How to get Google apps working on BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2013 12:48 pm EST

BlackBerry OS is definitely awesome. The OS isn't even officially available but many users have already fired up the latest leak to take advantage of all the new features. One of those features is the ability to load APK files right on the device, giving BlackBerry users access to an even bigger set of applications. There are a few issues however, one being that most apps that require Google Services aren't fully functional (or functional at all).

CrackBerry members have been hard at work to find a fix however, and moneytoo has posted up a few threads that give a great tutorial on how to get some Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps and even Ingress working on BlackBerry. 

The fix does take quite a bit of work and you'll need some techy know-how, but if you're up the challenge and really want to get those Google apps running on BlackBerry, you can certainly give it a shot and see how it turns out. Head to the forums at the link below to see how it's done and drop a comment letting us know if things work out for you.

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Am I the first?

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haha it would seem so! Hmm...maybe I will waste my evening doing this!


Hahaha congrats. You're a firster!! But watch out lad, them first haters, drmike and quicksilver are gonna put you in their little hall of shame on the forums.

BB Adict


Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.


I find being first really cool. I hate the haters.

Q10 \m/


what are you like 10 or something? How is saying first really cool? You are the first one to look like a moron. Seriously you are too young for the internet if you think posting first is really cool.


And you're no better by commenting first on someone who comments first... How do you not look like a moron? Geeze..


Your reply is EXACTLY the reason I find the First! comments funny and entertaining...

Lighten up, Francis. ;)


Nice!!!! Congrats :)

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Congratulations #lol

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When is the official 10.2.1?

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Probably in a few months


Soon. ;)

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10.2 is around the corner. 10.2.1 officially won't be here right away so don't hold your breath.

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I'm tempted to install 10.2.1...

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I installed it on my Z. It seems to have slow down app loading, but does have a bunch of cool new features.



Some leaks may still have debugging turned on so some things may be slow.


It has made loading Android apps slow at some times but man do the apps fly once they're loaded!

Definitely worth downloading this leak all things considered.


Looking forward to the official release. Definitely will be taking a crack at some apps that have been denied to BlackBerry users.

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The best release ever for my z10, new features and the performance gains have been tremendous.

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What would be the benefit of getting a dedicated gmail app to work?

Seth Flynn

So? Play store would that work with this?

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1mobile loaded right up on my Z10 using browser. Click. Sweet!

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I just may try to install this version. I still can't get some Android apps to work even after installing the leaked Z10STL100-4/ :-( These are apps like Citrix and Shazam though. Nothing with Google services involved although, I haven't tried running Google maps since sideloading the latest version on this leak to see if it works.

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Everything wrks fine with it

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Anyone got Shazam working with 10.2?

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Yes, Shazam works nicely on 10.2, haven't try Citrix receiver is on Blackberry world.


Great to hear. Soundhound is garbage compared to Shazam. Soundhound never ID'ed one song for me. Shazam worked for me every time, no matter what genre of music. I'll look forward to using it again.

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There is a native Citrix Receive for BlackBerry 10 and it works great.

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I'll play the waiting game

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Went to the forums to see whatsup, and I quite frankly believe they were not speaking English

From Zuri my Z10.


Haha, I can relate. I can't wait for official releases!

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There is no verification in that thread to get this to work on the newest leak. That thread us about to be hammered with "it doesn't work" comments

Ruslan Botsyurko

Not true, for example I wrote that I got it working previously and even now on ;) You don't even have to understand the hacking process, just use the files that moneytoo kindly provided for us ;)

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See this is the problem with BlackBerry. The fact we even have to do this to have a proper app experience is unacceptable. Why would a user choose this experience over going android of they will be using Android apps anyway?


You should ask your self the same question, if you have bought a BlackBerry device for Android apps, then the joke is on you.

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BB Flow and security to start. The ability to use android apps is just gravy for the turkey


Well said... I got the note three for a few apps that BlackBerry don't have and its horrible to use... there is now connectivity through the device and everything seems clunky... this might be after using bb10 but big that's the latest and greatest Android has to offer... Keep it... I will just have the apps on a new z30 please!!!

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It's only for apps needing Google services.

I've downloaded several apps from the Amazon store app without issues

Ruslan Botsyurko

Because if BlackBerry enabled this officially Google would sue their canadian bums off ;)
The main thing is that it works, good for us.

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Because its BB10 and just happens to also now run most Android apps, NOT because its an Android phone that has BB10.


As much as I want to try Ingress on my blackberry I don't want to spend all day trying to get Google services working :p I'm happy with the apps that are working so far plus bb10 native apps are still the best.

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Ruslan Botsyurko

Ingress works great on my Z10, it's not that complicated, all the files are already shared in that thread, give it a shot ;)

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What about the Google voice that is similar to siri

Is that possible?

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Michele Guzzini

I agree with who love their native bb apps.
I don't want to play android apps on my super Z10! I just want my Native Apps!

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Yeah this over complicated process is some sort of madness to me, to be honest. And after all that, the apps still might not even work?!? They (BlackBerry) are not ready. No point pushing things, imo, I can be patient. Ain't life or death after all.

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my mom and her 30 friends said not for me.....either you click and download or nothing


Might have to load up the leak. 2 days and my Q10 will be here at my door step.


Can somebody make a video of this?

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Marc Collin

does google hangout work with that possibility?


I installed it two days ago and it can't install any apk... I downloaded them, fine, i tap to install, the screen changes (the same as in the videos seen so far) and you see that some installation kicks in, but 20-30 seconds later it shows a pop up saying "Installation stopped. Do you want to abandon installation?" (translated from german)

Do I miss a setting or another lil' switch...?

Have an STL100-2, installation and loading back my data went smoothly (apart the bbm chat history, but that's because of the beta i had installed... think...)

Tried the amazon and 1mobile stores, through their sites ot their apk... tried to download several other apk's bit always the same, no matter if installed from the device, sdcard...

Am I the only one (having troubles? normally yes...=D) Haven't found this issue in the forums so far...?

Any suggestions? =)

Ferrari ZetaDieci_10.2.1.1055


But except that, the leak is simply WONDERFUL!!!!! Amazing!!!

PS: I never installed a leak or sideloaded android ports so far... maybe a setting that's missing...!

Thanks guys!

Ferrari ZetaDieci_10.2.1.1055


Mine would say that too, I would just hit cancel, and leave it. The apk would eventually install. Have you just installed the OS today? If so, everything will be slow for a day.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Ruslan Botsyurko

This problem was discussed multiple tines in the forums, try searching for "installation stalled". But long story short - perform a reboot, then launch any android app so that the Android Runtime loads fully (the installation stalls mainly because it waits for the runtime to load up). Once you got the runtime up and running try to install your APK again. This should help, in case you still get the error, hit cancel and wait.

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Thanks Chrus and ruslan, I've found a thread yesterday giving me the solution (was probably too tired to see it last Sunday morning at 4am =)

In any case, it didn't get to the app description and install button at all, but when i tried to install while having an android port out of BBWorld running, the installation process kicked in...

Simply Great!!!

Thanks mates!

Ferrari ZetaDieci_10.2.1.1055

Ruslan Botsyurko

You're welcome, enjoy ;)

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I have been using the old method of getting the link from Google Play, and finding the apk from I wonder if that's still ok or if we should be worried about spyware being included in the apk files from evozi. That site itself is overrun by intrusive ads, and that makes me uncomfortable.


This leak has more cool stuff than all former updates all together... I am simply blown away... The device monitor is great... when swiping up the battery percentage is very well done... all these small improvements... wow...!

I deleted since then 3-4 other apps that are not needed anymore... (flashlight, battery guru...)

Ferrari ZetaDieci_10.2.1.1055


Yeah I checked out the threads for fixing apk files, and I'm pretty sure those guys are speaking Klingon!

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We have mac computers so it's a major pain to install the leaked OS, sadly

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Ruslan Botsyurko

Second that, I always have to borrow a windows notebook from a friend to install a new leak :/

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Did you try VMware or virtual box? Create a virtual machine once. It is free.

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BlackBerry maps work perfectly fine (including navigation) on unlocked 10.2

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Check out the forum on the new native Snap app. The hard part is getting the GSF ID for an Android device but there are some solutions there that aren't too difficult, like using the Oracle Virtual Box and a Genymotion template (don't install the full Genymotion software as that didn't work). Then just download the Android app called "Device ID" and that will give you a GSF ID to use with Snap. That is all that is needed besides a gmail account.


I wouldn't use the word awesome to describe this leak! Firstly, hardly any Android apps run and i can't be bothered with fixes...the camera on my Z30 doesn't work anymore after multiple reboots! I also tried activating my workspace today and it failed whilst other devices I tested with worked fine. Time to go back to the officially released OS.

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George Gill

I've got Instagram, Netflix, YouTube, pinterest working on my Z10 downloaded them from 1 mobile market

BlackBerry Z10


You are downloading modified apps from china? Good luck with that.


I prefer Amazon app store. I think it's likely to be safer.


I wasn't going to download the leak. But had a couple of hours to kill so I did.

Wow! Very impressed. The android apps that I have downloaded have also worked. I have also deleted a couple of apps that I don't need any more.

So far I don't think I have lost anything as mentioned in other posts.

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wow. this seems like a bit much.


Does this mean Google maps stop s working then? Works fine on 10.2

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Ruslan Botsyurko

No, the fix is for other apps that use GMaps API to show an embedded map inside the app, like Starbucks ;)

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September 2013
"BUT...BUT...Google is evil and they only want to steal your information!!!"

November 2013- Google Apps MIGHT work with 10.2.1
"Hooray, Google!!"

Ruslan Botsyurko

Btw folks you don't actually have to load the latest leak to get the Google apps hack working, it works pretty much on any OS 10.2 and higher ;)

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it works on 10.1 OS too..


Google maps sideload already works on OS10.1... Is this procedure an improvement?

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Overall I really like!!!! This was my first leaked OS upgrade and I didn't realize it would delete all your apps and settings. The only trouble I have had so far was I could not add/change/delete an exchange account after I initially set it up. I was able to receive email but could not send. To resolve I re-installed the OS all all is working well again.

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YAY!!!!!! Now Google can spy on me!!!!

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Victor mcdonald

Hey guys I'm using an app called blackmart alpha. It's pretty easy and cool and I've been using it to get android apps for some time now on my Kindle because I live outside of the USA. It works quite well on my STL 100-1 Z10

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Hey Victor! Where did you download that app? I looked for it but there's a problem with the links. Thanks!

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Yes we can install APK, but if the application need Internet connection (Wifi can access) it will said no Internet connection.
We have run the apps with Wifi connection.

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I downloaded the leaked, 10.2.1055, then watched the video on how to install the 1 mobile app from N4BB, worked a treat, went the app store and downloaded instagram, Google earth, trip advisor and all working perfectly on my Z10.

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Android apps on OS from device z10 stl100-1 is not true ... Examples of applications "street, instagram, fotorus, etc." in every photo uploaded definitely broken ... and also there is a problem at the time of signing the email account ... can anyone help on this issue?


Android apps on OS from device z10 stl100-1 is not true ... Examples of applications "PATH, instagram, fotorus, etc." in every photo uploaded definitely broken ... and also there is a problem at the time of signing the email account ... can anyone help on this issue?


Sorry, one should NOT have. To go through these hoops !!! As a happy 9900 user, I'm afraid Android is a siren song in the distance ..... IF q50 approaches the joy of 9900 I might reconsider


Why don't they just allow Google play on the system? Ok, they may have to fiddle with the OS a bit more, but so what?

I love BlackBerry but without Google Play this company won't be around in 12 months


Still not impressed

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Jonathan Hernandez6

10.2.1 os version sucks! I cant recieve sms! I tried everything I could, wipe, restart etc. But stil nothing happens..

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We need BlackBerry Apps no Google Apps.

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I'm so fine with my berry map, it updates live traffic. Why need google?!

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Because maps are not available for all countries :/

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Joshua Krama

All this doesn't matter to least anymore...:=( I just wish we had the official apps. Windows has vine and instagram officially. I'm so pissed off. I hope John Chen can do the same before February 2014. We are so far behind and we are the best os out there. So sad. The world will never know


My phone says it's unable to load apk files can anyone help me?

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I had tried to install os and there are some issue I faced are
1. Not able to scan or connect wifi.
2. Not able to play music using music player.

After that I have uninstalled it.


how did u uninstalled it ??

Jaap bb4fr

Anyone got google drive working on a z10 (100-2) ?


I would like to know if anyone had Google Drive working on any BB10 device. I have Q10 and Z30.


Hi , who can help me , i installed the leaked update of 10.2.1 , and when it finish and the phone restarted , i cant find the icon of pictures , videos , music , file manager etc ... and i cant restore settings and application


* chuckles

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