. haven't tried the Link method yet, in fact i'm waiting for my non provisioned rogers prepaid sim. i think i'd better do that way, feels safer for me :)

Its crazy, how many problems do the users have with a stupid upgrade of an OS. Blackberry should simplify it by pushing out the upgrades directly by themself without involving the network operators into this process.

hello Crackberry

I need your help with my Z10 . I have a big problem with my contacts in Z10 . I can't see the caller ID and i google it but there is one solution that i have to remove the country code from contacts and i have more than 4000 contacts!!!! so please help me because i don't know what can i do . i trust your experince and i want to use my Z10!!

phone OS version

I called Vodafone up and they have not been told by BlackBerry that their is a new software update. So not sure how long I will have to wait before we get the update in the uk.

Posted via CB10

Thanks Adam for this article! Worked like a charm for me going to the Blackberry Site, and checking for updates without the SIM in the phone.

Wow I can only say thanks too! It worked perfectly, removed SIM and it worked flawlessly!
I am stationary in Europe, Denmark (for anyone questioning this method).

I've in Thailand and have an stl100-2. I've tried every method and cannot update my phone. As BB10 hasn't been released here yet I'm screwed. Aaarrgghhh!

Posted via CB10

Morocco here with with STL100-1.
Both methods didnt work at all for me.
Stumbled upon an old prepaid Zain SIM card (from UAE) from one my trip there...cut it up with a good pair of scissors into micro sim, then inserted it in my Z10.
Started the phone, connected to wifi, waited for the 4 BB dots to show, did a SW update check, and it found the OS update release and OS version
Downloaded and updated the phone.
All good :)
However, IMO, this is stupid to have to go through this to update a phone OS. Phone maker should take care of this...not the carriers...this is what apple, samsung and others are doing. Why is BBRY a slow learner?!

i just wanna make sure if the update is related to the region of the device or the carrier !?

i got my z10 from Saudi and the update releases in there but im living in Australia! and i did not get any update?! ... model is ( STL100-1 ) .. any idea?

I have an unlocked STL100-3, I'm in Mexico, nowhere near a push OS update yet.
If I do a security wipe, remove the sim card, and try and do the update, does any one think it might work? I'm asking so I don't have to waste over an hour to find out it wasn't possible.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Hey Guys,

Apologies in advance if I'm repeating anything. I want to begin by saying I love the Z10 however I'm little bummed by the lack of apps and now that some apps are being released in Blackberry World such as Whatsapp, it won't install on my device.

I have an unlocked device with an ATT sim card, my OS version is and apparently whatsapp wont install if the os version is not or higher.

I have tried to update the software via the web and via BB link, both methods say no update avail. I tired both with the sim and without the sim but no luck. Anyone successfully updated their device, help would be appreciated.

Thank you all for your reviews, it was indeed helpful, I am using STL100-2 in indonesia and using STL100-1 in India .
Online update and update without sim didn't wrk for my STL100-1 phone. Finally I tried to restore the Z10 using the bb link and I got the update to the latest OS.

haven't tried the same on my Stl100-2 as currently I am in India and its not showing me any updates available.

Canadian BBZ10 users are reporting that their STL-100-3 subver RFK91LW unlocked is usable on both T-Mobile and canada's Wind on 1700/2100 AWS band--no need for RFF121LW. Would this also be the case if I unlock then flash the STL-100-4 from Verizon with a STL-100-3 firmware?

my phone has shown or whatever twice- on the phone itself and on BB Link... .and each time I've tried, it won't take it and goes back to showing 10.0.9.xx after it says it's installed it... WTF?

I currently have version installed now and was prompted to upgrade to but always get and error"The update server is temporarily unavailable". Plssss any suggestion on what I can do????????

Im on sasktel and we didnt get it until today and well i got the message tryed and it says i have the latest software but yet i dont idk what to do

I was trying to check new updates for my BB Z10 via BlackBerry Link. But in the settings panel "Reload" button is not working. I clicked it several times but no respond. Disconnected phone, restart the PC and tried. Same result. Previously (last week) I used this method and installed OS 10.0.10 successfully. But now its not working. Can somebody tell me the reason. Thank you...

I just upgraded to one of the leaked BB10.1.... , and it messed up with my phone. My Z10 was bought from Verizon and I currently live in Indonesia.

To downgrade to 10.0....., I just plug in my Z10 to Blackberry Link and press "reload software device", it then downloaded the 10.0.... version.

Thanks be to God!

Hi there... juz wanna share. i've stl100-1 n manage to upgrade to via BlackBerry link. It juz appear on the option page dat my BlackBerry have an update.. maybe u could do d 'reload' os n c is there any new update. My frenz done dat n manage to get Now waiting for the new official release jellybean runtime

web uploading does not work for me, but got my update through the blackberry link software. but thats ok, blackberry has finally matured enough to pull me away from my adroid device..and i am very happy with this phone. but really afraid of dropping it. Thing is I dont like using protective cases, screen protector is an exception. Phone cases ruin the beauty of the phone, and thats the whole point..To show off with it, call me vain but a blackberry that looks this great (white z10) is meant for showing off to people.

I just tried this method using the web from the Blackberry website on my UNLOCKED Z10, SIM card removed and it worked!!! I thought I would need a Rogers sim card?? This is GREAT!!!

Update, this method ONLY gave me the latest ATT Z10 OS. 10.1. I guess I was too sleep to notice..LOL It was horrible going back to 10.1!!